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The Violinist and the Magician:

Upon their fateful meeting at the theater, Shinichi found her and the magician getting closer and closer. They would often go out, and Kaito would prepare magic tricks for her to decipher and she would often tell him about her cases, to which he would make gruesome faces but listen intently too at the same time. However she could never bring herself to play the violin directly for him. Being the sweet, kind person he tends to be around Shinichi, he's never rushed her. And now she's finally chalked up her courage to do so. She had just the perfect time. They had planned to stargaze on her roof tonight.

In which they were preparing, all since Kaito had the idea of a moonlight picnic, Shinichi brought up casual conversation, hinting towards what type of music the thief liked. Apparently although not surprisingly, he liked the classic as low yet happy tunes and Shinichi knew just the song. In fact she wrote it partially because of Kaito. He just made her feel happy. A kind of happy she had never experienced before

She blushed and Kaito put a concerned hand on her forehead, muttering something about health. Shinichi just blushed harder and looked away. She was right the first time she had met Kaito in his civilian identity. She was falling- no, she was in love. She just wasn't sure how to go about it. She supposed she should treat it like an enigma and attempt to solve it. From then on, she paid attention to the way her body acted when the elusive thief was around.

"Do you want to go shopping?" Kaito asked randomly after they finished packing for the moonlight picnic. It was still early, the sun in the sky so they had no reason to actually wait and could do something to pass by time for now. She nodded her head and the messy haired highschooler grinned happily. "Good, let's go!"

Kaito dragged her around the mall he had taken her to. She kept casting nervous glances everywhere, waiting for someone to just drop dead and ruin her day. Kaito was all smiles until he noticed Shinichi's expression. He pulled her to a bench and sat her down.

"What's wrong Meitantei-san?" He asked quietly as he holds both of her hands in his on. For a thief, Shinichi noticed as she turned her attention to him, he sure had soft and warm hands.

"It's been thirty minutes." Shinichi said in a low whisper. Kaito raised an eyebrow questionably. He didn't get a chance to ask because Shinichi was looking around rather rapidly and nervous. "It's been thirty minutes and no one has died!" She exclaimed in a whisper so she wouldn't bother others.

Kaito blinked a couple time, trying to make sense of the situation. So what if no one died? That's usually a good thing. A very good thing when it comes to this detective. Oh, his eyes widened in realization. No one died! That's worth celebrating, he decided with a grin.

"That's a good thing! Your curse is giving you a break!" He told her excitedly, grinning as he bounced slightly in his seat. Shinichi frowned deeply, bit her lip, then started looking around again. "What?" Kaito asked noticing the frown. She didn't answer. "Hey. Look at me and tell me what's wrong." Shinichi listened and turned to him with rather solemn blue eyes. Kaito frowned.

"Last time my curse gave me a 'break' over twenty nine people died around me within an hour." She said stretching the words like she was explaining it to a kid. "Twenty nine, Kaito. I don't know about you, but I don't believe in luck too much. I however know there is harsh reality and amazing survival instinct that seems to get me through many situations."

"I however do believe in luck." Kaito countered with a soft smile. "Nothing is going to happen. Do you know why?" Shinichi shook her head. "Because my luck will shield both of us from any misfortune that might befall us." He placed a gentle kiss on her hand and she nodded shyly.

"Thank you." She mumbled under her breath, grateful for both Kaito's presence and good fortune. Perhaps, her mind mused, he's my other outlet that my violin just couldn't cover. She checked her watch for the time and was glad to see there was still a lot of time to spare. She planned on enjoying it rather than being paranoid.

Kaito took her to many stores. He enjoyed seeing her happy and relaxed and was extremely proud he was the reason why. He would make her see, no matter what it takes, that there's a brighter aspect to life. Shinichi herself was staying true to her word and was paying attention to her body. She felt it. The strange warmth in her stomach that fluttered around like excited butterflies and how she always, without realizing it, moved closer to him. She even smiled more. Something her best friend noticed and often teased her about.

Without noticing, Kaito slipped out of her sight when she was distracted with books. All apart of Kaito's master plan of course. After purchasing what he wanted, he slipped back into the store, happy to see his detective still nose deep within her book. And of course it was a murder/mystery. He sighed fondly and then shuddered at a thought. Perhaps he should keep Shinichi away from Hakuba. He'd be a very bad influence to his Meitantei-san.

He chuckled at the thought of them both enthusiastically pouring their hearts out about the Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Nope, he'll definity never let them meet, at least not until his plan is over because he can't have Hakuba snatching up his, yes his, detective.

"Come on Shin-chan!" He exclaimed, taking the book form her. A slightly dejected Shinichi looked at her empty hands for a couple moments before looking up at Kaito with the cutest pout he'd ever seen. Then her eyes moved to her watch threatenly and Kaito quickly bought the book and handed it back to her. She smiled happily and began reading once more.

"Good Kaito." She told him as they walked off.

"Am I a dog now?" He asked with a nervous laugh. He made a mental note to not disturb or take Meitantei-san's books when she was reading. That would be suicidal. He shuddered.

"Depends~" Was all she said as they headed back to the Kudo mansion and the elusive thief found himself nearly face palming. He would never understand women. But that's okay he supposed, his Tantei was supposed to be a mystery.

That night, both detective/violinist, magician/thief, (whatever titles imply because they both have many) hauled a blanket and a picnic basket up to the roof and laid side by side, watching the stars in the night sky. Kaito smiled when he saw Shinichi tracing the outline of a constellation with her finger lazily. She noticed and grinned back in return.

"This," Shinichi breathed out, smiling brightly into the cool night air. "This is relaxing. Thank you Kaito." The detective fingered her violin case that was hidden underneath a blanket. She would play.

"For what?" Kaito questioned softly as he noticed how the detective hands fingered something nervously. He smiled gently, scooting closer without her noticing much.

"For making life brighter. It was kinda dull without you, you know?" She let out a watery laugh as she remembered all the depressing thoughts that came to mind before she met Kaito. The thief himself understood immediately what she meant and smiled. he was happy he made such a change. He was happy she was happy. "I wrote something," She whispered and Kaito nodded his head slightly, confused. "As a thank you."

Kaito saw Shinichi take out the violin case from under the blanket and let curiosity take over. Shinichi wrote a song for him? He smiled peacefully. If only that girl knew what she did to him. How happy she made him feel with the simplest of things. Her smile made him smile, her sense of justice only strengthened his, her happy attitude made him feel refreshed and even more happier than before. Which is weird because Kaito is practically the happiest person you'll ever meet, and it increases more so with Shinichi around.

Shinichi poised the violin to her shoulder and chin and Kaito took a breath he hadn't been aware he had been holding in.

"Play me the violin," He requested softly. The words had left his mouth before he even realized it. It didn't matter though, she accepted his request as she brought her bow up to the the strings. Kaito breathed out happily when she started playing, a serene look on her face and happy melodies playing through the night. The song ended and he beamed, jumping her with a hug.

"K-kaito!" She let out startled but in the end embraced him back. She felt him playing with her fingers but didn't think much of it, Kaito did weird things on more than a couple of occasions. However the slightly sly grin he gave her when she they sat back down made her gaze down at her hand. She let out a surprised gasp. "Kai!" She exclaimed and he scratched his head sheepishly.

On Shinichi's index finger was a silver banded ring with K+S engraved on the top. She took of the ring curiously and looked around the band. It was simple and pretty. On the inside there was a small cut in engraving of a monocle and magnifying glass, representing Kaito and Shinichi. She smiled when she saw what was written in neat cursive beside the pictures. 'I call it KaiShin~' Kaito saw her reading and his heart dropped. Did she like it? "Is this a confession Kaito?"

"Maybe." He said, his voice quieter than he remembered.

"Looks like I won't have to do it then." He heard the detective mutter and his eyes widened. Not only from the words, but Shinichi just seemed, so so happy. Her smile was bright and she just seemed so full of life as she put back on her ring, admiring it. Kaito looked at his own and felt himself smile as well. The only difference is that his said S+K instead of K+S.

"I guess that means you accept?" He asked, his fingers finding their way to the outline of Shinichi's jaw. She nodded, blush suddenly aflame on her skin and Kaito chuckled at how adorable the detective looked. He wasn't sure what happened next honestly. His face just got closer. He wasn't even sure why he was doing it, but he was happy to know Shinichi took his first kiss and he took hers. At Least he thinks he did.

He pulled away from a blushing Shinichi, his eyebrows furrowed together. Shinchi was regaining her composure very slowly.

"W-what?" She asked, concern in her voice as she traced the outline of her lips. She was in a daze.

"Was that your first kiss?" Kaito suddenly asked her, his face showing a rare display of seriousness.

"Y-yeah." Shinichi answered honestly, turning bright red and looking down. It was weird because she was usually so full of confidence. Kaito smiled again. So that was Shinichi's first kiss. He lifted up her chin and kissed her again.

"Good, becuase I don't think I'll share you."

Shinichi spluttered and Kaito laughed. They both left the roof that night as a couple. The food they had originally packed laid forgotten in the kitchen because neither of them actually ate, they just talked about the future. Their future.

Unknow in the shadows of the professor's house, a certain shrunken scientist held up her camera with a dangerous glint in her eye. She had gotten multiple pictures and everything video taped. Everything.

"Hehe~ Blackmail material Kudo-san. Blackmail material."

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