Chapter 9: Fred's Punishment

Once again it was time for Hunson Abadeer to give a recap.

Hunson Abadeer's commentary:

Last time on Survive the Nightosphere 14, our two teams were going to have a BBQ challenge where each team would try to finish eating the most disgusting meals without being disrupted by some typical animals. However, those typical animals were not typical as they were extinct animals like dinosaurs to mammoths and sabertooth cats. For the Regular Folks, it was again time for them to loose the challenge and poor Mordecai got voted off.

However, thanks to our two Deadpools we've caught the culprits behind it and how long will it be before Fred Fred Burger and his mother would face swift justice? Find out here on Survive the Nightosphere 14!

End of commentary.

The two teams were not pleased with how Fred and his mother had interferred with them.


"Bah, everyone's already dead I wonder what sort of punishment would await them?" asked Magneto.

"Fry them" said Quicksilver.

"Torture them" said Mandy.

End of confessions.

As the two teams were sleeping outside, Hunson was bringing out some Medieval weapons which he laid them on the ground.

"This must be a cool challenge!" laughed Duncan.

"Oh it is" laughed Hunson, "Whoever delivers the most pain to Fred and his mother wins immunity however the two teams will have to fight them in the arena."

As the two teams were led to the arena by Hunson, both Fred and his mother were in cages.

"Mommy, I do not like this!" cried Fred.

"Patience Fred dear" said Fred's mother.

As the two teams entered the arena, both Fred and his mother were released from their cages.

"Okay whoever gives Fred and his mother the best beating wins immunity!" laughed Hunson.


"Now that's a challenge!" laughed Duncan.

"Pleasure will be all mine" laughed X-23.

End of confessions.

The Mutant Brigades and the Regular Folks charged at Fred and his mother, however Fred's mother was able to knock down Quicksilver as he tried to run around her. Duncan tried to use his ax against her, yet she managed to literally take the ax and give him quite a beating.


"Ouch that hurts!" cried Duncan.

End of confessions.

Sabretooth charged at Fred's mother with such fury along with Venom, yet she was able to easily beat them both.

"How the heck does that happen?" asked Mandy to Magneto.

"Beats me" said Magneto as he shrugged his shoulders.

Rogue was able to drain Fred's mother of her energy with her powers which indeed weaken her.

"Hit her now!" ordered Rogue.

Irwin had to unleash his mummy and vampire powers against Fred's mother, Fred's mother tried her best to dodge Irwin yet it wasn't any use that Irwin was able to subdue her.

"How much sense does that make a loser having powers?!" cried Mindy.

"Hmm, I am wondering maybe he can take Blob's place?" laughed Magneto.

It was the obvious who was going to be the winner, for Hunson he ended up allowing the switch to take place which gave the win to the Mutant Brigades.

"What that's not fair!" roared Mindy.

"Hey I called it, Irwin gets to become a member of the Mutant Brigades which means your team loses!" laughed Hunson.

It was indeed going to be a vote between Duncan who was badly beaten up by Fred's mother and Billy since no one liked Billy anyway.

"Oh, I hope they get to pick me!" laughed Billy.

Sadly for Billy he wasn't going to be voted off, instead Duncan was selected to be voted off by the rest of his team.

"Sorry Duncan looks like you took quite a beating back there and it looks like you won't be coming back" said Hunson.

"That stupid dork!" cried Duncan referring to Irwin as he was taking the Walk of Shame out.

"Will the Regular Folks ever win? Find out next time here on Survive the Nightosphere 14!" laughed Hunson.