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Chapter 20 – The Depths of One's Mind

Serge's eyes shot open with a start. He tried instantly to sit up but was knocked back by a flash of pain in his skull. Immediately he let out a low groan and turned to his side, curling into the fetal position for a moment to gather all the pain and feeling racking his aching body.

"Ahh, you're awake."

Instinctively the Chrono Trigger rolled off his side and back onto his feet. He kneeled down and reached for the Mastermune and was surprised when it wasn't there.

"That won't work."

Serge said nothing only gave where he was a brief run down and was hardly shocked when what he saw was a simple straw mat within a confine of a stone room with only bars for a door. He took a step towards the bars and was a bit surprised to find himself back in his original clothing, Bandana and all.

"Surprised?" The voice said with a hint of amusement, "Don't be. You're no longer in your physical form." A person appeared in front of the bars and peered in, it's yellow eyes glinting with the dull light. It grabbed one of the bars and leaned lightly against it as if he were on a leisure visit. Serge merely growled.

"Come now, Serge. You don't need to be so hostile. At least you're here instead of being dead right?" It tapped its fingers lightly against the bars, the deep half scratchy voice indicating it as a male. "Sure, I've taken over your body and sure, any damage done to the body will still hurt you, and, you'll probably never see your friends again, but hey, you're still alive right?"

Again, Serge growled before making his way over to the figure. "What do you want from me."

"You make no if ands or buts about wanting the point do you?" The person shifted his weight to lean more heavily against the bars. "Very well then, my dear lad, what I want from you is your thoughts."

Serge gave him a look yet remained silent. Seeing he would not speak the thing continued.

"Yes your thoughts. Why you ask? Because deep in your mind, I believe that somewhere lays the secret to becoming what I fear about you." He reached through the bars and gave Serge a hard rap on the head. The village boy immediately swatted the hand away irately. "Somewhere in the delightful little noggin' of yours Sergey-boy is the divine secret of becoming the Chrono Trigger."

"Well if you're afraid of me then why are you coming so close…" Serge said while glaring calmly at the shadowed person.

"Because," It replied, "You may be the Chrono Trigger, and true you are strong in so many ways. Even now I'm having troubles completely containing your life energy. But since you have been separated from those annoying twits, Masa and Mune and you do not possess the Chrono Cross your powers are somewhat nullified and, incomplete."

"Even so, I don't know anything…definitely not anything you're talking about…"

"See that's where you're wrong Sergey-Boy, that's where you're wrong." The figure leaned as close as the bars would permit yet only revealed the putrid stench of his breath and nothing else through the shadows. "Somewhere in that stubborn, complicated mind of yours it's there. And even if it takes me decades to sort it out, I will. I have the time. It's just a matter of how long until you break down."

Serge stood there and glared in cold defiance at the man, his pure unshaken will wavering solidly in his deep cerulean eyes. The figure snorted before returning the glare briefly then smirked "Did you know that the body is only the package for what truly exists?" Serge gave it a wary look, wondering on why the sudden change of subject. "In all reality only three things exist. Your mind, your heart and your soul."

Suddenly it pulled away from the bars "You may think that your heart is just an organ and your soul is only imaginary. But, you're wrong. The heart is the key to your soul and your soul, what drives the mind. Now all I have to do with you Sergey-Boy," The figure let out a twisted little laugh before his eyes shone a deeper shade "Is find out which of the three I have to break before I can break you." The look on the village boy's face never changed as he slowly stepped back towards the mat of straw. Seeing that he would say nothing to help his cause, the figure let out an annoyed growl and walked away.

Waiting until the echo of footsteps had faded completely from the cell, Serge let his cold façade fade into one of worry and despair. He ran fingers through his hair and pushed off his bandana while trying to figure out how in hell he'd gotten into this mess. He thought upon what his keeper had said and fear waved through him.

"…Only three things exist. Your mind, your heart and your soul."

"Now all I have to do with you Sergey-boy, is find out which of the three I have to break before I break you…"

"Oh goddess…" Serge looked quietly up at the ceiling of his prison, fear dancing through his eyes. "Please…be safe Kidd…"

"Glenn hold still!"

"You try holding still when your getting cards pulled from your flesh! IT-HURTS-KARSH!"

Karsh growled and pushed Glenn against the wall of his room, trying to stop him from moving. "If you don't stop fucking moving, it'll just fucking hurt you more! So shut your fucking mouth or I'll fucking shut it for you!"

"For fuck sake." Locke added rather lamely, more poking fun at Karsh's apparent love for the word. He received a glare from the Deva in reply and merely shrugged as he too fought to hold Glenn down. He found it unbelievable that himself, Karsh and Zoah could barely manage to hold the Dragoon soldier against the wall. "Hey Riddel! Are you done yet! This is getting more annoying by the second!"

"Excuse me if I'm impatient!" Glenn snapped as a jerk on one of the cards made him grit his teeth.

"I'm trying Locke but it's hard when he won't hold still!" Riddel replied in frustration as she tried to pry the last card loose.

"Not because of you or Glenn! Because of the purple haired moron I'm standing beside!"

Karsh relinquished his hold on Glenn and turned towards Locke. "It's Lavender! And do you got a fucking problem with me!" The dragon rider put on a cocky grin and also let go of Glenn.

"Yeah I got a fucking problem with you, what you gonna do about it."

"KARSH, LOCKE, I AM FINDING IT INCREASINGLY HARDER TO HOLD DOWN GLENN" Zoah stated as Glenn's squirming increased unwillingly

The head Deva didn't seem to hear his friend and growled at Locke "I'll rip off your fucking head!"

Locke laughed, "Bring it on, little man!"

Karsh reached out for the Dragon Rider, most intent on killing him. Yet a pained growl from Glenn halted him. "Wow Glenn, I just realized you look horrible."

The dragoon's eyes went wide then narrowed ferociously, "Goddess knows how much I want to hurt you right now…" He began to purposely struggle to get himself free of Zoah's failing grip. "Let me go Zoah, I'm going to kill him!"

Zoah grunted in effort and was hardly able to hold Glenn before Locke slammed him against the wall though it helped little. Both struggled with all their might to hold down the indignant Deva while Karsh shuffled back a bit afraid. Deftly Glenn began pushing himself forward towards his intended target, dragging Zoah and Locke along for the ride.

"Whoa! Down boy!" Exclaimed the Dragon Rider while being drug by Glenn.

Riddel all the while was getting rather annoyed with what she found to be childish behavior. So, she walked up to Glenn and pulled out her staff then quite easily tripped him causing a pile up. Glenn released an agonized yelp and pushed Zoah and Locke from on top of him before rolling about in pain.

"Wow thanks Riddel," Karsh said as he watched Glenn, "I thought he was really going to kill me there." He gave her a grin in thanks only to be rewarded with a hard smack over the head from her staff. "Hey! What in hell was that for!?" He yelped has he dropped to his knees and held the welt on his head tenderly.

"Being a jerk. Now then," She turned to Locke and found he was no longer in the room. "Hmm, he's not as stupid as he looks." She kneeled beside Glenn and put a hand on him before allowing her healing abilities to flow freely from herself to him.

"WILL HE BE ALRIGHT MISS RIDDEL?" Zoah inquired, hardly bothered by the last moment's events.

"He should be as long as he rests after."

Glenn shook his head slightly and sat up. He looked rather drained yet in much better health than before. His wounds hand healed over leaving hardly visible marks in their places. "Thank you Miss Riddel and I am sorry for my outburst a moment ago."

"It's alright Glenn, I don't much blame you. You were in horrible pain." She ruffled his hair lightly like a sister would do to a brother. "You're a great knight Glenn but maybe stop being so Kamikaze hmm?"

"Advice taken," Glenn smiled at Riddel before looking about. "Where's Leena?"

"I think she's looking for Kidd, after what happened with Serge, Kidd hasn't really said much and it's kind of disturbing."

Glenn nodded understandingly and decided maybe it was best he sat there a while before trying to find his love or his friend.

Kidd sat quietly by an open window, looking desolately out into the late night sky. She had had the sense to change back into her normal attire but it helped her mood little. So, since she had changed she had been at this window, just staring out into the depths of the horizon.

She was attempting to keep her expression neutral yet it was evident that an emotional conflict that deep raged within her. Anyone who saw her could tell this clear as day yet no one said anything afraid it would set the Radical Dreamer off on which ever emotion sprung to mind. Due to this, she remained alone by the window.

Alone. What she'd felt her entire life. It was a painful feeling, which throbbed heavily on her since she was little. She'd found that when she was with Serge, that feeling went away. She felt safe, upbeat and like she actually belonged somewhere since she had been in Lucca's care. But, now that Serge wasn't there she felt extremely out of place, even with her friends about her, it just wasn't the same. So not only was she extremely rueful and forlorn but awkward aswell.

"Stupid guy…have ta make me like him." She muttered quietly, her voice hardly controlled. Slowly she pulled her knees up to her chest and tightly wrapped her arms around her knees allowing her to curl up slightly. She sniffed lightly then looked back out the window, a dully forced smile on her face "Common Mate…Tell me where ya are…"

Suddenly Kidd heard footsteps approaching her. Mechanically she grabbed her dagger by the hilt and asked quietly. "Whaddaya want?"

"I just came to see, if you're doing ok."

The Radical Dreamer made a dull face at the remark and hardly cared if it offended Leena or not. "I'm doin' wonderful, can't ya tell?" Her tone was nothing short of desolate and made the other girl feel a bit gauche.

"Is there anything I can do?" Again, another look from Kidd made Leena feel odd and she began to rub her arm without notice.

"D'ya know why I'm feelin' like this?"

"I think so."

"Uh huh. And can ya fix it?"

Leena shook her head apologetically. "No, I'm not sure I can… Not by myself anyway."

"Well then," Kidd said rather icily "I guess their ain't nothin' ya can do fer me is there."

The village girl frowned "Hey come on Kidd I'm just trying to be nice and help you. You don't have to be so cold."

"We don't have ta do a lot of things in life mate but we do 'em anyway." The Radical Dreamer's response was no more heart-filled than any of her other words and was no less bitter. This hardly sat well with her red-haired friend who was getting slightly ticked off.

"Look Kidd, if you want to sit here and wallow piteously in your own sorrow. Fine, go ahead!" Leena placed her hands forcefully on her hips to emphasize what she was saying. "But closing yourself off from everyone won't help you find Serge and it definitely won't bring him back to us. So you can keep whining to yourself all you want, as long as you know it's not going to help you at all." With that she turned and walked away, not in the mood to deal with her friend any farther.

Kidd looked quietly at the wall across from her for a long moment. She then looked back out the window into the sky and watched the gentle twinkling of the stars. "I know it won't bring him back…but…" Her eyes slowly clouded with tears of ice cold mourning and boiling irritation. "I don't even know where he is…" Suddenly she brought her fist around and smashed it into the wall adjacent to her.

"Bloody Hell! I Don't even know where ta look!"

Jumping to her feet angrily, Kidd held her pained fist as frustrated tears streamed down her face. "I hate feelin' this way, I hate…bein' helpless." In a fit she punched the wall once again then kicked it before flopping back down beside the window. Deftly she pulled out her dagger and started to fidget with it. "What the hell am I supposed ta do. Me thoughts are drivin' me looney! But how can I find Serge…how can I- " Suddenly a streak reflected from the sky onto the shimmering blade of Kidd's Spectral Dagger. She turned immediately to look out the window and met the unmistakable sight of the Dragon Rider riding Drakius towards a window of the manor.

She made face, temporarily forgetting her worries. "What is that Bloke up ta now…Wait a minute." She eyed Drakius one more time the grinned before a snicker forced itself from her lips. "That's it, that's how I'll do it! How could I be so dense! Oi!" She got up from her seat, calm, determined and full of resolve. Quickly she left the room, a plan turning in the complicated depths of her mind…

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