Hi everyone. Thank you so much for all your support of my Season 5 and Season 6. As you can see, I enjoyed writing them so much, I decided to do a Season 7, too! (Just wish there was a Season 7 WITH FINCHEL in the real Glee.) I know Rachel isn't in the first chapter much, but she'll be in it more :) Hope you enjoy the first chapter and let me know if you want me to keep going and what you'd like to see in my Season 7.

Chapter 1: The Diner Guest

Finn couldn't believe that his third year in New York was starting. Even when he and Rachel were making plans to go to New York together their senior year of high school, he had his doubts. At first he thought he would stay in Lima and go to University of Lima, but now he was more sure than ever that this was where he belonged. If someone had said ten years ago that he'd be on the dean's list at an Ivy League school, he wouldn't have believed them. But here he was, about to enter his third year. It was even crazier to believe that Rachel and Kurt would be graduating from NYADA this year.

School would be starting in a few weeks, and Finn was excited to get the glee club going again. At the same time, he was a little nervous. His stars were graduating, and he'd done a lot as a first year director. There was a lot of pressure - not necessarily from the school, but from himself. Every year, the previous year was a standard that needed to be met. He knew they'd most likely be seeing the Boston Strong Singers again at Regionals, and although they'd tied at Regionals, that group had beaten them at Nationals. New Directions would have some strength added in with Mr. Schue back (and with a girl with the same genetic makeup as Rachel Berry at the lead).

Finn couldn't think like this now. He had to get bak to work. He'd just gotten a message on his walkie to go to Booth 10, so he took his tablet and walked to the booth, where two businessmen we're seated. "Hi, welcome to the Spotlight Diner. I'm Finn and I'll be taking care of you today. Any questions about our menu?"

As one of the men told Finn what he wanted, Finn's eyes fell on the other one. He could tell that this man looked familiar, but he wasn't sure where he'd seen him before... at first.

Finn looked at the man more carefully than he should look at any customer. This man looked just like his father... but it couldn't be. His father was dead. This had to be a doppleganger... at the same time, could it be a long lost relative? But his dad had no siblings, his grandparents on his dad's side were gone...

"Are you okay, sir?" the man asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Finn said. The man seemed unfazed by Finn, so maybe it was just a look alike of some sort. If it was someone related to him and his family somehow, wouldn't the man notice the resemblance? Be able to tell who Finn was? "Anyway, what would you like?"

"I want the Spotlight Diner burger," the man said. "With a diet coke."

"Okay," Finn said. "I'll get that to you." He did his best to appear unfazed. After all, his nametag said Finn. He was pretty sure his dad would have told relatives what his son's name was... if this man was a relative, wouldn't he at least say hi to Finn?

Finn brought the order to the kitchen, wanting to call Rachel. He knew that this was one of her weeks to play Fanny, so she probably wouldn't be able to answer the phone. Anyway, his break wasn't for a while. He took some more orders and bussed some tables, watching the table the man who looked so much like his dad was at out of the corner of his eye. The man was engaged in a conversation with his friend, not once glancing over at Finn.

Still, Finn had a feeling that this man was a relative. If his father wasn't dead, he would be sure that this man was his father. Finn had looked at the photos his mom had constantly, memorizing every detail of his father's face...

Finn heard a call on his walkie that the food for that table was ready. He went back to the kitchen and got the food, returning to the table. "Here you go. And here's your check."

"Thank you," the man said, once again not acknowledging Finn. Both men at the table handed Finn their credit cards with the bills, and as Finn left with the cards, he glanced at the name on the card that went with the order the familiar looking man had placed.

Christopher Hudson.

Finn's heart skipped a beat.. a few beats. Christopher Hudson? This man was his father?

He'd spent the past (almost) twenty one years thinking that his father was dead... and he was alive?

His mom had lied to him about his father dying in the army - but now it looked like she'd lied about his father being dead... unless she didn't know he was alive... or this man was just another Christopher Hudson who looked just like his father...

As Finn charged the cards, he noticed Christopher's card had a "See ID" note on the back. This could help Finn. He went back to the table and faced Christopher. "Sir, I see you have a See ID note on your card. May I see an ID?"

Christopher got out his driver's license. "Of course."

Finn looked at the ID. It had the same date his mother had told him was his father's birthdate... this man might be his father...

"So, you're here from New Jersey?" Finn asked, wondering if Christopher would say anything that could give him hints.

"Yeah, just here for business meetings," the other man said.

"I see," Finn said, taking a note of the city Christopher lived in. Ridgefield, New Jersey. "How do you guys like New York?"

"We've been here for business before, since it's not too far," Christopher said. "It's nice here."

"Yeah, it is," Finn said. Christopher appeared completely unfazed by Finn, so maybe Finn was getting worked up over nothing. After all, if he really was Finn's father, wouldn't he at all be surprised to see the son who he hadn't seen in over 20 years?

Finn went back to another table, still unable to get the man out of his mind. His father was dead, wasn't he?


Walking home from work, Finn couldn't get the man out of his head. He'd been out of focus during the rest of his shift, to be honest. This man looked just like his father, his name was Christopher Hudson, he had the same birthday...

Finn took out his phone and called his mom. He didn't want to think that his mom would lie to him... but she had lied to him about his dad dying?

Carole picked up the phone quickly. "Hey honey."

"Hi Mom," Finn said.

"Are you okay, honey? You sound upset..." Carole said.

She could tell. "Mom, did you tell me the truth about Dad?"

"I told you what I was told..." Carole began.

What she was told? What did that mean? "What do you mean?"

"Your dad had a very bad drug problem," Carole said. "He would disappear for weekends at a time... he eventually did check into a treatment facility, but I got a call from them saying that he'd died of an overdose..."

So his dad had gone to a treatment facility... still, why would Carole have gotten a call? "Is there something you don't know?" Finn asked.

"I don't know why they had him cremated without letting me see him first..." Carole began. "I'm sorry, Finn. I never told you that part because I just didn't understand... it upset me so much..."

Finn felt sick. "Are you sure you're telling me the truth, Mom?"

"Finn, what's going on?" Carole asked. "I felt bad enough for lying to you before... of course I'm telling the truth."

Finn tried to find the right words. "Today a man named Christopher Hudson came into my diner... he looked a lot like the photo of me and Dad... his driver's license had the same birthday you told me..."

"What?" Carole asked.

"Mom, do you have any idea if this man is Dad?" Finn asked. "That story you just told me... it sounded insane..."

"I thought it was insane at the time, too," Carole said. "The whole thing confused me so much... but when I drove to the treatment facility with you, they showed me the papers, and gave me the ashes..."

Finn felt his head spinning around. "Mom... please, if you lied to me about my dad being dead, tell me. I think I might have met him today."

"I always had my suspicions the treatment facility wasn't telling me the whole truth," Carole said. "But I spoke to everyone who worked there... noboby denied that he was dead... for a while I tried to figure out if he was out there somewhere but didn't have any luck..."

Finn wanted to throw up. "Mom..."

"I loved your father, I really did," Carole told Finn. "But after he came back... his life fell apart... I tried to be there for him. I did. He just took off..."

"I think that man at the diner today was my father," Finn said. "There were just too many coincidences..."

"I don't know what to tell you," Carole said. "I wanted to believe your father was out there and all this was a trick of some sort. But everything I tried to do to find out he was still alive, I didn't find any proof. Are you saying you think he ran away or something?"

"Yeah," Finn said. "That's what I'm saying. He lives in New Jersey... and today at the diner, I was sure it was him, but he didn't seem to even have any idea who I was."

"It must have been a different Christopher Hudson," Carole said. "Anybody would recognize their own child. I wanted to believe that your father was still alive, and I'm sure this was triggering for you, but I've accepted that he's gone. I know you wanted to believe that he was alive..."

Carole sounded sincere... but Finn still wasn't entirely sure. There had to be some way he could find out if this man he'd met today was his father.

Finn arrived back at the apartment. He'd been the only one on the schedule at the diner today, and that was just about the worst case scenario. He just wished he could talk to someone about what happened.

When Finn arrived at the apartment, he saw Blaine, Sam and Artie playing on the Wii. "Hey guys," Finn said, sitting down.

"Hey Finn," Blaine said.

"So, ready for your 21st next week?" Sam asked. "Between you, Rachel, Kurt, Santana and Mercedes, us young ones are going to be outnumbered!"

Finn forced a smile. "Yeah." Maybe some talk with his friends would distract him. He turned to Artie. "Ready for Kitty to get here?"

"I've been ready," Artie said. "I don't think anyone's more ready than she is. She's trying to get the dorms to open early so she can just come."

"Yeah, every day she posts how many days until she can get to New York on Facebook," Blaine added.

"It'll be fun having her here," Sam said. "And Ryder and Marley too, of course."

Finn decided he might feel better if he told the guys what was going on. "Hey, can I tell you guys something?"

"Yeah, of course," Blaine said.

"Today at the diner... there was a man named Christopher Hudson who looked exactly like the photos my mom showed me of my dad, and his driver's license had the same birthdate my mom told me my dad had..."

"What?" Sam asked. "Are you saying you think your dad might still be alive?"

"Yeah," Finn said. "There were just so many coincidences..."

"So you think your mom lied to you even more?" Artie asked.

"That's the thing," Finn admitted. "I called her up and asked her if she had any idea about this, and she said that the weekend my dad disappeared, he went to a treatment facility, and then the treatment facility called her to say he'd died. Apparently he'd asked to be cremated if something happened, so they gave her the ashes without letting her see him."

All three of the guys had confused looks on their faces. "That story's insane," Blaine said.

"I know," Finn said. "My mom told me that she had her supsicions when it first happened, but looking around, she couldn't find any proof that my dad was still alive, so she figured she may as well believe it... she did have the ashes..."

"I'm sorry, Finn," Sam said. "This must be confusing."

"Yeah," Finn said. "I just can't stop thinking about it..."

"Did the man seem to know who you were?" Artie asked.

"No," Finn admitted. "You would have thought if he was my dad, he'd be surprised to see the son he hadn't seen in years..."

"Maybe he wasn't, if he didn't seem to know who you were," Blaine commented.

"But how many Christopher Hudsons are there who look just like my dad and have the same birthday as my dad?" Finn asked.

"You have a point," Blaine admitted. "Maybe you should do some research."

"Yeah," Finn said. "It's all so strange..." He got out his laptop and typed "Christopher Hudson, Ridgefield New Jersey" into google. The first thing that came up was a list of employees at a PR firm. So that must be what the mysterious Christopher Hudson was doing in New York.

There was also a link to a Facebook profile, but when Finn clicked on it, there were not many features accessible to non-friends. There was something that appeared to be the case in the profile photo - Christopher was with another woman. "I can't have any hints, but it looks like he's with someone." What if he'd had other children to replace Finn with? Finn was happy with his mom, Burt and Kurt, but he did feel some loyalty to the man who'd provided the sperm that brought him to life...

"Well, if he did fake his death, then to the best of your mom's knowledge, he is dead," Artie pointed out.

"I know," Finn said. "What if he has other kids?"

"I doubt they'd be as cool as you," Sam said.

Finn smiled to himself. "Thanks, but this is all so weird..." He was going to find out if that was his father. He had to.


Rachel loved getting to play Fanny Brice on Broadway. The one drawback, of course, was that she wasn't home very much during the weeks that she performed. At first she thought sharing the role wasn't ideal, but now she thought that was probably the best case scenario. She had time to relax during her weeks off, and of course to be with Finn and her friends.

Rachel opened the door of the apartment, where Kurt and Santana were watching TV. "Hey guys."

"Hey, how was the show?" Kurt asked.

"It was good," Rachel said. "How was your day?"

"It was fine," Kurt said. "Can you believe we're going to be seniors this year?"

"I can't," Rachel said. "It's crazy."

"I'm thinking I might go to community college this year," Santana said. "I do like working at the diner, but it would be good to get a degree."

"That would be great," Kurt said.

"Yeah, my parents think that's a good idea too," Santana said. "A degree would be helpful."

"Definitely," Kurt agreed. "It's not common to get jobs like I have with Vogue without having your degree yet."

"Hey, don't brag!" Santana said.

"We are proud of you," Rachel told Kurt. "Where are Blaine and Finn?"

"Blaine went to the fitness center and Finn's in the shower," Kurt said.

Finn came out into the living room. "Well, I guess he's not in the shower anymore," Rachel said. "Hey baby."

"Hey," Finn said, giving Rachel a hug. "How was your day?"

"Good, how was yours?" Rachel asked.

"It was fine," Finn said. "Want to come snuggle with me?"

"Yeah, of course," Rachel said, following Finn into their bedroom. "So, how was the diner?"

"Rach, I think my father was there today," Finn said.

This didn't make sense. "But Finn, your father's dead."

"That's what I thought," Finn rambled. "But there was a man who came in today who looked exactly like my dad, and when he gave me his credit card, it said Christopher Hudson, and it had a See ID note on it, and the driver's license had the same birthdate my mom told me was my dad's..."

"Oh my gosh," Rachel said. "Did you talk to your mom?"

"I did," Finn said. "She told me the story of how she found out about my dad's death, and I have to say, it did sound a little sketchy, and she thought it was a little sketchy at the time, but when she couldn't find any evidence of him, she came to the conclusion that it was true..."

"What was the story?" Rachel asked.

"She got a call from a treatment facility saying that he'd checked in, but he still died of an overdose," Finn explained. "They had him cremated and gave my mom the ashes. She had her suspicions..."

Rachel would have had her suspicions, too. "That sounds really weird."

"My mom and I thought so, too," Finn said. "That made me even more suspicious that guy was my dad. Maybe he ran away or something."

"Did he seem to have a drug problem at all?" Rachel asked.

"He seemed fine," Finn said. "And he was completely unfazed by seeing me..."

"Then maybe he wasn't your dad," Rachel said. Finn's name wasn't very common... but still, there were so many coincidences.

"Yeah, but still," Finn said. "He lives in New Jersey, Rach. If he's that close... I would like to meet him. I do love my mom and Burt and Kurt, but I always have wondered about my dad..."

Rachel knew that before she and Shelby got close, Shelby had hurt her, and she'd also hurt Kylie. What if that happened if that man really was Finn's dad? After all, if it was, he'd faked his death clearly so Carole wouldn't come looking for him. Would he want to see Finn? Rachel didn't want Finn to get hurt...

Of course, there was also the possiblity that this man was not Finn's father, that it was just a coincidence. Rachel knew if that was the case, Finn was going to be disappointed. He'd had a connection with his father his whole life, and now he thought he'd found his father. She knew Finn would be upset if his dad really was dead. "We'll figure out if that really was him," Rachel said, giving Finn a hug. "I promise."

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