Author's Note: This is another new story from me, yeah I'm not doing so good when it comes to updating my other stories but this one is one idea I want to get up. This is an AU Agents of SHIELD, Arrow crossover with a bit of The Flash in there as well. The opening bit of this prologue is in medias res (basically the story starts in the middle and goes back to the beginning to show what led to that point).

Here are all of the main and recurring characters:


The original six (Phil Coulson, Skye, Melinda May, Grant Ward, Leo Fitz, and Jemma Simmons (all except Skye in present day only), all 6 are main characters with Skye being the protagonist),

And SHIELD Director Nick Fury (Present Day only, recurring character).


Slade Wilson/Deathstroke (Present Day and Flashbacks, main character and Main Antagonist),

Lyla Michaels (Present day only, recurring character)

Oliver Queen (Flashbacks only, main character),

Sara Lance (Flashbacks only, recurring character),

And ARGUS Director Amanda Waller (Present day only, recurring character).

The Flash:

Barry Allen (Present day only, recurring character),

Joe West (Present day only, recurring character),

And Iris West (Present day only, recurring character).

Oh and Skye in this story is a bit like Oliver Queen but without the biological family (at the moment but at the in medias res portion she knows but they aren't mentioned by name to prevent spoilers)

Present Day Prologue: Skye was in the middle of a fight with Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, she thought he died 10 years ago but he didn't die and he was plotting his revenge. Skye was wearing an outfit reminiscent of The Arrow (she was called "Dark Arrow" (not to be confused with "The Dark Archer", that's Malcolm Merlyn), Slade was wearing an Iron suit reminiscent of an evil version of Iron Man without the helmet/mask. Right before Skye could fire an Arrow and end their fight Slade punched her and everything went black, causing her to look back upon what led her to that point.

It all started 6 months earlier when she was surveying a building that she planned on searching as Dark Arrow later that day, Skye was wearing civilian clothing to blend in, Skye at that point was undercover inside The Rising Tide for ARGUS, the organization that acts as a group of men and women who take on the missions that other organizations like SHIELD, the FBI, and CIA can't handle, the reason Skye was under was to use them as a smoke screen and take down Centipede and The Clairvoyant from the shadows. Right before she was going to leave, the building blew up and shortly after a hooded man jumped out of the building with a woman in his arms.