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Kill la Kill fanfic:

"Gratuitous Bath Scene" by Avi

Honnouji Academy
Student Council
Private Baths
(Boys' Side)

...Well, what's left of it, anyways.

Ryuko Matoi stood in the crumbling remains of the boys' baths, completely absorbed in parrying an attack from Lady Satsuki. She only noticed that there was something off about the situation, when she suddenly realized that they weren't the only two people in the room.

"What's with the naked blond kid?" asked Ryuko, as she found herself staring at Iori's extremely flushed face.

Lady Satsuki turned to look at Iori as well, causing the poor boy to blush even harder, as he stood in the remains of the drained bath. The only reason Iori wasn't completely flashing the girls at the moment, was because he was hiding his shame behind the washcloth he had been holding to his forehead.

Lady Satsuki was not usually one to break her steely composure, but she took in her surroundings, and came to a swift conclusion.

"...Oh." It was difficult, but the tiniest hint of regret could be detected in her voice.

The door in the last intact wall suddenly burst open, revealing the Elite Four, three of whom clearly didn't have the chance to get dressed yet.

"Aw, geez!" Ryuko promptly averted her gaze. "Why the hell are all you guys naked?"

"In case you haven't noticed, this is the boys' bath, Matoi!" growled Gamagori, who had a vein throbbing in his head.

"As if the tiled walls and water taps weren't a dead giveaway," added Inumuta, rolling his eyes.

"Boys' bath...?" said Ryuko slowly. She finally noticed the shattered bath beside her, and the white tiled floors, flooded with water from the leaking tub.

"Wait, if this is the boys' bath... Then why are there girls all over the place?" she asked suspiciously. Indeed, there were female students lying unconscious all over the floor.

Inumuta pushed up his glasses. "That's because somebody broke through the walls earlier, while fighting Lady Satsuki, causing the more... Curious female students to wander in. Now, I wonder, who might that nameless person might be...?"

Ryuko flushed. She knew she shouldn't feel that bad for wrecking the Student Council's bath, considering how much of a pain in her ass they'd been, but still... Not to mention, all the male nudity in the room was making her feel far more uncomfortable than she cared to admit.

Reluctantly, Ryuko drew back her scissor blade, and slung it over her shoulder.

"Look, I'm not about to fight a bunch of naked guys; that hardly seems fair, does it?" Ryuko almost sounded convincing, if her eyes weren't firmly shut against all the rampant male nudity. She then turned to Lady Satsuki. "But next time, I'm handing all of your asses to you on a platter, got it?"

Lady Satsuki sheathed her sword. "Duly noted, Matoi."

Ryuko hmphed, then walked out of one the holes in the wall with as much dignity as she could muster.

Lady Satsuki watched her leave. "Hmm. I hadn't expected that to be resolved quite so easily," she admitted. She then held a hand out towards Iori.

Iori stared at her outstretched hand in bewilderment. Somehow, Lady Satsuki had managed to acquire a towel, which she was handing it to him now.

His face still bright red, Iori took the towel, wrapped it around his waist, then headed straight towards the door to the dressing room. As he walked past the other guys, they could hear him mutter, "It's times like these I'm glad I'm not technically part of the Student Council..."

Meanwhile, Lady Satsuki had transformed out of Override mode, and stood proudly with her sword held before her. The Elite Four saluted automatically.

"At ease, gentlemen," said Lady Satsuki calmly, causing Gamagori and Sanageyama to look hurriedly at their feet. She then exited the room out the hole opposite the one Ryuko left from, with Jakuzure trailing behind her eagerly.

With the room now clear of girls (well, conscious ones, at any rate), the guys could now take in the full extent of the wreckage of their bath.

Three of the four walls were completely destroyed, broken pipes were leaking water everywhere, the bath itself was now a pile of shattered tiles, and there were still unconscious female students all over the floor.

Sanageyama ran a hand through his hair.

"Aw man! I don't think I got to rinse all the shampoo from my hair!"

The blind swordsman sensed the rest of his companions glaring at him.



Honnouji Academy
Student Council
Private Baths
[strike](Girls' Side)[/strike]
Boys' Side

"Lady Satsuki, why are you letting the boys use our baths?" complained Jakuzure.

"To be fair, I was the one who destroyed their bath," replied Lady Satsuki.


Not as amusing as the first half, I know, but I felt like writing a resolution anyways. ;P