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Chapter 17: Head to Head Part 5

(~Outside the Cargo Hold~Tony~)

Hulk busters were not good. Luckily there only seemed to be two for now, but they literally busted through walls to get to them. He glanced back at WidowHulk and nodded to her. They parted to take some cover as the hulk busters began firing.

Widow charged forward, delving into a fight. Hit one, but got knocked back by the other. Tony reached for an goop arrow and threw it at the hulk busters. It just bounces off one and clatters to the ground.

"Guys, move away from that!" Hawkeye called, running back to where James, Francis and Pym were. Tony realized that reaction meant he'd grabbed a different arrow. The Avengers followed what Hawkeye said, clearly realizing the same. A moment later the arrow exploded, knocking the Hulk Busters forward in their advance. The Avengers parted so that the robots landed just beyond them. Unfortunately they landed on their feet. One noticed James at that point. He was being steadied by Fr-... Pym.

"New target acquired," rang out of the speakers. Oh no... oh that is not going to happen! It moved towards James. The kid gained a brief deer in the headlights look. Tony reached back to grab another arrow, but Widow beat him to it. She grabbed its arm as it reached towards James and threw it into the other one.

"You stay away from him!" She said firmly.



Pym kept James steady as they were forced to move quickly. These Hulk Busters were annoying and reminded Pym of some of the robots they'd encountered. He charged up one of his stingers when the hulk buster began reaching for him, but saw Hulk... Widow take care of it. James gripped his arm and Pym looked, seeing the panic in his eyes. That bot triggered something.

"I got you, you're fine," he said. James nodded, but clearly was having issues. He was exceedingly happy to be able to talk to his friend again, even body swapped like this, but it was clear that what happened too him left him… damaged. This was not the James he knew. The James he knew faced Ultron and talked them into his admittedly crazy plan to take on the robot that killed their parents. He lead raids on camps, helped take back Ultra City and found an optimistic side in everything. His friend was now unstable. He wondered what happened to him during the year he's been missing. Regardless, he needed help. He glanced at his own body, at Francis. They both did.

The bots were getting up.



Cap and Widow really did not take kindly to these Hulk Busters turning their attention to James, even for a millisecond. He couldn't blame them. If anyone came after Francis… It wouldn't end well. He's gotten more time with his kid… his kid, that still feels weird.

"I've got this," CapIronman said, stepping around WidowHulk. He activated Tony's unibeam and attempted to hit the Hulk Busters with it. To his credit, his aim was good, but he had too much power behind that beam. It blasted through the bottom half of one Hulk Buster; but it also hit the outside wall behind them and blew it open. They were all forced to hold on as the air started sucking them out along with everyone else. Luckily there were grooves built into the walls. "Maybe not!" Cap retracted his sentence as he grabbed a built in groove in the wall. Clint did the same. He rolled his eyes at Cap.

"'This armor is really intuitive' Cap says," he couldn't help the mocking quip. It was too good to pass up. Unfortunately, both Hulk busters managed to lock in and keep from being sucked out, despite being so close to the hole. Clint glanced back, watching as HulkFalcon flew by. Clint didn't pay attention to him or his wining about wanting to smash something. He was focused on the kids. They were luckily around the same corner Widow threw the Hulk Busters from, so they were safe from the vacuum happening. Then he noticed Tony in front of him. The billionaire in his body pulled an oil slick arrow out of the quiver and loosed it from his bow with the worst form imaginable. At least he didn't get snap back on his arms. Those sting. The oil slick arrow landed just before the Hulk buster still standing and released the oil, causing it to slip back and knock both of them into the whole, plugging it up. Hulk kept floating for a minute before falling to the ground and staying there a minute.

"Oil Slick Arrow. Amazing. How'd you know to use that?" FalconCap asked, truly impressed. Clint looked back at the bots and then at Tony. He had a hunch.

"Careful observation and mental agility," Tony answered. Yep.

"You were going for the explosive arrow, weren't you?" Clint voiced his theory. The look on his own face proved it.

"Cargo hold," was Tony's only response, making Clint smirk.



"We good?" Francis asked, going around Pym and James so he was in the hall. TonyHawkeye was giving Clint a very disapproving look as he turned to face them.
"Hulk Busters are down. Let's get into that cargo hold before more show up through the hole they made," Tony informed him as they moved. HulkFalcon was picking himself off the ground.

"Which hole," Francis laughed. Tony grumped something but Francis only caught 'kid', 'just', and 'father'. He's gonna assume it was a compliment.


"Yeah?" both Hawkeye's said, cutting Pym off. Pym rolled his eyes and pointed at Francis. James, beside him, managed a snicker but did not seem okay. Francis had seen James' reaction to the bots reaching for him. He'd never been scared of the bots before, which clues Francis into some of what happened to him. He'd seen how some refugees and liberated people that he'd helped with the scavengers before. Some of them had gone through a lot under Ultron and had similar reactions. Whatever happened to James, had something to do with similar robots. Which really doesn't narrow anything down in their world.

"What's up?" Francis asked.

"Can you stick closer to James? I don't… I don't feel great," Pym lowered his voice at that last part.

"Dizzy? Sick? Like something is rotting in your stomach and clouding your mind and you can't cut it out," James listed, a semi far away look in his eyes. He knew. What he listed is what Francis has been feeling for a week, since just before he passed out from that migraine. He stared at James. His friend made eye contact with him. "I know it way too well." James knew. James knew what was wrong with him. He nodded slowly to Pym.

"Yeah, I got him," Francis agreed. He was in Pyms body, so he was shorter but he knew what James was talking about and he wanted to know more. James moved to step away from Pym. The Avengers were at the cargo hold doors, discussing how to get in. He could hear them, but he wasn't focused on what they were saying. What he was focused on is how Pym grabbed James' shoulder, squeezing briefly. James winced. Then Pym let go and James quickly moved away from him. That wasn't right. Something happened there. A communication. He needed to keep a closer eye on Pym. James moved quickly to Francis and the three of them moved to the Avengers sides. Francis stayed between the two.

"Just focus on the door and let Jarvis determine the power levels," Tony instructed Cap. Cap took a deep breath and then powered up the repulsers. He blasted through the cargo hold door and more. At least this time it didn't blast through the outside wall.

"Why couldn't we just let Widow run through the door again. Loved that!" The other body swapped archer said. Without hesitation, WidowHulk punched him, sending him flying several feet away. Francis, Pym and James simultaneously winced.

"Oof," Pym said.

"That made this whole body swap worth it," Widow said. He could hear the smile in her voice. His dad was very lucky he'd switched with Thor in the swap.

"Not gonna lie," James spoke up with a chuckle. "I'd probably do that to you if we were in those rolls." Francis rolled his eyes.

"Sure, Rogers. The difference between us and them is I'd catch the hit," Francis smirked. James shook his head.

"Keep telling yourself that Barton," James lightly hit his shoulder. He was trying to act normal. Focus on humor and the now. That was okay with Francis. If it helps him get through this until they can help him, it's a good thing.

"Okay I will," he replied and followed the Avengers inside. They were right. MODOC was here. Pym straightened up as they approached.

"Give it up, MODOC. We've got," Tony stopped as they gathered around him. MODOC wasn't reacting when they approached. Something wasn't right.

"This doesn't make any sense. If he's unconscious, how did he get here?" Falcon pointed out.

"And how is he controlling the agents?" Pym asked, seemingly very interested in the question.

"Both good questions," Tony agreed. It was strange.

"Maybe controlling that stone takes more energy than he realized at it knocked him out a bit? Maybe his subconscious is doing some of this?" James suggested.

"Ugh," Hulk cut off the theorizing. "Who cares?! Get stone! Need out of this puny body."

"Puny!" That definitely offended Sam Wilson. Is that what that joke was about? Francis wondered, thinking back to his past. The stone pulsed and began to power up almost in a way.

"This is in your hands, Cap. Focus your shields to the right glove," Tony instructed. Cap held up his hand, reaching slowly for the mind stone. Francis held his breath watching. Before he could touch the stone, the helicarrier shook once more. This time, it turned on an angle, forcing them all to move with it or risk falling over. Francis felt his stomach twist a bit. He clamped a hand over his mouth as he felt his breakfast protest the movement. It appeared he wasn't the only one.

"Hulk, what did you have for breakfast?" Widow asked, making a gagging noise. "I think it's coming back up…" The ship lurched in the other direction before they could find out the answer to that question.

"Goddamnit," Francis heard Pym mutter and looked at him. He looked sick himself. That's weird. He didn't remember Pym being motion sick.

"Oh God," James said, drawing his attention as well. He looked dizzy but not necessarily sick. He was having trouble keeping his balance here.



Being injured and being tossed around like a rag doll was not fun here. He was barely keeping his balance.

"Oh God," he breathed out. The ship was momentarily normal, then shifted to the side again. They were all forced to move again. He heard a hissing sound and barely spotted MODOC rolling with the ships axis. The other avengers weren't far behind. Then a wall slammed down between MODOC and them. They couldn't stop and hit the wall. He groaned and leaned heavily against it for a second. "What the hell?"

"You can say that again. That can't just be a sabotaged helicarrier," Pym said from behind him. He was right next to him. He pushed off the wall once the ship was steady again and moved back so he was standing next to FalconCap. He didn't have time to take in the position of the others. He became laser focused on the wall as the metal morphed to form MODOC's face. His laughing filled the air. He muttered a few choice words.

"I'm not the only one seeing this right?" HawkeyeThor asked, pointing at the big face as he looked at the others.

"Ah the Mighty Avengers and company. Looks like the Mind Stone was indiscriminate in its blast," MODOC said, sounding very proud. James made his hands into fists. His mind flashed to Rogue attempting to kill him. He looked at the others. The Avengers clearly weren't happy about this either. "Let's just say, I've bulked up!"



That is soo much worse than Tony had anticipated. So. So. SOO much worse. And weird. MODOC started CHOMPING at them like some kind of animal.

"Fall back!" Hawkeye yelled. That was a good idea for now.

"If only Red Skull could see me now!" MODOC said with maniacal laughter as they ran. Thick cables sprung up from the ground and charged at them.

"MODOC swapped minds with the tricarrier!" Cap spoke what they'd realized by now as he dodged out of the way. Tony ran along side the cables to avoid them and head for the exit while he could.

"That explains why his real body is unconscious!" He agreed. The cables retracted. He lost sight of the kids, but right now that was the least of his worries. Just before the team could make it through the door, spikes formed. He was nearly skewered and had to slow down. MODOC was laughing. Over it, he heard a scream. James. He whirled around. One the cables hadn't fully retracted. It had wrapped itself around James' ankle and was attempting to pull him up and into the air. Both Francis and Pym had James' arm, trying to keep him from being pulled away. Unfortunately they were in danger of being pulled up with him.

"MODOC! PUT HIM DOWN!" Cap commanded. That was a dangerous tone of voice from him.

"You are in no position for demands," MODOC replied with a grin.

"Sorry, Thor," Hawkeye said next to him.

"For what?" Thor asked wearily.

"This," Hawkeye grabbed one of the spikes and broke it off. Then he ran at the metal made MODOC face, jumping and stabbing it with the spike. Sparks flew, the face froze, more screaming. Then the face blew up, blowing Hawkeye back and giving him a very rough landing. Tony looked and saw the cable go limp and drop James. Pym caught him. Good. "Man I'm glad this isn't my body."

"MODOC's on to us. He's hiding the mind stone," FalconCap said. He was standing by a computer. This was frustrating. Tony looked at his team and then to the kids as they joined them at this hall. They need to find MODOCs body and the mind stone. Now. He sighed.

"Fine. Then we split up and find his body. We need to get control of that stone first," he made the call. He didn't like it, especially now.

"Split up?" Falcon said, clearly not happy about it.

"Again?" Thor nearly groaned.

"Weren't you the one just saying that we struggle on our own? I'm not sure this is the right call, Tony," Hawkeye said. To be honest, he expected something like that to come from Cap.

"Maybe so. But it's our only option. MODOC could be hiding that stone anywhere on this ship. Our only other course of action would be to comb this place room by room and floor by floor together. We don't have that kind of time," Tony countered. "We need that stone."



His arm was killing him after nearly being pulled through the air and he was shaking some, but at least he was alive thanks to both Hawkeye's and Pym. Never a dull moment here. But James picked up on something when Tony spoke there. There was something other than his leader/need to do something new. Tony wanted those stones. Question is…why…

"I'm sticking with James. Wherever he goes, I go," Francis said firmly.

"Ditto for me. We stick together," the body swapped shrinker said. There was an underlying threat in his voice James barely picked up on. That was Hawk and Pym speaking together. Not that Pym knew it. He wanted so badly to warn Pym, but that could end badly. But with Francis he had an opportunity. Outside his body, Francis could remember what James tells him. Rogue may have tentatively proved that after the time stone fiasco. But how can he tell him if Pym sticks by them? James gave them both a smile to keep up appearances.

"That makes us unevenly split, but it'd be better for you three to be around at least one of the teams," CapIronman said, glancing James' way. He could see his father was worried about him being too far from them. It still hit him every now and then that he was actually looking at his parents. He would soak up whatever time he could get. Tony rubbed the bridge of his nose, pushing up Hawkeye's glasses on his face in the process.
"Alright then. Cap, Widow and Thor, you're with them," Tony decided, pointing at the three time travelers. James felt relief that he was placed in the same group as his parents. It'd be interesting to be hanging out with Torunns father as well, even in his mothers body. He's heard a lot about Thor, but has never truly gotten to meet the man beyond his interactions as Rogue. He's too busy ruling Asgard in the future to come down to earth. "Falcon, Hulk and Hawkeye, you're with me. And stick close. MODOC will probably try something while we're looking. We can't afford to be divided more than we were the first time." He seemed to be looking specifically at James, Pym, and Francis when saying this.

"Stick close, got it," Pym said, giving Tony a thumbs up. James nodded in agreement, though he wasn't the biggest fan of this plan. He'll find a way to talk to Francis, hopefully without Hawks interference.



They headed down a hallway. HawkeyeThor, FalconCap, HulkFalcon and himself. But Hawkeye was not treading lightly and it was starting to get on his nerves.

"You're a spy Hawkeye, tread lightly," he said once they hid behind the groove in the wall.

"Have you seen these boots?" came Clints sarcastic reply.

"Hulk is making less noise than you are," Tony countered. Falcon shushed them as footsteps sounded down the hall. Several agents walked by holding some very interesting items.

"Power couplers. MODOC is transferring some kind of energy source," Tony observed in a whisper. The agents soon passed. After a moment, Falcon spoke.

"At least they didn't spot us." Wrong. Not a second later spikes shot out of the wall towards them. MODOC is the tricarrier and he found them. They took off running.

"Why'd you say that out loud? You jinxed us!" Hawkeye yelled as spikes chased them. Just as they reached the door, MODOC's head appeared.

"THERE'S NO WHERE TO HIDE WHEN I AM THE TRICARRIER!" MODOC said while laughing. He had a point. But even as the tricarrier, he can't be everywhere at once.



His team of WidowHulk, ThorWidow, FrancisPym, PymFrancis, James, and himself. The group of kids hung back a little, Francis and Pym staying on either side of James. Cap noticed that James seemed to be a little on edge and seemed to lean more towards Francis. Why was he so concerned about Pym?



"Hey, Hawkeye?" James asked, getting said archers attention as they walked together. He could feel Pyms eyes on him. He was listening for whatever James was about to say.

"Yeah? What is it?" Francis asked, giving James his full attention. The swapped soldier glanced at Pym a moment, then sucked in a breath.

"I'm sorry," He said, watching the confusion blossom on both of their faces.

"For what?" Francis asked, curious as to where James was going with this.

"The fight. It was so stupid of me not to listen to you. I was so focused on leading the team as well as my father had, I wasn't willing to listen. You have been leading a larger group of people for longer and you knew the streets. I should've been willing to listen and use that. I should have let you co lead and learned from your experience. Instead I was being stubborn and kept shutting you down, thinking I knew best. If I had listened, we wouldn't be in the mess you and I are in in the first place," James sincerely apologized. He'd had a long time to think about it after Azari and him got caught. Given the situation getting heated and storming off put them in, it had been a stupid fight. He wanted to apologize while he could and test the waters of hinting to Francis his situation while in the presence of Hawk. Francis stared at him a moment.

"You know, that fight wasn't as long ago for me that it was for you. A day or two after you stormed off, I would've given anything to hear that, but time's passed and it takes two to argue. You made some good points, like my habit of improvising on my own which would mess with the plan laid out before. I grew up having to think on my feet. Plans weren't something we did, just focused on surviving. Me rushing in and not following the plan is the last thing I remember before waking up here. We both have things to learn about being a part of a team, so let's call it even," Francis stuck out his hand, giving him his signature smirk. James returned his smirk with a smile and took his hand. With that handshake, he felt some of the guilt he had lift. Not all of it, but some. It felt good.

"Now there's something I never thought I'd see. You two? Shaking hands? It's a miracle!" Pym said with a laugh. James shook his head, but allowed the moment to pass. If he'd been told that a year and a half ago he'd laugh to.

"Alright Short Stack, it's not that big a deal," Francis said, his tone portraying that he was more amused than annoyed. He reached passed James and tried to push him a little. Key word, tried. In Pyms body, his arms were too short to reach around James and Pym was able to easily step away. The crap eating grin on his face made James feel like it was old times for a moment. He caught his mom in Hulks body looking back at them. She smiled and he smiled back. It was like everything was okay.

His dad brought them back to the situation at hand by reluctantly shushing them. He motioned them to a divot in the wall where a door was. The quickly hid behind as shield agents passed. James recognized some of them as being ones that Devon had been with. They looked pretty bruised. He didn't see the one that got shot. He hoped he was okay. He didn't like hurting them when they weren't in control of what was happening to them. Once they passed he heard Pym let out a breath and saw the others relax slightly.

"Where are we headed? Seeing these agents up and around again is making me nervous," Francis asked, breaking the silence. His grip on his bow was tight and ready to aim when necessary.

"How much did your dad tell you about the tricarrier?" Widow asked him.

"Just that he'd spent a lot of time here and that there was a Helicarrier before it. Never thought I'd see one though," Francis answered. James could understand that. He'd only seen one after he'd accidentally brought Ultron to their home and been tricked into leaving it.

"And I never heard of them before Ro-….He dragged us here along with AIM. I have seen one from the outside before though. Only for a few minutes," James answered as well, sadness leaking through his tone. Remembering that time, while it lead to a lot of good, still hurt.

"Well we both worked on board this thing for a long time and still do when I'm not on Avengers. There's a few places that would work to hide MODOCs body," Widow explained and moved, leading the way once again. It was incredible how little noise she was able to make while within Hulks Body.

"And we're checking those places out," Francis finished, seeming to approve of this plan.

"It's nice to have someone who knows their way around," Pym chimed in.

"Probably helps to have no one shutting walls in your face," James commented. He'd noticed the changing layout earlier. Even though he didn't know it too well, the walls coming down and doors slamming had been hard to miss.

"Do not celebrate yet," Thor said.

"Thor's right. We don't know what MODOC could do. Keep your guard up," Cap agreed. Silence fell between them after that. Being reminded that MODOC could be watching and attack them at any time brought a seriousness back to the situation. James glanced at Francis. He hoped he'd gotten the subtle hint from earlier. He didn't know how to tell him what he's in for, especially with Hawk probably listening.

"We're here," Widow informed them as she stopped outside a locked door. Cap motioned for the others to form a perimeter. They needed to keep an eye out. James heard something that sounded like negative beeps from the computer. "Thor give me your hand."

"Hey!" Thor said loudly in surprise. "Be delicate!" He glanced back to them. His mom had a hold of her wrist… Thor's wrist.

"It's my hand, I can take it," she replied and began using her finger to type on the keypad to the door. It worked, the door came open. And MODOC could be seen inside. No guards, no backup. Just his body. This was too easy for all the smoke and mirrors he's used so far. The Avengers were clearly eager to finish this. They rushed forward.

"Tony, the mind stone is still intact. Mission accomplished," Cap informed Tony over the comms.

"This is way too easy," Francis mumbled. "Wait!" he yelled. Too late. Cables sprung up again. Cap and the others barely managed to avoid them. He heard Francis draw an arrow as MODOCs face appeared in the wall again.

"Yes! Our Mission!" MODOC said.

"Did he just say 'our'?" Pym questioned.

"Yeah," A voice James recognized stated from behind them. He whirled around as Rogue dropped in from a vent. He really seemed to like those. "He said 'our.'"

Francis aimed his bow at Rogue, Pym powered up his stingers, and Rogue aimed a gun at James. This was really shaping up to be a great time wasn't it.

"Rogue. I thought you weren't a fan of being someone's puppet. Isn't that why you were so pissed when MODOC tried to take over our mind the first time?" James glared at his own face. He wasn't sure he will be able to look in the mirror again if he gets out of this.

"I'm not his puppet. We struck a deal," Rogue replied. He looked pointedly at Pym when he said that. Communicating something. That was Pym standing next to him, right?

"Oh, another deal? Cause the last one worked out so well!" James said mockingly. He didn't care about the gun. In fact, he'd almost prefer he pulled the trigger to going back to sharing a mind with him. "By the way, I told you so asshole!"

"Wait, James do you communicate with Rogue? Have you been-"

"No. I mean yes I can talk to him, but I don't help him. If anything I'm a hindrance to his 'mission,'" James interrupted Cap, never taking his eyes off Rogue.

"Yeah. Yeah you're a hinderance, but I'm stuck with you and you're stuck with me. So I'd really rather you not die while we're separated or I'm toast with you so for once in your life will you just Shut. Up!" Rogue said through grit teeth.

"Put the gun down, Rogue," Francis commanded. Rogue just rolled his eyes at him.

"Don't you have something to do that you'll inevitably forget you've done, bird boy?" The redhead replied. James caught that. He slipped up. Hopefully he wasn't the only one.

"How about you go enact another failed plan yourself Rogue? I'm sure the Avengers would love to have an extra chance to catch you," Pym spoke up, giving Rogue the biggest 'go to hell' look that James had ever seen from the kid.

"Why wait? You could save yourself the trouble and just come with us now. MODOC isn't winning this kid," Cap said, crossing his arms.

"I'm not a kid," Rogue snapped at Cap almost immediately.

"Could've fooled me," Thor stated. BANG! Thor went down, but he looked more shocked than anything. He was grabbing his hip, or more accurately, Widow's hip. James was just as shocked as everyone else.

"Oh I'm sorry, I thought you were still bullet proof. My mistake," Rogue said sarcastically. The other Avengers moved to retaliate, but Rogue aimed his gun right back at James, making them pause. "Try it. I still have plenty of targets to shoot here.'

"That's our mom's body you just shot!" James said, his voice dangerously low.

"AND? I've already told you she's your mom. YOUR parents, not mine. I don't care what happens to them. If you recall why I'm here," Rogue stated pointedly. James' hands balled into a fist. A quiet fury raged behind his eyes as his jaw locked.

"Why are you-" Francis was cut off by a cable once again rising from the ground and slamming behind him, causing the ship to shake again. Everyone was thrown off their balance for a moment. James only managed to stay somewhat upright thanks to him grabbing the cable at the last second to steady himself. Francis had done the same. However, a surprised shout and thump drew his attention to his left. Pym had tripped over the cable and was now on the ground near the others. WidowHulk helped him up while CapIronMan assisted Thor.

"ENOUGH!" MODOC shouted, clearly tired of the little face off that happened. The cable retreated. James turned his attention to the large face on the wall, keeping Rogue in his periphery. "You have what you want, Rogue. No more petty squabbles. Now we move forward!" The floor began to collapse under them like puzzle pieces. The Avengers and Pym were too far in. They couldn't outrun it. But James, Francis, and Rogue were closer to the hall. The floor stopped falling feet from them.

"NO!" James yelled out, watching as they fell from the edge. Then fell again as more flooring fell away.

"You just lost the people you fought me so hard to get too. What are you going to do about it?" Rogue sneered. "I told you. I wasn't letting you out of my sight." James glanced at Francis and then the hole. Deep, difficult to traverse.

His father, mother and the others made it so… He'd rather take that chance.

"Hey Hawkeye, remember what some of your arguments were in that fight? Like forcing you into situations without telling you the plan?" James asked said person. Francis looked at him wearily.

"Yeah?" He said slowly.

"This is one of those. Sorry!" James said as he quickly grabbed Francis' arm and pulled him with him over the edge. Both of them yelled as they fell.

"Little help here!"

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