Chapter 2

I got back into the middle seat of the Land Rover, thinking about what just happened. What I was beginning to realize was that, well, it felt like I had seen a ghost too. That man seemed very similar to me. His walk, his voice...his eyes. It was very strange. Well, maybe it was no matter. Maybe it was that burrito I had eaten last night, cause my stomach started to ache. I tried to ignore it as I put in my ear buds and turned on whatever music I had. I didn't feel the car start to move again. But I looked up after about five minutes later and saw that we were on the move. I took one of the buds out of my ear. "Hey Dad?" I asked. "Yeah bud, what's up?" He replied, looking into the driver mirror at me. "Where are we?". He whispered something to my mom. After what seemed like they were discussing something, he looked up again at me with the same blue eyes I always saw. "We're about sixty miles from were we were planning to camp. Uh, but dark is creepin up on us, me and maw are talking about weather or not we should go there, or find some sort of Walmart parking lot." Oh yeah, Walmart parking lots. Lovely places by the way. You know, always packed with cars, oil stains everywhere, the beautiful sun rise in the mourning. It wasn't exactly the best place to stay during the night, but they would let us. Honestly, we needed them, other wise we would probably be on the road side somewhere. Probably. Anyway, the news was usual. Our traveling was quite common during the summer. My dad is an artist who travels the country, displaying his art work at art shows. We all loved doing it with him. We usually saw so many places, meet so many awesome people. Its great, and I wouldn't give it up for the world.

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