We skim above a dark, wild ocean. The camera turns toward a

lone island, Berk. It is a gigantic shard of rock jutting

straight out of the water.

"Hey, That's Berk! … Wait, what's Berk doing on the… the…"

"Screen. Now Shut up Tuffnut." Really? Not even 5 seconds in and he is already asking stupid questions? Well, better him than-

"Yeah, Tuff. No need to be asking stupid questions this early into the… the…?"

"*Sigh* Movie"

"Yeah, movie. Thanks babe."

Spoke too soon.

Hiccup, watching this interaction, scoffed while thinking, 'Idiots'. Idiots meaning Tuffnut and Snotlout of course. He would never think of Astrid in such a way. She deserved better than that.


This, is Berk.

"Okay. Now I'm confused. We all know that it's Berk." Ruffnut decided to join in. "And out of all the people on the island, why is Hiccup telling us."

"Yeah, why does Useless get to do the talking instead of me." Snotlout, being annoying as ever, strikes a pose hoping to get Astrid's attention.

Astrid obviously ignores him in favor of speaking, "I guess it kind of makes sense."

The others look at her, hoping beyond hope that she will elaborate.

"Well, it would make the most sense for Stoick to be the one speaking, especially if this movie is about him finally ending the war between us and the dragons."

I really hope not. Hiccup will be the one to end the war, in a different and more peaceful way that we will all come to enjoy in the end. But I can't tell them. I just have to be patient, and let it all play out in the movie. I know why that girl really brought us here. It was more than just simple boredom, and I could not be more grateful. She pulled us out of something that was bound to end in disaster.

"Wait. Are you suggesting that Hiccup stops the war between Vikings and Dragons?… We're still talking about the same Hiccup right?" Snotlout asks incredulously.


"No, that's not what I meant. What I'm saying is that if this movie doesn't follow the chief, the only logical thing would be to follow the Chief's son since he is next in line. When the Chief isn't there, it's Hiccup who has to take over."

"Yeah. That makes sense." Fishlegs joined in after taking everything Astrid just said into consideration.

"Yeah. That made so much sense. Good job babe." Snotlout didn't understand what she had said, he was just kissing up.


"Yeah babe."

"I would really appreciate it if you would stop calling me babe and Hiccup, Useless. If you don't stop I will take the butt of my ax to a place where the sun doesn't shine."

Snotlout was too afraid to respond, so him and the rest just quietly turned back to the screen, waiting for the movie to unpause.

"Thank you. That really wasn't necessary." Hiccup whispered his thanks to Astrid.

"Are you saying you don't appreciate my help Hiccup?"

"No, no. That's not what I meant at all, I-"

She leaned in and pressed a quick peck on his cheek to stop his rambling before it started. "Shhhhh."

If you were paying close enough attention, you would see a smirk on a certain black dragon's face.

It's twelve days

North of hopeless, and a few

degrees South of freezing to death.

It's located solidly on the

meridian of misery.

Is that really how he feels about his home? It's not that bad. Stoick was sadden by that line. He hid it well on the outside of course, but on the inside he was trying to figure out why his son would say such a thing.

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