Before the freak show came to town, Jupiter had its own tales to tell.

Tales so sordid and frightening, it became a warning for them all. Freaks must never be trusted. For they all turn wicked. Commit gruesome murders or crimes so severe it shocked the whole town.

They all revolved around Effel Samkins. She was a strange woman, busty yet with such a tiny waist it seemed almost freakish itself. She was known to corset herself in steel to shrink her waist even further. She wished to have a waist of only 10 inches, or so the stories said.

Our story takes place seven years before Jupiter is invaded by the freak show in 1945. The second world war was winding down after already ending in Europe. America was still fighting the Japanese on the islands surrounding Japan. Many young boys were sent to the East and never returned. Jupiter had lost many of its own youngsters and the town was in a state of shock that hadn't abated since the war had begun.

People were weighed down with a collective sadness over the losses they had endured during WW2. Effel decided to make them all smile again and she enlisted the help of Peotre.

Peotre was known as the Wolf Boy. He had been born hirsute and had continued to grow a thick dark mass of fur for most of his life. Effel was particularly fond of Peotre. When his mother abandoned him on the steps of an orphanage and the nuns were too horrified to take Peotre in, Effel stepped in and acted as his mother and guardian.

He grew up reviled by the local community but loved by Effel. She delighted in his strange appearance and gave him a lot of affection and praise.

"Be different, Peotre. You were born to be unique in this world."

Peotre grew into a man and when he reached his twenty-first birthday, he began to hear voices calling to him within his own mind. The voices were mean and cruel. They told Peotre to hurt people.

Sharpening his canine teeth into fangs, Peotre began a terror campaign against the town. He murdered anyone, regardless of age, gender or ability. He ripped them to pieces with his new sharpened teeth and left pulped and bloody remains everywhere.

The town galvanised into action and beat on Effel Samkins front door. They stormed her home and took the woman out to burn at the stake for harbouring a killer. Effel died defending Peotre with her last breath, telling them they were wrong. They had the wrong man. Peotre had never killed anyone.

At last, they found Peotre, huddled in the back room of the local church. They set fire to him as they had done to Effel and celebrated and danced around the remains of the hirsute killer.

That was the reason Jupiter didn't like freaks or freak shows.