Tatooine was a beautiful planet. In its own very special way, of course. At least that's what Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi Master sent on a special mission by the Council, thought as he stood at the Mos Eisley spaceport, waiting for one very special ship. A few days earlier he had an important conversation with the current Grandmaster of the Jedi Order, Yoda.




It took a while but Qui-Gon finally finished telling the old master everything that had happened on and since Naboo, including the, in his opinion rather short, negotiations.

"Hm, troubling, this is." The old master's voice was contemplative as he sat on his chair, chin in clawed hand. "Sure, you are, about your suspicions?"

"Quite sure, Master." Yoda nodded, before motioning to someone behind Qui-Gon. A tall man came up to him and, after exchanging a few words, left without sparing the Jedi Master a single glance.

"Very well, then send backup, I shall." That made Qui-Gon pause. He was a very capable Jedi. He knew that, and he knew Yoda knew that. So him deciding to send backup could only mean one thing.

"Now Maser Yoda, I don't think that will be necessary. Really." He hoped the old Trogg couldn't see him sweat through a hologram. "Obi-Wan and I are absolutely capable of dealing with the situation here." By the subtle grin on Yoda's face he could see he was failing. "I am sure he is needed more elsewhere."

"Too late. Already sent him, I did." The Trogg was enjoying this way too much.

Qui-Gon sighed when the holo-communicator shut off. He had nothing against the man in question, really. He even though his friendship with his Padawan was good for the boy. It was just that things tended to escalate around him.

"Oh well." He gave a small chuckle, stroking his beard. "Might as well warn Obi-Wan his friend is coming.



He was brought out of his musings by the whirring of an engine close by. A CEC-made YT-1300 light freighter landed on the ground with a low thump, also catching the attention of a Twi'lek dockworker, who looked at the ship and rubbed his palms greedily, rushing towards it.

The doors to the landing bay lowered with a hiss, showing a tall, imposing figure, dressed in a black Jedi uniform with matching boots and gloves. Over that was a white sleeveless coat with a hood, covering his head, and a matching scarf over the lower part of his face, leaving only a few strands of blonde hair and a pair of piercing blue eyes visible. On his hip there was a metallic cylinder, the hilt of a lightsaber.

Behind him there was another figure. A female humanoid alien, of the Togruta species. She was a few inches shorter than the man, wearing the standard brown Jedi robes and a lightsaber on her hip. She had a very beautiful face by the standards of any species, her head-tails and monrals proudly displayed.

But it was the third figure walking down the platform that was the most interesting. That particular person wasn't a person at all, but a droid. The white-robed Jedi had always claimed it to be a simple protocol droid, but Qui-Gon had his doubts. The rust-colored droid was always too violent or that. But the real answer to that question was only known to the droid's master, and perhaps his Master, Yoda.

The dockworker rushed towards the man as they disembarked slowly, but was met with blaster rifle at the face, held by the droid Qui-Gon couldn't hear what was being said, but he knew the thing well enough to assume it to contain at least three threats and the word 'meatbag'. Whatever the case, he was very glad when the man held a hand in front of the droid, stopping it. Ignoring what was sure to be the droid's pleasing for violence, the man waived his hand in front of the Twi'lek's face, making it turn blank and the man walk away. Qui-Gon couldn't help but frown at such a use of the Force, but also had to admit that it wasn't such a bad idea. As a last resort, naturally.

"Jedi Knight Naruto Namikaze." He spoke up when the three stepped in front of him. "Jedi Knight Shaak Ti. Droid."


Naruto blinked for a moment, then reached up and pulled the scarf down, showing three whisker-like mars on each cheek, and a confident grin in-between.

"Hey old man." He hugged the Jedi Master tightly, making him grunt. "How ya been?"

"Just fine. Care to let me down now? Please?" Qui-Gon was ot a small man, but the blonde had no trouble holding him up.

"Sorry. So where's Ben? I thought he'd be here."

"Obi-Wan is with the Queen's ship, keeping guard. I already warned him of your coming."

"Spoilsport." The blonde pouted, drawing a giggle of the Togruta behind him. "So where's the ship?"

"In the Dune Sea, not too far from here."

"Stupid idea, old man. Call it over here."

"Excuse me?" The Master blinked.

"Naruto, behave." The woman scolded him lightly, slapping the back of his head.

"Ow. But princess…"

"No buts. Explain yourself."

"Fine." The blonde huffed. "You're kinda ruining the whole 'awesome' vibe I goin' here." Her smirk told him she knew that all too well. "It's suspicious." He sighed, his voice turning from jovial to serious in a flash. "Mos Eisley tracks all objects larger than a speeder that pass within a hundred-mile radius. They already know you're here. A Naboo royal barge is a unique vessel, restricted to the reigning king or queen, so whatever you're carrying is automatically considered precious. Either you are carrying people, or objects. If it's people, you're with a deposed ruler on the run from the law, in which case the Hutts will send a force to capture the passengers for a bounty; or you're transporting royalty on a trip, in which case the Hutts will send a force to capture the passengers for a ransom. Or slave work. If it's objects, on the other hand, you're either carrying luxurious supplies for the royalty, in which case the Hutts will send a force to raid the ship and sell anything they can; or you're carrying priceless artifacts and artwork, in which case the Hutts will send a force to raid the ship and keep the stuff." He turned to his female companion. "Detailed enough for ya?" the Jedi Master blinked again and held up his communicator.

"Good boy." Shaak Ti smirked.

"Why you little… if you weren't my girl I'd…."

"Query: Master, may I blow a hole through the female meatbag?" The droid finally spoke up, showing his infamous violent nature.

"No thanks HK, I'd rather she stay pretty." Came the blonde's nonchalant response.

"Why do you insist on dragging that droid everywhere?" The Togruta female asked.

"Eh, he's harmless. Don't worry about him." Naruto shrugged. "Is that the ship?" He motioned to a large brown vessel that was just about to land net to s own ship. "It better not ding the Falcon." The craft landed and the latch opened up to show a furious teenaged girl stomping towards the three Jedi, followed by a sheepish-looking Obi –Wan. If he was completely honest, Naruto found the scene quite funny.

"Master Jedi, what is the meaning of this? The Queen is not pleased with you indecisively dragging the ship this way and that." Naruto and Qui-Gon shared a perplexed look.

"I am very sorry Master." Obi-Wan bowed his head, panting. "I tried to stop her, but she's quite thinks stubborn." He turned to Naruto. "Oh, you're here."

"Aw, c'mon Ben, that's no way to greet your best friend." Obi-Wan looked at the blonde warily before stepping forward and cringing. Naruto laughed as he squeezed all the air out of his friend in a hug.

"I take it things haven't gone too well?" The blonde commented after a few moments of trying to kill the poor Padawan.

"Not too well, no. we even had to call in backup." Naruto chuckled as the two friends turned to watch the girl trying to argue with the somewhat amused Jedi. "She's lucky Master is so laid back. If that were anyone else, they'd have locked her in a room by now."

"Except for Yoda. He'd just laugh at her before confusing her with his 'old, wise weirdo' thing." Obi-Wan nodded.

"You would call your Master weird?"

"Wouldn't you?" Ben blinked a few times before nodding carefully.

"You won't tell him I said that, would you?"

"Cross my heart and hope to… er, yeah sure."

"Query: Master, may I kill the small meatbag?" HK spoke up again, drawing everyone's attention.

"Nope, sorry HK." The machine let out a sound like a low whine.

"Your droid is inappropriate to have for a Jedi, my friend." Obi-Wan commented disapprovingly.

"Nobody seems to like you, HK."

"Sarcastic Response: I've noticed Master. Oh, woe is me."

"Don't worry, I still like you." The blonde tapped the old droid on the shoulder. "Now let's go and kill something."

"Excited Statement: Oh Master, if I had tear ducts they would be leaking." The two turned and walked off to the gate, ignoring the three bemused Jedi and one baffled teen behind them.