Black Dragon's Apprentice

The sun had risen over the island with its iconic mountainous landscape that Acnologia had chosen as Natsu's refuge and training grounds.

The lush vegetation shined as the sun's rays penetrated its pores and illuminated the dew drops giving them an appearance akin to diamonds.

There was a forest two miles away from the elevated clearing that Acnologia had landed on and it was inhabited by numerous species of fierce animals.

There were various caves in the mountain-scape that were inhabited by shape-shifting Vulcans and the peaks were covered in snow and ice, representing the drastic change in temperature at the summits of these mountains.

Natsu was sleeping on Acnologia's wing when he began to shift and squirm as he remembered his traumatic and tortuous experiences from the invasion of his village.

The images replayed in his head over and over again as Natsu began grunting angrily in his sleep. He watched his dad be incinerated by the cult members, listened to his mom's wails in the forest, and witnessed the slaughter of his fellow villagers.

Natsu rose up quickly in fright and felt drenched in sweat as he realized it was just another nightmare, not reality.

The salmon-haired boy gazed at the palm of his hand and clenched it tightly cursing his ever-present weakness. Natsu took a deep breath and jumped off the Black Dragon walking around the clearing and began stretching for his impending training session once Acnologia awoke.

Within an hour, the mighty Black Dragon awoke from his slumber and groggily watched Natsu quickly throw punches and kicks into the air, warming himself up.

"Eager are we?" thought Acnologia. He lightly chuckled as he knew Natsu had no idea what would be in store for him for today and the foreseeable future.

The Black Dragon got up from the ground and walked towards the enthusiastic four year old who was still fake-sparring around the clearing.

"Alright boy, time for some real training. But first a quick lecture." growled Acnologia.

Natsu quickly stopped his warm-up and sat down in the grass eager to learn from the mighty dragon.

"As I told you before, I will train you to become a Chaos Dragon Slayer. But you obviously don't know what that means or is, do you?" began Acnologia.

Natsu shook his head no.

"Dragon Slayers utilize an old and forgotten magic called Lost Magic. Few humans still possess knowledge of its existence. This type of Lost Magic I will be teaching you is called Dragon Slayer Magic." said Acnologia.

"A Dragon Slayer normally utilizes material elements such as fire, steel, lightning, wind, light, shadows, and even poison. However, a Chaos Dragon Slayer is a special case."

"Obviously, chaos doesn't exist in a material form so the user has to imagine the feeling, texture, and potency of the insanity in one's being and the world around them.

"The drawback is that it is very difficult to manifest this as many do not have the potential to materialize this power."

"However, I sense that you have more than enough potential to utilize this power and the benefits for you is that it is not limited to the abilities nor does it have weaknesses of standard Dragon elements."

"What do you mean by abilities or weaknesses of standard Dragon elements?" asked Natsu.

"Good question. For example, fire which is used by my main dragon rival Igneel is superior to ice but is trumped by water and wind, and under certain circumstances steel. Ice trumps water but as I said before is weak to fire and lightning." answered Acnologia.

"Water defeats fire but loses to ice and lightning. Lightning defeats water but is resisted by steel and wind. Steel resists lightning but is trumped by wind and fire at high-temperatures.

"Then light and shadows which are polar opposites are trumped and resisted depending on the experience of the user, and so on."

"However, chaos is superior to all other Dragon elements because it doesn't have a weakness towards certain elements while being able to overpower others."

"What can I do with the power of Chaos?" asked Natsu.

"The real question is, what can't you do with the power of Chaos. Think about it, you can make shields and weapons with the shape-manipulation abilities of Chaos. Or use it for flight and overwhelming the wills of your opponents." answered Acnologia.

"But most importantly…" began Acnologia.

"Most importantly?" asked Natsu.

"Most importantly, you can consume the elements of other Dragon Slayers to replenish your strength in battle." finished the Dragon.

"What do you mean by consuming other elements?" asked Natsu.

"There are a few advantages to being a Dragon Slayer opposed to a normal mage. First, you are immune to the elements that you represent as a Dragon Slayer." answered Acnologia.

"Because of that ability, you can consume said element to replenish your powers via your lungs that gain the properties of a dragon after proper training."

"But most importantly, Dragons are immune to normal magic used by regular mages. If you ever need to defeat a Dragon, which is still heavily unlikely. Dragon Slayer Magic is the only thing that can harm one."

"Since I'm going to be a Chaos Dragon Slayer, does that mean I'm immune to Chaos and the other Dragon elements?" asked Natsu.

"Yes and no. Chaos like I said doesn't exist materially and requires extreme potential to be able to be synthetically created by mages, so you most likely won't encounter a chaos mage. If you do, you will still technically be immune to Chaos." answered Acnologia.

"In regards to other Dragon elements, you are highly resistant but not completely immune. You are resistant to the point that you can consume other Dragon elements with some difficulty, it just depends on your experience level at that point."

"However, if you are fighting a Dragon Slayer with close to, equal, or stronger magical power than you, you will take damage albeit much less than a normal mage or Dragon Slayer. If you are fighting a weak or inexperienced Dragon Slayer, your resistance will be akin to immunity." finished Acnologia.

"Cool." said Natsu.

"Now if we have no more questions, I will begin teaching you the basic techniques of a Dragon Slayer." said Acnologia.

The Black Dragon clenched his fist and began charging purplish-black energy around his fist which discharged energy like electricity.

"CHAOS DRAGON'S DEVASTATING FIST!" roared Acnologia. The Dragon punched the mountain behind Natsu and annihilated it completely with the sheer destructive power of the attack.

The island was engulfed in an explosion of Chaos magical energy that generated typhoon like winds for a high-level hurricane, uprooting trees and boulders.

Natsu had to grab on to the tail of Acnologia to not be blown away from the island. Eventually, the winds died down and Natsu was able to stand on his two feet.

"Wow." gasped Natsu as he witnessed the results of the attack. An ENTIRE mountain had been obliterated and all that was left was a crater in the attack's wake.

"That is the most basic attack of a Dragon Slayer. The punch concentrates the element of a Dragon into the user's fist and he/she punches their opponent with the fury of a Dragon. Depending on experience, training, and magical power, the size, potency, and pure destructive power of the Dragon's Fist varies." said Acnologia.

"Oh, and just so you know. That was only 40 or 45 percent of my full power for the technique." boasted Acnologia which made Natsu shudder.

"The training for the Dragon's Fist is also applicable to the majority of the close range Dragon attacks that uses kicks, elbows, clotheslines, knees, palm strikes, and even head-butts." stated Acnologia.

Then Acnologia opened his mouth and charged a dense orb of chaos energy aimed at the vast expanses of the ocean.

The orb grew in density and size until it was as large as a building and the ground began cracking below him.

"CHAOS DRAGON'S ROAR!" bellowed Acnologia. The Dragon let out an immensely powerful and potent blast of Chaos energy that spanned for miles across the ocean before detonating.

The explosion was so massive and forceful that if Acnologia had aimed it at the island it would have been instantly and unequivocally vaporized.

After the explosion died down, Acnologia turned to the shaken four-year old who's eyes showed feelings of fear, but more so of admiration.

"Now child, if you can harness the powers of Chaos energy, then all of that power will be yours and you will be free to wreak havoc on this world. Make all of those undeserving maggots called humans suffer for their naivety and stupidity." growled Acnologia.

"Yes, sir!" yelled Natsu, determined more than anything now.

"Good. Now let's begin!" roared Acnologia.

For the next few months, Natsu trained to master the basic arsenal of Dragon Slayer techniques. This involved Natsu running tens of miles to build up his endurance and shattering boulders or leveling trees with his abilities.

"AGAIN!" shouted Acnologia.

Natsu lunged at a large boulder and prepared to strike.

"Chaos Dragon's Devastating Fist!" roared Natsu as he reduced the boulder to nothing with a chaos-empowered punch.

"Chaos Dragon's Grip Strike!" roared Natsu as the boy struck the trunk of a thick tree with a chaos-empowered palm-strike and blew it to smithereens.

"Chaos Dragon's Claw!" roared Natsu as he destroyed another boulder with a chaos-empowered drop-kick.

"Chaos Dragon's Crushing Fang!" roared Natsu as he destroyed another thick tree with a chaos-empowered knee-strike.

"Chaos Dragon's Fang Thrust!" roared Natsu as he shattered another massive boulder with a chaos-empowered elbow-strike.

"Chaos Dragon's Spearhead!" roared Natsu as he pierced through several trees with the momentum of his chaos-empowered head-butt.

Natsu utilized his arsenal of punches, kicks, elbows, knee-strikes, and head-butts to annihilate boulder after boulder that were up to 100 ft. tall and many yards thick. After destroying dozens of them, the Dragon Slayer paused to catch his breath.

"Why did you stop? Destroy the whole forest!" yelled Acnologia.

"But…" Natsu tried to answer.

"DO IT!" bellowed the black dragon.

Natsu sucked in a massive amount of air into his lungs and began to charge purplish-black chaos energy in his mouth.

"Chaos Dragon's Roar!" bellowed Natsu. The Dragon Slayer released an enormous twister-beam of chaos energy from his mouth.

The breath-attack began to level the forest and hundreds of trees fell in its wake until Natsu created a large clearing.

Then the boy collapsed from exhaustion.

"Very good Natsu, annihilate everything that stands before you with no hesitation." said Acnologia.

Natsu made amazing progress with the effectiveness of his abilities and after three years, on his seventh birthday, Acnologia was going to teach him the advanced abilities of a Dragon Slayer.

Most importantly however, Acnologia was going to teach him how to activate Dragon Force.