A clean shaven young man took the sword off his desk, fingering its worn leather sheath. He had carried it with him since the day he could lift it. Buckling it securely to his belt along with a small satchel of coins and a dagger he flopped on his bed staring at the famous wooden ceilings of Rivendell. A knock on the door interrupted his dreams and he sat up almost unwillingly.

"Come in," he groaned.

Legolas stepped in shutting the door behind him. He sighed as he glanced at Estel's belongings, packed and ready to go.

"So you are leaving," Legolas stated.

"Yes," Estel muttered, grabbing up his food bag.

"So, Lord Elrond is letting you go?" Legolas queried.

"He is," Estel sighed, searching for his clothing bag.

"Where are you going?" Legolas asked.

"North, I think," Estel answered.

"At least let me go with you," the Elf Prince demanded.

"I'm going to join the Rangers," Estel said shortly, "you probably don't want to go."

"I do," Legolas persisted. "Have you picked an alias yet? Or will you just go as Estel?"

"Yes, I have picked an alias" Estel breathed, "its Strider."

Legolas froze, memories flooded back to him and a sad smile filled his face as he pulled Estel into a manly hug.

"It is a good name."

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