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In this story I will be giving Maul's legs the ones he got in season 5

Deep in a galaxy far, far away we find our two Sith brothers Darth Maul and Savage Opress traveling in a stolen republic ship. We see Maul in the cockpit thinking of his next move to get to Kenobi and the other Jedi's, meanwhile his big brother Savage was rummaging through the cabinets until a safe caught his eyes, he reaches for his lightsaber on his left side of his belt.

The cool of the metallic metal on his hand made him feel invincible like he was on top of the galaxy. With a quick swing of his saber the safe unlocked to reveal golden bricks and silver coins to any human or anyone in the galaxy would be set for life. Savage eyes sparkle at the riches before him.

He picks up the safe with his bare hands and carried it to the cockpit to where his brother was. While Maul was thinking he could sense his master Sidious was very displeased with him. With a great fear tingling down his spine, Maul thought to himself

"I should plan a different approach if my Master is displeased with me…or…maybe I should just lay low for a while."

Out of his train of thought his brother slammed something on the floor. Maul looks down to see a weird looking safe, Maul cocked his eyebrow to see golden bricks and silver coins inside the safe. Savage looking like an innocent child that just found candy

"Look brother a fortune!" Savage says excitedly

Maul looks at him unfazed like always

"I can see that brother"

Savage could sense his brother was angst about something "Brother?" Savage asked softly "Is…something the matter?"

"Savage" Maul said trying to be calm as can be "I think…it be best for us to lay low for a while…I sense my master is displeased with me."

"But where can we go brother? He'll find us wherever we go in the galaxy" Savage said a little nervous

They stood there in silence for god knows how long until an idea popped into Savages head

"Why…don't we go to mother Talzin? She might know a place where we can hide till everything calms down."

Maul thinks about it for a while

'Maybe this will be a good idea perhaps she might know.'

Maul turns to the controls, Savage now curious about his brothers actions

"B-brother what-"

"I'm setting a course to Dathomir" Maul interrupted Savage.

As soon as they arrive to the planet they go to the same exact place Maul had gotten his legs back.

Savage started to call out to his mother

"Mother! Mother, we are in need of your help!" Savage shouts to the heavens

As soon as he finished his sentence she appears before them

"Ahh my sons." She says in a whispery tone that would send chills down any person's spine

"What can I do for youu?"

Maul approached her and kneels the best way he could before her.

"We come in great need of your help mother." Maul said

She looks surprised but yet curiously at them

"Hoow can I offer you my help my sons?" She replies

Maul stands up and lets Savage approach her, he kneels before her and asks "We need a place to hide out, we can sense the Dark Lord of the Sith is very displease with us, until everything calms down we need to lay low…just for a while."

She stares at them for a while and thinks about it. She turned her back from them making Savage and Maul worry as if she was going to reject them right there and then, until an idea popped in her head.

"I might have a place." She said in her dark whisper voice breaking the silence between them

"There is a place far away into the galaxy that has far less technology."

Savage and maul now curious about this place and wanting to know more.

"There is a Princess" she continued "Her name is Serenity, Princess Serenity; she is also an "alien" resident, as the natives would call them, she has guards call Sailor Scouts that protect her, they are going through tough times with an old rival of mine…Queen Beryl."

"Queen Beryl!?" Maul said surprised to hear that name

Talzin nodded and replied "Yesss."

"B-but I thought you got rid of her, she's still alive!?" Maul asked still surprised

Savage looked at them both, curiously wondering who this Queen Beryl is. Talzin could see the confusion in Savage and explained "Queen Beryl is a sorceress and is a commander of the Dark Kingdom. I was…an acquaintance of hers….but one day she let jealousy get to her over some man!" Talzin spat the last sentence as if she had poison in her mouth.

She regained composure and continued "I saw that she was gaining more and more power than I was…I saw she that was a great threat towards me and my powers"

"What did you do?" Savage asked getting into the story.

"I would have done to any person I saw a threat towards me…eliminate them!" She said venomously

"But I had other things to deal with…But I'm pretty sure if you help the Sailor Scouts and defeat her, they will welcome you in open arms."

"What is this planet called and where can we find it?" Maul asked now interested

"This planet is called Earth." Talzin replied pulling out a little crystal ball out of her left sleeve.

In the crystal ball they could images of this so called Earth.

"It is inhabitant by humans."

"Just humans?" Savage asks

"Yes this universe is way different than ours and it's so far away not even the Dark Lord of the Sith can sense it or fine it." Talzin said

Maul now intrigued started to stroke his chin thinking

"Fascinating." Maul says "And you're sure we'll be safe there mother?"

"Yes as long as you blend in and keep out of trouble." She replied

Savage looks at the image of humans going on their business he catches a little girl holding hands with what looks to be her father and he notices something the humans don't have…horns and tattoos on their faces. He looks a little sad; he reaches up to his horns and felt every inch of them making him feel even sadder. Talzin could see the sadness in her son's eyes and thought of something.

"I know you two wouldn't blend in if I just put you two on the Planet, which is why I came up with something."

With a wave of her hand a pendant appeared on both Savage and Maul's neck. It shapes was a circle with a diamond in the middle. Savage's was a fancy canary diamond and Maul's was a blood ruby.

"This will help you to blend in with the natives, as long as you wear it at all times and never take off in public, you'll be safe." Talzin said warningly to both of the Sith brothers.

Savage and Maul look at each other up and down then looked at Talzin

"Nothing is working mother." Maul said

"You have to concentrate, think of yourself as one of them" Talzin replied

So Maul and Savage sat dawn crisscross and concentrated closing they're eyes thinking of all the images of the natives. Suddenly their pendants started to glow along with Savage and Maul, it was bright light surrounded them and suddenly it disappeared revealing their human forms.

Talzin smiled proudly and said "Now look at yourselfs."

Savage and Maul opened their eyes to look at each other and are surprised to find different beings in front of each other.

Savage had hair that was black with streaks of yellow and also spiky, his skin was a pale and his height had decrease, he no longer 7 feet, 1 inches but now 6 feet, 3 inches. He no longer looked like a tall brute but a teenage football player.

Maul's hair was the same as Savage's but short and with red streaks and his skin was pale as well; his height was still the same which is 5 feet, 9 inches.

Savage and Maul were in shock to see these total strangers in front of each other.

"B-brother you have hair!?" Savage yelled

"So do you." Maul replied "Your skin is different."

"So is yours." Savage replied he feels his own hair and felt nothing but softness and not horns.

Maul feels his own skin and felt smoothness and not roughness. Talzin watches the Sith brothers amazed at each other's transformation and couldn't help but to chuckle at the boys.

"Now my son's go and destroy Queen Beryl and wait there until things have calmed dawn." With a flick of her hand she opened a portal to earth. Savage and Maul got up and bowed to Talzin and both replied "Yes mother."

As they stood in front of the portal Savage looks at Maul and says "Should I go first or do-?"

Before Savage could finish his sentence, Maul divided into the portal.

"H-hey wait for me brother!" Savage jumps in after his brother.

Meanwhile in Serena's home we find Luna napping on the couch when she felt a cold chill down her spine. She awakens suddenly with a jolt, she jumps to her feet and jumps off the couch to the back of the kitchen window, look out towards the city.

"I've got a bad feeling about this…should I warn the girls about this?" she whispers to herself debating if should or not.

"But" she whispers "It doesn't feel like the negaverse…maybe the Dark Kingdom? But it feels… more darker…I should go warn the girls."

She jumps out the open window to go warn the girls but runs into a familiar face, Artemis Mina's white cat and Luna's closest friend. Artemis looks at Luna with a surprise look on his face but changed to a serious look.

"Luna did you feel that dark presents?" He asked

"Yes I did" she replied

They both exchange looks to each other and nodded and ran to go fine the girls. As they were running side to side.

"Do you know what this presence is?" Artemis asks

"No but I have a feeling we're about to find out." She replies

To be continue….

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