I honestly don't remember falling asleep. As I awoke, I could feel cool wind blowing across my face, the window was open. I opened my eyes, light filled them, I couldn't see anything for a moment. I blinked a couple of times, and then my senses came to me. Me and my family were traveling to a camp ground, probably still a couple hundred miles away. I grunted in weariness from the long car ride. I looked out the window to see green pastors along side the road. Cows were wondering, and horses were grazing. I could see a red farmhouse out in the distance beyond a running river, shining like sliver from the light of the sun. I looked to my right, and saw my brother, Daniel, sitting next to me, his ear buds in, listening to whatever type of music. Before we left, he was the one always whining over going. "Why do we have to go?" He said in the most annoying voice ever. "I think it will be great for the family to go and see Canada, your father and I have always wanted to go, besides, aunt Sherin wants a visit anyway." She replied. Aunt Sherin, she was a card. I loved her Australian accent, abosultly loved it. She moved to Canada after my Uncle, Damon died. I never knew him, all I know is that he was like Sherin. Always bright and cheerful, never broke a promise either. She was a slightly attractive brunette that loved horse riding. I didn't like horse riding. Never have. When she was living here, my mom always talked about how she would always nag her about getting on a horse, and trying it out for her self. Not that my mom was fond of horses either. My little sister how ever, loves horses. Always playing with the cheap plastic ones you buy from Walmart, or a dollar store. My little brother, was into sports. Lacrosse, football, soccer. Loved them. He played lacrosse for about 4 years, then he went on to football for a couple, and now, he's in his first year of soccer. He's twelve, I'm fourteen. Me? I'm not into anything much. Video games, board games, models, sometimes football at the park with some of the kids from school. I was normal. I wanted to do something more, but never honestly got into it. Oh, name's Ethan Cook, this is the story of how I became a Jedi Knight, UNSC Soldier, and one of the defenders of Earth.