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Chapter 30: Finchel Babies

"I'm going to miss living in this apartment," Rachel sighed as she looked around. She and Finn were moving out of the three-bedroom apartment they'd shared for the past three years with Kurt, Blaine and Santana and moving into a two-bedroom apartment down the hall. They knew that once the babies got here, everyone else would have trouble sleeping if they were in the same apartment with the babies. Plus, they wanted the babies to have their own bedroom.

It didn't mean they wouldn't miss sharing an apartment with their friends. The five of them had been through a lot by living together since the days of living in the loft. They'd grown closer than ever before.

"Hey, this means I'll get my own bedroom again," Santana said. After classes had gotten out, Kitty had moved into the two bedroom apartment and was sharing a room with Artie, while Sam and Mercedes shared the bedroom Mercedes and Tina used to share. Tina had moved into the three bedroom apartment and was sharing a room with Santana. "Though I will miss having to pay less rent."

"That's what you think of us moving out?" Rachel asked.

"I am going to miss having you around," Santana admitted.

"We'll be down the hall though," Rachel said. "And at least you won't have to deal with crying babies at night."

"Yes, that's a good thing," Santana said. "I'm going to be the godmother, right?"

"You're my closest female friend, of course you're going to be a godmother," Rachel said. "Remember when the idea of me saying that was a crazy idea?"

"Of course," Santana said.

Finn, Kurt and Blaine came back into the apartment. "We got everything moved over," Finn said.

"Good," Rachel said. "I'm sorry I couldn't be more help..."

"We don't want to hurt my niece and nephew," Kurt said.

"And my godson and goddaughter," Santana said.

"You told her?" Finn asked.

"Sorry, I'd forgotten we were going to make it a surprise," Rachel said. "To be fair, she asked."

"Yeah, you are one of the godmothers," Finn said before turning to Kurt and Blaine. "And of course you two are the godfathers."

"Good," Kurt said. "Because I'm going to spoil the heck out of these two."

"Is your sister the other godmother?" Blaine asked Rachel.

"She is," Rachel said. "I'm not sure how we'll divide it up yet though."

"You know all four of us will spoil them, along with their other aunts and uncles," Blaine said.

"The girls and I want to help set up the nursery, since Rachel needs to rest and Finn probably won't be any help," Kurt said.

"Yeah, I don't think I will be," Finn admitted.

"Well, I trust you guys," Rachel said. "I just can't believe they're almost here."


It was definitely different having a new apartment.

Finn and Rachel had agreed that it would be easier on everyone if they got their own apartment after the babies were born, but it was different to not live with their brothers-in-law and one of their best friends. It was only the first night, but already things felt quiet. "Tina's dream of living with Blaine came true a few years late," Rachel said, breaking the silence.

"Yeah," Finn said. "I am just glad we still live close to everyone." They were close to the three bedroom apartment now occupied by Kurt, Blaine, Santana and Tina, and the original two bedroom apartment that now had Artie and Kitty in one room and Sam and Mercedes in the other was on this floor as well. Ryder and Marley had also managed to get a two bedroom apartment that they were sharing with Josh and Caitlin on the same floor.

"Me too," Rachel said. "Of course, once they're older we'll probably need another three bedroom one... having an older guy and an older girl in the same room would be a bit awkward."

"That is true," Finn said. "How are they today?"

"They're moving around a lot," Rachel said. "It shouldn't be too much longer."


Rachel sat at home watching TV a few days later while Finn was at the diner. It was too exhausting to move around so much this far in her pregnancy, but luckily the diner had been understanding. Suddenly, she felt a big gush of water coming out of her body, knowing what that could mean. She wished so much that Finn was home right now, but reached for her phone and dialed the diner's number. "Please let him be there, please let him be there," Rachel mumbled.

One of the managers answered the phone, and Rachel blurted out, "I need to talk to Finn!"

"Rachel?" the manager asked.

"Yeah, this is Rachel," Rachel said. "I need to talk to Finn."

"I'll get him for you," the manager said.

Finn picked up the phone. "Baby, are you okay?"

"Finn, my water broke," Rachel said.

"Oh no," Finn said. "While I'm here and you're at home?"

"Yeah," Rachel said. The contractions were getting stronger and it was hurting. She wanted her husband. "Finn, can you get home?"

"You've got to get to the hospital babe," Finn said. "See if you can get your mom or one of our friends to take you and I'll meet you there, okay?"

"I want you, Finn," Rachel moaned as she felt another contraction.

"I'll be there," Finn said. "But you can't wait for me to get home to get to the hospital. You need to get there right away. I'll be there, I promise."

"Okay," Rachel sighed. "I love you."

"I love you too," Finn said. "I can't wait to meet our babies."

"Me either," Rachel said as she hung up the phone with Finn and called her mom. Luckily, Shelby picked up right away. "Mom, can you get to my apartment?"

"Of course, what's up?" Shelby asked.

"I'm in labor and Finn's at work," Rachel said as she felt another contraction. "Do you think you could get someone to watch Beth?

"I'll be right there," Shelby said. "Just sit tight. Kylie can wait with Beth at the townhouse." (Kylie was spending the summer at Shelby's townhouse so she could get used to New York before school started.)

"Thanks Mom," Rachel said. She picked up the phone and called her dads' phone number. When Hiram picked up the phone, Rachel just jumped right to it. "The babies are coming."

"They're coming?" Hiram asked.

"Yeah," Rachel said, shrieking in pain as she felt another contraction.

"Are you okay?" Hiram asked.

"I just need to get to the hospital," Rachel said. "My mom's on her way here."

"Your dad and I are going to get there to wait," Hiram said.

"It could be hours," Rachel said.

"We want to meet our grandson and granddaughter," Hiram said.

"Well, okay," Rachel said. She considered texting her friends to tell them that the babies were coming, but she didn't want things to be too overwhelming.

She'd been waiting for months for this day and now it was here. She had to admit, she was afraid. She'd been to parenting and childbirth classes, but at the same time, she had no idea what type of mother she would be.

Rachel heard a knock on her door and she hobbled to the door, where Shelby was waiting. "You ready to go?"

"Mom, I want Finn," Rachel said.

"He'll be there," Shelby said. "I know he will. By the way, your sisters are very impatient for the arrival of their niece and nephew."

"Well, you can call them as soon as they arrive," Rachel said as Shelby began helping her to the car.

"Mom, it hurts," Rachel said.

"I know it does," Shelby said. "I did this twice, remember?"

"Yeah," Rachel said. "I just need to get to the hospital..."

"Let's go," Shelby said.


Finn sat in the hospital waiting room, waiting for Shelby to arrive with Rachel. His supervisor at the diner had let him leave right away, which was a big relief. He felt horrible that he wasn't there when Rachel's water had broken. He was thankful that Rachel's mom had been there for her, but at the same time, he just wished he could have been there from the beginning.

Finn watched as Rachel was wheeled in by Shelby. "Rach," Finn said, running over to his wife and giving her a hug.

"Baby," Rachel said, hugging Finn tight.

"Are you okay?" Finn asked.

"It really hurts," Rachel moaned.

"I'm sorry," Finn said.

"We need to get her to the delivery room," the doctor said.

"I'll be down here in the waiting room," Shelby told Rachel.

"I want an epidural!" Rachel said.

"We can get you one," the doctor said. "Come on, let's get to the delivery room."

Finn wheeled Rachel's wheelchair into the delivery room. This was it. The babies were going to be here.


It had been a few hours. Rachel still wasn't fully dilated. Finn felt horrible seeing Rachel in so much pain. He wanted the babies here so he could be with them, but he also wanted Rachel out of pain. She was crying in pain. Finn had done his best to calm her, but he'd heard that childbirth could be the most painful thing that one could go through. Luckily, the doctor had just given Rachel an epidural, and Rachel seemed more relaxed.

"You're going to be okay," Finn said.

"I'm sorry for all the crying," Rachel said.

"Hey, there's going to be a lot of that in the next few months," Finn said.

"That's true," Rachel said. "I'm so glad they let you leave work..."

Finn took Rachel's hand. "I would have left even if they told me not to. I want to be here for you and our little ones."

The doctor looked up at Finn and Rachel. "Rachel, I have some good news. Your cervix is fully dilated, so on the next contraction, you can push."

Finn felt himself getting worried about Rachel. She was going to be pushing two things the size of a soccer ball out of something the size of a golf ball while having her stomach ripped apart.

"Oh my God," Rachel gasped.

"It'll be okay," the doctor said. "Now that she's had the epidural, it should be easier."

"I don't want to die," Rachel moaned.

Finn had to smile at Rachel's dramatic comment. "You're not going to die."

"Okay Rachel," the doctor said. "When you feel the next contraction, I want you to push."


It was time for the pushing. Rachel felt her nerves acting up, but at the same time, she wanted her babies to be here.

Rachel felt a contraction and pushed. It wasn't as bad as she thought it would be, but it was still worse than anything she'd ever felt. She continued pushing in contractions, but she felt like all her energy was gone. "Can't we just do a c-section?" Rachel asked.

"You're too far dilated to do a c-section," the doctor said. "If you want, you can take a break."

Rachel turned to Finn. "Next time, we're doing a c-section."

"You're already planning our next one?" Finn asked, grinning.

"You know me," Rachel said.

The doctor looked down. "I have some good news. On the next contraction, you can do the big push."

"The big push?" Rachel asked. "So you mean one of the babies is going to come out?"

"Yeah," the doctor said. "One of them is coming out."

"Wow," Rachel said. "Wonder if it's our son or our daughter?" Then she felt a contraction. "I guess we're about to find out..." She pushed as hard as she could while squeezing Finn's hand before falling backwards, hearing a cry.

"Wow," Finn said, looking down and then at Rachel. "Our little boy is here. He looks so much like me..."

"Our son?" Rachel asked. She and Finn had a son.

"He's here," Finn said.

"Can I see him?" Rachel asked.

"Of course," Finn said. He moved close to Rachel and gave her a big hug. "He's so perfect... I'm so proud of you, Rachel."

"I couldn't have done it without you," Rachel said, hugging Finn close.

The doctor came over with the baby. "Here's your son."

Rachel looked down at the baby boy. "Hi," she said softly. "Hi Ryan. I'm your mommy, and this is your daddy. We're going to love you and your sister forever." She looked at Finn, in awe of the little person they'd created together. "You were right, he's perfect."

"He is," Finn said.

"He looks so much like you," Rachel said.

"He's got your eyes though," Finn said. "Hey little guy. This is your mommy. She's the most amazing person ever..."

"No, your daddy is," Rachel said as she kissed Finn.

"I love you guys so much," Finn said, kissing Rachel and their son. "I'm going to do everything I can for you two and our daughter forever..."

"Speaking of your daughter, don't forget about her," the doctor said. "She's ready to get out when the contractions start."

"Yeah," Rachel said. As much as she loved being with Finn and Ryan, she wanted their daughter to be here, too. Luckily, this time the pushes didn't feel as painful. Maybe because she'd been through it before. Once again, Rachel felt overwhelmed when she heard her daughter's first cry.

"We've got them both now," Finn said, smiling at Rachel.

"Yeah, we do," Rachel said as she squeezed Finn's hand, looking over at Finn holding Ryan.

"She's so beautiful," Finn told Rachel.

"I'm jealous you got to see them both before I did," Rachel giggled.

"Hey, don't worry," Finn said as the doctor came over.

"Is your son ready to meet his sister?" the doctor asked, coming over.

"Yes!" Rachel said. "And so are we."

The doctor handed the baby girl to Rachel. "Hi Emma," Rachel said softly. "I'm your mommy, and that's your daddy and your brother. We love you guys so much and we're so glad you're finally here..."

"She looks so much like you, but with my nose," Finn said.

"Well, I can be thankful they both have your nose," Rachel said. "It is nice how she looks like me and he looks like you, but he has my eyes and she has your nose, so they both have something from both of us."

"Yeah," Finn agreed. "Aren't they perfect?"

"They are," Rachel said. "I didn't know it was possible to be this happy."

"Me either," Finn said. "I love them so much..."

"Me too," Rachel said. "And I love you."

"You two have a lot of people waiting in the waiting room, so let us know when you're ready," the doctor said.

"I just want time with Rachel and our children for a little," Finn said.

"Yeah, that sounds good," Rachel said. She couldn't believe how much she loved these children or how happy she was.


After some time, Finn and Rachel decided they wanted their family members to come in and meet the kids. He knew Rachel's parents were waiting, so he asked for the doctor to get them, and to his surprise, Burt and Carole came in with Hiram, LeRoy and Shelby. "You guys are here?" Finn asked.

"DC's a very short drive away," Carole said. "We had to meet our grandchildren." She looked at the babies. "Oh my gosh, they are so perfect."

"They are, aren't they?" Rachel asked.

"He looks so much like Finn when he was a baby," Carole said.

"And she looks so much like Rachel did," Hiram added.

"We noticed that, too," Rachel pointed out.

"How was birth?" Shelby asked.

"I've decided I'm getting a c-section next time," Rachel laughed.

"You two are are already making plans for the next one?" LeRoy asked.

"When these guys are a little older," Finn said. He was holding his son right now and didn't want to let go. He looked over at Rachel, who was holding their daughter. "It's been a while, want to switch?"

"Yeah," Rachel said as she and Finn switched the babies around.

"Don't forget to let us hold them," Burt said.

"You'll get to, don't worry," Finn said. "See guys, these are your grandmas and grandpas. They showed Mommy and Daddy how to be parents. I don't know if we can be as amazing as they were, but we can try."

"You two will be the best parents ever," Carole said.

"You think so?" Finn asked.

"I know so," Burt said. "You two are complete naturals with them."

"Thanks," Rachel said.


The grandparents couldn't get enough of the babies, but the hospital room was small, Finn and Rachel eventually had to ask them to leave so the babies could meet their aunts and uncles. Kurt, Blaine, Kylie and Beth came into the room. "I want to see the babies!" Beth declared.

"Well, they're right here," Rachel said, smiling.

"Oh my God," Kurt said, looking at the babies. "They are so perfect!"

"They are, aren't they?" Finn asked. "Want to hold your goddaughter?"

"Yeah!" Kurt said, taking Emma out of Finn's arms. "Hi Emma. I'm your Uncle Kurt. I'm going to be the one to pick out all your clothes, since your mommy can't be trusted with that..."

"Kurt!" Rachel laughed. She looked at Blaine. "Do you want to hold your godson?"

"I'm his godfather?" Blaine asked.

"We told you you'd be a godfather, didn't we?" Finn asked.

"Yeah, of course I do," Blaine said as Rachel handed Ryan to him. "Hi Ryan. I'm your Uncle Blaine. Your Uncle Kurt was talking about how he'll take your sister shopping, well, you're going to be going to football games and playing xbox and watching Star Wars with me and your daddy and Uncle Sam and Uncle Artie and Uncle Ryder..."

"Well, you two aren't even the parents and you have plans for them," Rachel laughed. "But seriously, you two will be really good uncles." She turned to Kylie. "If Kurt will ever let her go, I want you to get to hold your goddaughter."

"My goddaughter?" Kylie asked.

"I knew I wanted my sister to be my daughter's godmother," Rachel said.

Kurt looked over. "I'll let your Aunt Kylie hold you."

Kylie smiled as she took Emma. "So, Emma, I'm your Aunt Kylie, and I am going to spoil the heck out of you and Ryan..."

"Can I hold one of the babies?" Beth asked.

"Yeah, of course," Finn said. He took Ryan from Blaine and helped Beth hold him.

"He's so cute!" Beth declared.

"He is, isn't he?" Finn asked.

"Who's his godmother?" Kylie asked.

"Santana," Finn said.

"Finn, Rachel," the doctor said, interrupting Finn's thoughts. "I understand this is the time for the siblings to meet them, so..." He stepped aside, where Finn saw Jason, Nathan and Riley.

Finn felt so happy that his siblings were here. "Hey guys."

"Sorry we're kind of late," Jason said. "Kurt called us and we got up here as soon as we could..."

"I'm so glad you're here," Finn said.

"They're so cute, Finn!" Riley said, looking at the babies.

"Everyone keeps saying that," Finn admitted. "Guys, this is your Uncle Jason, and your Uncle Nathan, and your Aunt Riley."

"It means a lot to us that you're here," Rachel said.

"We weren't going to miss this," Nathan said as Finn smiled at all three of them. Even if his biological father didn't want a relationship with him, he'd formed a bond with his siblings, he could tell they'd have a bond with his kids, and that was good enough for him.


Like with the grandparents, it was hard to get the aunts and uncles out of the delivery room, but there was another group of people who had to meet the babies - the honorary aunts and uncles. Finn and Rachel were both pretty tired by now, but they knew that their kids were so loved and needed to meet their parents' friends. They'd sent photos of the babies to the alumni from outside New York, but they knew the others needed to meet the babies today.

"Okay, since I'm his godfather, I get to hold him first," Santana said as she came into the room.

"Of course you can," Rachel said, handing Ryan to Santana.

"Hey Ryan," Santana said. "I'm your Aunt Santana, and I'm going to teach you and Emma how to kick ass and go all Lima Heights on everyone..."

"Oh gosh," Kitty said. "Well, at least you two know that you've got some ass kickers in training. I'm glad they waited until after the honeymoon to get here."

"Oh, me too," Rachel said.

"They are so perfect," Marley said, picking up Emma out of Finn's arms. "Maybe if they can walk by then, they can be the flower girl and ring bearer in our wedding."

"I bet they'd like that," Finn said.

"How bad was giving birth?" Tina asked Rachel.

"It wasn't as bad as I want, but I want a c-section next time," Rachel said.

"And next time I get to be a godfather, right?" Sam asked Finn.

"Yeah," Finn said, smiling at his friend. "But you guys are all honorary godparents and aunts and uncles for these guys."

"Good," Artie said. "Because you know I'll be documenting their childhoods."

"That's great," Rachel said. "And seriously guys, thanks for sticking around and waiting so long."

"We weren't going to miss meeting them," said Mercedes, who was now holding Ryan.

"Yeah," Ryder added, taking Emma from his fiance's arms. "You two are going to be great parents."

"We'll do our best," Finn said.

"No, you will," Sam said. "And we all know it."

"You guys are going to be amazing aunts and uncles, too," Rachel said, smiling over at Finn.

Neither of them could believe their babies were actually here. Their babies were more perfect than they could have imagined and it was so nice that everyone agreed. It felt so good to know that their children were so loved by so many. But they both knew no one loved their children more than they did. Whatever was in Ryan and Emma's future or in Finn and Rachel's future, Finn and Rachel knew it would be amazing because the four of them would go through it together.