"Stop moving, dammit."

"Query: Why are we doing this, Master?"

"We need to look presentable. That means I need to clean you up. Now hold still so I can get this piece of spleen out of your joint."

"Query: How did it get over there?"

"I dunno. Ah, there we go." With a wet shlick, the yellowish piece of spleen flew out of the droid's joint, slid across the floor, and landed on Shaak Ti's leg. Naruto and HK raised their heads in unison, blinking owlishly (more or less, in the droid's case), meeting the frowning Togruta. "Um, hi."

"Hi." She raised an eyebrow at the two. "What are you doing?"

"Getting cleaned up."

"Oh are you? And what's this?"

"It's… a piece of… HK?"

"Statement: Definitely not a part of anything once living, Mistress."

"Yeah, definitely?"

"Right…" Shaak Ti sighed, taking off the heavy brown Jedi robe, leaving her in what amounted to a brown bikini with a loincloth at the front and back, and hand and feet wrappings. "I just got this thing washed, and now I have to get another one."

"You should just stay in that." Naruto's eyes were wide and his grin lopsided. "I mean, it's very hot outside, we are on a desert planet after all, and you may overheat in those stuffy robes."

"Smooth." The Togruta grinned at him, before turning around. "But I doubt you'd be saying that with all the others on this planet who might like to stare." She walked away swaying her hips.


"Master? Master?" HK waved his hand in front of Naruto's face. "Query: Now what?"


The two groups of mostly Jedi met outside the spaceships (which were moved to the port, as per Naruto's 'suggestion'). Shaak Ti had dressed in another, although lighter, Jedi robe, much to Naruto's mixture of disappointment and relief.

"And where to now?" Qui-Gon asked the blonde Jedi. "I do hope you have some idea."

"A few." Naruto shrugged. "First one is a meeting. We'll have to rent a speeder."

"Why would we need one of those?" The Handmaiden, named Padmé, asked Naruto.

"Because his Palace is a bit outside the city limits, and I don't feel like flying over there with a ship and having all the weapons fire at me."

"Palace? Weapons?" Padmé froze in place as Naruto walked away towards a Twi'lek on the corner of the landing platform.

"You're probably better off not knowing." Obi-Wan put a comforting hand on her shoulder as the others walked after the blonde.


It took them a few hours of driving to get to the 'Palace' Naruto mentioned. In spite of all of Padmé's arguments.

The palace was situated on the edge of a small mountain, circular in shape, flanked by three towers on each side. Naruto parked the speeder a little ways away from it, before exiting.

"I think it may be best if for me to go alone."

"Alone?" Shaak Ti frowned at him. "What are you talking about? I'm not letting you go in alone, especially not after what happened last time."

"Why?" The Handmaiden asked. "What happened last time?"

"Oh come on, that was nothing. He's probably forgotten about that already. Probably replaced the thing too."

"What happened last time?" Padmé's eyebrow had started to twitch at this point, but the Jedi continued to ignore her.

"At least take HK with you."

"Pleading Statement: Yes Master, at least take me with you."

"No, what are you two, crazy. Don't answer that HK, it was a rhetorical question. If I bring him with me it'll just escalate things quicker."


"I mean more."

"Not working." She frowned at him again. "Naruto… are you sure about this."

"Yeah. Trust me, it'll be fine. When have I ever been wrong about something like this?" She just raised an eyebrow. "Just… just don't."

"Fine." The Togruta sighed. "Go. But please be careful. And if something goes wrong you'd better pray you get killed in the commotion." Naruto gave her a small smile and a quick peck on the cheek before going to the palace.

"Shaak Ti, everything will be fine." Qui-Gon put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "I am quite confident he knows better than to start any trouble in a Hutt's palace."

"What do you mean Hutt's palace?" Since the two older Jedi were still watching the building, and the droid was letting out low, sad hums, it fell on poor Obi-Wan's shoulders to comfort the half-enraged and half-bewildered Handmaiden.


"This is probably the third worst idea I ever had. Well, maybe not the worst, but top ten at least." Naruto muttered to himself as he walked to the door. A robotic eye popped out of the wall and came to an inch in front of his face. "Hi. I'm Naruto, I'm a friend of his. I want to talk to him." The eye retracted into the wall and, a few moments later, the door opened to show a pink-skinned, male Twi'lek. "This will not be fun." Five barrels poked out of the darkness and the Twi'lek jus raised his hand. Naruto sighed and put his lightsaber into it. Not fun at all.


It's getting a bit difficult to continue focusing, so I think I'll stop here.