So about a week ago I had this dream about Donna helping Harvey taking care of a baby he found, and I turned it into this story and now it kind of took a life of its own. This is my first fanfic; I hope you like it!

It was seven in the morning and Harvey was getting ready for work when the doorbell rang. Who could that be this early in the morning, he thought. He quickly walked to the door, but when he opened it there was no-one to be seen. A small squeak made him look down and he could not believe his eyes. Right in front of him stood a car seat with a baby in it; and there was an envelope with his name written on it laying on the blanket.

He picked up the car seat and brought it inside. He stared at the envelope. 'Specter' it said. He hesitated for a while, but he decided to open it. Inside was a letter that was clearly written while someone had been crying. Between the tearstains he read; I'm so sorry…please take care of Reggie… I want him to be with family. He looked down at the paper, but soon realized all that was left of the name was the letter S.

Harvey didn't know what just happened and there was only one person that could help him; so he called Donna. Donna just stepped out of her shower when she heard her phone ringing. Shit, she thought as she grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her. She ran to her living room and grabbed her phone; it was Harvey. Really, the man couldn't even wait with calling until she was actually dressed?! "What?!" she answered.

"Donna," Harvey replied, "I need you!"

"Wait, what?"

"I need you to get to my place," Harvey said, "now, please?" "I need your help."

Before she could even ask what it was all about he had hung up. Slightly pissed off, that she now had to leave her apartment even earlier, she took the elevator downstairs. Thank god for Ray who was waiting outside her building (Harvey had called him right after Donna agreed to come to his place), cause it would be impossible to catch a cab at this hour (ugh, the traffic) and there's no chance she would have walked; not before her morning coffee.

She wondered what the emergency could be that Harvey specifically asked her to come to his place. She hoped, for his sake, that she wasn't about to help him pick out a suit to wear, as she reminded herself about one of the first times she went over to his place. Although she had the key, it felt weird using it this time so she knocked. Harvey rushed to the door and opened it; "Oh, thank god you are here." Donna saw an anxious Harvey in front of her and that wasn't a site she was used to.

"Harvey, Reginald Specter, what happened and why aren't you on your way to your meeting with Mr. Jones?" Donna asked while she entered his apartment. Before Harvey could even answer those questions, she heard crying coming from his living room. "Wait, what's that? Who's that?"

"I don't know," Harvey mumbled. "I just opened my door and there it was. And I panicked and needed called you," he said.

While Harvey hung her coat, Donna walked to the couch and stopped in front of the car seat. "Oooh, he's so cute!" she exclaimed while she took the child in her arms. The boy immediately stopped crying and started smiling at Donna, he even reached for a lock of her red hair and started playing with it. Harvey could not believe his eyes; the kid hadn't stopped crying ever since he had 'met' the child.

Full of admiration he looked at Donna: "How?"

"I'm Donna," she replied.

Harvey walked around the sofa to put his jacket on and walked towards the door. "Hey, where are you going?" Donna said to him. "You cannot just leave me here with him, you don't have anything to support a baby. And I do not even know his name!"

"Sorry, the meeting with Mr. Jones," Harvey replied, "it's too late to cancel, but I'll be back as soon as possible and tell you more. Here's my credit card, you know how to use it; just get whatever you need." "Ooh and his name is Reggie," he quickly added before he went through the door.

"Reggie, really? You already named him after yourself?!" she yelled at a now closed door.

Although he just closed the door and thought he could escape this craziness, even for just a couple of hours, Donna's last comment was stuck in his head. "Reggie, really? You already named him after yourself?!" Reggie, Reginald., Harvey Reginald Specter? Why did he not think of this himself. Where he secretly, well it wasn't really a secret, hoped that it was all a misunderstanding; there were now too many coincidences. How the hell did any woman he'd slept with, besides Donna, Zoe and Scottie, even know that his second name was Reginald? Scottie? Shit! he thought, when he remember the letter was signed with an S. Ooh god, would this mean that this child was his and Scotties?