After three days of arriving on earth we find our two sith brothers stuck in the apartment not having left the apartment since then. Savage was getting bored being cooped up in their new home for so long, Maul was on the floor meditating. Savage finally had enough of it, he got up from where he was sitting and headed out.

"I'm going out to explore the city." He said before leaving.

Before Maul could say anything to Savage he had already left. He went back to meditating unfazed when suddenly.


Maul let out a sigh "Can't meditate on an empty stomach" He said getting up.

Savage was exploring the city amazed at how beautiful and colorful it was nothing like any of the planets he had seen before but then again, he was never able to go sightseeing when he was on a mission and when he would go into the planet, he would have a specific order and couldn't get sidetrack. He passes by a shrine and stops in front of its entrance.

"I sense a very powerful being in there…" Savage says with interest "I should probably go check it out."

As Rei was doing her fire readings she could feel a dark presence near the shrine.

"I better go check this out." Rei says knowing that this maybe the dark power Luna and Artemis was talking about. As Savage was approach the shrine he sees a little old man under a tree that was near the shrine, Savage thinks nothing of it and continues to approach the shrine then that's when the old man speaks to him.

"Hey there sport, I've never seen you in these areas before, are you new here?" Says the old man looking up and down at Savage which made him very uncomfortable and nervous.

"Y-yes I am…"

"Then would you like a job here!?"

"…what?" Savage asked now taken back by the old man's offer.

"Well a striking young man like you working here would certainly catch the attention of any customers here especially the girls!" The old man said with stars in his eyes.

"Well…I don't know…"

"Common what do you say-"

Before he could finish his sentence Rei had hit the old man on the head with a broom knocking him out.

"What the? Why did you-"

Before Savage could finish what he was going to say Rei threw a sticker at his forehead, surprising him.

"Be gone evil spirit!" Rei yells at Savage pointing at him.

They stood there for a good ten seconds and nothing happened making Rei worry.

"W-W-What!?" Rei says backing a foot away from him.

Savage rips the sticker off his forehead.

"Look if you want me to leave…then I'll leave." Savage says not wanting to start trouble that would get his brother angry, He starts to walk away from her with his back turned against her.

"Wait!" Rei yells Savage which causes him to look at her "Who are you!? And what are you doing here in the first place!?"

He was quiet for a moment Rei could see something in his eyes…sadness but that didn't change her actions.

"…My name…is Savage…and I saw…how beautiful this shrine was…and wanted get a closer look at it" He said lying through his teeth but he did not show it. Rei watched as he just starred at her and noticed the color of his was yellow but it still didn't convince her.

"Is that all?" she asked angrily.

"Yes..." He replied.

Then something struck Rei.

"D-did you say your name was…Savage?" She asked

He nodded in reply to her question. She remembered Serena mentioning a guy with that name.

"Are you okay?" He asked

This causes Rei to snap out of her thoughts.

"I-I'm fine." She says looking away from him.

"Did…I say something wrong?"


Before she could finish her sentence, she felt him put his hand softly on her left shoulder which made her look at him.

"I'm sorry…" Savage apologized which made Rei blush a little when he looked into her eyes, She turned away not wanting him to look at her blushing.

"Why are you apologizing?" Rei asked.

"Because I must've done something to upset." He replied in a firm voice.

"No…D-D-don't…it's my fault…I should be the one apologizing…" Rei said as she turned to look at him and notice how close he was to her, she also took notice how tall he was compared to her that she had to look up at him. He looked with a worried look on his face. They had been standing close to each other for what seemed like an eternity to Rei, she felt her heart beating fast. As Rei was going to speak she heard someone that made her blood boil.


She looks behind Savage to see the other sailor scouts walking up to her.

"Damnit why must they come at a time like this!?" Rei murmured through her teeth.

"Are those your friends?" Savage asked innocently to Rei.

"…yes." Rei says sighing "forget them… where were we?" Rei puckered her lips towards Savage making him very awkward, he looks towards Rei's friends and saw a familiar face in the group of girls.

"Serena!?" Savage yells happily running towards the group of girls making Rei fall face first on the floor next to her unconscious grandfather.

As Serena was walking with the girls to see if Rei wanted to go the movies with them but she saw a familiar face.

"Savage!?" Serena yelled happily and ran fast towards her new tall friend. As soon the girls heard that name they tried to stop her.

"No Serena!" Mina shouted.

"Wait!" Ami yelled.

"Come back!" Lita cried but it didn't stop Serena though she didn't hear them, she was focused on Savage.

"We have to go after her common!" Lita said to the girls.

"Right!" Ami, Mina agreed and ran after Serena.

As Serena runs to Savage he stops and welcomes her with open arms.

"SAAVAAAGE!" Serena yells as she jumps into the air but instead of jumping into Savage arms she sees Rei in front of him yelling angrily at her.

"What do you think your-"

Serena had crashed into Rei which made Savage flinched from the impacted.

'Ouch' He thought to himself.

Serena laid on top of Rei dazed from the fall. The girls run in time to see Serena and Rei knocked out.

"Serena! Rei!" The girls shouted and they look at Savage angrily.

"How dare you!" Lita yelled.

Savage was confused as to what they were implying.

"I didn't do-"

Lita tried to throw a flying kick at him but he was able to dodge it easily. Mina threw a flying knee to his stomach but didn't seem to hurt him, he grunts in response and looked down then glared at her which intimidated Mina and caused her to back away from him.

"I am not looking for a fight." He said getting angry

"Oh yeah!? Lita yelled.

"Then why did you attacked our two friends!?" Ami asked

"He didn't." Rei groaned.

"Huh?" They replied as Rei pushed Serena off of her.

"What do mean?" Ami asked

"I mean the big stupid meatball head fell on top of me!" Rei yells at the girls while rubbing her head.

"Whether he attacked you guys or not it still doesn't change anything!" Lita said not backing down.

"What are you talking about? I'm not here to pick a fight!" Savage growled at her.

"We know that's a lie!" Mina said.

"No girls please just listen to me!" Rei yelled trying to defend him.

"Look I'll leave in peace okay" Savage said angrily and turned to leave.

"Wait Savage don't go!" Serena cried who was now awake but he had already left "Why are you guys so cruel!?" She was on the verge of tears and was angry.

"Serena, are you crazy?" Lita said.

"Have you forgotten what Luna said about him?" Mina asked

"Mina's right he's evil." Ami says.

"It still didn't give you right to be-be-be so mean to him" Serena yelled who was now crying.

"Serena, did you hit your head hard enough!?" Mina yelled.

"Serena he's evil and he might be working for the dark kingdom." Ami said calmly.

"You don't know that! None of you do! Just because some cat said it!? Luna doesn't know either!" Serena yelled angrily.

"Serena that's enough!" Rai shouted at Serena knowing she went too far.

Maul was walking across the street from the shrine with bags in his hands and sees his brother walking.

"Savage!" Maul called running towards him.

Savage sees his brother but had his head down.

"Savage there you are. Look I got food but I don't know anything of this native food but I'm sur- "Maul stopped and notice his brother look a little upset about something "What's wrong?"

"I found the sailor scouts…"

Maul was surprised to hear this. "Where did you find them? Did you reveal your true self to them?" Maul asked concerned that Savage jeopardized they're mission.

"No…but they somehow knew about my presence."

Maul thought about it "Well… maybe it's their magic abilities... We have to be careful around them... We have to control our anger around them..."


"...happy thoughts...think of something that makes you happy"

Savage looked at his brother and started to think in something that made him happy, then images of Serena popped into his head, hearing her giggle and seeing her smile calmed his nerves. Maul sensed all his anger was gone and smiled proudly.

"Well done my apprentice." Maul said "But remember! We are only doing this to gain their trust." He finished warning him.

"...I... Understand" Savage says with a sigh.

Maul started walking away thinking his brother was following him until he looked where his brother was supposed to be but saw him running back to the shrine.

"Where are you going brother!?" Maul yelled

"I need to take care of something with a friend!" Savage yelled back.

Maul just shook his head "I might as well follow him. He might get into trouble." He thought to himself and graded his bags of groceries.