Author's Note: This chapter will focused mainly on Dino and Kyouya with a hint of further romance of Xanxus and Squalo. Hope you like what I intended to do in this chapter. Unfortunately, there's no story of Levi, Mikasa or Kenny in this chapter yet. Anyway, enjoy the latest chapter.

"What do you want me to do?" ask Dino. After hearing about Kyouya's condition, he feels like he needs to do something. Kyouya is my student and I'm his homeroom teacher isn't it?

"Well, it's not much actually but since counseling didn't works on Kyouya so I thought that maybe a mentor will help him?" suggest Shamal.

"You are kidding, right?" ask Dino bewildered.

"Actually, I would love for you to fill the role that Kenny had been neglected actually. Discipline," explained Shamal.

"I'm listening," answered Dino. He was interested to say the least.

"As you can see and have obviously experience, Kyouya have an utterly lack of discipline. He was used to be doing all to his heart content and expected his family to bail him out of trouble. He got zero responsibility and no sense of moral. I know this sound exaggerating but that is what happening right now. I fear that Kyouya have reach what we would call rebellion phase in teenage life unfortunately. Kyouya is too delicate physically and a bit unstable emotionally. We done treating him like he was made of glass, we need to enforce discipline for him now. Do you follow?" explained Shamal. Dino complement on what Shamal told. It's true. I thought it just his personality but Kyouya lack discipline and kind of rude? People just ignore whatever that he do as they thought him as sick. Kyouya was too spoiled.

"I think I can understand what you trying to say. I will think about it. I can't guarantee that I can handle him like how you hope but I can try as best as I can. This is a huge responsibility, indeed," agreed Dino.

"That itself put me in relief. Don't worry, Kenny may kick a fuss about this for a while but I'm sure Levi will talk to him about this," assure Shamal. He then quickly fish out his cell phone and make a quick call with Kenny for some appointment time.

Dino was still trying to get through his head that he will be responsible to be Kyouya personal mentor and try to think of how to do it. While Dino was complementing with his worry, Shamal sense people coming to their way. Turning around, he was met with Squalo and Xanxus in tow.

"Xanxus, I'm sorry for troubling you to pick Kyouya but I need reassurance that he went home and did not wandering around," greet Shamal. Xanxus just nod and held his hand meaning 'there's no worry, I'm free anyway'.

"Kyouya inside, you can fetch him," indicate Shamal. Xanxus nod again and glance towards Dino. For a moment, both of them meet eyes. I take it that this is the 'Haneuma' teacher that Kyouya spoke of this morning. Despite his 'herbivore' appearance, I can tell that he's strong, thought Xanxus. Hmm, one of the so-called Kyouya's brothers it appears. Not much of a talker I take it. Despite his solemn and calm appearance, his eyes burns in wrath and I can feel his strength, thought Dino.

I wonder how strong he is when we fought, though both Dino and Xanxus. After what feels like eternity but it reality just a few seconds, they broke their gaze. They both feels intrigued of the other person and wonder when will they will be able to meet again. Such impression left by such a short moment. Xanxus then enter the infirmary to meet Kyouya. Dino still look at the back of Xanxus 'till it disappear in the infirmary.

"Quite an intrigued person isn't he?" ask Squalo all of sudden. Dino, still looking at the infirmary just nod quietly. It's been a while he meet people that intrigued him that much after just by a glance. That's kind of reminds him of his first time meeting Kyouya. He just cast a simple look of Kyouya in a class attendance to match the name with the look at. He remember that he felt something just sparks his interest when he was met with Kyouya mercury irises that shone of rebellious look straight at him in challenge. I wonder if all of Kyouya family member are like this.

"I guess you just receive Xanxus approval apparently. Congratulations," says Shamal. He place one hand in Dino shoulder and give him a smile. Dino just give him a confused look. Squalo look between Shamal and Dino in confusion too. Apparently, he missed a big portion of the conversation. Noting the confused look both his colleague gave him, Shamal gave hand signal that means 'I'll tell you later'. Nodding their head in understand, both Squalo and Dino just keep their question for later. Xanxus then reemerged from the infirmary with Kyouya in tow.

"I'm sorry if Kyouya give you all too much trouble. I hope he will keep getting patronage from the entire teacher here," apologized Xanxus and bow to all the teachers. Kyouya refused to bow and Xanxus hold his head and force him to bow too. Reluctantly, Kyouya bow in apologized (forced) and continue to frown at them, especially Dino. Xanxus and Kyouya then walk to the hallway to go home.

"So, care to share with me what is happening here?" inquired Squalo.

At the lunch hour at the Sina Elite Academy, three friends were having their lunch break under a tree located at back of the school. The only girl among them, Mikasa Ackerman, shoulder length black hair, pale smooth skin and black hair listening quietly to her friends bickering. Eren Jaegar, short-messy brunette, tan skin and the brightest green eyes that seems to shine every times his emotion is riled up and Armin Artlet, blonde hair, short stature and baby blue eyes. Both of them were bickering about their favorite subject, again.

"Eren, just because you don't like science, doesn't mean that subject is 'crap'," say Armin.

"I like science but I hate biology. I don't understand a single thing that Miss Hange explained. All I know that learning about human or animal biology is gross!" explain Eren.

"Eren! How could you say that?! You a human too, you know. That gross thing you said is in your body!"

"Armin! Not while I'm eating! I know that but I just can stand something too graphic like what Miss Hange teaches. That is too much. We just high school kids not some medical students. Now I can't get the images out of my head!" cried Eren. Mikasa offer her shoulder to him. Eren maybe looks tough but he's such a crybaby sometimes. He never shows how scaredy-cat he is in front of others except to his two best friends.

"Oh Eren, I'm sorry. I forgot that you don't like gore and scary stuff. I tell Miss Hange that it's inappropriate to show such details graphical description…"Armin was cut off immediately by Eren.

"Stop it! There's no need for you to go into details!" cried Eren. His eyes are already teary anyway. Mikasa just pat his head in effort to calm him down. Panic and distraught Eren is never a good Eren to be around with.

"It's okay, Eren. Miss Hange maybe a bit too enthusiastic but I'm sure she didn't mean any harm. You not the only who didn't agree with her teaching today, I'm sure. I remember the rest of the class was kind of pale at the end of the class today," assure Mikasa. Well, it can't be help that she was too graphical. She's work part time as a gore and horror novelist anyway. Hange Zoe is a biology teacher in Sina Elite Academy and also a big seller gore and horror novelist of Survey Corps Publishion under editorial of Head Editor, Levi Ackeman. Maybe I should tell him that Hange was overboard this time. She never listen anyone warning except Levi's kick and stern reminder of Erwin. How did Levi friend with her I imagine? Muse Mikasa alone. Her musing was interrupted by her phone ringing. Looking through the ID, she quickly answer the phone.

"Levi? May I help you?" ask Mikasa. There's rarely anyone from her family call her at school hour, at lunch time at that. So it must mean it rather important.

"Sorry for calling you so sudden. I just want to inform you that Kyouya was excused from school today and Xanxus the one fetch him. He broke his hand from punching his homeroom teacher when the said teacher tries to coax him from skipping class, again," explain Levi.

"Oh my god, that's terrible," gasp Mikasa. Both Eren and Armin look at her, alarmed. Mikasa rarely show her emotion so it was startling to see her horrified.

"Who? Kyouya or the teacher?" ask Levi.

"Erm, both?" answer Mikasa. She didn't know why she answers with question. It's not like her to be doubtful but the situation kind of throw of the guard.

"Kyouya was safe at hope at least with Xanxus keeping an eye on him. It just me or does Kyouya been getting into trouble far too much. Even that stupid brat that you call friend was not this stupid to get into trouble each time. What, this is like the third time in less than two weeks and today is Monday,"

"Hey!" cried Eren. Levi love given people nickname, not the nice nickname more like dehumanize people that he feels too stupid to be human. As example, Eren, stupid brat and Armin, luckily smart brat.

"Tch, stupid brat. Don't interrupt when someone was talking in the phone," growled Levi. Eren immediately shut up and hugs Armin for comfort. Eren scared of Levi, not just scare because he looks like want to kick you in the ass level but scare as in a rabbit in front of a wolf type of scare. Mikasa patted Eren to comfort him; Levi lack of tact sometimes does scare most of the people away anyway.

"Is that all that you want to talk about? I can hear this from Xanxus at home anyway," inquired Mikasa. Usually they will tell her what happen at home so that's why it surprised her to receive a call.

"Shamal called earlier to inform that he wish to gather us all to discuss about Kyouya. He said that he had some solution and wished to see our input into this. The sooner the better," explained Levi. He sighs and Mikasa can detect exhaustion from his tone. He's worried but he can't do anything as he spends too much time working. He barely had time to eat with us every day nowadays. Most of us are busy and Kyouya was getting into fight everyday with his condition. It stresses him that he can't be there to help Kyouya. Now that I think again, we've been neglecting Kyouya for a bit. Could it be?


"Hm, yeah?"

"What is today date again?" ask Mikasa.

"Today's date? It's…oh my god! Mikasa! It's nearing that day! No wonder. I call dad now. We talk this at home. I need to go. Bye, love you," Levi abruptly ends the phone call. It may seem rude but the urgency of the matter is more important.

"Mikasa, what did the day that you and your brother talk about? It seems important," ask Armin carefully. He hopes he didn't interrupt other people family business. Eren looks at her pleadingly too. Mikasa was complementing whether she should tell her friends or not. She never tells anyone other than her family about this. Looking at her friends, she decided no harm will comes from telling them anyway.

"Well, you see. The day I talk with Levi is the day…"

Author's Note:

Sorry for the cliffhanger there but I want to reveal 'the day' when I'm writing about Kyouya and Dino in the future chapter. Maybe in another next two or three chapter. I didn't decide the plot yet. Just a rough idea but not enough to write anything. I hope I got some inspiration later. Anyway, I already decide each pairing for all the Ackerman family member. Need for me to list them all? It kind of spoiler but if anyone interest, review and I maybe list them all in Author's Note in the next chapter. Not that the pairing is so hard to guess anyway. They pretty straightforward, the way I like them. I don't like complicated love story where there's a third person trying to get into my couples. Anyway, I hope this chapter was written well.