here's chapter 2

Tecna's POV

Bbrriingg..! there goes the bell C'mon Bloom lets go to tecnology!

OK Tec coming, and i bet my powers that this is your favorite class right?/p

Yep it is! Now C'mon and remember NO MAGIC not even if its to help u out on something! Bloom-Yes Yes i know.

Normal POV

Bloom and Tecna walk into Tecnology at prefect timing when the teacher(professer Mike) stops Bloom. She looks up to him and says u r the new girl right?

She nods and he says to the class-Boys And Girls Plz welcome our new student Bloom! Bloom blushed but only slightly and only Tecna noticed./p

He said to Bloom that she may sit down next Tecna, and gave her a pencil(i know irrational right!? LOL).

Tecna sat in the second row so there were still 9 rows looking down at her. Bloom then noticed a boy with glasses and orange hair looking at Tecna longinly. Bloom smiled that someone has a crush on Tecna./p

When she sat, through her powers Bloom could sense people looking at her and whispering, but she couldn't make out what they were saying.

Tecna could see through her X-Ray vision powers that they were all looking at Bloom.

She even saw one boy start drooling, then Tecna silently laughed.

After about 15 minutes Bloom started to feel uncomfortable of everyone staring at her, She leaned in told Tecna that it was making her feel weird, Tecna laughed and said, C'mon Bloom that's illogical it means everyone loves you./p

And i know i searched it up in my networks in my head. Bloom giggled at what she had said then she saw in the corner of her eye some guys smile./p

"Soon class finally over and Bloom could meet up with Musa.

Musa's POV

"Bloom hurry up were going to be late for music and this teacher gets really mad when u r! Bloom-sorry just wait a few moments my hair is all ruffled!/p

"Unless u want me to use magic and fix it up right now-she said grinning.

Fine, said Musa but do it now no one is looking! When Bloom finished it looked like she polished her hair too but i don't care i just dont want to be late!

As Bloom was walking in the hall with Musa, Bloom noticed her brother looking at her she smiled and waved at Thunder./p

"Musa saw all this and said ooo... someone has a cru- NO Musa! Thats my brother so don't say i like my brother! OH MY GOD! Your brother is 1 of the 2 hottest guys in the school!

Bloom- so who's the hottest Musa? She said someone named Sky, and he is cute but hes not my type.

Bloom-oy yea i forgot Musa's into bad boys.
Hey stop it i begged.

When we were walking i could here out of my sonic ears Blooms brother talking to the group called the specialists and i guess he was part of it too.

Now what i heard made me want to tell Bloom the whole thing but i couldnt 'cause Sky would be the one to have to tell her that he has a crush on her.

Normal POV

Oops it turned out that the 2 got in class a few seconds late, and the look on professer Avalon's face was priceless.

Until he saw Bloom he was angry but he imeaditly smiled at her, and this teacher was the youngest one we have; he was about 19-22 yrs.

And it was obvious that the teacher actally like Bloom 'cause if u were late in his class even if it was your first day he throw u in detention.

But instead he looked at Bloom and smiled then said to the class that the new girl was Bloom and blahblahblah.(LOL)

Bloom also noticed a boy with dark magenta hair and low brown eyes staring at Musa, and Bloom could sense that he like Musa.

She smiled when she realized it then took a seat in the middle of the class next to Musa and a boy named Steffan.

Who wolf whistled when she sat down getting a more up close look at the hot chick.

Then the bell rang about 45 minutes later and she left to find her brother for history.