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The Violinist:

Shinichi took deep breaths as she took her violin out of her case with nervous hands. This was it. Her footsteps made steady echos as she walked on stage. Upon seeing her, people stared and whispered. Some said things like "Oh! She's so pretty!" Others, "Isn't she that famous high school detective and very known violinist? Some people just get all the luck."

In Shinichi's high held opinion, it was not luck. In fact it was a curse that she had to run into so many dead bodies, the least she could do is bring the killers to justice. And then there was the violin. For some reason when she played, she felt free from death and no dead bodies came forth. It was her good luck charm. Her savior from all the evil things that threaten her sanity. It reminded her there was good in life and not the gruesome, bloody bodies she was always seeing. It was her outlet. Her passion. Well, besides detective work and chasing after dangerous sociopaths. But those were two very different things.

Poising her violin against her shoulder and angling her head to the side. She bowed to the crowd and they were instantly silent. Her formal dress fluttered elegantly as she posed herself strait in one fluid motion. Her nervousness slowly began to leave her when she positioned her instrument and started to play. Immediately, everyone was entranced.

The notes she played; critics would later comment on, sounded majestic. It was almost like they weren't in the theatre anymore. Instead the people listening found themselves taking a surprise trip down memory lane. It was oddly refreshing how the music started of calm and collected before moving into a more bittersweet outcome. It was even weirder when the people listening started to be emotionally affected. It was almost like they were reliving their lives right then and there.

Yes, critics would later say, it was refreshing. Exhilarating. And all the above.

The next song she played was a happier beat. Shinichi herself decided to play it as she remembered all her happier memories. Unsurprisingly to her and surprisingly to the audience, the song was rather short. Shinichi's mind reluctantly admitted that she didn't have many happy memories. There were only so many sunsets with her best friend and a couple outings with her parents that she really ever enjoyed. Her parents themselves were a bitter yet loveable subject. She loved them with all her heart, she really did. But what kind of parents in their right minds would leave their 14 year old daughter to face the world alone? Well, in their defense, Shinichi didn't they were in their right mind.

Her mother Yukiko was quite eccentric, her father the same in a different yet calm way. Remembering her parents made the song drift into a more lovable and at the same time, sad tune. She really did miss them. She sometimes wished they visit more. Soon her mind drifted off to Agasa Hakase.

She remembered all the mischievous yet helpful inventions and blown out experiments as her playing became a lighter, happy child-like melody. She poured out all of her feelings into the music and left her, and the crowd breathless.

Everyone stared silently at her for a few minutes as Shinichi was trying to put a handle to her overflowing emotions. When she was under control again, she bowed and left the stage, clapping and shouting followed her. She couldn't help but smile at her new gained fans from behind the curtain. Some had even thrown roses. As she smiled softly down at her violin, she didn't notice a person coming up to her until he voiced out his thoughts.

"That was amazing!" The young man said in a cheerful voice. Shinichi jolted, startled. She sighed in relief when she turned around and it was only some guy. And not some stalking sociopath. Well, he could be. But Shinichi seriously doubted that. This man looked like he couldn't hurt a fly. Yet, if her many years at detective work had taught her anything, she was well aware of how looks could be deceiving.

"Thank you." She smiled politely. He grinned back in response before scrunching his eyebrows together in thought. She nearly dropped her violin when he suddenly asked her a question she wasn't quite expecting.

"Was the song based off of experiences? A lot of it was awfully sad." He trailed off sheepishly, contemplating on whether or not he crossed a line with asking. Shinichi paused in thought before proceeding to gently place her instrument back in the safety of it's case. She turned to him with a sad smile and slight stormy eyes. She always did feel emotional after playing her violin.

"What was the first clue?" She asked with a cute tilt of her head making her brown curls bounce slightly. The males cheeks reddened slightly, puzzling the detective. It wasn't hot in here, was it? The man cleared his throat slightly as he regained composer. He returned her bittersweet smile with a soft look.

"Because it's what I'd do. I suppose I would pour all my feeling into music like you did through your violin. That's what you did right?" The messy haired man asked. Shinichi gasped slightly as she got lost in his violet-like eyes. They were beautiful, her mind instantly decided as she gazed over his face. He was also very handsome. She blushed slightly, finally actually paying attention to his previous words. He was right, and she wasn't sure how to respond.

"Y-yes. That's exactly what I did." She found herself stuttering out, looking down as she felt the heat in her cheeks. She had never felt like this before. She didn't know whether to like it or hate it. She supposed it wasn't unpleasant though. She looked back up to see the man staring at her in concern. She tilted her head once again to the side in a questioning manner.

"The majority of the music had been very sad," He started of in a soft voice, looking almost sympathetic. "I don't know why. But for some reason, it makes me want to apologize." Not one for taking indirect pity, as Shinichi called it, she scoffed lightly. The man smirked slightly and held up his hands in surrender. "Don't get me wrong, I was rather moved by it all and I especially liked it when you took to the more happier tunes."

"I suppose I should thank you then?" She asked slightly. As brilliant as she was at deducing. She couldn't think straight when she had that weird fluttery feeling in her stomach such as now. The man laughed before freezing and checking his watch. Noticing he was about to leave, Shinichi grabbed his hand without thinking. "Uh. May I know your name?" She asked awkwardly, pulling her hand back rather quickly. However, the young man would have none of that. He bowed, pulling one of her hands to his mouth, placing a soft kiss on the surface of the skin. It left her with a tingling sensation.

"Kuroba Kaito, magician extraordinaire at your service." He grinned. Shinichi herself was rather flustered. The magician looked at her expectantly and Shinichi somehow became even more flustered. She was nearly positive she resembled a tomato. Kaito laughed lightly.

"Of course," Shinichi started, bowing her head slightly in form of greeting. "Kudo Shinichi. Violinist and High School detective of the East." Kaito and her shared twin smirks after the greeting and then suddenly, the magician pulled her with him. "Wha-" She started, startled and alert.

"Well then, Tantei-San~" Kaito said teasingly, pulling her along by one hand, Shinichi's other hand being occupied by her violin case. "Let's go to my dressing room to get prepared. I want you to watch my performance and tell me what you think. Since you're a detective, maybe you can work out my tricks." He smirked, stopping in front of his reserved room. "It's like you're my own little critic." Shinichi blinked. That sounded like something a certain thief would say. She scrutinized him with her gaze. Nah, she decided, it couldn't be.

Her new found- I suppose she'd call him a friend, a peculiar one at that, had dragged her to his dressing room and was now sitting down across from her on a red leather chair, eating cookies. How did she get herself into this again? Well, it wasn't like she could do anything about it. He did kinda just drag her over here.

"So," She began awkwardly, ringing her hands out nervously. "Why am I here?" He smiled brightly at the question and quickly swallowed his cookie in order to answer. Shinichi vaguely wondered if he was going to choke himself. Perhaps not since he seemed to come out of the whole cookie ordeal alive. Although, if he did die, Shinichi's mind decided. It wouldn't be the weirdest death she encountered.

"I need a critic!" He leveled her with a serious gaze although his voice spoke with childlike cheerfulness. Shinichi wondered if Kaito has ever been truly serious about something. He seems so carefree. "And, I believe that you're the only one that can do it." He finished off.

"Why?" Shinichi asked puzzled. "You just met me." She thought she saw something knowing in Kaito's gaze but it quickly vanished making her doubt whether or not it was actually there. It was strange though, how she doubted her own words. It felt like she had known him forever. She felt comfortable with him, safe even. Shinichi was by no means paranoid, but she never really ever felt secure. Not like now at least. For some reason, ever since she placed eyes on Kaito, she felt attached.

"I already told you." He scolded the detective playfully. "I wanted you as my critic. Plus, I think we're in the process of becoming good friends." He smiled gently at the girl and she couldn't help but return it with her own slightly shy smile. "Anyways, I have a stage to prepare for. And you my lady, have a backstage pass."

A small puff of smoke surrounded Kaito and his casual clothing he wore when he first talked to Shinichi vanished only to be replied by a nice black and white tux. Shinichi's mind reeled with thoughts she couldn't contain. Some were, 'Omg.. Is it legal to look that good?' and then there was, 'Once again, something very KID like..' She quickly pushed away the thoughts when Kaito surprisingly tucked a red rose behind her ear. He smiled and led her back to the stage area. And she waved him off as he went.

She wouldn't admit it, but she was beginning to think she was falling in love. Oh dear, she wasn't quite sure how to deal with that.. In fact, what exactly is love? Perhaps she could ask Ran. Or her mother.. No, going to Yukiko with the matter would only result in disaster. Ran was the best option.

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