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I groaned on my bed as I heard the sound of the alarm beeping. No matter how much my body says to sleep few more minutes, the sunlight that started to shine from my windows was telling a no. I fought the urge to sleep more and woke from my bed, letting myself to put the alarm off. It was exactly six in the morning. I usually would wake up in five at weekdays and Saturday but since today is Sunday, it's an exception.

I went to take a shower and brush my teeth. Doing it in the morning is really refreshing and helped a lot to start the day. I let the warm water to start to flow and enjoyed the shower until about 20 minutes. After the shower, I started roaming through my clothes in my wardrobe, searching for a suitable one to go for a short walk after preparing breakfast. Even though it doesn't look like it, the neighborhood in this place has a really nice air and it's really nice to have a walk in the morning. Finally decided on my black shorts and white shirt, I went to the kitchen, ready to make breakfast for me and Jellal.

It's been about a month and a half after the last time Master gave us the mission. We have found many clues and tracks here and there, but the princesses both seem to give false clues sometimes, which are devastating. The council also said the royal kingdom of both sides have been doing strange and suspicious act lately, so we must be hurry. We also get some helps from team Levy, Shadow Gear sometimes. But even the genius Levy is still having trouble on tracking the two or even calculating the next place they will go. The most definite options are the two of princesses might have gone and mix with the citizens, or they have hid in some places that were off-limits or a secret path.

And in that a month and a half also, I found some traits of Jellal. For example, every morning, he would like to have the newspaper of today, all the files of our mission's information, way to contact the other teams, and a black coffee on the dining table he usually sat at. Founding this trait of him, and how I woke up earlier, I started to prepare those things for him.

Now, while we were talking about Jellal, sure everyone would be curious on what happened after the time Jellal told me he would explain everything later? Well, I tried to bring the topic to him, but he always seem to get away on the right timing, or just shrugged it off. To be honest, I still don't know why he suddenly disappear after years I've been searching for him. But some hints were given sometimes, such as how his face was showing guilt and regret somehow… And for some personal reasons, he also wouldn't tell me. So all these month and a half, I think it is still not the time. Well, we were in here for missions, not personal issues. It could wait.

Around the time I just finished preparing the breakfast, which is bacon and sunny-side eggs, there were heard sounds of a bell of bicycle, telling me it was time to get out. Around this time, the newspaper man has arrived and Simon, the newspaper man, would come and give me the newspaper. It all started when I was planning to walk around the neighborhood earlier that day, and the newspaper man came. We ended up chatted a little and most of the mornings I've finished prepared breakfasts, I would always goes out when hearing the bicycle.

"Here is the newspaper of today." Simon smiled as he gave me the newspaper, "Your husband must be really lucky to have you married with him. Not many young wives were doing this kind of things recently. I might go for you if he hadn't, Erza." He joked and I chuckled a bit at the comment, knowing it was obviously a joke.

I smiled, "Thank you for the hard work today, Simon." Little did he knows, I was working instead of being a housewife.

That's right. The disguise was for me to be newlyweds with Jellal. And I promised to give Mira a good lesson when we meet the next time. As the newspaper man bid farewell and went to give newspapers on other houses, I went back to the house. In this a month and a half also, I had many people around the neighborhood. Spies were not only to be not attracting attention, but to mix with the background properly and not being suspicious. And it won't hurt to extend your social status, wouldn't it?

As I went to the dining room, I could see a blue haired man yawn a bit as he sat in his own seat at the table. He smiled at me, "Morning, Erza." He greeted and took a sip of his black coffee, waiting for me as he sat patiently in his chair while checking the files of our mission.

I smiled back to him, "You're early today." I stated as I gave him the breakfast. "I was about to put this newspaper on your seat." I explained as I handed him the newspaper of today. He started at me and to the newspaper, and then smile as a show of gratitude.

"You don't really need to do this every morning, I can do it." He said as he accepted the newspaper, and then read it a bit. "But thank you." He gave a glance to me and went back to read the newspaper. I gave a light smile as a response as I ate my share of breakfast.

The morning went by as usual. A light conversation in the morning breakfast before Jellal went and gone to meet Natsu and Gray at their usual meeting, which I had not known of because it is their meeting place; and I have no concern of it. I would love to also go and meet Lucy, but our houses were pretty far away and it is not really easy, since I was supposed to be a 'housewife' role in this mission. Lucy also seems busy to contact Levy and stuff. They were both top grades in calculating and tracking in their training times, and they also get along pretty well, so I think Lucy also helped Levy in this case.

For me, I don't only sit here and being a good actor. I also went to hear some gossips of the housewives as I went for a walk around the neighborhood. And it seems Gray's house were only few blocks away from mine, unlike Lucy's. So I often went to meet Ultear and Meredy and chatted or do something too. I would usually go to their places when I finished walk around the neighborhood and cleaning the house.

And so are today.

I exhaled softly to the morning air as I walked around the block. The morning fresh air in the neighborhood is always nice every morning. It's nice to clear minds and help the mood I always needed, which is very helpful. The place is also quiet in this kind of time, so I could say I'm pretty grateful Master has chosen the right place to stay.

"Oh my, Erza-chan. You went for a walk again today?" The voice captured my attention, so I looked towards the source of the voice. I found out it was from one of the housewives in the neighborhood, so I smiled to the lady.

"Yes, I just love the fresh air around here." I answered as I smiled to the housewives. It seems that there weren't many new people who moved here, so the news of me and Jellal moved here as a newlyweds were pretty far away heard. Many people even already know my name and Jellal's, but I only remembered the names of people who were near my house state. There were just too many people living here and it's kind of hard to remember all of them at once.

The housewives giggled, "Well I'm glad you love the place. There weren't many people around your age in this block so I'm kind of worried you would move away like the others." She explained truthfully, which makes me gave a light chuckle.

After walking until pretty long time, I decided it was time to go to Gray's house. Ultear and Meredy contacted me yesterday, telling me on how they had some things to discuss about the mission. It seems they also had invited Levy and Lucy to come too.

As I arrived at the house, I went to my room and change my clothes. The weather forecast said it would be sunny today, so I decided on a simple shorts and a random shirt I found caching at first glance. Sighing as I looked at the hour, I knew I would be late if I didn't start to go now. So I quickly put the files and phone to my bag and went to go to Gray's house.

"Erza, you finally came! I've been waiting with Ultear for you." A pink haired girl grinned as she opened the door of her house wider, welcoming me to come in. I smiled to the girl and pardoned myself as I went inside the house. I sat on the sofa in front of the place Ultear sat at.

Ultear smiled at me after she took a sip of her tea, "Hey, Erza. Welcome." She greeted and I smiled at the purple haired, "Thank you."

"Lucy and Levy caught in traffic for like until half an hour from now. So they will be quite late." She explained as she gave me a tea. I gave a little thank you to the girl and accepted the tea, blowing it a bit since it's a little too hot before taking a sip of it.

Ultear put down her drink, "So, we have about half an hour until the two arrived. What should we talk about to kill time?" She asked to me as I started to think. There weren't anything I would say out of ordinary to talk about. My day was just as usual, normal.

"I don't know, my day hasn't been special so far." I answered and I could saw her smirked, which I don't have a clue about. I don't think there is anything wrong with my answer, and she just nodded in understanding while I sat there absent-mindedly. Maybe she's just thinking for a topic.

Ultear smiled at me sweetly, which was weird considering her queen personality. "So you're telling me there's no development between you and Jellal so far? Well that's weird." She said and I raised an eyebrow of confusion to her. What development?

And that's when the light clicked in, "Oh! Well, we found out two days ago from Levy that the new track about the sky princess has been detected and-"

"That's not what I meant, Erza." She sighed and I looked at her questioningly. What did she mean then? "I meant about you and Jellal. Personally. What relationship you are now, any development feelings and-"

"So you mean in romantic ways?" I asked, getting a clue.

"Yes!" She smiled in relief as I've figured it out. "So tell me your morning with him."

I raised an eyebrow, "Well, I only prepared breakfasts and get a newspaper for him, and he seems to get up earlier today and after that he was getting ready to meet Natsu and Gray." I explained with a little shrug, "We're not like that, Ultear. Our morning is just like a fellow housemate will do, e only played our role as newlyweds when our neighbor came."

"Your neighbor came to visit?" Meredy asked in surprise, "We weren't that close with ours! You're really quick at adapting, aren't you?" She complimented and I smile, "Not really."

"So the entire neighborhood knows about you two? And what's more, as newlyweds?" Ultear began again and I sighed, "Yes. But it's not like what you think, Ultear. I don't have any really close relationship in romantic way with Jellal."

"Trust me, you are." She smirked, "You two are both idiots in romance and that's why I need to snap it out of you two a little bit." She explained and Meredy nodded in agreements.

"You know, Jellal seems giving a rather different atmosphere when he's around you, I found it quite cute." Meredy giggled and winked at me playfully.

I rolled my eyes, "There really is nothing between us." I explained as I took another sip of my tea. I was getting tired of how people thinking Jellal and I are a thing. Even Lucy guessed so, which was confusing as she only saw me with Jellal twice this month. I don't think I did anything special with Jellal; I only treated him like how I treated housemate, or how I treat Gray and Natsu.

Before Meredy and Ultear even get to open their mouth and say anything more foolish than it can be right now, I blessed my phone that rang and gave me a reason to excuse myself. Lucky timing, I thought as I went and opened my phone. It was from Lucy, "Hello, Lucy?" I said as I heard the sound of bickering in the background. I think it's Gray with an unfamiliar voice. "What's wrong?"

"Erza? I met with Gray in my way and he said for you to go to the café he and the other two usually goes when discussing about the mission. I'm already in the café and we're waiting for you, it's about the mission. Also, bring Ultear and Meredy. Tell them to explain everything to you as you three are on your way, hurry!"

"Wha-" And with that, the other line hung up, which are confusing because Lucy's tone was as if she's in hurry. I looked at the two in front of me, as their eyes were telling me to explain everything. I sighed, "Lucy told me to head to the usual café quickly as you guys tell me everything." I explained as them both gave a look to each other, and then nodded to me in approval. Meredy and I quickly went outside while Ultear went to bring a key of the house and car.

"Gray has found the water princess that disguised herself as a waiter in their usual cafe," Ultear started and I widened my eyes in surprise, what? "She works part time there, so Gray and the others just saw her when she trade shift with someone. She's always in the night shift all these times so of course the guys haven't met her until last week, and based on all the clues and information we get, there is a possibility that knows the name and some things about the sky princess." Ultear explained as she drove the vehicle. I frowned; she was this close all these times?

"Anyway, hurry up Ul." Meredy said as she excitedly looking at the street, wondering if we're already close or not. "I'm really curious on how the princess looked like!" She said with a hint of impatience as she couldn't sit still on the chair in the car.

Now that reminds me, I don't even know the café they usually went to actually.

"We're here." Ultear said as she stopped the car, parking it near the café and opened her seatbelt. "We're meeting up in that café." She said as she pointed on a certain shop with a sign 'Lumen Histoire' in there. So this is the café? It looked so attempting actually, they found a good place to hang out.

I opened the door along with Ultear and Meredy, looking at a table that Jellal and the others sat at. Found how they sat near the window, I was going there. But I saw a familiar old woman in there, talking with Jellal as Lucy and the others waved at us. I waved back as I walked towards there. It was kind of weird because I think I've seen the face of the old woman Jellal talking to, although I couldn't quite remember it.

"Ah, Erza! Sit here." Levy said as she tapped at the chair next to her. "I've prepared the seat for you." She explained as she smiled sweetly. Ignoring how Lucy and Natsu were bickering at each other, I looked at Levy who gave me a sit next to her. I smiled as I sit in her left, "Thanks." I said as I gave a glance on who's sitting in her right, which was seemed to be Gajeel.

"Oh my, Erza-chan! You have arrived!" The old woman that were talking with Jellal, which was sitting in front of me, putting her attention to me now. Looking at it closely, now I remembered who it is. "Hello, Spetto-san." Who would've thought it was my neighbor?

"It was such a big coincidence, isn't it?" She smiled, "You two seemed like having a reunion or something with your friends. I never would've thought there were any nice husbands out there anymore that introduced his friends personally to their wives anymore, and so are for young wives."

Hearing that comment, I let out a chuckle. "Well yes, Jellal is kind of rare." I said as I ignored the smirk next to me. I will get a big teasing out of them after this, I swear.

"Oh my, you seem to be proud. I still remember when I came to visit and Jellal helped on your housework in holiday, it makes me kind of jealous of young love." She gave a little laugh, making the wrinkle in her old face were discovered but yet making her seemed lively. "Well then, I interrupt quite a while now." She winked as she walked away, "I needed to go to my grandchild's house. I'll see you later on." She said as I waved a goodbye along with Jellal.

I sighed, here we go.

"So, young love, huh?" Ultear smirked as she leaned her arm on my shoulder, making her face even nearer to me. I rolled my eyes, as I know they should've realized how it was just an act.

"What do you mean by rare, Erza?" Lucy tagged along, having me to fight the urge to roll my eyes for the second time.

No matter how much I deny it, they wouldn't give up anyway. So I decided at the simplest way, change the topic. "Anyway, where is Gray? I haven't seen him." I said as I looked around, we were supposed to talk about the mission, and I've heard Gray was bickering in the background when Lucy called the last time.

Hearing me said it, Lucy and the other shut up instantly. Lucy started to fidgeting, "Well… About that, you see." She laughed nervously, which makes me to raise an eyebrow in confusion. "H-How can I say it…?"

"Gray found a girlfriend, that's it." Natsu said nonchalantly and then went back on his meals, making Lucy froze. Is that true?

"I wouldn't say girlfriend, but more like he found the water princess who seems to be head over heels with him somehow." Lucy said, muttering the last part.

I looked at all of them in confusion, why are they all acting weird? "Care to explain?" I asked and Levy cleared her throat, preparing herself to explain from the start, "Well you see…."

Flashback (Normal P.O.V)

"That's the water princess." Gray said as he narrowed his eyes to a blue haired girl wearing a uniform of a waitress, and then went back to the conversation when he realized everyone have narrowed their eyes to stare at the girl. "Her name is Juvia Lockser, it seems."

"She looked normal than I was imagining." Lucy said as she looked at the girl earnestly. Levy just nodded in agreement.

Gray sighed, "Of course she is, she's disguising herself, you know. She can't stand out." Gray explained and Gajeel only nodded in agreements, as Lucy an Levy agreed silently, since that Gray has a point.

Gray took another bite of his ice cone as he stole a glance to the girl. As he observing the princess, he wouldn't have thought that the girl would look at him back, which caught him off guard. The girl walked closely, making him curse. Damn it, are they being caught?

"Excuse me," She began as she looked at Gray with a tint of… Pink cheeks? "What is your name, sir, if I may ask?" She asked politely and Gray gulped in nervous. They all are screwed. The situation is silent and tense all in the table.

"G-Gray." He quickly answered, unable to look at the girl in the eye. They were totally caught! Ugh, he shouldn't have been so obvious.

"Gray… Sama?" She asked which makes Gray looked at her in confusion. Why would she added 'sama' in it? She's the princess, not him. "Gray-sama!" She quickly hugged him tightly, which caused a priceless face of everybody, especially Gray, "Gray-sama, Juvia is very happy to see her prince charming!"

"Who do you think is your prince charming?!"

"Gray-sama was staring intensely at Juvia, her heart throbbed loudly!"

"What do you mean by that?!"

Lucy sighed in relief with Levy, "Well at least she didn't recognize us." The blonde muttered in relief as she opened her phone, "I'm calling Erza here." She explained and Levy nodded in response.

End of Flashback

... And that is how Gray was being dragged with her somewhere. We didn't know what happened either, but at least we found the water princess. All that's left were asking about her royal kingdom, investigating about the two suspicious kingdoms, and the sky princess." Levy explained.

I looked at them, "So the water princess is with Gray right now?" I asked and the petite girl nodded in reply, "What should we do now, then?" I asked.

"I don't know, I texted Gray to bring the princess with us after he's done, so I guess we could only wait in here until he arrived. Based on the look, Gray was like meeting his stalker so I'm pretty sure it will cause a long time." Levy explained and I nodded in understanding.

Well all that we have to do now is waiting, I guess.

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