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Chapter 1

He was not sure what happened. One moment, he had closed his old, weary eyes and breathed his last, content with the fact that he had done everything he could for Emily before and after she ascended to the throne and ruled with wisdom and thought, helping to bring forth Dunwall's golden age of prosperity. He had no regrets.

And after that, was blissful silence.

Then he was alive, breathing and understandably confused. His senses were disoriented from the apparent long lack of usage, and once he was able to steady himself right, he found himself staring into the Outsider's ever-black eyes.

This time, unlike the times the entity had appeared before him, he was smiling. Mysterious as it was, to his knowledge, the Outsider had never smiled before, even when he had expressed fascination or amusement in his actions and he surmised that whatever the godlike entity was thinking, it wasn't going to be good. Then he vanished without warning like all the times before, and he found himself in an undisclosed location, in a de-aged body.

A quick look in a nearby stream confirmed his suspicion. He still had the same long shaggy dark-brown hair, but a youthful complexion replaced all the wrinkles that had been prevalent on his face, around the early teenage years at the very least. Joy. He felt a headache at what this was supposed to mean, but didn't dwell on it for long.

He had traveled throughout the Isles in search of aid against the Rat Plague from the other nations of the Empire, and as far as he knew, this region did not resemble any part of it. Initially, he assumed he was on the Pandyssian Continent, but ruled it out as the conditions of this particular land were tolerable and hospitable, especially when he finally made human contact. Then he inquired about the Empire of the Isles and was soundly disturbed by the answers he received.

The Empire of the Isles does not exist, there is no Pandyssian Continent, and the only real empire that currently stands is aptly named 'The Empire'. Reality reared its head and made it transparent that the world he knew about his entire life... his entire previous life no longer existed.

It was as though all he had experienced were a lie, just a dream of some delusional teenager.

But then he would pull out and don his mask, the symbolic terror of Dunwall's aristocrats, take out his folding blade and practice his swordsmanship, whip out his crossbow and exhibit his marksmanship, and inspect the mark branded upon his left hand by the Outsider and use all of the abilities it grants. And… he would take her heart out, and simply gaze at it and reminisce on the happy times in the past before everything went downhill. All proof of who he was and what he had done, and he held onto them dearly.

He was once Corvo, Lord Protector of Empress Jessamine, Vigilante and Assassin of the Loyalist Conspiracy, and finally Lord Protector of Empress Emily the Wise.

But now, he is simply… Corvo Attano.

A man, a teenager… a boy with no history and no merit.

There had to be a reason to why he was sent to a place so far and distant from his world, so he waited. And waited. And waited longer. Two months pass, and his hope had dwindled into an infinitesimal amount that can be considered empty. And with that hope lost, he decided to set himself on a journey of self-discovery of sorts.

And so he went forth. He originally thought he had went south, just as his homeland Serkonos was to Gristol, but to his later dismay, he had gotten lost and traveled north instead. The cold land that greeted him resembled Tyvia very much, with the survivalism culture of the few people he met, the hostile ecosystem that seems to entangle the environment he stood in, and overall the persistent cold weather.

The only thing that had separated Tyvia from this northern frontier was the lack of ornate and complex art and the strange beasts, Danger Beasts they are called, that roamed the region. Even though the technology were rather foreign, the method of getting food was primitive, and the people around didn't use whale oil like he was accustomed to, he adapted quickly and made a hunter-gatherer out of himself, harvesting and catching whatever he could get and learning little by little of this bizarre world from the conversations he struck with the locals.

It wasn't much, but it was fulfilling. He later joked that his life now is a second retirement.

His first encounter with authority was with an amiable man who called himself the Prime Minister. Former Prime Minister, to be more exact.

Three months since his arrival, Corvo was still adjusting to the norms of this strange and foreign world, and happened to come across a man who introduced himself as Chouri, along with his daughter Spear, who was about his physical age. He remembered expressing disbelief at such ridiculously simple names he had heard, much to the two's confusion at his behavior.

From the elderly man, he learnt that the Empire is the central piece of this land, much to his disbelief at such a simple name. The emperor had recently passed away, and plans for a ceremony of succession were already underway once the mourning of the passing of the ruler is finished. This kingdom is currently thriving, and Chouri felt that he had done his best and retired from his post in hopes that the emperor's successor would have a wiser man to guide him.

Then the man questioned Corvo. Who is he? Where was he from? What is such a young man doing in such a harsh environment all by himself? Why is he here?

The first and last, he could answer. He had given the man his name, seeing no harm in doing so, and told him that he was on a journey to answer the question of life. But for where he's from and his history… he had nothing to say. After all, who would believe in a strange boy who claims to be from another world after dying in said world, and came here due to the interference of a nigh omnipotent black-eyed entity who has a habit of giving supernatural powers on a whim to people that interest him?

Thus, he kept silent. Chouri must have assumed that he had some background he had no wish to divulge, and honored that decision. Moments later, he had given him a rather surprising offer; he offered Corvo a home, a shelter. He had tried to refuse, but the former Prime Minister had been adamant.

"It would wound my pride to leave a boy by himself when it is within my power and capability to help him. No, that will not do. It doesn't matter if you refuse or not, you are always welcome to stay with us."

Eventually he relented. The man had not questioned him, and from the man's body language, he had been genuine in his benevolence and consideration. His humble adobe is around the same region they had met, and from that period of time, Corvo had gotten to know the people he stayed with.

Chouri, for all intents and purposes, is a kind man. With a large mustache that contrasted the small beard growing around his mouth, he is mostly seen in uniform that seems to be from a military of sorts, along with a dark crown. He puts into consideration the lives of the people under him before his own, and cares for them more than he cares for himself. He loves his daughter and worries for her, even going as far as to grieve the fact that she shows no interest in searching for a husband or even a boyfriend, just like any good father.

The elderly man's daughter, Spear is like any girl her age; cheerful and down-to-earth, fretting over the little things in life like the conditions of her blonde hair or looking attractive to boys, and when he looked carefully, there was a hint of steel in her eyes, which manifested in her display of gallantry that isn't usually in girls.

She had been receptive to his stay, and her regard for him only seemed to grow when he revealed his sword skills and marksmanship. Turns out she's a disciple of a style of martial arts called the Imperial Fist, so he could respect her excitement when she learned more about him, notably when she had asked to spar with him. Eventually, she asked him to teach her some of his skills in exchange for her teaching him the Imperial Fist, or at least let him understand the style.

He complied, seeing it as an opportunity to expand his sights on the culture of this land. Through some of the conversations they had, Corvo learned about the Empire recruiting soldiers. He hadn't felt the urge to serve another kingdom just yet, but still he filed away that knowledge just in case.

Months pass, and it would then come the time he would leave to continue exploring the land, and this time not get lost. The elderly man had given him a map of the kingdom and wished him good luck, only requesting that he come by and visit sometimes.

As for Spear… she had been reluctant in letting him leave. No, that's an understatement. She was outright adamant in not letting him leave.

To that end, she forced him into a duel, with the outcomes being if she won, then he wouldn't leave. Chouri had been amused by it, and he knew why as well. Corvo knew the girl had growing feelings for him the past months, but even so…

The match had been pitiful, at best. Spear was good at fighting, yes, and her conditioning and training had helped her improve, yes, but her inexperience in actual combat was her undoing. No more than half an hour later and she was already on her knees, panting from fatigue with tears falling down freely, begging him not to leave.

He had even felt like an ass afterward, too.

But that feeling was wiped when he remembered why he had accepted the duel in the first place. Even after decades of Jessamine's passing, he still felt attachments for her and thought fondly of the memories the two of them had built together, and had no wish to betray them. That, and his curiosity to explore a new land was much stronger than retiring and settling down early. So he made a promise with the weeping girl. One day, when she becomes stronger, when she has caught up with him, he will return and they will fight again. If she wins that time… he didn't say any further that that, due to Spear finishing it for him,

"Then you'll be by my side forever and ever?"

…Maybe he should have spoken faster. Maybe he should have forced himself to finish what he was going to say, because the girl took his silence as a 'yes' and… squee'd. He wasn't sure if that was the correct word, but that was the best summation of the voice she made.

She had made it sound very much like a marriage proposal, but it was enough to stop the girl from crying and stopping him from leaving. In fact, he had a feeling that he dug himself into a deeper hole if Spear kissing his cheeks for good luck and Chouri's delightful laughter afterwards meant anything, but pushed that thought away in favor of leaving to wander once more.

Very smooth, Corvo. Very smooth.

His first real fight for his life was against another young girl.

It had been eight months since he came to this world and one week since he left Chouri's home, and granted, Corvo hadn't been aware that he trespassed onto another's hunting ground. In his mild defense, he had seen a prey, was admittedly hungry, and he lunged at the opportunity. The chances of him stealing another's prey had been nonexistent to himself and it was only after a full stomach that he realized he had company.

The girl had approached him, weapons in hand. She appeared to be 12 at the very least, 14 at the greatest. Blue hair cascaded down her back, with piercing light blue eyes and was garbed in clothes drenched in blood, long dried by the relentless rime of the environment. She is beautiful, he admits, but her vicious glare and unforgiving smile, along with the confident form, spoke of life that has grown accustomed to the maxim of 'survival of the fittest'.

She demanded recompense for the loot he had 'stolen' from her. He had chosen to flee instead.

What happened after that amounted to a chase, a born hunter hunting a would-be hunter. Saying that Corvo managed to outrun her was stretching it a little. In fact, when he stopped to take a breather, he turned around only to see her catching up to him, a sadistic smile adorning her feature that clearly states that she was wholly enjoying the pursuit, looking only slightly out of breath.

It still bothered him that a child so young could smile like that, but that feeling was pushed away when she struck, and at an extremely fatal region as well. Like any sensible person, he retaliated. However, he didn't have the heart to pull out his blade, so instead he guided her instead.

She was strong for her age, he surmised, but the power and technique she displayed were unrefined and lacked professionalism. Such displays are susceptible to deadly counterattacks. For the barest moment, he was reminded of Emily, teaching her swordplay in the small times they were alone together and giving her lessons, except with more sharp objects and bloodlust.

He knew that she knew that he wasn't being serious with her. And something about that ticked in her, causing her actions to become even more ferocious and erratic, and thus more predictable to dodge. He didn't blame her. It is natural for children to express dissatisfaction at being treated like… well, children. In fact, he had been expecting it, especially since it appears she had already hit puberty, with hormones raging here and there. He had that firsthand experience with Emily when she had reached that age.

Not to mention, he's going through that phase right now as well. Not his proudest moment.

It was after two hours that she began to show obvious signs of extreme fatigue. He had taken that chance to perform his signature Tyvian chokehold on the tired girl, knocking her out for a good hour. When she finally came to, it was with a kind of resignation he did not fully understand.

She told him to kill her. When asked why, she responded blankly,

"The strong lives and the weak dies. You are strong, and I am weak. Therefore, you live and I die."

Shock had been the first emotion to well inside him. Pity for her was next. After pity was disgust for the person responsible for her transgression. And that disgust morphed into anger. Who in their right mind would distort a child's mind like this? What were the parents thinking? Where are they now?

He pushed away those negative thoughts in favor of the plight before him. He told her that the statement she makes is a law of nature, and though it is the cold hard truth, it doesn't mean that she must follow it through and through. She did not understand what he was saying… or rather, she seemed to have chosen not to try and understand him. He didn't know what it is that was stopping her from doing so, and surmised it as some form of trauma.

He instead chose another line to say: He is the winner. Therefore, he decides what to do with her. And he decided that she would live.

She had nodded in acceptance, remarkably solemn.

"I see. So I am your slave by right of conquest."

…That… was not what he said. By a long shot.

Nothing in the known universe could have prepared him for the twisted parody of his own statement, so he couldn't fault himself when he admitted that he flushed deeply. He supposed the girl should be proud of herself for being able to distort his wording into such a… demeaning way.

The Outsider must be laughing at him now. He can just feel it.

She seemed to have noticed his aggrieved expression and mistook it for confusion. So she elaborated, unknowingly exacerbating her defeater's predicament, "You said that the strong decides what happens to the weak, right? You defeated me, which means you have conquered me. Conquering another means enslaving them to you. So that must mean I am your slave."


For the first time since he faced the fact that he traversed into another world, Corvo was at a loss as to how to mend a situation gone wrong due to a factor out of his control. How did him deciding that she would live somehow turn into her becoming a slave to him? He did not bother trying to explain, attempting to wrap around the concept in his mental mind, and remembers why he wasn't particularly fond of his teenage years.

Stupid hormones, for that matter.

Eventually, after a long moment of thought, he gave up and walked away. The girl didn't seem bothered by his apparent nonchalance and followed after him. He figured she would give up on the whole 'slave' issue and leave.

The issue soon disappeared after two days. The girl didn't.

Resigning himself to the fact that she would be following him for a while, he asked for her name. The smile on her face could only be described as a mix between vicious and gleeful.

"Esdeath. My name is Esdeath."

…He felt more bothered at this world's issue with names than at the fact that her smile isn't normal.

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