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I looked around the place, same place and same old days. The building looks newer because of the renovations, but there are still some things that stay as they are just like before. And just like the same once every a year, I would visit this place. It's just such a difficult thing to forget the past nice memories, especially in this nostalgic place.

I sat on the table suited for two people. It was the smallest table they reserved in the café. I can saw many people passed by and didn't even look at this place; even the waiter doesn't give me any menu even if I waited for quite a while.

What can I say, my presence was not to be too revealing, or it will cause a lot of work to hide in emergency.

Because I, am after all, a spy from the top Fairy Tail Agency.

I called for the waitress, raising my hand for quite a while. The waitress seems shocked at my appearances. She was as if like she's looking at a ghost; and that was the usual expression people would make. They won't realize my presence until I open my mouth or do anything, and that's just how I needed it to be.

"Well, may I say I deeply apologize for my late assistance?" The waitress bowed as a sign of apology. After all, this place was supposed to have a top services and friendly waiter and waitress. They were supposed to serve the costumer right away when a person sat into one of the seats. Making the costumer wait might stained their name; although I can't blame them if it was me. "I didn't see you when you arrived, I'm kind of surprised." She said as she gave me the menu, smiling friendly.

I smiled back, telling her it's alright. As I looked around the menu, I found one thing that was strange. The usual thing I would order every year in the exact same date suddenly was gone from the menu list. "Excuse me, but I thought there was supposed to be Strawberry Lemonade in the menu?" I asked, and the waitress smiled apologetically at me.

"I am so sorry to must say, but the chef that invented the recipe for that drink has passed away about two months ago; and no one other than the chef knew the recipe." She stated as she smiled, taking out her notes out from her pocket. "Now, would you like to choose other beverages?" She asked.

I frowned a little at the statement she said. How long had it been, 10 years? No, maybe around 12 years by now. Time sure flies, the chef must have passed away by age. I was sure to say that was the best drink in here, but now I guess it can't be helped. "I guess I will take the lemonade and the strawberry cheesecake then." I answered, and she wrote down the order.

"One lemonade and one strawberry cheesecake, that is." She smiled, "I understand. Please wait for 5 minutes for the lemonade, and another 30 minutes for the cake." She explained. She walked away after she bowed and I went back to my phone. I've felt it vibrating when I was looking at the menu, but I decided to order first.

"Message from Mira? I was supposed to have a holiday in this date every year…" I thought confusedly. Mira was the one that arranged every spy's holidays and scheduled, also their missions based from their abilities. So she should've known I'm having a holiday today. She held every part of information needed for the association.

I called Mira from my contacts. I could hear the sound of the dialing phone, but then it stopped and the other side of the phone already answered my call.

"Mira? This is Erza." I explained, and I could hear a sigh from the other side.

"I thought you might be mad because I called you so suddenly in your once a year holiday."

"Yes, I am." I answered honestly, "You know how important today is for me, Mira." I stated and I could hear her giggled. Wait, why would she? This isn't good… She's on her matchmaker mode?

Mira was famous with her matchmaking ability in the agency. You wouldn't want to mess with her angry mode. I knew her for quite a while, and we were pretty close. So I must say I'm pretty sure nothing comes good if she giggles. Nothing.

"Well… I know but…. The thing is…. Master gave me a call so suddenly an hour ago."

"Master?" That is rare for the master himself to call the association straightly. He only did it for high ranked missions, or a big emergency. "What happened?" I asked, feeling a curiosity and tint of concern.

"Calm down. This isn't really a bad thing, but this concern a big mission. You could say an S-Rank mission. Anyway, I can't explain on phone. Come back to the base immediately." And just like that, the phone hung up.

I looked at the phone questioningly. So Master wouldn't gave me the most precious holiday I could ever asked for once in a year because some S-rank mission? I've done it several times and I couldn't help but debating it would be just as the usual one. Even so, it was the master that called me himself, so I couldn't have any choice but just go with it. It's a mission too, so I couldn't help it.

Rule no.1 on Fairy Tail Agency: Missions are absolute.

I didn't wait for the servings in the place anymore. I only went out after putting some money on the table. I was about to rush to go back to Magnolia, that is until I found out Mira has given some helps in an emergency situation to help me to get back earlier. After all, it takes a full day to get back to Magnolia from Hargeon by train.

How do I found out Mira has given me some helps? Easy. We, Fairy Tail Agents, were a really prepared agency organization. We were given an earring that could help us talk to each other in our team, plus Mira and some important people from the organization with a high position such as Mira's. Mira told me using the earrings while I was heading towards the train station.

I smiled as I saw the person in charge. If I'm going with them, I have no doubt I will get there in an hour, or maybe lesser than I predicted. As I went closer, I could saw them grinned to me and wave their hands in sign. It seems they already prepared a car. I smiled as a response as I went inside the car. "Sorry, did you wait long?" I asked.

A brunette, petite cute girl smiled as she sat next to me in the passenger seat. I could hear her chuckled, "Not really. We barely wait for 20 minutes and you were already here." She explained and I sighed in relief. She gave a little laugh, "You really hate making people wait, don't you?" She asked with amusement smile.

I let out a chuckle, "You know it already, Levy. Waiting is the least action I've ever done in my life. And making people wait is even worse." I said and the girl named Levy just smiled.

Levy wasn't on my team. Every person in the agency get their own team chosen based on their ability and personality, and I'm actually not in her team. Mira just gave her team to handle the transportation for me because one of the members of their team is the fastest in the agency. His name is Jet.

Jet was addicted to Levy, along with one member of them, Droy. Levy, Jet, and Droy are a 3 member's team. Each team's have their own amount of members, and Levy's Team was known with their transportation speed and brain. Levy is the smartest among the team; or even a genius. She graduated as the youngest spy in Fairy Tail Agency, and still she always get the top rank in theory. Her physical combat isn't so good, but her brain and knowledge covered it all. She's amazing in strategy and calculations.

Jet was the fastest and the best driver in the team. He's famous with his vehicle driving and how fast he runs. He won the national championship two years ago, and he got the award of making the new record in Fiore's fastest person championship. Droy wasn't as good as Jet, but he is fast. Droy's specialty is actually at plant and nature. He's always handy in the outdoor. And I would say these three make a good team.

As I was talking comfortably with Levy for a while, I could felt the car started to slow down in the middle of the forest. "We're here." Jet said as he stopped his driving. I looked at the forest. As always, Mira came up with a good way to cover the building. The illusions are just top level, I wouldn't recognized anything if I were a normal mage. As I stepped out of the car, I thanked the three and went on my own. According to talks I've heard, Levy's team is supposed to be assigned on a mission today. So maybe that's why they're in a rush. As I went deeper into the forest, my mark started to glow and the building was shown in front of me.

Fairy Tail Agency was a little bit special than other agencies. In Fiore, magic was a usual thing. Agents in the shows were just a bluff. In here, Fiore Country, everything is just about magic. And so are agencies. Only people who can use magic are allowed to join. Fairy Tail was the only agency left standing these past hundreds years. Other agency has given up and chosen to build a guild instead. After all, spies are so bothersome and people would prefer using magic in simpler missions.

I stepped in and I could see in the garden in front of the building, Mira was welcoming me herself. "Come in." Mira smiled as she welcomed me to go in the building. She gave me a file as we were walking. From what I've seen, I wouldn't say I didn't know the file Mira was handing to me. It must be the data of the person I'm disguising as. But I just can't help but bothered by the way she giggled whenever I flipped the page. As if she's waiting for something.

I closed the file, looking at her, and sighed. "Mira, I know something is wrong. What is it?" I asked, feeling kind of tired with her squealing and giggling. But she just acted like an innocent child, giving playful questioning eyes. I sighed, "I knew something was wrong from the first time you called. What are you giggling about?" I asked and Mira seems like fighting the urge to smile widely.

She only gave me a little smile, "Well, why don't you just see for yourself?" She asked as she opened a door that lead me to an empty room. I gave her a last look before went in. She just smiled and seems to squeal in delight, which I have no idea about. What is making her this happy?

I sighed as I just went in, and I could see a grin from a blonde haired spy. Her big, chocolate orbs were wide and seems brighten up. I smiled to the girl, "So you're also being called here, Lucy?" I asked and the girl gave me a little laugh.

"Well yeah, but I'm glad it's a team mission. I was kind of nervous since this is my first S Class mission!" She exclaimed as she sighed in relief. I chuckled as a response. Lucy was one of the members from my team. I would suspect this is a team kind of mission if Lucy is coming along. It's not like this is my first S Class mission, but it is for Lucy. After all, I've been doing S Class mission alone all these times.

"Erza! Fight me!" I quickly dodge the noisy pink haired guy with a simple swift of my body to the left. Because of my dodge, he flew to the floor and ended up with a bruise on his cheek. "Ow… Why won't you fight me, Erza?!" He rubbed his cheek as he whined.

I sighed at the guy, "After a long time without a team mission, now we're finally getting back together. Have more respect, Natsu!" I glared as I gave the warning to the pink haired. I could see him shivered, but that's just how it's supposed to be. I was about to lecture him more, until I could felt someone was patting my shoulder, "Calm down Erza, that flame brain just act like an idiot he is. Nothing to sweat about."

Natsu give the just arrived guy a glare, "What do you mean by that, Gray?!"

"You want to go, squinty eyes?!"

I was about to stop the two until I could hear the knock on the table. All of them turned their eyes towards the white haired old gramps, including me. "Well, well, you guys have to calm down a bit." He gave a laugh after he said that.

Natsu looked at him with an excited looks, "Gramps! What mission is we're doing?!" He asked excitedly, and I knocked the guy's head. I give a glare to him, "Be polite a little with master!" Really, he always acted on his own.

"Master, what is the mission we're doing?" Lucy asked instead in Natsu's position. The master, who is also known as Master Makarov, is rubbing his chin. When he does that, it means he's thinking of a good way to explain it. And I know it means something is wrong.

He sighed, "Well actually, it's not an S Class mission." Silences were answering him. I couldn't utter a word. Instead, I looked at him with an eye asking for explanation. He looked at me in gratitude for not complaining. When Natsu and Gray were about to complain about it, he talked again. "It's an SS Class mission." He explained, which makes me widened my eyes. D-Did he just say…?

"SS Class mission?! Even Erza never do one, right Erza?!" The blonde asked as she looked at me. I nodded in reply, because I couldn't say anything. From what I've heard, SS Class mission was supposed to be a mission with alliance from other spy agency. And from what I know, Fiore has no more agencies instead of Fairy Tail. Most were disbanded, and the others were gone on bankrupt or no more spies.

As if reading my mind, the master explained, "It is true. The only official spy agency left is this agency. But." The last word was said so deep, making me looked at Master more seriously, "We found an independent spy agency. The name is Crime Sorciere." He explained as I widened my eyes. There was an independent agency?

"But Master, if it's independent, that means we shouldn't trust them so easily, shouldn't we?" I asked and Master only grinned at my comment. He was giving me an assuring looks, which I'm confused about. No matter what, there must be a reason why it's independent.

"Don't worry; I'm pretty sure you would trust them. They were famous with their activities without asking for rewards. Citizens were all happy to ask for them to help. Asking them to join alliance with this mission might even raise our name from what it is." He explained, and I sighed in defeat. What can I say; I'm in no position to complain.

Rule no.2 on Fairy Tail Agency: Master's final decision is trustworthy.

"SS Class mission is really exciting! I'm all fired up now!" Natsu cheered and Gray nodded in approval. Lucy seems a little nervous but excited. "Gramps! What kind of mission is it?! I'm so curious now!"

Master grinned at the pink haired, "Well, well, before I explained it. We must let the people from Crime Sorciere to come first, shouldn't we?" He suggested and Natsu pouted a little, but agree after all. "Come in." Master gave the cue and I could hear the swift of the door. As everyone looked towards the door to see the people, including me, I widened my eyes in surprise of seeing a familiar blue haired guy with a red mark in his left eye. Could it be that he's….

"Well then everyone, the three of them is the spies from Crime Sorciere." Master explained and that was the only thing I could caught in the middle of my deep thinking.

"My name is Erza… Just plain Erza…"

I shook my head as I remembered a familiar flashback. It might be wrong, they might just looked familiar. As I was deep in my thoughts, I could felt someone patted my shoulder, and it was Lucy. She looked at me worriedly, "Are you alright, Erza? You seem kind of pale." She asked in concern and I smiled to her, assuring the blonde.

"I'm fine. Anyway, they are from Crime Sorciere, right?" I asked and Lucy nodded.

"My name is Meredy." The pink haired girl started, as she smiled sweetly at all of us.

"Mine is Ultear. This one is Jellal." The girl called Ultear introduced and I widened my eyes at the name. D-Don't tell me… It's really him…?

Master Makarov cleared his throat, asking for attention. We all looked towards him, and he was giving the rest a file. I was already given by Mira, so Master didn't give me one. "Open the last page." He exclaimed and I opened the last page. I haven't read it even a half of it on my walk because of Mira giggling and squealing. Now that reminds me, what is she giggling about? When I read it, I widened my eyes in surprise. "They were the bio of you all in here." I think I know what she was gigging about now.

"Master! Why would I'll be Natsu's fiancée?!" Lucy whined and Master raised his hand, "All that's written there were Mira's arrangements." I knew it.

"So I'll be cousins with the two girls from Crime Sorciere?" Gray sighed. I know Gray's personality; he's not really good with strangers. Especially girls.

"Hey." I could hear a deep voice beside me. I looked to my left and raise my head a little. He was a little taller than me, but he was definitely the exact like that Jellal. "So we meet again, Erza." I widened my eyes in surprise, "I hope you still remember me." He smile and I was speechless. I thought it was my imagination but…

"Y-You're Jellal…?" I asked in disbelief. He smiled at me and I was about to ask him a bunch of question, but that is until he started to chuckle.

"Yeah, I know you want to ask me a lot of question, but save it for later. We'll be paired up for this mission anyway." I raised my eyes in question. I looked at the data and I blushed in embarrassments. That Mira! So that's why she's been happy!

"Well aren't you guys ready for being a married couple?" I could hear the master said and I only looked away from the embarrassment. I swear I'm going to kill Mira after this mission! "This mission could last long. It will take maybe months and hopefully, not until years.

"Years?!" Natsu gawked in surprise, "What kind of mission is it?!"

"It's not really a hard one. But it will take a lot of time." Makarov stated, "You must convince the water princess and sky dragon princess to go back to their own royalties. They both seem to escape because of a reason too, and I want you guys to find out that reason. I'll trust your judgment on what to do right. From what the council said, these two royalties has something strange recently, and it added after the escape of those two princesses. I've got a hunch something bad is being planned." He explained. "The last track was near the houses I'm going to give you guys. And here is the bothersome one." He sighed, and I raised an eyebrow of curious.

"As you can see, I've split you guys to each team for a reason. The princesses went on different direction. But even so, it seems they've gone on a same day." Well, that's weird. Is it a coincidence or is it to confuse people? I sighed, it doesn't sound too hard, but it will take lots of time. "Gray's team is searching for the water princess, Natsu and Lucy will help searching for another clues on both sides or tracking them. For Erza and Jellal, you two will search for the sky dragon princess." We all nodded in approval, getting ready for the mission.

"Remember this; you guys will live on the same house with your team. Act like spies do, not too attracting attention. And you guys will live quite far away from each other. But no worry, the file already gave each others house location." Makarov explained, "Now you guys may start moving to each team's location and start the mission."

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