A small little black haired girl by the age of six appeared at a school, her brownish silver eyes showed curiosity and innocence as she looked around her. Her black furred ears hidden under her white beanie that had blue strips on it since she had to hide her identity to most of the world but in a way it was fun, almost like she was playing hide and seek.

The little girl wore white mittens and a long light blue coat that reached to her knees, her black dress underneath the long coat that concealed her tail, she had knee high socks and black doll shoes.

She started to look at the building that was her school before walking home knowing that it was time to go home.

"Moira?" asked a timid voice as she moves a few steps away from the school, she turns to look at where the voice was and saw a twelve year old boy with black hair and brown eyes, he wore a high school uniform but what made him stand out since there was no one around except them- his ears and tail.

"Hello Hiru" Moira replied with a bright smile.