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Hiccup whispers, "It's okay. It's okay."

The dragon continues to pace, focused on... HICCUP'S HELMET.

Hiccup realizes, then reaches up and removes it. Taking a

breath to acknowledge the point of no return, he tosses the

helmet aside. It hits the ground.

Hiccup continues, "I'm not one of them."

GASPS and MURMURS race through the crowd.

ON STOICK, as all eyes turn to him. He's welling with upset.

Hiccup avoids Stoick's glare and remains focused on the

Nightmare, holding his hand out. It paces around him, calming


Stoick, now hurt, but masks it, "Stop the fight."

Hiccup speaks out, "No. I need you all to see this."

The crowd gets restless.

Hiccup tries to explain, "They're not what we think they are.

We don't have to kill them."

Stoick, now very angry screams, "I SAID STOP THE FIGHT!"

Stoick whacks his hammer against the iron enclosure, but before anyone can react, suddenly a bright white light fills, not just the arena, but all of Berk as well. The same bright white light fills the dragons' nest. When the light subsided, both dragons and Vikings alike have vanished into thin air. The Read Death roars louder than she ever had before, beyond pissed that her slaves had vanished. Then the Read Death feels a strange sharp pain in her neck, and passes out.

The Vikings and dragons have all been transported into a very strange room. Aside from the occupants, the room was completely empty. The walls, floor, and ceiling where all white. There was a large double-door, of course not nearly as large as the ones in the Great Hall. If you were looking in the perspective of the double doors, as if you've just walked in, you would see the Vikings appear on the right side, and the dragons on the left.

When they landed on their respective sides, they landed on their feet. Save for a few, like Ruff, Tuff, and Snotlout, who at first stayed on their feet, the fell straight on either their butt, or their face.

Hiccup couldn't help but laugh at them, rather loudly I might add. He got the attention of all of the occupants in the room. The Vikings looked away shortly after, but the dragons' gaze lingered for a few seconds longer. Especially a certain black dragon hidden behind all of the others, he decides to stay where he is for the time being. Although, if Hiccup is in danger, he will waste no time in jumping out to protect him.

Stoick looked at his son hurt, before he turned to the front of the room and shouted, "WHO ARE YOU, AND WHY HAVE YOU SENT US HERE? I STOICK THE VAST CHEIF OF THE HAIRY HOOLINGAN TRIBE DEMAND YOU SHOW YOURSELF NOW!"

Both him, and the villagers then notice the dragons. All except Hiccup and Astrid back away to the far right wall quickly, of course, after they've realized they don't have their weapons. Astrid doesn't do this though; she just walks over to stand next to Hiccup.

Stoick then continues to yell, not taking his off of the dragons, "AND WHY HAVE YOU TAKEN OUR WEAPONS AND TRAPPED US IN A ROOM WITH THOSE DEVILS?"

That's when the person who transported them here decides to appear. She appears in a bright flash of light, much like they did, in front of the door. She startles all of them, and when I say all of them, I mean all of them. She startled them so bad even Toothless jumped!

This girl did not look good. She didn't look ugly, she just looked very sick. She was wearing Frozen "I LIKE WARM HUGS" Olaf pajamas, had white socks on her feet, and was holding a box of tissues. Her hair was in a sorry excuse of a messy ponytail that's pretty much all over the place, and had a red nose.

"You look horrible." Snotlout stated matter-of-factly.

"Thanks a lot Snotlout." Came the girl's sarcastic reply, sounding congested.

Then Hiccup, showing genuine concern, said, "What happened? Are you okay?"

The girl the replied, "I'm sick. I woke up this morning with a head cold"

"Oh. I'm sorry. I hope you feel better soon." Hiccup replied.

"It's okay. It's not your fault. And, yeah, I hope so too." Came the girl's response.

Stoick then decided to butt in, "I'm also sorry about your cold, but why have you brought us here?"

The girl shrugged, "I couldn't sleep, and I was bored. So, I decided to bring you all here, to show you all something very important."

Stoick, now concerned for his village, replied "How important."

"Very important. Like, your whole future, important." The girl immediately replied.

Stoick asked, "Does it concern my village."

The girl nodded.

Stoick, also nodded in understanding. Although he did not understanding one thing, "Okay, but why did you bring those devils here?"

The girl then stated, "Because it involves them to."

Hiccup said in confusion, "What do you mean?"

"What I'm about to show you, is how the 300 year old war between Vikings and dragons, will finally come to an end.

Many Vikings now looked excited, thinking they knew how this war ends. Hiccup, Astrid, and all of the dragons look worried, thinking the same thing as the Vikings.

The girl then interrupted their thoughts by saying, "Follow me."

The girl starts to walk away, with the dragons and Vikings about to start following her, when a thought suddenly comes to Hiccups mind.

Hiccup shouts, "Wait!"

The girl stops mid-step, then back around towards him. Everyone else, dragon and Viking, follow suit.

Now with everyone staring at him, Hiccup starts to blush and sheepishly says, "What's your name?"

The girl then says, "Oh" and facepalms. She then says, "Ow" before removing her hand from her face.

"My name is Ohsochich, but you can call me Chic." *

"Okay, Chick.

"Snotlout, I said Chic."

"Hot Chick?" Snotlout suggests.

Finally having enough of Snotlout, she says, "Oh for the love of- call me CeCe."

"Why?" Astrid asks.

She answered, "Because sometimes I like being called CeCe."

"Yeah, but why" Tuffnut joins in.

CeCe, having enough of all of this, the constant talking of herself and others, giving her an even bigger headache, states, "Oh my Go- Can we just move along please?"

She then opens the large white doors which lead to –

* It was supposed to be "Ohsochic" but FanFiction added the extra h -_-

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