This story is a cross-over that I made between Katekyo Hitman Reborn! And Shingeki no Kyojin cast. Since they are a few character that I find is very intriguing for their similarity if traits, I'm thinking of putting them together. This story won't have any strong and deep plot as I just want to write it to quench my imagination that been in my mind for quite a while now.

Chapter 1: A fine day in the Ackerman Household ruined


There goes another alarm watch being destroyed. Like a routine or act as an alarm, one teenager , Kyouya groggily opens his eyes. Searching the source of the not supposed sound so early in the morning, he finds himself staring at two beady not-so-innocent black eyes of his pet bird. Lying at the bottom of the said bird stick feet are already destroyed poor alarm clock.

"Hibird," growled him. Still sleepy, he forces himself to sit, knowing that it is time for him wake up. Tiredly, he sighed at his pet bird.

"How many times do I have to tell you to not destroy my alarm clock? How many already, 15?" scolded him to Hibird. The said bird just tilts his small head as if not understanding what had been said to it. He knows that Hibird just feign ignorance but understand every bit that he say. Smart bird but far too smart sometimes. He doesn't know what does the sin that an alarm clock have to been destroyed each morning.

Sleepily, he make his bed and heading to the bathroom. He share bathroom with his sister Mikasa, her room is opposite to him. She must be at the kitchen, cooking breakfast. Readying himself to school, he steps down the stairs and went to the kitchen. There sat his brothers, Levi and Xanxus, his father, Kenny and Mikasa.

Upon noticing him, she prepares his share of breakfast that consists of traditional Japanese breakfast meal. He prefers to have rice and miso for breakfast and Mikasa knows how little he wills eat if he was served anything else. She has the same as him too but at bigger portion. She needs lots of energy for her training after all. She is an ace in her MMA club and wins quite a number of national tournaments. Levi, Xanxus and Kenny on the other hand have some toast, salad and black coffee.

Levi was busy reading his work document and sometimes shifts to some of his writer's manuscript. He grimaced from time to time and mutters under his breath 'Shit', 'Scum' and sometimes, 'I'll kill this stupid bastard, what the hell he is doing?' His colorful language disturbed no one in the room as the others are prone to use them on their bad day too. Xanxus appear to be reading a novel title 'The Goat's Egg' while absent mindedly eating his breakfast. Kenny also reading some of his document that consists of a few pictures of gruesome murder, blood splatter and weapons. Only Kenny was able to stomach his breakfast while looking at such pictures.

"Tsk, can some people do their work right, once in a while? What kind of rubbish does he think he's trying to accomplished here? He better pray hard when I come to get him later, unworthy shit," Levi at last spat out loud. He looks like he was ready to slaughter people. But he always looks like he wants to murder any worthless people in his sight.

"Who is it this time? Sometimes even I can't understand why some writer dares to write and bring some trash to their editor. If they are unfit to write something worthwhile, they better fucking quit. Stupid trash," say Xanxus after putting his book away. It appears that Levi not so quite swearing interrupted his reading. His eyes glow dark.

'Someone is not gonna survive today, I wonder who got on Levi's edge? I hope he will not meet Levi today or' thought Kyouya. Not that he cares anyways. Finishing his breakfast quickly, he washes his dishes. Everyone in the house washes their own dishes. Usually Mikasa will do most of the cooking and other chores will be done by any of them, sometimes they will switch.

"Kyouya, I almost forgot," say Kenny suddenly. Kyouya was halted in his movement. Kenny seldom forgot or more specifically never. He unconsciously gulped.

"Yeah?" I hope I don't sound too scared.

"I receive a call from your homeroom teacher yesterday," I'm done for. What does that Haneuma wants with me now? I did my homework, I don't skip any class, and I don't even beat that poor excuse of his herbivore brother even when he's itching to be bite to death this times.

"He told me to come for parent-teacher meeting. When was the last time I attend one of those, wait I never did attend did I?"

"Well, you attend at my and Xanxus career counseling back when we in high school once," answered Levi. He looks at Kouya for an answer. He looks pretty interest in the ordeal.

"Oh," was all that Kyouya managed to let out. At this all his family has their head at him. Sheepishly, he explained.

"Umm, I told my homeroom teacher that you cannot make it for the meeting as you were so wrapped up in your case and Levi and Xanxus will be extremely busy at that date. I guess he thought that in a wrong way?" says Kyouya. He sees no wrong in what he told his homeroom teacher. The date was bad and no one can come from their busy schedule anyway.

"What did you got yourself into that I'm not aware of that your homeroom's teacher appears to demand my presence so desperately here? Spit out kid or I'll do for you,"

"I didn't do anything this times. I don't even beat his brother these times either," at that, everyone widened their eyes. I should keep that to myself.

"You what?! Kyouya, I know I may not the best parent, hell maybe I'm the worst and I know I do violence like every day business but beating your teacher's brother is another thing. What, now I need to grovel myself on my knees and ask forgiveness? Even Levi and Xanxus know that teachers are off limit as well as their family or anyone that could direct back at you," Levi and Xanxus just look at each other and try to act like nothing happens.

Both Levi and Xanxus in their school days were delinquent and gang leader. They both were the epitome of violence and were very ruthless in their life. Still do but I guess they lower down the standard a bit. Just a bit. Mikasa not really into being delinquent as she into student council and the Head of Discipline Committee herself but she very ruthless in doing her job.

"It's not my fault that the stupid herbivore demanded to be bite to death. I can't help it if my tonfas love to make contact to his face. Not that Haneuma of teacher never been beaten by me anyway," he muttered the last part to almost in a whisper. Unfortunately Kenny managed to catch it.

"You really did beat the teacher too, huh kid. Well I supposed I really need to meet this Haneuma teacher that you so fond of," sighed Kenny. Kyouya pout at that. He never fond of anyone except for his family. He doesn't know why but he always got this itching feeling when his homeroom teacher was mentioned. After this whole fiasco, I will definitely bite the hell out of the stupid, herbivore Haneuma to death.

Author's Note:

This is a bit of the Ackerman Family.

Kenny is 45 years old and works as a detective in Special Investigation Unit. He works mainly on murder. Married once which are to Mikasa and Kyouya mother, Kari. Divorced after two years in marriage.

Levi is 28 years old. I want to make him older but thought better of it. He was actually Kenny's nephew. Her mother, Kuchel is Kenny sister and die of illness, Kenny then adopted Levi as his son. He works as a head editor in literature department at Survey Corps Publishing.

Xanxus is 24 years old. He works as a novel writer at the same department as Levi. His books mainly about horror, action and mystery. Her mother was a prostitute named Sasasul. I kind of like her name actually. She now opens a boutique. Xanxus sometimes visit her.

Mikasa is 17 and a Head of Discipline Committee and an ace in her MMA club at high school, Sina Academy. Wins many tournaments in national level. I just want to make her sound so strong like in SnK. She acts as a mother figure in the family especially towards Kyouya.

The youngest in the family, Kyouya is 15 and went to Namimori Middle School. Previously his name is Hibari Kyouya as his mother married Hibari Yuuya after divorcing with Kenny. They both die in car accident when Kyouya was 5. When the news reaches Kenny, he adopted Kyouya.

Ok, that's all for now. I write them down pretty short that my last story in hope that I will be able post fast enough. This story was made like long time ago and I just feel like written them down now. I hope my writing skill was not rusting. I will try to find some inspiration to write down my other story so that I can finish them quickly. I have put them in hiatus for so long already. I hope to post the next chapter in near time. Not to long I hope. Maybe I should write one shot story so that my story will be finished without me leaving them for so long.