So I wrote a story between my own character and Slade. My characters name is Blake gray, Known as Zero. He doesn't have anything to do with the zero from borderlands though i get that alot. Because i'm lazy and didnt feel like drawing a picture ive posted a link to a picture below. Basically zero is sorta a vigilante, he is more what we call chaotic neutral. He found out a certain gang was trafficking girls and he set them free but was poisoned and beaten and Slade saves him. My character has a black sword and he is a dual sword wielder meaning he can wield two swords at once one in each hand. He also carries two pistols on him called desert falcon pistols. DISCLAIMER: i don't own anything but my own character!

Slade was cleaning up the supplies that he had been using when he heard a small cough. He turned around to see that the brown haired teen on the bed was beginning to wake, blinking his eyes multiple times. His vision cleared after a minute and his gaze settled on Slade. Panic was instantly clear on his face and he made a move to get up but before his injuries could stop him Slade had pinned him down, holding both of his arms down and practically straddling the teens chest. Feeling uncomfortable and threatened by Slades, his enemies, presence the boy attempted to twist out from underneath Slade but cried out in pain as his broken ribs protested, along with numerous other injuries, and fell limp, panting and ever so slightly shaking. "I have no intention of hurting you" Slade said releasing one of the teens arms and using the now free hand to grab a syringe off the table right next to the bed. The teens eyes went wide with panic once more but before he could attempt to struggle again, Slade pressed the needle into boys right arm, injecting the serum into his bloodstream. Throwing the now empty needle back on the table he pinned the boys right arm back down again. "Its just a sedative" Slade informed him. The teen let out a weak groan as the drug began to take effect, and Slade could see he was pointlessly trying to fight it. "Just relax, and rest" Slades voice said almost soothingly as the drug overtook his mind and his body succumbed to it as it pulled him into darkness. Slade released the teens arms, who was now out cold, and slid off the the bed. Pulling the blanket back and lifting up the teens white t-shirt, he slowly undid the bandages wrapped around his chest, placing a firm, glove-less hand on the boys right rib cage. He moved his hand softly over all the ribs making sure the broken ones were still in place. Much to his relief they were and he re-bandaged the boys torso, pulling the blankets back over him. he grabbed the rest of the stuff, turned off the lights and threw one last glance at the sleeping teen before closing the door behind as he left the room.