We find Savage looking around excitedly as if he was a kid in a candy store.

"Look brother we're here! We're finally here!" Savage shouted excitingly

"Calm yourself brother!" Maul said grabbing Savage by the wrist dragging him into an ally "We do not want to draw attention to ourselves."

As people go by Savage and Maul, They could hear two elderly ladies talking to each other about them

"Look at how those two are dressed." Said the first lady pointing at them

"Must be one of those cosplayers." The second lady replied

Maul took notices at their clothing that they stick out like a sore thumb

"If we are going to blend in with the natives, we need new clothing" He said to Savage

But Maul realizes he left the one thing he needed in order to get new clothing…money

"I left all my money back at the ship." Maul said angrily

Savage looked at Maul and smiled goofy, Maul looks at him in question look but also angry

"And just what are you smiling about!?" He asked angrily

Savage reaches inside his pocket and pulls out a hand full of gold coins and holds them in front of Mauls face.

"Remember that safe I found back at the ship, well before we left I stuffed my pockets with gold and silver" Savage said happily

Maul looks at Savage surprised and quickly turned to his regular composure and chuckled at his brother.

"Sometimes you surprise me brother." He said

"So what's the plan?" Savage asked

"First" Maul said taking the coins out of Savage's hand "We find some clothes so we can blend in, then we meet back here so we can plan on where we find a place to stay."

"Right" Savage replies

Before he walks away, Maul grabs Savage's wrist.

"Before we go!" Maul says "I'm telling you now don't draw attention to yourself!"

"I understand brother" Savage replies

As he walks away again Maul stopped him again.

"And do not talk to strangers unless they are police force!" Maul says warningly

"I'm not a child brother! I can manage on my own!" Savage says angrily yanking his arm away

"I wonder sometimes." Maul whispers to himself

As Savage marches angrily to a store he looks at their t-shirts and jeans. Savage was confused as to what he was looking for little did he know he wondered into the women section. Suddenly he heard a small little laughter behind him. He turns to look and see a woman giggling at him.

"Can I help you sir?" she ask

"I-I-I'm sorry I'm looking for the section for...me, I'm new here" Savage says nervously

The woman looks at Savage and smiles at him

"Right this way." She says escorting him to the men section.

Savage looks more confuse as to what he should pick in clothing.

"Uuum do you think you can help me in um picking out what to wear…" Savage asked the woman nervously. She looks at him surprisingly and chuckles softly "Of course" she says happily

Ten minutes later Savage walks out to the store after paying the lady and thanking her. Before leaving the young girl tells him "Please come back soon and if you have any question just ask and I will answer as many as I can."

"I will thank you." Savage bows his head and leaves the store. As the girl holds the gold coins in her hand was amazed by them.

"I wonder what sort of adventures he's been through." She whispers to herself.

As Savage returns to the alley he notices his brother hadn't returned yet, he waits a full hour. Getting impatient got up from where he was sitting and decided to wonder around the town. As he walks through town, he notices a building that had a sign saying game center. Being curious he enters the building, he looks around and notices lots of people near machines with analog sticks and buttons on them, Savage looked very confused. A boy in his 20s with blonde hair walks up to him.

"Can I help you sir?" He asks.

Before Savage could answer they heard a scream, a girl who was blonde with two buns and two ponytails which was a strange in Savage's eyes. She was shouting at the machine she was in front of her.

The girl shouts "I was sooo close! This game is broken!"

"Do you mind waiting for a second?" The boy asks Savage.

Savage looks at the boy's name tag "Sure thing Andrew." He replied

Andrew walks up to the girl and Savage could hear their conversation.

"Something wrong Serena?" He asks

"This game is broken!" She whines "I was so close in beating my high score and then 'Boom' I die!"

"Well Serena it's not necessarily the game's broken, it's just your poor gaming skills" Andrew teased

Savage laughed at this softly.

"Ooooh Andrew you are so-" Before she could finish her sentence, She notices Savage laughing but what catches her eyes is how tall he is compared to Andrew and how good looking he is compared to Andrew.

"W-w-who...Is…that!?" She asks love-struck and hearts in her eyes.

Andrew looked confused and looks to where she was staring and sees she is looking at Savage.

"I'm not sure, he must be new here." He answers

Andrew looks back to find Serena was gone; he looks back to Savage and finds her next to the new guy.

As Savage looks around curiously he find next to him is a love-struck Serena. He backs up a bit, nervously

"Uuuh c-can I help y-" before he could finish his sentence Serena interrupts him.

"Hi my name is Serena! What's your name!?" She ask excitedly

Savage caught off guard answers "My name is… Savage."

"Sav…age? Savage! That's an interesting name! Are you new here!?" She asks

"K-kinda, I-I Guess you can say that" He says

"That's great! Would you like to play a game with me!?" She asks Savage.

He blushes out of embarrassment. "I don't know how to play." He says with his head down.

'Don't worry, I'll teach you!" She says pulling on his arm towards a machine.

The only thought that was going through Savage's head was 'this girl's stronger than she looks.'

Maul had returned to the ally and notices his brother had not returned yet.

"Savage where are you." Maul whispered angrily.

He took a deep breath and calmed down "I'll wait" He whispered "He will be here soon."

An hour passed and Maul was getting impatient.

"Savage!" Maul snarled "That's it!"

Maul got up from his spot and marched angrily out of the ally into town to go find his brother.

"When I get my hands on him! I'm going to force choke the life out of him!" Maul snarled while stomping his way through town.

Meanwhile Savage seemed to be having fun with Serena, having almost beating Serena's high score but dyeing halfway.

"That's not fun." He says with a hint of anger in his voice.

"Isn't it!?" Serena yells "I seriously think it's broken!"

Savage looks at her and chuckles a little.

"I would like to try again." He says

Serena looks looks inside her purse for more quarters and lucked out.

"Ugh I'm sorry, I'm all out of quarters" She says sadly

Savage looks at her and smiles

"Not to worry." He pulls out a gold brick "Will this do?"

"Uuuhh where d-did you get that?" She asks amazed

"I…Found it" He says innocently "But I'm not sure if it will fit in the machine." He tries to fit it in the machine but failed.

"D-don't worry' She says "I'll go ask Andrew, Be right back." She takes the brick from him and walks off but comes back and hugs his neck.

"Don't go anywhere!" she says in a singing voice and leaves

Savage is taken back by this thing called...a hug; he blushes and shakes his head getting the image of her hugging him and any other images out. Suddenly he heard the last voice he wanted to hear.


He turns to see Maul with an angry look he never wanted to see but he also took notice in the different clothing he was wearing. Maul was wearing a black V-neck t-shirt with same gray regular jeans.

"B-brother!? What are you doing here?" Savage asks nervously

"I could ask the same to you! What did I tell you in the ally 'don't wonder off' and what do you!? You wonder of-"

Before he could finish Maul takes notices of his brother's choice of clothing as well.

Savage was wearing a gray t-shirt under a black leather jacket with a gray hood and was wearing black cargo pants with gray combat boots.

"What…are…you…wearing?" Maul asks in disgust.

"What are you wearing!?" Savage lashes back at Maul.

He had notices that Maul was wearing red tennis shoes, which in Savage's eyes did not go good with his choice of clothing. Maul could sense he was questioning his taste in shoes.

"It is my favorite color; I could say the same for yours!" Maul yells defensibly

Savage just rolls his eyes "whatever brother." He says annoyingly

Maul could see the attitude in Savage and as he about to say something he heard Serena's voice calling his brother.

"Savaaage" Serena yells happily

She jumps between them hugging Savages right arm. Maul cocks an eyebrow at Serena curiously and looked at Savage.

"Who is this?" Maul asks getting impatient

"Uuh" Savage says blushing at Serena hugging his arm

"Sorry to keep you waiting but look what I got!" She says showing him a hand full of quarters "Now we can play more and-" She stopped her sentence and notices Maul looking at her angrily with his arms crossed against his chest. He was good looking in her eyes but also scary, she hides behind Savage.

"Savage…who is this scary guy?" She asks a hint of fear in her voice.

Savage laughs softly at this "This scary guy is my brother." He replied

Serena peeks her head out from behind him to get a good look at Maul. He looks like Savage But he short, younger and less muscular. Maul could sense something different about this girl…He decides to play nice, he gives her a friendly smile and bows his head.

"You can call me Maul." He says lifting his head

She goes back to hide behind Savage.

"His smile scares me…" She says

Maul took this offensive and snarled and turns away from her crossing his arms angrily. Savage chuckles at Serena's comment.

"It's time to go Savage." Maul says grabbing Savage by the arm "Say good bye to your friend brother."

Savage looks at Serena in a sad way.

"Aww common, can't you stay longer!?" Serena whines grabbing Savage's other arm "we're almost there in beating our high score!"

"I do believe it is time we call it a day, come brother!" Maul says angrily pulling Savage towards him.

"Excuse me but who died and made you the boss of him!" Serena yells pulling Savage towards her

"I did!" Maul hissed angrily at her pulling Savage towards him again.

Savage looking frightened and confused spoke up "Don't I have a saying on this?"

"Stay out of this!" Maul and Serena yelled at him making him more scared.

"Why don't you run back to your parents you spoiled brat!" Maul says letting go of Savage's arm and getting in Serena's face.

"Oh yeah!" Serena says also letting go of Savage and getting in Maul's face, trying to look intimidating.

Before Savage could jump in a black cat out of nowhere jumps at Maul's face scratching him. Maul scrams in pain trying to get the cat off his face before it mauls his eyeballs. Savage was taken by surprise to do anything just stood there.

"Luna what are you doing!?" Serena yells trying to get her off him

"My face, my face!" Maul scrams in agony falling to the floor, rolling side to side desperately trying to get the cat off.

"Luna stop it!" Serena yells trying to help Maul "Bad kitty!"

Andrew runs to the commotion of noise and to find Maul on the floor in agony with a cat shredding his face like paper. Maul uses all his strength and finally gets Luna off of him and sends her flying across the room. As Luna was thrown she landed on her feet, hissing at Maul. Savage runs to his brother side and kneels next to him.

"Are you alright brother!?" He asks Maul concerned

"W-w-what in the name…of the galaxy…is that thing!?" Maul says pointing at Luna angrily

"It's not a thing, it's my cat Luna!" Serena yells at Maul.

"Whatever it is, I'm going to skin it alive and wear its fur as a scarf!" Maul snarls at Serena animal like.

"How dare you!" Serena snarls back grabbing Luna and pulling her close to her protectively

"Come brother" Maul said getting back on his feet heading to the door "Time for us to leave."

Savage looks at Serena sadly. "I'm sorry." Savage apologizes, bows his head and left along with his brother. Serena tries to stop him but Luna cuts in.

"Serena I need to tell you something important" Luna says with a hint of nervousness in her tone

"Can't it wait?" Serena whined "I need to go after Sava-"

"Serena! This can't wait!" Luna interrupts her

Serena looks at Luna and sees that she was anxious and nervous about something, Serena knew instantly it was important.

As Luna and Serena met up with the girls at Rei's shrine, Serena was sad that her potential friend was gone and she may never see him again. Coming out of her thoughts Luna yells at her.

"Serena pay attention!"

"Huh w-w-what?" Serena whines

"Were you even listening to a single word I was saying?" Luna asks

Rei snorts at Luna's question "Serena listen? Hah when pigs fly!" Rei laughs wickedly

Serena looks at Rei angrily "Well you're already proof of that Rei!" Serena says with a smirk

Rei angrily got in Serena face "I wouldn't be talking with all the food you eat!" Rei snorts at Serena

"That's enough you two" Artemis interrupts them "We have more important things to discuss."

"Thank you Artemis, As I was saying, we felt that there is a great dark power out there" Luna said to the Sailor Scouts "Maybe even powerful than the negaverse or the Dark kingdom combined."

This caught all the Scouts attention.

"Who could be powerful then the Dark kingdom and the negaverse combined?" Mina asked

"I have a bad feeling we are going to find out soon." Artemis replied

"Actually" Luna said making all the Scouts and Artemis look at her "I thank…Serena has already met them" They look surprisingly at Luna then at Serena. Serena looks at Luna with a confused look.

"What?" Serena asks

"Those two boys, the one I attacked and the tall, big one you were hanging onto." Luna said to Serena

"I-I was not hanging onto him!" Serena yells blushing furiously

"Then why are you blushing?" Rei ask teasing her

"I am not!" Serena yells puffing out her cheeks

"Are you holding back on us Serena? How selfish of you." Lita say teasing Serena as well

"I thought you had eyes on only on Tuxedo mask?" Ami asks innocently

"W-w-well there's no harm in looking right hahahaha" Serena said nervously

"Isn't that what you say when you see food hhmm" Rei asked teasingly

"And what does that supposed to mean?" Serena asks

"All I'm saying is if you pick your men just like your food then your love life is not going to last long" Rei Replied

"Oh and who asked you, you big-"

"Girls shouldn't we focus on the bigger problem at hand here" Luna interrupts trying to prevent a fight

"Right" they all said

"As I was saying" Luna continued "The boy I attacked had a lot of that dark energy"

"You mean Maul?" Serena asks Luna

"His name is…Maul?" Ami asks Serena

"Wow he must be an interesting guy to be with that kind of name" Rei and Mina say with hearts in their eyes

"Interesting isn't the word to describe him" Luna mumbles thinking back to when Maul threw her and threatened to skin her and turn her into a scarf.

"Anyway" Luna says shaking the image of Maul skinning her alive "The big, tall one had less of it, he had…more sadness and envy towards someone."

The Serena realized who she was talking about

"You mean Savage!?" Serena asked surprisingly.

"Sa-vage...he must be foreign" Ami thought

"Oh that name sounds so…exhilarating" Rei says with even more hearts in her eyes

"I bet he'd make an excellent lover" Mina says madly blushing

"Hey, hey, hey no, no, no He's mine you can have the other one but Savage is off limits!" Serena yells at both Mina and Rei turning red.

"You have Tuxedo mask already! Why can't we have Savage!?" Rei yells

"Yeah" Mina says

"Because I saw him first!" Serena yells at them stomping her foot "Why don't you take Maul?"

"Good idea, you can have Maul and I can have Savage" Mina tells Rei

"But I want Savage" Rei whines

"Hey what about me!?" Lita jumps in the conversation

"Hey are you even listening to me!?" Serena yells at them

"Oh boy this maybe a while" Luna says to Ami and Artemis annoyed

"Did they not even listen about the part about darkness" Artemis says also annoyed

Meanwhile with the Sith brothers, they find a place to stay in some apartment. Little did they know their room was across from Darien's. Maul was in the bathroom washing up his cuts while Savage was in the living room, looking out the window looking out into the city, thinking how beautiful it was. Out of his train of thought he heard his brother scream bloody murder.

"Aughh! This shit burns!"

As Maul leaves the bathroom with bandages all over his face, he exchanged a look at his brother which makes Savage laugh at Maul's face. Maul signed and finally speaks "You know that girl you were with? Did you sense something different about her?"

Savage was taken back by this question and looks out the window "To tell you the truth brother" Savage answers "I wasn't really paying attention"

Maul signs out of frustration "Brother that was Princess Serenity!" Maul says

"What?" Savage asks Maul surprisingly "How is that possible?"

"I sense she can't remember anything" Maul says with his arms crossed against his chest "We need to help her remember"

Savage stands up at full height "Do we reveal our true selves to her then?" he asks

"No" Maul replied "Not yet" Maul walks over to the same window Savage was siting and looks over the city "When the time is right, we will make our presence known"