Years now, many years, and I have been in denial about this story not likely to ever really being completed.

Nine years ago I posted the very first thing I wrote for NGFOM, a guest author chapter in Fenschway's "The Game Changer". In the NGFOM timeline it would have been about Chapter 40.

I think I've finally accepted that I will never properly complete Gregory and Madoka's story. It's taken a long time but... I think it's obvious at this point.

I've a handful of first draft chapters around, including chapter 17 (the "next chapter" of what's been posted), old drafts of chapters 21 and 22 working from my outline, the aforementioned Ch 40 which was posted as part of "The Game Changer", some others. I'm considering posting these in their first draft-incomplete-unpolished form for those who really want to read them (they are mostly kinda terrible imo but... It is what it is at this point). Post reviews on this chapter with your thoughts on if I should post these incomplete first drafts and any other notes and outlines I can come up with.

Thanks for all of the interest and encouragement I've received over the years from those who found something in Gregory and Madoka's story to love. Sincerely, thank you.