Survive the Nightosphere 14

Chapter 1: Fallen Brotherhood

Poor Magneto woke up after being smacked pretty hard, he ended up waking up to find himself in a special style of a cage where he couldn't use his powers to get out.

"Bah, where the heck am I?!" cried Magneto.

"You're with us" added Toad, "we've been trying to get out of here for ages."

"Yea, I'm hungry" added Blob.

"You're always hungry" added the Scarlet Witch.

"Enough, there must be a way out of here" said Magneto.

"Hey it's Magneto!" laughed Deadpool as he came into the scene.

"Uh, it is the other place because it has him!" cried Magneto referring to Deadpool.

"Relax sillies, Hunson Abadeer has forbidden me to enter anymore of his contests, but that doesn't mean I can help out and release you all" continued Deadpool.

"Oh that's a relief" said Sabretooth, "sort of unfair that someone who can never die participate in these events."

"Lady Deadpool is also helping out too, she's on the other side releasing the other prisoners" said Deadpool.

Lady Deadpool was indeed doing just that, she ended up freeing Rogue along with Courtney and a few others. Rigby and Mordecai were freed from their cages.

"About time!" laughed Rigby as he got out of the cage.

"Now we can find a way out of this place" added Mordecai, "that's the last time I ever listen to you."

"I cannot believe we volunteered ourselves to do this again" said Mandy as she was released by Lady Deadpool.

"Uh, Hunson replaced us with the two Deadpools" said Mindy.

"That's because we have healing factors and we're pals with death" laughed Lady Deadpool.

"Well we're friends with Grim too, yet we're here" said Billy.

"I finally get to be in this one yo, being close with Mandy!" laughed Irwin.

Mandy ends up slapping poor Irwin in the face, for Deadpool he also ends up releasing Venom and Carnage from their cells, along with X-23, Quicksilver and Sabretooth.

"So you're official?" asked Sabretooth to Deadpool.

"Of course I am silly" laughed Deadpool.

For Lady Deadpool she ended up releasing FredFred Burger from his cell.

"Oh, I like being on reality television, I can spell my name really, really good, F, R, E, D, F, R, E, D, B, U, R, Gee, E, R, FredFred Burger yes!" laughed Fred.

"Oh you're going to have so much fun Fred" said Lady Deadpool.

As the two Deadpools led the prisoners from their cells, Hunson was prepared to put them into two teams. They ended up gathering to meet up with Hunson.

"Great, everyone is here, let's go down with the roster for the first time will be called the Mutant Brigades which will include Magneto, Rogue, Sabretooth, Quicksilver, Blob, Venom, Carnage, Toad, Scarlet Witch and X-23; the next team will be called the Regular Folks which will include Duncan, Alejandro, Courtney, Mordecai, Rigby, Mandy, Billy, Mindy, Irwin and FredFred Burger" said Hunson as he read down the list.

"There must be some mistake, we don't have anyone with powers on our side" said Mandy.

"Yea why am I stuck on this team filled with losers?!" cried Mindy.

"I can spell my name really, really good" said Fred to Mindy.

"I say if we lose the first challenge we vote off the strange elephant" said Courtney.

"Sounds good to me" said Mandy.

As Hunson led the two teams to where they were going to be shown their first challenge, Magneto was more than eager to get this over with as he wanted to be the one of the few mutants to get out of the Nightosphere.