Dragon and Sword Master: Alright, this little thing was bugging me for the last couple of days while I was writing for a new RWBY story and wouldn't let me go. Heard this song on the radio one day going into work, and I instantly thought of Blake. Debated between a Checkmate and Bumblebee pairing for a while, but the song is more appropriate for a game of chess instead of an insect me thinks.

What we Have is Not Always Treasured

"How…how could you hide something like that from me?! From us?" Weiss asked angrily as she stared at her girlfriend with rage filling her light-blue eyes. Blake Belladonna, the person who had been able to warm her way into Weiss's heart, had her bow down for the first time in forever…and the two black cat ears on top of her head showed that she was a Faunus. The same type of creature that she was conditioned to hate with all her being, especially with the White Fang who were constantly attacking their supplies.

"Weiss, I can—" Blake started to say before having the business end of Weiss's Multi-Action Dust Rapier (MADR) otherwise simply known as Myrtenaster, pointing right in her face.

"No. Stay away from me you filthy faunus," Weiss said angrily before sheathing Myrtenaster and storming out the door, not seeing Blake look down in sadness, nor her ears droop as well. The Schnee heiress didn't even want to hear Blake's response as to why she hid her Faunus heritage for so long.

"Weiss, wait!" Ruby started to say, getting up and trying to head off towards her partner.

"Sis, let her go, Ice Princess will just lash out at you if you do," Yang stated as she looked at her partner. "And while I do hate saying that I agree with your girlfriend Blake…I'm sure you had a good reason for hiding it. Would you mind telling us?" the blonde bombshell asked before Blake sighed lightly. 'This wouldn't be happening if I didn't meet Sun Wukong...' she thought before composing herself, wiping the tears from her eyes.

"That reason right there…is why I hid my status as a faunus, not just from her but from the general population. I should have told her sooner…I should have told all of you," she said before muttering the last part. "It's not wrong…for me to want to get past this…with Weiss?" she asked after a few moments. Yang got up from the bed that she was sitting on and moved over to hug the girl.

"It's not wrong Blake-y, but do expect a bit of a cold shoulder from her…and for once, that pun was not intended," Yang said, causing both Ruby and Blake to sigh lightly at the scene before getting up to console the kitten, mentally laughing as Blake started purring softly as the warm and safe Aura fell around her.

"Yaaang," Ruby said with a light sigh as she just shook her head. This was her sister she was talking to, someone that wouldn't change who she was no matter what happened. Seeing that Yang had Blake covered, Ruby softly and silently left the room, intent on looking for her partner, despite what her sister said.

We all want what we ain't got,
Our favorite doors are always locked.
On a higher hill with a taller top,
We all want what we ain't got.

"Weiss, wait!" Ruby shouted as she saw the white hair of her partner heading towards the library. She could have sped past her in an attempt to bar her path, but the leader of Team RWBY had a feeling that would only make the heiress angrier. Seeing her partner stop, Ruby put on the brakes and came to a leisurely walk alongside her partner.


"Nope, not gonna happen!" Ruby replied, popping the 'p' in her response. "You really hurt Blake back there yo-"

"I don't care," Weiss responded as she continued to the training area, somewhere she could be away from her partner. Either that or the library, whichever place would stop Ruby from following her. Of course, this was Ruby Rose…one of the few people who wouldn't stop until the problem was resolved.

"How can you not care? So she has a few extra limbs, that doesn't stop her from being Blake Belladonna, right?" Ruby asked, causing Weiss to sigh lightly.

"Ruby, you enjoy your cookies, right?"

"Yeah, but how—"

"Now think if you've had chocolate chip cookies all your life. And they taste a certain way. Now you find out the favorite company that have made these cookies for years stopped making them. How would you feel?"

"I'd be annoyed for a little bit, but Weiss, I like all types of sweets. It's why I like strawberries as well as cookies! I don't know how your scenario is the same as attacking Blake," Ruby said, confused as to what her partner was getting at.

"Y-you, gah! Just stay away from me Ruby Rose! I don't want you or anyone else from Team RWBY in my sight right now!" she yelled at the girl in red, immediately wishing she could take that back. She didn't mean not wanting to see anyone, she just didn't want to see her girlfriend right now…maybe her ex-girlfriend now; it was one of the few things she was going to think about…as soon as she got some alone time. "Wait, Ruby…I" she started to say, only to see a small amount of rose petals where her partner was just a few seconds before. Annoyed at Blake, at herself, at Blake being a Faunus, annoyed at everything really, she opened up her scroll before activating the map feature and looking for the closest training facility.

Finding it, she placed it back in her pocket, "Guess I got the peace and quiet I wanted…" she muttered as she headed towards it, not realizing that it was already occupied by someone. Heading inside, she saw the crimson hair of Pyrrha Nikos going through some katas.

"Weiss?" the Spartan-themed girl asked, curious as to why she was there.

We ain't happy where we are,
There's greener grass in the neighbor's yard.
A bigger house and a faster car,
We ain't happy where we are.

Weiss looked down at her scroll once it beeped, indicating that not only was she low on Aura at the moment, but also that she had a text message coming in. Seeing that it was from the blonde brute of the team, Weiss mentally winced, knowing that this wasn't going to be pretty. Sighing lightly, she opened the message, already expecting the worst and figured that it would be better to just bite the bullet and get it over with.

"Weiss…after seeing what you did to my sister and to your girlfriend, at the moment, don't come back to the dorm. You won't be welcomed here if you get here before we lock the door, and I've programmed the door not to recognize your scroll if you get here after. Princess, you screwed up. Big time. Until your attitude changes, you've been banned from the dorm. When you think you're ready…text me. Not your girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend, not my sister, me." After that, Weiss frowned lightly.

"Guess I deserved that…" she muttered to herself with a light sigh.

"Deserve what?" Pyrrha asked after toweling herself off. Seeing the heiress frown lightly, she headed over to Weiss, interested in what caused her to do that. Once within hearing distance, she heard Weiss mutter that she deserved that and couldn't help the question coming out. "Sorry, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

"Well…it's a little personal. I found out something about Blake that I wasn't expecting and overreacted. Yang texted me saying that it would be better if I find a different place of lodging for a few nights…" Weiss admitted, a little embarrassed that she was telling her idol all of this.

"I'll have to talk to Jaune, but I don't think he'll mind if you bunk with us for a little while. Come on, let's go back to the dorm. I'm sure I can talk to Yang for you if you want?" she asked, offering her services as a mediator, even if she knew that her leader's crush would be sharing the room with them.

"I'd…I'd like that," the heiress admitted softly, not use to having to rely on anyone else. Though she didn't realize that seeing Blake would reignite the feelings that she tried to force away back into the forefront. Though seeing Yang helping her also made Weiss wonder…did Blake already move on? She thought…which caused a spike of pain to go through her heart.

Why…does thinking that…hurt so much? She asked herself, especially when she saw Yang so close to Blake.

All I want is what I had,
I'd trade it all just to get her back.
She's moving on, but I guess I'm not,
Yeah, we all want what we ain't got.

A Few Days Later

Weiss had calmed down enough over the last couple of days, enough where she thought that she could live with Blake being a faunus. She wasn't sure if they could get back together, and honestly, she wasn't sure if she deserved the, now-discovered, cat girl's heart after the way she overreacted that day. Though it was hard to see Blake and Yang so together now…maybe it was for the best. However, it was hard to even see her partner look at her with a look of disappointment…at least in the beginning. Then she turned back to her usual self.

'That Dolt' Weiss thought to herself lightly before shaking her head and heading into class and sat near her teammates, but didn't say anything to them…not yet anyways. After class though, she would have to talk to Yang. 'That's going to be fun' she thought sarcastically before Professor Port walked into the classroom and started his lecture.

After Class

"Yang can I talk to you? Alone?" Weiss asked, hating how weak she sounded by asking the blonde brute that particular question, but she wanted to patch things up between herself and her team. That, and she wanted to make sure Yang was treating Blake okay. Even if the cat faunus never thought of her in that way again, at least she could look out for Blake all the same.

"Sure. Rubes, Blake-y, I'll meet back up with you later?" She asked, getting a nod from the both of them. After Team Ladybug had left, Yang turned towards Weiss with her hands on her hips. "Follow me," was all that she said before turning around and leaving the classroom, Weiss quickly following after the brute that was her partner's older sister. A few minutes later, Weiss stood out in front of the empty classroom, psyching herself up before entering.

Weiss had thought about this for a while and knew she was going to have to swallow her pride. It was going to hurt, to have to do such a thing, but some sacrifices had to be made, especially now. Turning to lock the door behind her and start the conversation, she knew this was going to be hard…especially for her.

"Weiss Schnee, are you stalling?" Yang asked, getting Weiss to scowl lightly at the door.

"Listen here you brute…sorry, I didn't mean that. Well…actually, I kinda…sorta did? Anyways, that isn't important. This is hard for me…I've never actually apologized for anything to tell you the truth," she started to say after turning to meet Yang face to face. However, said blonde interrupted her with a 'There's a first time for everything,' causing the heiress to give her a glare that promised death. "Will you let me finish?! I shouldn't have let my prejudice against faunus affect my relationship with Blake, it was…it was just quite a shock, you know? And when the only faunus you've dealt with your whole life is the White Fang, well…" at that, she dropped the sentence, not needing to complete the underlying message.

"Okay, so that explains why you lashed out at Blake-y, though you still have to apologize to her. Now then, why did you lash out at my sister? Rubes was only trying to help you know." Weiss sighed at that, "I know…and I really shouldn't have lashed out at the dolt like that. It's just…with everything that happened, I just needed some time to think things through. And there was Ruby trying to be helpful when she was only making it worse. It's just…"

"Just that she can be a little overbearing?" Yang asked, getting a nod from the white-haired heiress and responded with a soft sigh. "Sometimes she doesn't think things through all the way, but she does mean well. Now then…do you have anything else you want to talk about before coming back to the dorm?"

"Well there is one thing…"

We all wish it didn't hurt,
When you try your best and it doesn't work.
And goodbye's such a painful word,
We all wish it didn't hurt.

Yang stopped laughing, finally getting it under control. "You…really thought…"

"Shut up, it's not funny!" Weiss said with a light blush. "What do you expect me to think after all that happened between the four of us and between me and Blake?" She asked as she tried getting herself back together and glaring at the blonde.

"It actually is Queenie," she said with a smirk before dodging a shot of ice. "Hey, if anyone here, it's you that needs to 'cool' down," she said dodging another blast of frigid air with a smirk on her face. "Hey now…this is a classroom…how are we going to explain the damages?" she asked, finally getting Weiss to stop firing ice-powered Dust. "Now was that so bad Queenie?" She asked, causing Weiss to growl before smirking.

"You know…I know where you sleep."

"Yeah? So do I. Besides, you couldn't prank me to save your life."

"True, you do. But your semblance isn't glyphs. Glyphs can do a lot of things…" Weiss said with an uncharacteristic smirk on her face. And since they were done with the conversation, she now needed to talk to Pyrrha and thank Team JNPR for letting her bunk there for the last couple of nights, leaving Yang to her thoughts…and her jaw unhinged.

"Wait…did she just prank me?" She asked after she got her thoughts together, but by then, Weiss was long gone. Shaking her head lightly at the unheard threat, Yang Xiao Long made her way back towards the dorm room that she shared with her teammates. Heading inside, she saw Ruby look up from the textbook that she was reading, and Blake…nowhere in sight. "Hey Rubes, where'd the kitty go?" she asked, curiously.

"Blake said she was going down to the docks, to see if any other competition came in. Honestly though…I think she's trying to avoid Weiss," Ruby replied after turning around and looking at her sister. "I mean with the whole reaction and then giving her dirty looks the past couple of days, I honestly don't blame her," she said with a soft sigh.

"Well, I do have some good news about that. Weiss wants to apologize to the both of you. And no, hell hasn't frozen over yet." Yang said with a grin, causing Ruby to giggle before shaking her head.

"And with the amount of puns you use, even if it did freeze, you'll warm it up when you get there."

"Hey!" Yang replied before the sisters started laughing. And this was the scene that Weiss had walked into, carrying a small suitcase with her glyph carrying another two behind her. Staring at the two sisters, the heiress shook her head before noticing that Blake wasn't there and asked where she went. After hearing that she was at the docks, Weiss bid the two good-bye as she quickly headed towards her next destination.

On the way there, Weiss sighed as she watched the people of Vale set up for the Vytal Festival while also hearing about how some more Dust Stores getting robbed. Hearing that, Weiss couldn't help the scowl that formed upon her face. Especially since it was her family's Dust that was being stolen for whatever purpose. It could have been the White Fang, but Ruby did tell them all about her encounter with Roman Torchwick…so maybe he was the culprit? Only time would tell it seemed. Finally reaching her destination of the docks, she was surprised to see that there were still more people coming in for the tournament.

Spotting the cat faunus, she made her way over to Blake slowly, already having a feeling that Blake had noticed her the moment that she appeared on the docks. Moving closer to her, Weiss mentally sighed as she saw Blake tense, as if she was expecting another argument/confrontation. Knowing that she sort of deserved that, she bucked up and headed towards her, albeit at a meandering pace.

"Mind if I sit here?" she asked softly once she was within hearing distance. "If you don't want me to, I understand. I just…I want to apologize. I didn't mean to overreact the way that I did. It's not much of an excuse, but I do have a reason for my actions…" she said before faltering lightly. Blake was a faunus after all. What if…what if she approved of what the White Fang were doing to her company?

"I know. But you're not the only person that was attacked by the White Fang," Blake responded emotionlessly. "And you can sit down, I'm not going to bite…unless you ask that is."

"You've been hanging around Yang too much Blake Belladonna," she said with a light tease, causing Blake to scowl.

"And whose fault is that?" Blake snapped back, wincing lightly as soon as it exited her mouth. She didn't mean to say something so nasty, especially after Weiss just apologized…and now here she was giving the person she loved a verbal lashing.

"…Alright, I guess I deserved that," Weiss said after a few seconds. She had to bite her tongue from retorting quickly and in anger before sighing lightly. Looking around, she nodded to herself before opening her mouth again. "Blake…if you want…I can create some privacy for the two of us? I…I want to get over the shock…please?" she asked, hating how it sounded more like a plea instead of a request.

Blake stared at Weiss for a few seconds, mentally weighing her options before slowly nodding. If Weiss was willing to do this much, then she could give it a shot, right? What could possibly go wrong...?

All I want is what I had,
I'd trade it all just to get her back.
She's moving on, but I guess I'm not.
Yeah, we all want what we ain't got.

As Blake was thinking that, a wolf faunus by the name of Calypso smirked as she watched the two girls interact. Unlike her other brothers and sisters in the White Fang who only knew Blake Belladonna as 'the traitor'; Calypso knew the cat personally…and was forced to take the punishments for desertion and betrayal in Blake's place. That was the final nail in the coffin for the brunette and turned her friendship to Blake into utter loathing.

"Well well well…look what we have here, a Black Cat and her Schnee," the wolfess said with a scowl.

"Cal?" Blake asked in surprise before seeing the anger in her eyes and instantly knew that something was wrong.

"You of all people don't get to call me that! You left me there and when Adam returned, he quickly punished me for your crimes Belladonna!" She shouted before drawing her twin katanas, instantly going in for the quick kill. If she brought back the corpse of the traitor and a Schnee…she knew she would be rewarded.

With Ruby and Yang

"They've been gone quite a while, haven't they?" Ruby asked as she stared at the door, then the clock and finally Blake's bed. It had been four hours since Blake left, and two hours since Weiss left looking for her. To be honest, she was getting worried.

"Don't be like that Sis. Tell you what, why don't you go start looking for them, and if you don't find them within an hour, I'll help you search. Though you should start at the docks, since that's where Blake said she was going.

"True. I just hope they're okay," she said before activating her semblance and rushing out the door. If only her wish hadn't fallen on deaf ears…then maybe what would happen next wouldn't seem so bad.

With Blake and Weiss

Blake dodged the wild swing before countering with Gambol Shroud, using her strength to deadlock the two blades in a test of strength. Seeing Weiss speeding towards Calypso, she bit back the retort on her tongue saying that this was her fight. Even back then, most of the time when they sparred it usually ended with either one of them barely winning or in a draw. Using her second katana to block Weiss's rapier, she scowled at her former friend. "What's this, resorting to have a Schnee fight your battles for you Blake? What happened to the person that was once second-in-command?!" she shouted causing Weiss to gasp lightly in surprise.

Blake cringed lightly as that piece of information was let out, knowing that Weiss would hate her all over again because of it, not that she could blame the girl. She had hidden her faunus status, why not her White Fang status as well? But that argument would have to come later, right now the two of them had a fight on their hands. "That person died when the White Fang started terrorizing innocents for no damn reason! I became a huntress to repent for my crimes," she shouted back before unsheathing the blade within and quickly transforming it into its gun mode, trying to catch the wolf off guard. Seeing the action, Calypso quickly jumped back, allowing the girls to catch a quick breath.

"You realize-"

"I know Princess…hopefully I still have the right to use that?"

"You do, but only because you gave the White Fang up for the right reasons. I still want to hear the full story though," Weiss responded, surprising Blake. Here the cat girl thought the heiress would be mad at her all over again, but apparently she wasn't. "Now then, why is she here?" Weiss asked; however, she wasn't able to get an answer as the wolf charged back in for round two. As they fought, both members of the Checkmate duo kept their senses open, not only to watch for the wolf faunus but also to get any clues as to why she was here.

After a second trade-off, all three members of the fight were covered in various scratches, some superficial while others were bleeding lightly. Calypso had more than both Weiss and Blake combined, but that was only because the two were working in tandem with each other; when one would block her blades, the other was scoring a hit. Growling lightly, the wolf girl jumped back before activating her Semblance, Duplicate. Similar to Blake's Shadow Semblance, Duplicate was able to make only one clone, but unlike Blake's semblance, her clone could take hits and dish them back out, but it only had half the power of Calypso herself.

"Weiss, be careful. Those aren't like my Shadows," Blake said as she held both parts of her weapon within her hands. Things were just about to get interesting…

With Ruby

Ruby was perched on top of one of the canisters, staring through the scope of her High Caliber Sniper Scope (HCSS) Crescent Rose. When she arrived at the docks, she overheard the voice of one Roman Torchwick and something along the lines of 'be careful with those crates!' which caused the girl to be where she was right now. If there was one thing that was drilled into her brain during classes, it was this: Do not go into a fight without knowing what was going on. Hearing an explosion in the distance, Ruby instantly turned and focused her sights on that spot before seeing a few members of the White Fang head off in that direction.

'What are they doing here?' Ruby thought as she followed their progress through to where the explosion was just a few seconds before. Unable to get a good vantage point, she took her eye from the scope and picked up her weapon before heading towards the new location. Once there, she was surprised to see that Blake and Weiss were fighting someone that she didn't know; there was also the white fang members that were coming towards them as well. Checking her surroundings first, Ruby figured she was hidden well enough before taking her position as sniper once again and quickly fired a shot at one of the wolf fauni hitting it square in the chest. However, instead of seeing blood, she saw the wolf shimmer for a few seconds before disappearing altogether.

Unable to line up another shot at the second wolf, Ruby focused her sights on the three armed members of the White Fang. She just hoped that she would be able to keep them at bay or take them out without drawing too much more attention to herself, quickly moving to another location, just in case.

With Yang

Yang waited the hour that she promised her sister and leader by doing a little bit of homework, which then turned into stretching, and then doing a few phantom punches. The buxom blonde of Team RWBY wasn't only worried, she was anxious. Some of her contacts had warned her about something going on around the docks sometime this week. She didn't want to bring it up to Blake since she didn't exactly know when it was going to happen, and the fact that it had to deal with the White Fang. Blake had asked Yang for advice during the week that Weiss was "exiled" from the room about it, and Yang suggested to talk to the girl about it and hope for the best. She had already let one secret out, what was another?

Sighing lightly, she checked the time once again before heading out, the keys of her motorcycle in her hand. She wanted to get there as soon as possible…especially since she had such a bad feeling about all of this. Getting to her motorcycle, she quickly placed the keys into the ignition before heading off into the night. She just hoped that whatever the reason was, that she would get there in time.

Hearing gunfire as she got to the docks, she scowled before getting off her Bumblebee and activated her wrist gauntlets. Glancing upwards, she quickly saw a spot of red and jumped towards it. A few seconds later she was next to her sister. Before Ruby could turn and shoot, the words 'Burning Flash' came out of Yang's mouth. After that, Yang asked what was going on.

"Checkmate is facing a Wolf faunus from White Fang, if the mask is to go by anything. It's been four minutes but she hasn't created another clone, so I think that's a negative side effect to her semblance. There's also other members doing something, but I haven't seen it yet, though I have been scoping for them. You can check it out if you want, the three I shot at came from that area," she said before pointing towards the left. Besides the three that came to investigate the initial fighting, a total of ten members had come to investigate, each being taken out by a bullet to the knee or incapacitated in some shape or form.

"Alright, will do Sis. Stay safe," Yang said before heading off in the location that Ruby pointed towards. Not only was she going to see what was going on, but also to stop whatever the White Fang was trying to do. As Yang sped off into the distance, she trained her sight back onto Weiss and Blake's opponent, hoping to get a kill shot in so that the three of them could find out what was really going on and stop it. Aiming once more, she let a bullet fly from her sweetheart.

With Blake and Weiss

Blake and Weiss were having trouble dealing with the solid clone and Calypso, Weiss more so than Blake. The faunus was able to keep up with her former friend, but Weiss was having trouble dealing with the two separate weapons. Jumping back from a strike that would have taken her head off, the white-haired girl was about to start another fight between the clone before she heard a bullet being shot. Knowing the sound of it coming from Ruby's Crescent Rose, she was glad to see the clone shimmer for a few seconds before disappearing altogether.

"Damnit, what was that?!" Calypso shouted as she blocked the dual blades of Blake's weapon as she saw her clone going up in smoke, now knowing that she had to wait five minutes in order to create another one. Seeing the Schnee girl coming back to help Blake, she scowled before disengaging the stalemate that she was currently in.

"That, is what happens when you have friends watching your back," Blake said with a light smirk, knowing immediately that it was Ruby who fired that shot causing the wolf to grunt lightly as she felt the pointed end of the Schnee's rapier bite into her side. Cursing, she flipped her katana and swiped backwards hoping to get a lucky shot in on her. Hearing it hit metal, she focused the other katana on Blake and swung it in a downward arc, but that, too, was blocked by the sheathe of Gambol Shroud. Before she could retaliate, Blake brought the sword portion forward, scoring a heavy hit to the Wolf Faunus's arm. Hearing Cal yell in pain caused a small frown on Blake's face, but only for a few seconds before trying to score another hit. Cal had chosen her path just as she had.

However, Calypso was able to dodge the second blade, elbowing Weiss in the process. As she did this, she felt a bullet pass where her head had been just a few moments ago and felt that enough was enough. If Torchwick couldn't deal with these people with all of the grunts that he "bought" then that was on him. There were only two people that she was going to die for, and Roman Torchwick was not on that list. Jumping back as best as she could, she cradled her hurt arm before sheathing her blades.

"Alright Black Cat, you and your friend win," she said, hoping that wherever that sniper of theirs was that he or she would back down. Seeing that she didn't have a hole in her head and was currently breathing, she felt that was the case.

"Cal…" Blake started to say, hoping that after all of this that she could convince her old friend to see the light, same as she had. Seeing the angry look on her face after saying that, the cat faunus just sighed as she watched her go. If she had stayed a little longer, she would have seen the leader of Blake's team make her appearance.

"Blake, Weiss, you both alright?" Ruby asked worried as she changed her sniper rifle into that of her weapon's true form, her scythe.

"We're fine you dolt," Weiss said in her usual tone of voice. However, there was no malice held behind it like when they had first met. "Actually…I think we're more than fine," she admitted as Blake nodded. This happened right before they heard, and saw, a large explosion nearby.

"Yang?" Blake and Weiss asked as they looked at their leader with a questioning expression.

"Yang," Ruby replied with a light sigh. Seriously, she told her sister to wait until someone could come help her, but apparently Yang couldn't, or wouldn't, stand still long enough for that to happen. "Let's go see what my older sister has gotten into…" she said before heading into the direction where the explosion was, Team Checkmate right behind her.

With Yang

Yang had made her way forward from where her sister had pointed her, knowing that something had to be going on over that way. Punching any guards that she came across into unconsciousness, the buxom blonde kept moving westward. Before long, she saw several members of the White Fang and a man wearing a white trenchcoat and a black bowler's hat. The orange hair was what cinched it, this was Roman Torchwick. Though why was the White Fang helping him? From what she remembered, they would never have stopped so low as to work with a human…mentally shrugging her shoulders, she cocked her arm back before punching the air in front of her, quickly causing the shell to eject from her gauntlet and hit the canister behind the White Fang members, not even hitting the bullhead that they were currently loading some of the crates into.

"Shit, what was that?!" Torchwick exclaimed as he looked around, seeing no one in the immediate vicinity. However, he didn't have to wait long as a blonde female jumped down from the crates and smirked.

"Damn, I missed," was all that she said as she cocked her fist back again, ready to let another shell out before having to cancel the attack and jump away from the various bullets that started coming her way. True she could have absorbed the damage and then retaliate with it thanks to her Semblance, but she also knew that it wouldn't stop her from lethal attacks.

Once all the gunfire stopped as the White Fang members exhausted their supply of bullets, Yang smirked before speeding off, using an explosive cartridge to increase her speed, just like how her sister would do with that scythe of hers, blowing past the minions and heading after Roman himself, knowing that he was the bigger threat.

Seeing the girl up close, Roman could only gain a quick glimpse of the girl before raising Melodic Cudgel to block the incoming punch, though he still did fly back from the force of the strike. "So this is the brawler that had Junior's undies in a twist a month or so ago. I can certainly see why," he said before blocking another strike from the girl, then using the handle of his cane weapon to grab one of her ankles, tripping her up in the process. As this happened, various members of the White Fang were emptying the various containers of their cargo and placing it on the flying vehicle, aptly named a bullhead.

As Yang went to get up, she quickly met the end of Roman's weapon, the end cap up and an aiming spectacle in front of her face. "But this is where it ends. Perhaps if you weren't so reckless you would actually have had a chance against me," he said in a monologue before using his aura to activate the firing mechanism. "Now come on, work faster! We need to get out of here due to that girl!" He shouted, causing several members of the terrorist group to scowl at his orders. Before he could enter the airship, he smirked. "Well Well, seems as if you didn't die after all," he said as he positioned his cane behind him in order to block the shot to his back, though he was somewhat surprised that it didn't explode like the others had during their recent encounter.

Seeing other members of the team standing next to the girl he fought he scowled, knowing when to cut his losses. However, he was unable to retreat into the safety of the airship as Red had shot at him using that sniper rifle of hers. Turning around, he could only respond in an annoyed fashion.

"What, you weren't happy with how we left last time Red?" he asked, getting a scowl from the girl and four quick shots in succession. "Now now, don't get mad. Though what did you all hope to accomplish, hm? Four huntresses-in-training versus me and these terrorist agents…" He asked the team, smirking as the various White Fang members had restocked their ammo cartridges and were ready to fire again.

"Everyone, Scatter!" Ruby shouted as she activated her Semblance and vanished out of sight.

All I want is what I had,
Yeah, I'd trade it all just to get her back.
She's moving on, but I guess I'm not.
Yeah, we all want what we ain't got.

"No, Weiss!" Blake shouted out in shock as she watched her girlfriend take a bullet to the body. Turning towards the White Fang member who shot the person she loved, Blake's aura started to envelop her as a shade of purple/black Aura covered her form. Before the nameless minion could do anything, she threw one of the blades of Gambol Shroud at him/her, striking the heart. Pulling back, the ribbon that it attached to brought the blade out, instantly killing the member.

"Well well well…looks like the little kitty still has some fangs left. And here I thought the Schnee heiress pulled them all out. Adieu Pet of the Princess," Torchwick said with a smirk before the bullhead's door closed once he was safely inside the vessel. As it took to the air, Blake quickly sheathed her weapon before running to Weiss's side, ignoring the rest of the battle as she did so, especially since their opponents were fleeing. The heiress might be pissed at her, but that wasn't going to stop the cat faunus from not feeling pain from seeing Weiss like this...

Weiss felt someone's hand enter her's and slowly opened her eyes. Seeing the concerned amber coming from Blake, she frowned lightly. "You...dolt..."

"Weiss, please...don't speak. Save your strength," Blake said softly, desperately.

"While…we were apart…I had…time to think," she said before coughing lightly. "That means...I wanted…to tell you…before."

"Princess...please...stop talking," Blake pleaded as the snow-haired heiress continued speaking.

"Blake damnit, let me speak!" Weiss let out in an outburst before coughing violently. "In the time I was given...I thought about... what you said... and what every...one else said. And I've come...to realize..." at this she began coughing violently again. After she let her hand drop, she noticed blood within her hand. "I've come to realize...that I...that I...love you," at that, Weiss's eyes closed.

"Weiss?" Blake asked softly, trying to hear a heartbeat, a shallow breath or something that showed she was still alive. Hearing nothing, she started panicking. "Weiss!" she shouted as both Yang and Ruby came close to the couple, both having tears in their eyes as they saw the scene in front of them.

"Blake..." Yang whispered softly, knowing that there could be nothing to do for their friend now. Attempting to place a hand on her partner's shoulder, she missed due to the adrenaline starting to wear off and rested her hand on Weiss's shoulder instead. The blondette was about to say something before a look of shock and surprise came to her lilac eyes as she felt something underneath her thumb. "Rubes, she still has a pulse! It's weak, but it's there!" she shouted as Ruby looked towards her sister in surprise.

"Should I...?"

"Yes! Go, take princess and get her to the hospital. Use your speed sis!" Yang shouted as Ruby picked Weiss up bridal style before activating her Semblance, quickly rushing off towards the hospital.

"Please…don't be too late," Blake whispered softly.

Yeah, I wanted the world until my whole world stopped,
You know a love like that ain't easily forgot.
I guess we all want what we ain't got.
Yeah, we all want what we ain't got.


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