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Hey guys, Keybladewielder97 here with the newly rewritten story of High School DxD: The Zero. This is now known as High School DxD: The Zero (Rewrite)

For those who supported my previous story, then I thank you for the support. I also apologize for putting it to an end, but as the writer, I'm supposed to have fun as well. Writing the previous story became too much of a hassle and chore to me to be honest, and I didn't really like what I wrote in the past.

With that being said, here is a new rewrite on the story.

And for those who are new to this story, there are a few warnings for what you're about to read here:

1) This is an OC replaces Issei fic. You have been warned.

2) If you read the summary, then you know that this has Naruto Elements in here.

3) The DxD world has a connection with the Naruto-verse, so expect this to be a slight crossover in a way.

Takuya Midorikawa wanted nothing more than a life where everything could be peaceful and simple. Unfortunately, the hidden side of the world said otherwise, and decided to drag him in - whether he likes it or not. And what was that about him being this generation's Sekiryutei? OC x Harem (Naruto Elements & References)

Chapter 1: His Life In The New World


The morning sun has streamed through the window, flooding the entire room with its bright light. As the light slowly flooded the room with every passing moment, the light soon hit a young man lying in bed, making moderate snoring noises. The young man just became a bit bothered by the sunlight, before covering himself in his sheets to ignore it. He rolled around in bed for a bit, before he tiredly groaned, seeing that he can't sleep due to the sunlight hitting his room.

"*Yawn*..." the teen yawned, as he sat up from his bed with messy bed hair. He rubbed his eyes, still trying to wake himself up from his sleep. He then stretched his arms, and twisted his body around, causing a few joints to pop as he did. After stretching a bit, he decided to get out of bed.

"Better get ready for school..." he muttered to himself while walking to his bathroom. As cleaned himself, he sighed as he prepared himself for the day ahead of him when he looked in the mirror, he saw his jet black hair that went down to his neck and the hairstyle was slightly scruffy. He saw his height about 5'8 height, which is normal for his age. He had a well built up body structure, but not too heavily muscles or to frail. He also saw two colors of his eyes. His right eye was that of forest green, while the other eye was a black as night. In other words, he has heterochromia.

When he saw himself, he simply blinked at this, and splashed water into his face. After drying himself, he heard a voice call out from somewhere.

"Yo! Takuya! Breakfast is ready!" shouted out a male voice. When he heard that voice, he simply walked out of the bathroom.

"Coming Jimbei." the young man known as Takuya shouted out to the person known as Jimbei. As he did, he walked into his kitchen, only to find someone with dark blue messy hair that went down to his neck, and was slightly more scruffier than Takuya. He wore a school uniform while wearing a black apron on him, and he held a plate of eggs and meat, along with a bowl of rice. The bluenette in front of him is Jimbei Hiryu, his longtime best friend and teammate.

The bluenette in front of him merely gave a small nonchalant smile at him.

"Mornin sleepy head." Jimbei said with a hint of humor to it, as he set down the blade in front of him. Takuya just gave a small smile at this.

"Mornin to you too." Takuya simple greeted, as the two went on to eat their breakfast.

(Way to School)

As the two finished their breakfast, they soon set off for the day ahead of them. The two left the apartment, and soon headed for school. As the two walked to school, Jimbei gave a small sigh as he crossed his arms behind his head and looked up at the sky.

"...You know..." Jimbei started, causing Takuya to turn to him with a raised eyebrow. "It's funny. We were both shinobi, kicking butts and taking names. Now were reduced to simple high school students. Life sure has a weird sense of humor." Jimbei said while giving a small grin.

"It sure does..." Takuya said, while sighing. "...Still can't believe it though, how our two worlds seem so different. The world seems a lot more peaceful than ours, huh?" Takuya said.

"I guess." Jimbei simply said.

While they may seem average to many people, their history says otherwise. To put it bluntly, they are Shinobi who are whisked away from their original home due to a certain jutsu of a individual (*cough*Kaguya*cough*), and has ended up in this place. They tried to find a way back home, but they haven't' really made progress. The world they are in completely lacked everything that they were familiar with, and it took them a while to accept.

Though, it wasn't so bad. He had his best friend along with him, so he wasn't completely alone. He wondered where the rest his other teammate was, and his sensei, but he hoped that they were still back in his dimension.

[Honestly, why do we even bother going to school? This won't really apply to what you usually do, my host.]

"That's because there really not much else to do, Zero. I also can't forget the truancy officers here, making every teen go to school. Besides, it's kind of nice to experience school again. After all, most of the time is being in the battlefield." Takuya admitted, but then sighed. "Then again, it still doesn't hurt to be in action."

The being that Takuya is talking to is known as the Zero Tails, a dark entity that was born from the negative emotions of humanity. The Zero Tails itself is a personification of darkness, representing whatever is negative within the human heart. The Zero Tails resembles a dark purple leech with a serpent-like body. On its face, it wears a Noh mask that has the kanji for "zero" and has five red hair-like strands sprouting from it.

This dark entity is sealed within Takuya's body due to certain circumstances that Takuya had to go through. Some gruesome experience that made Takuya wish that he was never born to experience. As a results of having Zero within his body, he gained a newfound power that greatly empowers him. Due to the fact that Zero is sealed within Takuya's body, the two are able to communicate with each other mentally.

[Yes...this world is too boring. Everywhere we look, there is peace. There are no battles or skirmishes between countries or nations. Not much conflict to go around. Instead, the crime here is just pathetic. Even you can just literally kill them with a finger.]

'While that may be the case Zero, do not forget that this is not our world.' Takuya reminded his spirit. 'Even so, the peace is something I enjoy.' Takuya told Zero.

[How sad. For this world to be so simplistic. It's rather boring.]

'It's far better than conflict everywhere.' Takuya thought, as he remembered back in their home world, conflict is always common everywhere, no matter where they went. However, this world isn't theirs, and they simply have to live with it.

(Kuoh Academy)

Takuya and his friend Jimbei soon arrived at school, which is know has Kuoh Academy. It was rather large and prestigious school, previously an all-girl school. However, the school became co-ed, and the gender ratio began to mix. However, there are more girls than boys in the school. As Takuya and his friend Jimbei walked through the school, their ears begun to pick up the whisperings around them.

"Isn't that Takuya? One of Kuoh's top student in education and athletics?

"Yeah. That's him. Isn't he cute?"

"Kuh! Just another bishounen to hog the girls..."

"And that's Jimbei Hiryu, one of Takuya's friends."

"He is kind of cute, along with his carefree and nonchalant attitude."

"Damn pretty boys..."

Takuya silently sighed as he walked through the halls hearing these whispers. 'I swear, the Academy back at Konoha wasn't this bad...' Takuya thought, and then blinked at the thought. 'Actually, never mind. At least here the students don't treat me like some foreigner. I'm either admired by girls or hated by the guys here.' Takuya absently thought. Jimbei simply gave a lazy smile as he elbowed Takuya.

"You're sure popular with the ladies..." Jimbei jokingly said while elbowing his friend.

"Shut up..." Takuya quietly groaned. "It's bad enough that I had to deal with the girls back at our village. Now I'm surrounded by a school filled with girls." Takuya quietly told his friend.

"You know, most guys would give a leg for that sort of thing." Jimbei pointed out amused.

"But I'm not most guys, am I?" Takuya dryly told his friend.

"True enough..." Jimbei said as he crossed his arms behind his head. Takuya just sighed once more at this. It should be well known that Takuya is quite popular in school. With his simple and friendly attitude to most students, his above good looks, and his top scores in both education and physical aspects, you got yourself the average popular guy. If Takuya was to be given a rank in school in terms of popularity, he would be in second place, with Yuuto Kiba in first place. Takuya didn't really feel any animosity or hatred towards him like any other boys. He simply just shrugged at this, as if this wasn't his problem.

For his friend Jimbei, he isn't as popular as Takuya. However, his easygoing attitude and what some girls comment as cute earned him some points to be recognized among the school.

As the two students made their way to their classes, they passed by two particular people. As they crossed each other, the two stopped in their tracks and looked behind to see Takuya and Jimbei's walking form. The one with the crimson hair looked at the two with intrigue, while the other companion with long black hair looked at her friend with a curious face.

"Is there something wrong Buchou?" Akeno asked with a curious tone. The red head looked at the two people walking away, before she shook her head at something.

"No...No it's nothing..." Rias said as she continued to walk away from them.

(Cooking Class)

If there was one thing that Takuya enjoyed in his supposed high school experience, it's that he gets to do his favorite hobby: cooking. Since he didn't have much else to do, he might as well do one of his past times. He was surprised to see how well funded the cooking class was, as the class was full of good ingredients, and well-defined kitchen tools.

As of right now, the class was currently focusing on making daifuku. Takuya slightly smiled at the pastries he made through his cooking, and his lips tilted even more when he tasted them. As he did, a female classmate of his came up to him.

"U-Um, excuse me Midorikawa-senpai?" a female classmate of his who had short black hair said to him. When Takuya heard her voice, he turned to her.

"Oh, Hijiri-san. Is there something you need?" Takuya asked her. Hijiri nodded at him, and held out a daifuku out to him.

"I was wondering if you could taste this for me. I've already tried it and I think it tastes good, but I want to hear it from another person." Hijiri asked him timidly. Takuya looked at the pastry in her hand, and then nodded while giving a small reassuring smile at her.

"Sure. I certainly don't mind." Takuya said, as he took the pastry from her hand and proceeded to taste it. As he proceeded to taste the pastry the girl made, he suddenly sensed a large amount of negativity in the air. He slightly turned is head, and saw many of the male classmates glaring pure murder and hate at him, while the girls pouted and looked at Hijiri with envy. Takuya just sweatdropped, seeing as how he is interacting with a girl.

This kind of treatment has started ever since he joined this high school. For the male student population, they've treated him as nothing more than a "bishounen" , the type of pretty boy that steals all the females's attention. As such, they've pretty much ostracized from their group, and give him the bitter treatment. Takuya just gave a frustrated sigh, seeing how the male teens act like this.

As for the females, it wasn't as bad as the males, but it was something of a difficult experience. Many female students treated him quite well and friendly, to be honest. They weren't mean to him, nor did they do any ill intent. In fact, he would say that they all treated him rather too well. Despite the nicer treatment, many of the girls act like fangirls, only at a smaller degree. They admire him, yet they don't do anything extreme. As such, they all act like your general school girl crushing on you, but they won't make a move.

It was honestly hard for Takuya to actually socialize with somebody in school without giving him the hate or affection treatment. Nobody at the school would actually treat him normal, so it was kind of hard to make friends. He supposes that having Jimbei was better than nothing, so that's a start.

'Why me...' Takuya inwardly groaned, before he swallowed the pastry. He closed his eyes in thought for a few moments, causing the girl to look at him with anticipation. He then gave a small smile at her.

"Well, it's quite good. I don't see any major problems with it. Though, try to ease up on the dough. You certainly don't want to keep tasting bread and little filling all the time, neh?" Takuya told her, causing her to smile and nod at him. She bowed in thanks, and immediately walked off and proceeded to do what Takuya advised her. It was then Takuya noticed the other female classmates gather around her and began asking her questions.

He sighed once more, before he saw that he was finished with class. He packed up his stuff and pastries he made for class, and waved a goodbye to everyone, earning the excited goodbyes from the females while receiving curses from the guys, as expected. As he left the classroom and walked down the halls of the school, he found someone walking next to him.

"Oh, hey Koneko-san." Takuya greeted his female kouhai. The girl that got his attention was a petite girl who was at the age of 15. She had white hair short, with her front hair that has two long bangs going past her shoulders and several loose bangs hanging over her forehead, while the back has a short bob cut. Koneko also had a black cat-shaped hair clip on both sides of her hair. She wore the standard Kuoh Academy girls' school uniform, without the shoulder cape.

"Hello Takuya-senpai." Koneko greeted him with her usual stoic tone. Takuya gave a small chuckle at her, and pulled out a bag of daifuku he recently made in cooking class.

"Here. I made a few extra in class, so you can have them." Takuya said as he handed it to her, having her take the bag with a small thank you from her. He then proceeded to watch Koneko quietly eat the treats from his bag, but with a faster pace. Takuya once again quietly chuckled at her attitude towards his cooking.

Out of all the relationships in the school, Takuya honestly has to say that Koneko might be the only normal person he managed to have a friendship with. She didn't exactly treat him like most other females do, or god forbid the male treatment, but that of a stoic and quiet relationship that required his treats. Not to say that their relationship is maintained by sweets, but how it started. Takuya would make up his recipies and cookings, and Koneko was usually around to eat said food. He doesn't mind, since cooking was meant to share to others.

"Well, I'm off to head to the next class. Later." Takuya said as he began walking in the other direction, causing Koneko to simple say a goodbye at him, and the two proceeded to move on with their daily schedule.

(Occult Research Room)

After her classes, Koneko made her way to the OCR clubroom, AKA their main room, with the bag of daifuku that was freshly made by her friend Takuya.

It was strange how she struck up a friendship with her senpai. At first, she assumed that he'll be like many males and see her as the school's mascot or cute loll girl (the latter which greatly annoyed her), but he was different. He simply treated her normally like he did with anyone else. Plus, she was lured to his treats that he usually makes in cooking class. She saw her senpai not minding that he cooks some treats for her, as he told her that he likes seeing people enjoy his cooking. And she's one of the few.

Thus, a good and simple friendship was born between the two; it was something that Koneko liked, and that's saying a lot.

Koneko then opened the doors to the room, and already saw Rias, Akeno, and Yuuto at their respective seats. They all saw her and smiled at her appearance and greeted her.

"Hello Koneko-chan. How was school today?" Rias asked her with a smile on her face.

"...Fine." Koneko simply said, as she made her way to the sofa and sat on it. She then proceeded to eat her sweets. It was then Rias smiled when she saw the bag she was holding.

"Oh, you're eating the treats that Takuya-kun made for you?" Rias asked with slight amusement. She saw Koneko nod at her, and then hold the bag close to her.

"You can't have any..." Koneko said stoically.

"Ara, what a shame..." Akeno said while slightly pouting at her. "It seems like our little cute Rook is infatuated with Takuya and his treats. It's like a good husband cooking for his wife." Akeno said with a teasing tone. Koneko rolled her eyes a bit, as she was used to the continuous teasing from the Peerage's sadist. As such, she didn't dignify Akeno's teasing with a response, and just focused on the treats. This resulted in Akeno actually pouting at her.

As Koneko focused on her treats, she did think of one thing that involves Takuya. There is something that is a little strange to Koneko, and she couldn't figure out why. It was that something that rubbed Koneko in the wrong way, but only slightly. Whenever she comes into close contact with him, she always feels this weird sensation when around him. She couldn't exactly put a finger on it, but he excludes some weird energy, though slightly. She couldn't exactly tell what it is, but it is indeed strange.

And usually, when a human shows such a strange energy around them and Devils sense this, it usually means the human is special. And for that very reason, it worried Koneko about that. She knew her master is always drawn to something weird, strange, or special powers that people might possess and try to induct that person into her Peerage.

She decided to keep quiet about it, since she didn't want her friend/personal chef to be involved with the Three Faction affairs. She was inwardly worried that he might get harmed if he got involved in the process. Koneko knew that Rias meant well as a master and treated each and every member like family, but the dangers and risks of joining her Peerage was something that she doesn't want to happen to Takuya.

Koneko silently looked out the window, and just hoped that Takuya wouldn't get himself involved in any way.


"Well that's done with..." Takuya muttered, as he made his way back home. He was alone this time, as his friend Jimbei told him to go on ahead without him. The reason why is because there was this new restaurant that opened up in town, and he wanted to go try it out. Takuya went ahead, saying he wasn't hungry. So Takuya found himself walking home alone.


"E-Excuse me..." spoke a voice. Takuya blinked, and turned to see a particular girl standing there. She wore a school uniform, which consisted of a dark red jacket with the letter "P" embroidered in gold, a white undershirt, a red bow, and a green skirt with a thin white strip around the lower end of it. When Takuya saw her, he simply blinked at this.

"Can I help you?" Takuya asked. The girl in front of him blushed a little, and looked at him with a nervous look in her eyes.

"A-Are you seeing anyone right now?" the girl asked. When Takuya heard this question, he simply sighed in the inside when he heard this.

'It's been a while since a girl has asked me out. Last time that happened is when I was back at the village.' Takuya thought, remembering the times when he received the affections and asking of dates from the girls. He turned them down, of course, in a very polite way. Although, it just made them want him even more. He was about to go back into his reflexed response, before he paused when he felt something.

'Zero...do you feel that?' Takuya mentally asked.

[Of course. I also sense this malicious intent from her. It's been a while since I felt this sensation. How pleasant...]

'For you of course. But for her to release this sort of intent...she's different from the others.' Takuya thought, as he mentally narrowed his eyes at this. He immediately saw this as a seduction and maybe assassination, and decided what to do. Takuya gave a small smile at her.

"Unfortunately, yes. I'm actually seeing somebody right now." Takuya told her and gave her an fake apologetic smile. She bought this, and immediately looked distraught and shocked by this.

"E-Eh!?" the squeaked out in surprise. "R-Really? You already have a g-girlfriend?" she asked. Takuya gave her a nod.

"Sorry. You seem like a great girl, so you'll find someone eventually. Later." Takuya immediately left her behind, and walked ahead of her carefully. He ignored the pleas of him to wait up, but he already walked ahead of her in a good distance. When Takuya left her behind, he immediately felt an increase in malicious intent.

'Looks like I pissed her off.' Takuya thought. 'Seems like this world is not as peaceful as it looks.' Takuya thought.

[Indeed. Though, I am curious...]


[Why would you tell her that you're seeing someone? After all, your female teammate could possibly be back at our dimension, or somewhere in this world.]

'It was the best way to get out of that sort of conversation.' Takuya easily responded. 'If she knows I'm already taken, then she won't have to beg me to date her and all the other sorts.' Takuya told his spirit.

[Ah yes. You've already built up enough resistance and experience this sort of thing. Honestly, it amused me to see you struggle with the human girls. Now you're like this. Quite boring if you ask me.]

'Too bad for you then...' Takuya simply thought, as he made his way back home.


The two soon made at it Takuya's apartment, and delivered certain news to each other.

"She tried to ask you out on a date, and you outright rejected her by telling her you were dating Haruka? Wow, never knew you were the type to lie and reject a girl outright like that." Jimbei said while giving a lazy grin. He was more amused on what he heard.

"Believe me, she is not as it seems." Takuya told his friend, as he ate through the food that Jimbei picked up at the new restaurant he visited. "I've felt killing intent from her. She wanted to kill me for some reason, so she attempted the seduction and kill act." Takuya explained.

"That act, huh?" Jimbei said while shrugging at this. "Well, I highly doubt this'll be the end of this. I mean, she'll go all hunting on you now." Jimbei said while sighing as he leaned back on his chair. "Things are starting to get interesting, huh Takuya?" Jimbei asked while giving a small smile.

"And not for the better..." Takuya muttered. "Just when I thought this world was peaceful. It turns out that there is something more to this world." Takuya commented.

(Few Days Later - The Park)

A few days have passed since Takuya has met the girl at the bridge. Ever since then, he felt her dark presence following him around lately. It was to be expected, since he rejected her. Now she was following him, as if finding the perfect chance to strike. He noticed that she wouldn't strike him when he is in public. So that would mean it is meant to be a secret to society. Whatever it was, it was something that isn't usually seen.

It was soon night time, and Takuya was walking alone through the park. He easily noticed the girl nearby, and she felt her darkness rise, as if it found the right moment.

[How pathetic. She truly is predictable, and playing right into our hands...]

'Indeed.' Takuya simply responded, and simply turned. He decided to act like the idiot for now, and get some answers.

"W-Who's there...?" Takuya asked with a fake nervous tone. It was then he saw the same girl he met on the bridge walk out from behind a tree. She gave a smile at him. A smile too fake and sweet.

"Hey! It's me. Don't you remember me?" the girl asked him. He blinked at this, and snapped his fingers.

"Oh, it's you. You're the girl that I met on the bridge." Takuya said to her, and tilted his head at her. "If it's to ask me on a date, I'm afraid I told you that I'm already seeing someone." Takuya told her. The girl giggled once again, and gave him a playful look.

"It's not that, silly! I know you're the perfect person that I need to ask a favor for." she told him sweetly.

"And what kind of favor would that be?" Takuya asked, as his mind kept telling him the obvious answer that would come to him. Her innocent and fake smile soon morphed into a cold one.

"Would you die for me?" the girl asked him coldly.

Silence passed through the area, with Takuya staying silent at such a request.

[...Wow. That's a first.]

'I know. But for her to ask it so directly. It's as if she is sure she can kill me...' Takuya thought, as he frowned at this. He soon saw the girl glow in front of him, and watched her transform. Her body grew older, as she grew a bit taller, as well as her hair. Black wings sprouted from her back, and the clothes she was wearing soon disappeared, and was replaced with...highly revealing S&M clothing? It consisted of two leather straps that barely covered her breast, along with some thong piece. She also had some shoulder guard on one side with three spikes popping up.

All in all...it was rather shocking to see her transform into that.

'...The hell?' Takuya thought, as he raised an eyebrow at the particular set of clothing she went into. From an innocent looking girl, to some S&M wearing women who had no problem revealing a lot of her body.

Yep, there was definitely something wrong with this world he is living in.

[Wow. I've seen female shinobi have more cover than her. I mean really. I can't picture not even one kunoichi dressed like that.] Zero commented, and paused for a moment. [...How interesting.]

Takuya didn't bother responding, as his body tensed when the women in front of him formed some energy in her hands, and shaped itself into some sort of spear. The girl in front of him sneered.

"You were a fool, for you to reject me, a Fallen Angel. You should've accepted the proposal, as I would've made the last moments of my life give you some meaning." she said to him, and raised her spear. "I, Rayanre of the Grigori, shall now end your life, you pathetic human! If you want to hold a grudge, hold it against the God who put it in you! Now die, you lowly pathetic animal!" the girl now known as Rayanre threw her spear. She smirked as Takuya didn't move from his spot as the spear moved towards him.

On the other hand, Takuya gave a small smirk of his own. As soon as the spear reached halfway towards him, the spear soon stopped as it was intercepted by blast of blue energy from the side, swiftly destroying it. Raynare stepped back in shock and surprise, seeing what happened.

"W-What the-!?" Raynare shouted out surprise, before she felt a massive pain on her throat, and felt herself being choked. She gagged for air, and she turned to see who was exactly choking her. To her surprise, Takuya was standing behind her. Her eyes turned to see where he was, and widened when Takuya was still standing in the same position. Before she could ask, Takuya spoke up.

"He is nothing more than a clone, while I am here. Not so weak now, am I?" Takuya simply stated, and proceeded to slam Raynare onto the ground, causing her to gasp out in pain as she felt her back impact. In fact, the impact left a few cracks on the ground, causing her body to feel unimaginable amounts of pain.

"Normally, I would usually kill someone who would attack me. But considering the predicaments I'm in, I'm going to force the answers out of you." Takuya told her bluntly, as he still tightly gripped her throat. She tried to glare at him, but was too busy trying to get some air.

"I'll start with the obvious. Who are you, and what is your purpose for trying to kill me?" Takuya asked her while narrowing his eyes at her.

"D-Don't get so cocky, y-you lowly h-human! Y-You think you can command me, a-a Fallen Angel o-of the Grigori!?" the women said with venom. Takuya narrowed his eyes at her answer, and chose the proper response to that.


"GAH!" Raynare cried out in pain, as Takuya just brought out some form of kunai with a pattern on it and stabbed it right into her hand.

"Wrong answer." Takuya told her. "I'll ask again. Who are you, and what is your purpose for trying to kill me?"

"Never! T-Trash like you will-GAAAAH!" she screamed again as she felt unimaginable pain on her other arm. She moved her head, and saw her arm being broken by his fist that was encased in darkness. She looked up, and her eyes widened at the cold look in his eyes. It was enough to sends shivers up her spine.

"I can keep doing this all night, so don't expect that I'll let you go that easily." Takuya told her.

"H-How d-dare you...!" the girl chocked out, as she tried to lift her other hand, and form the same spear in her hand. Takuya immediately saw her actions, and simply sighed. In this position, it would prove to be difficult to get the answers out of her. Plus, she was beginning to annoy him already with that superior attitude of hers, and he really wanted her to shut up.

He increased the pressure on her throat, causing him to hear choking sounds and struggles of air to be made. Eventually, she lost consciousness as passed out from the lack of air. Takuya released his grip on her, and stood over her form. As he did, Jimbei walked out from the shadows while he was holding two white rectangular handguns. When he looked at Raynare, all he did was raise an eyebrow.

"...So, is she some S&M person or something?" Jimbei asked while raising an eyebrow. Takuya just shrugged at this.

"Who knows." Takuya simply responded. "She did try to kill me with that spear of hers. The strangest thing is that spear didn't have any trace of chakra. So what exactly was that energy?" Takuya asked.

"Beats me dude." Jimbei said while crossing his arms behind his head. "So what are we going to do with her?" Jimbei simply asked. Takuya turned back to the unconscious form, and decided what to do.

"Simple. We get answers from her." Takuya simply said, as he knelt down to her body.

It seems this world isn't as peaceful as they thought.

Alright! First chapter of my rewrite is done!

Many things have changed, hasn't it?

First, Takuya and his best friend Jimbei are together already (not in a gay way you pervs #nothingagainstgaysbytheway). That means they no longer have to deal with being separated unlike the previous story.

Second, Takuya is not as weak. Seriously, he is a Shinobi from the Naruto-verse. And in case you didn't know, many shinobi are actually strong. Many shinobi have the endurance to run across countries in a matter of days. Some have the strength to smash boulders with their bare fist. Their durability is even impressive if they train their bodies right.

I thank Fairy Tail Dragon Slayer pointing out a few facts about the shinobi in the Naruto-verse. Thanks to him, I got a solid grasp on power now.

Plus...I kind of winced when I realized that I've used the power reset button on Takuya's character in the previous story. I remember when The Crimson Lord (an amazing fanfic author in my opinion) has stated that:

"Powerful characters should be powerful. Curbstomps should be curbstomps. Real life doesn't have a Law of Equivalent Power where the weak are boosted up and the strong are deliberately weakened."

So...I've decided to go in the direction where Takuya still has his full strength...sort of.

OC Profile

Name: Takuya Midorikawa

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Jet black hair that went down to his neck; hairstyle was slightly scruffy; his height about 5'8 height; well built up body structure; forest green eye and midnight black eye; slightly tanned skin

Likes: his friends, fried rice, his eventual harem, his female teammate.

Dislikes: People who see others as tools or weapons & those who judge on a person's appearance or traits.

Personality: Caring, Mature, Serious, and Smart


1) Darkness Release

This element basically gives Takuya to control the power of darkness itself thanks to Zero. Because of Dark Chakra, it is highly flexible and gives Takuya the ability to perform jutsus without performing hand signs. Dark Chakra also removes any negative side effects of a jutsu, making Takuya safe from certain negative aspects of certain moves.

2) Highly skilled weapon wielder

3) Skiled Taijutsu user.

Power Level: Jinchuriki (Pseudo)


Takuya was originally a resident Shinobi of the Elemental Nations (Naruto). He is the son of two retired shinobi from were affiliated from two different villages. His parents were soon killed when a man named Danzo caught wind of a shinobi of their village with another shinobi, and decided to get rid of the potential threat. Takuya helplessly watched his parents die in front of him, while Danzo's men took him in as made him a test subject for a particular project, known as Project Zero. He was considered the success of the project, and has gained the Zero Tails' powers inside of him. Takuya was going to be made a mindless weapon, but the Hokage intervened just in time and saved Takuya from such fate. From then on, he knew his life was going to change at that point.

The reason why he ended up in the DxD-verse is because of his fight with Kaguya. During the fight, he and his team ended up falling victim to Kaguya's jutsus, which sends them to another dimension.

Pairings (not in order):

[Rias, Asia, Akeno, Koneko, Xenovia, Irina, Ravel, Ophis, Rossweisse, Kuroka, Abe, Serefall, Gabriel, Le Fay, Sayaka (Strike the Blood), Haruka (OC), WIP]

OC Profile

Name: Jimbei Hiryu

Age: 17

Likes: Napping, target practice, spicy orange chicken

Dislikes: Anything too bitter, people who can't see the whole thing, and arrogant people.

Personality: Carefree and Laid-back. Acts serious when times calls for it.


1) Master marksman

2) Fuinjutsu expert

3) Gunchaku expert

4) Multi-purpose Chakra Guns (Titled Bolverk)

Power Level: Jounin to near ANBU


Jimbei Hiryu is the son of a Chakra Metal Blacksmith family called the Hiryu. Generation after generation, the family has produced many metal works that work with chakra, or just regular weapons in general. This can range from swords to hammers to even special kunais. One day, Jimbei was working on something within his family's workshop, and gained a new idea. There have been many sorts of projectiles being used. Kunai, shrunken, mid-far range elemental jutsus. So he thought up of an idea that can blast chakra with ease, without any complicated Chakra control or hand seals. And so, he worked hard on this idea of his. After many nights and, he finally completed it. His project was the result of all the blood, sweat, and tears he put into. With the combination of metal welding, and fuinjutsu seals experimented with, he finally completed it. The first ever chakra blasters ever made in Shinobi history, and he titled them Bolverk.

As for his history with Takuya, it turned out that the two became team mates the day they were assigned teams as genin. The two hit it off well, and they became great friends and comrades in arms.

For those who worry that Takuya is OP in this story, don't worry. I'm not making him OP or Powerful or Godlike. Instead, I am making him a Strong Character. Strong enough to face high-class people like Kolkabiel toe to toe or something.

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