Blooms POV, great. Just.. great. Today we have finally moved in to our new house.

High school was starting tomorrow and I dont remember ever being this nervous before. My big brother Thunder said that there was absolutely nothing to worry about.

Easy for him to say. Everywhere he goes there are girls swooning over him. He said that I will be fine but right now im guessing he cant exactly see into the future right now.

I eventually go to bed and wake up the next morning at 6. I picked out a white shirt with orange flames on it and the classy amount of cleavege on it, but when i bent down it was a totally differint story.

As in for my bottom half i was wearing a short denim shorts and a kind of see through(not really though) skinny jean tights that made my ass look big.

I was also wearing the average sized hoop earings and a charm bracelet the winx and i made.

My hair was brushed back and naturally curled at the bottom it was as long as my knees with a hot pink headband but my bangs fell around my face still reaveling my cyan colored eyes.

My brother and I drive down in his car to school. Right now his current age is 18 and im 16.

I watched him glare at a couple of boys that whistled when they saw me. He had brown hair like my mom and green eyes.

I had red hair which i have no idea where i got that from and cyan eyes which is a mystery of where i got those too. I have Daffonys(my older sister and Thunders little sister.)and Thunders features.

The only reason im excited to go is because i get to see the winx when i was 13 i had to move way but now i had moved back and were all still best friends.

No ones POV

When Thunder and Bloom got out of his convertable all the kids were staring at them. They heard some girls sigh at Thunder and all the boys wolf whistle at Bloom.

The 2 rolled their eyes and gathered their stuff and started walking. Thunder told Bloom to stay out of trouble and then he left to talk to some of his old buds.

When Bloom turned around she the girls and then she screamed WINX! And all the girls literally pounced on her.

Everyone thought the were gonna squish her to death but soon they got off of her and whispered in her ear not to use her powers and she nodded.

Stella snatched her schedule out of her hands and started reading then she said-

OK Bloom u have tecnology with Tecna,

Music with Musa,

Hisory with no one,

Fire and Lengends by yourself,

break with me(Stella)and Roxy,

Oceanology with Aisha, Lunch by your self,

Sun Moon and Stars Class with me(Stella)

and.. WOW Bloom u have gifted! Well i guess u have that with no one either.

At the school the winx were the most popular girls and prettiest girls in high school. They often had trouble hiding their powers but they manage and they usally use it behind peoples backs. The girls of the Winx club were going around the whole week talking about Bloom so practiacally the whole school knows she was coming, knows who she is, and knows that shes the leader of the club. But the one thing they diddnt expect her to look SOOO HOT! And in everyone else's opinion she is way better looking than them. But they would never tell her. They all just wanted Bloom to be with them.