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Chapter Three: Way Big Deal

Kim was drenched in snow once again, trailing it into the tent despite her best efforts to brush the majority of it off before entering. She sighed. "The weather still looks bad. It's not as cold out, but visibility is low. I only went a dozen yards or so away, and I almost got lost finding my way back to the tent."

"That's why you're so late! That's dangerous stuff, KP!" Ron could have kicked himself- he should have looked for her. What if she had gotten lost and never come back?

She shook her head. "We'll need to tie a line to the tent when we need to go out for, uh, reasons…" Ron gave her a blank stare, and she sighed once again. "I have some nylon cording in my pack. Just trust me, Ron, we'll both need to go out at some point. The snow isn't letting up, we can't even build a fire to dry out our clothes, and there is no way any kind of rescue vehicle would be able to find even a trace of us out here in this weather if we strayed from the road. I think we're going to be stuck here for awhile."

"Oh, okay. That's no big, though, right?"

Kim seemed surprised. "Oh?"

"Well, I mean… if I'm going to be trapped in a blizzard, there's no one else I'd rather be trapped in a blizzard with."

"Aw, Ron. See, this is why I love you. The unexpected bursts of romance."

"Well, back in school I did manage a C+ in poetry, so, you know… I'm just talented like that."

This time Ron was rewarded with a very genuine grin, and Kim came to sit beside him. He still had the splayed-out sleeping bag over the majority of his body, and Kim was shivering and once again covered with snow. He pulled the makeshift comforter up, inviting Kim inside. She snuggled close to him gratefully, and he tried not to flinch at how cold and soggy she was.

"So, how is training to be a ninja coming along?" Kim asked casually, as if they were commenting on something as mundane as the weather. Er, the weather in a less blizzard-y place, that is.

"Meh. Lots of walking."

"Well, I assume you have a ride to get to the city every day for your job, right?"

"Hey, now, we've talked about this. I prefer the term "apprenticeship." It sounds way cooler."

"Yeah… a burrito apprentice."

"You say that like it doesn't sound cool."

"It is immensely cool." Kim amended, her lips curling upwards. "Though I gotta admit, I find the ninja training much cooler."

"Except the walking. And no, I do not have a ride to my apprenticeship. "It is my great honor to walk."" He used his fingers to quote the last, and Kim knew exactly who uttered those words to Ron. Kim had the feeling Yori knew damn well how much Ron hated unnecessary exercise, but willfully feigned ignorance to coerce him into pulling his own weight. It was definitely beneficial to his training, at least.

"Yeah," Ron continued, "I walk down a giant mountain every single morning, but no big deal." He stretched out his arms a little, obviously feeling a little full of himself as he shamelessly continued to brag. "My Tai Shing Pek Kwar is dead on, but Master Sensei had been training me on weapons."

Ron had been attending the newly rebuilt Yamanouchi school for the past four months. Originally, he had gone to Japan after receiving an enticing offer: to work as a chef at the flagship grand opening of a five star, "gourmet" spin-off of Bueno Nacho. Why would the company decide to open this restaurant in Japan? How did they even know that, in addition to the "creativity" of the Nacko, Ron was also a talented chef? Kim had a feeling Ron's Sensei had pulled some strings to make sure Ron would be nearby for training. She wasn't sure how... it was just a gut-feeling.

Ron was not the head chef at the restaurant, which was why he considered himself to be in training. He had never actually gone to school for cooking or anything, afterall. Kim thought he was pretty amazing already, but despite how proud of him she was she was also rather… put out. She had been recruited by a school in her home state for her cheerleading, and yet Ron was the one who moved across the world away from her. It… it sucked, that's what.

The job was supposed to be temporary until a new "gourmet" version of the franchise was set to open in the States. However, Kim had had no word on when that would happen. For the foreseeable future, Ron was living a very separate life from Kim.

Except for missions. He never, ever failed to show up when she needed him. Sometimes he was late, but in the end he was always there.

Kim's thoughts trailed off as Ron's last words finally sunk in. "Wait, weapons!? That sounds dangerous…" She began to think of every clumsy moment Ron had ever had with her, and shuddered. He was a kung-fu master, and he was graceful and strong, but he could still be incredibly klutzy in the most inopportune moments. Her boyfriend was full of contradictions like that.

"Well, Kim, I do have a magic sword that comes when I call. Didn't I ever mention that?"

"You… did not."

"Oh. Well, old news. But I'm getting pretty good! Master Sensei has me practicing with wood swords… splinters. So many splinters…"

Kim tried not to look too relieved that he wasn't using weapons of the sharp and pointy variety for training. She gave him an encouraging smile. "I'd like to see your mad skills some time, Ron, but for now I don't think either of our training is particularly useful."

"Nope. But if we ever need a magic sword to come tearing through our campsite, you let me know."

"I'll keep that in mind." Despite the conversation with Ron, Kim couldn't ignore her damp clothing any longer. She pulled annoyingly at the edge of her purple mission shirt, now once again soaked through from the snow. "We need a way to dry our clothes. If only I had my hair dryer… and our electronics worked.

"Hmm…" Ron muttered, grabbing his own discarded trousers off the tent floor. "We could use my hand warmers. It might help."

"Hand warmers… hand warmers!? WE could have had frostbite last night, and you didn't think to mention them!?"

"I, uh, forgot. Technically, they're my "emergency Nacko heaters."

"Of course. Rufus?" Kim asked, and the animal wasted no time running into Ron's pack and, sure enough, producing two sealed packs of the sandy substance. Kim grabbed them and tore off the packaging eagerly. She handed one off immediately to Ron, and as the two heroes shook the packs they both let out sighs of relief.

"Warmth. I think when I get home I'm going to purchase an electric blanket and sit under it for a day and a half," Kim muttered, excited at the prospect of civilization. They had only been lost for one night, but one night in a frozen tundra was more than enough.

"I second that one, lady."

Kim peeled off her top for the second time in that tent, and set it gingerly on top of the heat pack. She wasn't sure if it would do much, but it was better than nothing. Their stuff would take forever to dry in the cold. After a moment's hesitation she shimmied out of her pants, too, placing them next to her shirt. One thing at a time.

Ron followed suit, opting to dry out his cargo pants first. Good choice.

Attempting to diffuse and weirdness, Kim tried for a joke, smirking unconvincingly, "See, it's pretty easy to get a girl out of her pants. Just go along on numerous crazy near-suicide missions and almost freeze to death in a snowy deathtrap landscape."

Ron didn't join in on Kim's forced laughter, instead just watching her face as she grinned. The smile slowly slid off as she noticed him watching, and she clutched the blanket to herself, suddenly feeling self conscious. 'Did I just sound like an idiot, or what? Is there something on my face?'

"What if we… shared that electric blanket? I'll even make hot chocolate!" he quickly added. Was it Kim's imagination, or was Ron leaning in much closer, now? Her chest felt tingly inside at his words- he really was upping the sweet-talk game today.

"You… don't you have to get back to work? And your training?" Actually, Kim was missing cheer practice right now, and at a college level that was a pretty big deal. But with Ron now only a couple easily-closeable inches from her face, she suddenly didn't mind if she missed a year's worth of practice. Actually, despite the snow and wet clothes and cold and miserable lack of a bathroom, this could almost be a pleasant camping trip with her boyfriend. Almost.

"Hm. Good point. Don't care," Ron muttered, which was a very un-Ron-like thing to say in reference to his favorite taco-chain, but before Kim could comment on this they were suddenly kissing again. The kiss was good. Really, really good. For some reason, it felt different from their usual kisses. It might have been the odd way her heart was thumping, or the way his chest pressed to her's when he closed the distance between them. Everything just felt so… wonderful.

Ron, belatedly, raised his hand high in the air, forming a perfect little "L" above their heads. Kim knew what he was doing, despite the fact that she didn't bother to open her eyes. It was another one of the weird, quirky Ron moments she loved, and her lips curled into a smile while they still kissed. She assumed Rufus returned to Ron's bag, since the poor creature didn't really have anywhere else to go to escape the "kissy-face" moment.

Ron broke the kiss first, but kept his face close enough that she could still feel his breath against her lips. "Serious face for a minute here, KP? If you want me around, I don't care if it's for a mission or a hot coco, I'll…. well, I'll climb down a mountain, work, climb up a mountain, train, climb down the mountain, and fly commercial to the US every day if you want me to."

Though Ron had precluded his speech with "serious face," Kim couldn't keep hers entirely, and giggled a little at his offer. "That's insane, Ron. But… maybe more often then it's been? We could, I don't know, alternate weekends we visit?" It wasn't enough. But they were both so busy! "Eventually we'll both be done with this super-stressful part of our lives and everything will work out. I know it will." Just three and a half more years of college for her, and… however long corporate kept Ron away. It was Ron's dream job, but she knew he'd much rather have that dream job closer to home.

And if they never opened another restaurant, and Ron wanted to keep working in Japan… then she would just move to Japan! No big- she could save the world stationed from anywhere in it!

Ron frowned, the hand that had formerly been raised in the air wrapping itself around her waist, pulling her closer. "It… it's really hard. Being away from you, I mean."


"Being trapped together here… is it weird to say it's sorta feeling like a vacation?"

Kim laughed again. "Weird, but entirely true." She knew exactly what he meant.

"Can I… kiss you again?"

He was asking? Something about the way he said it made her light-headed, and she nodded a little too enthusiastically. He pressed against her, and she parted her lips, urging him to deepen the hypnotic kiss. His tongue slipped sweetly between her teeth, soft and exploring, and Kim's head left the floor of the tent, pushing up as if she could somehow get even closer to him. She wanted the kiss to be even deeper, she wanted… more. More of something.

Her hand reached behind his head, running through the short hair at the nape of his neck. Subtly, without realizing it, she started shifting her body closer, while simultaneously pushing at Ron to move, too. By the time she broke away from the soft swirling of tongues for air, she realized he was halfway on top of her, his face pointing downwards to look her in the eyes. They were both breathing heavy and deep, and Kim imagined her face mirrored the wide-eyed gaze of her boyfriend's chocolate brown eyes above her.

How had they gotten like this?

Why did she still want… more?

"KP, I…"

"More," she said simply, the word passing her lips like an aching breath, a plea more than a demand.

She did not have to say it twice. Ron dove, grabbing her lips once more. One hand touched her cheek while the other arm pressed into the plastic flooring next to her head for balance. Kim's hands moved to his shoulders, pressing her palms flat against his bare skin and letting a sigh pass from her mouth as they kissed. Her hands moved downward, seemingly of their own accord, drawing over her boyfriend's thin frame. Not too thin, though… the training had added just the slightest hint of muscle tone, more easily felt than seen. Actually, feeling it was quite nice. Very nice. Kim was definitely liking the smooth skin of his torso, the flexing of his ab muscles as he worked to stay hovering just a few inches above her…

Suddenly, a puff of air left his mouth, and when Kim broke away she realized it was a laugh. A laugh. Ron's face was split in a goofy grin as he looked down at her, and he laughed again.

Kim cocked a single eyebrow, trying to figure out exactly what was so funny about their current position.

"Sorry," Ron managed, trying to affect an apologetic expression but failing because of his huge grin, "just… ticklish."

Kim laughed at that, but it came out as a rather undignified snort. She pulled one of her hands up to cover her face in horror at the sound she had just made, but Ron quickly grabbed her hand with his own.

"I, uh, didn't say you had to stop, you know. Just, maybe, not so soft and… tickle-y."

Kim nodded, but could feel her face growing hot as she placed her hand back on Ron's chest, a little higher than where it had been drifting over his stomach. What exactly was she doing, anyways? But Ron didn't tell her to stop, so… did he like her touching him like this? He seemed to be following her lead, letting her judge exactly where this was going, but really Kim had no idea what she wanted to happen. They weren't exactly naked, but they were damn close, and their position was more than a little compromising at this point…

Should she pull back, laugh it off, and keep their relationship in the safe, sweet, slightly childish place it had always been?


"Ron," she started, not quite sure what she was saying until the words were out there, "I think I want… that is, I think I'm ready, if you are, for something more. In our relationship. Between us. As two totally mature... er, as two adults." She was floundering, she knew it. Usually words were not an area she had trouble with, but her tongue was all tied up in knots at the moment and her face was so damn hot and her brain was full of cotton candy and…

Yikes. Deep breath.

Ron looked a little stunned by her words, but tried to play it off cool. The way he couldn't fight the grin growing ever larger on his face was a dead giveaway, though, that he rather liked her flustered speech. "You have no idea how glad I am to hear that," he answered, and instantly they were kissing again.

Kim's hands began to wander once again, from his chest, to the flat planes of his stomach, to the start of his hip bones just at the edge of his boxers…

She almost lost her nerve, at that point, but was distracted by the way Ron's free hand began tracing it's own trail down her neck softly, his fingertips grazing her collarbone and making her shiver. Without hesitation, he moved down belong the bottom edge of her bra, tracing a line against the skin there, as if asking her permission. Kim removed her hands from his hips, reaching behind her back to unhook her bra. The jarring motion separated their lips for a fraction of a second before she found him again, slipping off the uncomfortable undergarment and humming in pleasure when his large hand finally touched her. He was so warm, and his hand fit so perfectly over her modest-sized breast. When his fingers passed rather roughly over the sensitive pink bud it was like electricity running through her, and she gasped lightly into Ron's mouth.

Ron moved away from her lips, trailing kisses down her cheek, her neck… he was moving a lot faster now, almost like he were frantic to kiss and touch as much of her as he could as soon as possible.

When his mouth closed over her breast, his tongue swirling, it was all Kim could do to stop herself from crying out. She bit her bottom lip at the complicated feeling brewing inside her, the need to be touched, the need for more. No matter what, she kept wanting more. There seemed no end to her need, and beyond her control she wiggled her hips, trying to relieve some of the building pressure.

And then, oh god, his hand was there, on her, touching her through the soft but annoyingly present fabric of her panties. His touch was a little clumsy, moving along her now increasingly moist folds through the thin fabric, but the unfamiliar feeling of another person's touch, of his touch, filled her with excitement and anticipation. She pushed her pelvis against his hand, not able to stifle the strange mewling sound that she barely recognized coming from her own throat.

Ron gave her nipple one more drag of his tongue before looking up and meeting her eyes. "Whoa," he said simply, and Kim had to agree. Except that it was extremely frustrating to have him pause in his administrations at this point, so in retaliation she decided it was time she tried something new, herself. She couldn't be the only one losing control like this- making strange embarrassing sounds and practically begging him to continue to touch her…

Without missing a beat she touched him though his boxers, gasping at the size of him. Not that she had any basis for comparison, but she hadn't expected it to be so… full-sized. He was hard through the thin fabric, and she ran her hand up his length experimentally.

Ron's reaction was instantaneous. He groaned, his eyes fluttering shut and his forehead resting against her collarbone. His breathe was quickly becoming as labored as her own. The sight of him like this was almost better than the feel of his fingers stroking her- it was like a drug, and she watched what she could do to him with a sense of wonder.

She could make him feel that way. Only she could do that.

"Ron…" she whispered, suddenly completely in love with the sound of his name falling from her lips.

"Kim, Kim I want to…"

"I know. Me too."

Ron's eyes opened, meeting her own. She paused. He looked like there was something he wanted to say, but he was struggling to speak.

"What is it?"

"I, well… I didn't bring… I mean, I had no reason to suspect I would need any… uh… you know…"

"I know what?"


"Oh." Kim blinked, completely caught unaware. She hadn't even been thinking of that. "Oh, it's okay, you don't, we don't, need them I think."

"Uh, KP, I definitely passed that freshman health class. Not with flying colors, but…"

Kim really didn't feel like spelling it out for Ron, but being blunt was probably the best way to get back to the subject at hand. "Ron, I'm on the pill."

"You… really?"

"Really really."

"So, you saw this coming?"

"Eventually!" Her face was heating up with this line of questioning, and her easy confidence was starting to shirk away. "It helps with regulating other things, too. I'm not going to lie here and explain that part to you, so just take it at face value."

"Can do," Ron agreed with a smile, leaning down to give her a quick peck on the lips before shifting his body away from her, sitting up for a moment and shimmying out of his boxers. At least, she assumed that what he did under the blanket. The thought made her a little dizzy, even though it was completely her idea in the first place…. still… Ron naked. She wondered what he looked like.

It was still very cold in the tent, despite their body heat, so the blanket was wholly necessary. Still, it wouldn't be too strange for her to peek under them, right?

Just as she was thinking this, Ron grabbed the edge of the sleeping bag and pulled it resolutely over their heads, making a little blanket-fort for just the two of them. Kim was instantly 100% warmer, and while there wasn't much light the two of them could quite clearly see each other fully for the first time ever. All that was left in the way of fabric were Kim's purple bottoms, which she was quite eager to discard at that point.

"Whoa," Ron said again, gazing down at his girlfriend's body. Kim was reaching down for her panties, but Ron beat her to it, grabbing the fabric at the sides and bringing them down her slim legs. His wide eyes trailed over her the entire time, finally finishing at her face and mouthing another silent 'whoa.'

Kim felt flushed with excitement at his reaction, and started chewing on her lower lip to keep herself from grinning like an idiot. She knew she looked good, but Ron was treating her like a supermodel, which was a way big confidence booster.

She put her hands on his cheeks and guided his face up to meet hers, kissing him deeply and pressing her now nude form against his. The contact of skin was a balm to her nerves, the feel of every inch of him sending her insides into a dizzying swirl of passion and need. The kiss intensified, both of them gasping for air as their mouths worked against each other. Kim bit Ron's bottom lip lightly, playfully, before moving down to kiss along his jawline, ending at the soft bit of skin below his ear.

She could feel his now fully-erect member pressing into her thigh, and his hands were gripping her waist, drawing small circles on her skin with his thumbs. She breathed in his scent, continuing to kiss at the spot on his neck, sucking lightly every now and then.

He shifted, just a little, and suddenly it was right there, pressing against her sex. He was hovering above her, his arms now on either side of her head, his face pressed close to hers. Her heart was thudding wildly- this was Ron, her Ron. It was hard to believe they had come this far together, that this was really going to happen. In her imagination, their first time would always be somewhere really fancy, in some unspecified time in the not-so-distant future on an island in a tropical location. But the "where" really wasn't the important part, was it? It was the "who."

A few more adjustments in their position, and she could feel him against her, sliding slickly as he began to move forward.

"S… slowly, okay?" she muttered, and Ron nodded, his lips meeting her forehead and his eyes closing at the feel of her around him.

Kim wasn't sure how it was for Ron, but the stretching feeling she was experiencing was a very odd mixture of satisfaction and discomfort. It didn't hurt- not really. It was just… a very pinching kind of fullness.

He pushed forward the rest of the way, and Kim gasped in a very not-so-good way. Okay. Now it hurt. She hissed out a breath of air, which definitely caught Ron's attention.

"Kim, you alright?"

She pinched her watery eyes shut, willing the weird sharp feeling to go away. She halfway expected that- she had passed health class too, afterall. Still, she had kind of hoped that her first time wouldn't hurt quite that bad.

"Just a minute," she answered, opening her eyes to chance a glance at her boyfriend's worried expression.

"Did I mess up, or something?" He sounded more than a little alarmed at the possibility, and Kim responded by smacking his bare shoulder lightly.

"No, just… be quiet a minute. I'll be fine." The pain was already fading away, the earlier fullness taking it's place. The feeling wasn't really bad… it was still a little strange, though. "I just need to adjust, I guess."

He kissed her forehead again, and her heart just about melted. There was something about the gesture that was so tender, so sweet, it relaxed her in a way nothing else could have. Immediately, she started to notice that the pressure inside her was building again, ever so slightly, the last semblance of pain being replaced by the fullness. And the fullness was starting to feel like a good thing. A very good thing.

She moved her hips slightly, experimentally, and the resulting hum that came from her lips let Ron know it was all alright. "Okay," she said in a voice just above a whisper. "Very… very okay."

Ron didn't look completely convinced, but as he pulled back slowly and pushed forward again, Kim made the same odd mewling sound she had made earlier, her hips rising up impatiently to meet him, the friction of the motion hitting her nerves full force. This was what it was supposed to be like. This was amazing!

Ron definitely took the hint, his movements becoming surer, faster… Kim could feel that pressure building, bursting at the seams, with every thrust. She raised her legs instinctively, wrapping them around Ron's hips to help him go deeper. The new angle was intense, and Ron let out a small gasp of surprise in between the quiet grunting sounds he made when he moved forward.

"Oh, man... Kim, I…"

Kim could hardly even hear him over the thunderous blood-rushing feeling tumbling through her. She knew- knew- that just a little more. A little more. A little more.

"Ah! Please don't stop..." she managed, her legs clinging to his waist and her hips moving in time with his.

Her words had a strange effect on Ron, and he quickly bent to take one of her breasts into his mouth, using his hand to play lightly with the other. Somehow, this was exactly the thing Kim needed, and she could knew she was right on the precipice of… something.

Ron bit lightly at her rosy peak just as he gave a particularly forceful thrust, and that unwound the pressure building inside her like a wave of electricity that hit every nerve in her body at once. She cried out, clinging desperately to him and grinding her pelvis against his, her hand digging in his soft blond hair as she rode the wave to completion.

Ron continued to move, now at a much faster pace than before, his breath ragged and his eyes a little glazed as he pounded, Kim still clinging to him. It was only moments later that he, too, let out a rather loud sound as he reached his end, burying himself as deeply as possible and hiding his face in the crook of his girlfriend's neck.

They stayed that way, frozen, for several breathless moments before Ron lifted his head, his eyes searching out Kim's.

"Let me…" Kim breathed, "...guess," she breathed again, "you're going to say "whoa.""

"You bet I am. Whoa."

"Yeah, me too."

"That was…"

"I know." Kim couldn't seem to wipe the smile off her face, and every moment it just kept getting bigger. She felt overwhelmed by a satisfied, slightly-lethargic cloudiness in her mind, but it was the best feeling she could imagine. She didn't know exactly how it would feel afterwards, and the discoveries were very strange and made her giggle lightly.

"What's funny?"

"My toes are numb."

"Your… toes?"

"Yeah, and I kinda love it. How about you? How do you feel?"

Ron seemed to think about it. He moved off of her, sliding out at the same time and landing hard on the tent floor by her side. "I feel… tired. Good-tired."

"That's… good. Me too, a little." She snuggled up close to him, and he put an arm around her, drawing her to him so her head rested at his shoulder. They lay there for a little while, just… breathing. It was nice. Kim felt so warm and comfortable- it was hard to imagine the cold outside.

"Hey, do you think I should go check if the snow's stopped? Ron?"

There was no answer, and Kim tipped her head back to look up at his face. He was out cold, despite the fact that it was still morning. Kim kind of understood- a nap sounded good to her, too.

Instead of checking the deadly weather like a responsible heroine, Kim returned her head to Ron's shoulder, closed her eyes, and allowed herself a little longer to bask in the satisfied after-glow.

They were both awakened, rather abruptly, but the loud and extremely close sound of helicopter blades whirring. Kim sat up first, feeling a little panicked as she was reminded of her state of undress. She was also more than a little messy in very delicate places, her hair was a wreck, and she wasn't completely sure where her underwear ran off to.

"Ron, get up!"

Ron was up, but he wasn't getting up. "Ugh… can't we just write "five more minutes" in the snow?"


"Okay, okay KP…" He retreated beneath the sleeping bag, digging around for his own underwear as Kim hurriedly clipped on her bra. He emerged a moment later with a very familiar piece of purple fabric in his hand. He was staring at it as if he were unsure of exactly what he was holding.

"Give me those!" Kim huffed, feeling inexplicably embarrassed over something as mundane as her panties. At this point, he had seen an eyeful of those pair, anyways!

The two of them dressed in a hurry, and Kim rolled up the sleeping bag while Ron checked on Rufus in his pack. His pet was sleeping, and Kim kind of hoped he had been sleeping the entire time. Not a lot of privacy in a world where your boyfriend has a pet with human-like intelligence and awareness.

They managed to get dressed just as the wind from the clearly-landing helicopter started to shake the tent around them. Rushing from the flapping structure, Kim saw a friendly face waiting in the cockpit, a man she had helped a couple weeks ago when his company, a scenic helicopter tour group, ran into some trouble with a frozen gas line, a stranded tourist party, and a rather large grizzly bear. It was no big- so not the drama. Still, the situation was oddly reminiscent of the one they were in now, so it was nice of the guy to repay the favor so perfectly.

"Kim!" called the pilot when she opened the door. "Your friend Wade called a search party! Sure glad you had that bright orange tent- an easy target to spot after the blizzard cleared!"

"Thanks, Mr. Jensen! You're a life-saver!"

Kim looked back as the man made the expected "It's the least I could do…" speech. Ron had managed to disassemble the tent, but was having trouble folding it back up into a backpack-sized square. Kim asked the pilot to wait a minute, and hurried to help her boyfriend at the seemingly-impossible task.

"Back to the real world then, huh?" Ron asked as they worked together to fold the corners neatly.

"Yeah…" Kim felt oddly disappointed, even though it was obviously nice to be rescued. "But, you know… you still own me that hot cocoa," she added with a grin."

"And the electric blanket! Yes- that is on!"


"As soon as we get back!"

"Ron, what about work?"

"Hey, I'm already late! Let all the bad work ethic and procrastination I learned in High School pay off for us this one time, okay KP?"

Kim shook her head, but was not about to argue. "Deal."

The two boarded the helicopter holding hands, heading for Middleton together.