I'm finally back on this website writing again. It's been a really long time, but I decided to start this new project I would love to finish, and put a lot of effort into. Ryo and Rika are by far my favorite couple in Digimon, so I decided to write a fanfiction about them. Ideas are always welcome as well as positive feedback. Thank you all so much for taking your time reading this.

At The Airport

I guess this is it. It's time for me to leave it all behind, and take this chance. Take the scholarship, leave this hell, and her forever, so I never come back. I was an idiot in the first place for thinking this could ever workout between us right? Rika.

As I put a step in the plane I realized that my chance of seeing her again would vanish. Giving up any hope I let out a sigh of relief as I knew my heart would finally have a chance to be fixed.

New York City Airport

Finally arriving to my destination I started thinking about how strange it would be to start going to university in the United States. In a way I felt like I was finally able to start again, leaving all the shit that has followed me over the years. Let's just say I couldn't wait to be at my new room already. It's been a long day.

At The Dorm

I put all of my stuff away, met my roommates, and got ready for bed as I got comfortable, I close my eyes, my body falling into a deep sleep.

Is this Rika? Rika is that you? No, Ryo we can't be together anymore I can't do this I just can't.
No, wait we can get through this. Stop. You can't simply get through this I can't be reminded of this every time I see your face. Rika I..


- Hey man are you okay?

- What happened? Why are you guys here?

- Well, we wouldn't worry if you weren't talking in your sleep.

- Oh I see. Anyway I'm fine I was just having a bad dream.

- Well, come on get ready.

- What for?

-You, my friend will be going with us to have a couple drinks before "student responsibilities start"- I could smell the sarcasm in his voice I assumed I was in the dorm with the guys who come here for anything but studying, but who was I kidding? I needed a couple drinks anyway.

Out of my misery I got to know my roommates better. There was Javier, Sebastian, and Alexander. I was a couple years older than them. It seemed like the more wasted I got the more I wanted to get the hell out of there. This school year was going to be a piece of shit and I knew it. All because of you.

-Hey Ryo Ryo hey Ryo?

I heard Alexander call my name a couple times then my world turn black.

The Next Morning

-What the fuck happened?

- Morning.

- What? Yuri is that you?

-Surprise Surprise. Who would have thought we would see each other here in New York City right?

- Yeah I..

- Your friends happen to know me, and well, asked me what to do with their friend blacked out on the floor.

-I probably shouldn't even be here.

-It's fine. It's my own apartment.

- I don't understand. How did you end up here?

- Honestly I don't even know. I got the chance to take this scholarship since I got out of high school because of my grades, but I decided that the right moment to come would be when I was ready to leave it all behind.

-You mean when you disappeared two years ago without telling anyone a thing?

-Yeah.. I didn't want Takato to stop me. I'm sorry.

-What about us? We were all friends.

- Exactly "were" – I knew something was bugging her. There was something more to this than just what she was saying.

-Ryo I. My father passed away. I felt like I had nothing else to do in japan after that. It destroyed me that everything in my life somehow seemed to disappear. I didn't know what to do anymore. I didn't want to feel empty again, and chose to leave. I hope you can understand.

I realized I wasn't the only one who was having one hell of a life, but Yuri here alone? I find it somewhat relieving that I could see one of my old friends even though she probably doesn't even consider me one anymore. I knew a particular question was about to come out. I just didn't know how to answer it.

-What about Rika?

- Shouldn't you be the one to know? You guys were best friends. - I said quite bitter about the topic.

-Don't lie Yuri I know you've kept in touch with her.

-No, You are wrong. I haven't spoken to her in a year. - In a year? How could that even happen? They would tell each other almost everything except when Rika was in a terrible mood.

- We broke up.

-Was it because of..

-Yes. – I wasn't going to talk about details I didn't want to remember, so I just cut her off before she decided to mention it.

-I see.

-I think I should be leaving. Thanks for letting me stay here tonight. – As I made my way out of the door I couldn't help but wonder why life makes even the happiest people so bitter. Yuri looked like she had nothing to lose in life anymore. She reminded me of me.

-I'm such a miserable fuck. – I cursed between my teeth. It was so cold I decided to stop by at a nearby Starbucks to get high on the caffeine I desperately needed.

-Uhm could I please get a double shot of espresso, thanks.

-That will be $3.50-

It felt like the longest wait in my life for just a cup of coffee till it suddenly arrived.

-Here, thank you for coming to Starbucks. - As I turned around I stupidly bumped into someone. I heard her curse at me, but all I could think of was how I'd recognize that voice anywhere in this planet.

-What kind of fucking idiot are you? Do you not watch where you are going? - I stared at her shocked.