.:Feather Fall:.

Chapter 1.

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Low muttering.




Soft cursing.

The eerie sound of knife blade across silk echoed around the Holy Temple, many of its inhabitants awoken by the creepy sound. A man dressed in black robes with black hair and black eyes -in other words, triple black- strode briskly towards the source of the snipping and muttering, fully prepared to terrify the person into silence, the tension in his body palpable and his barely contained rage making him seem even more imposing than he usually did.

He traced the source to a door, unassuming and pure white. This night, however, there was a metallic tinge in the air, a tinge that was all too familiar to him. He pushed open the door without knocking and was stunned frozen. A dark stain, about as large as a small child seeped into the wooden floorboards, stray feathers scattered everywhich way in the room, especially on the bed. The bed's occupant, however, was missing and the bed was stripped of its sheets which lay in a bloody pile in a corner. The feathers led a trail to the bathroom where a man sat on a stool, holding a knife and awkwardly trying to cut off the remains of his tattered shirt, long strands of hair littering the ground serving as a testament to his success.

"Sun, what are you doing-"

Grisia looked up and gave a pained smile at Lesus whose eyes were staring blankly at the pure white, albeit bloody, wings that stretched out of his back.

"It appears that the God Of Light has heard the prayers of Sun and has answered them."

Lesus slowly closed his eyes and gave a long sigh, fingers rubbing at his temple as he felt a migraine coming up.

"What did you do?"

"Sun may have lamented about the weight and inconvenience of the wings on Sun's uniform..."

"And you woke up with these wings?"

Grisia nodded before returning to slashing at his shirt, nearly nicking himself in one wing. Lesus watched expressionlessly for a moment before drawing Grisia's spare sword and with two quick cuts, tore the shirt into ribbons, allowing the wings -nearly 6 feet in length- to burst out into their full glory and sending a flurry of feathers and wind ricocheting around the small room. Grisia rolled his shoulders, sighed with relief and stood up, the wings folding themselves neatly behind his back.

Lesus studied the wings closely. The bodily structure of Grisia seemed to have completely changed to accomodate the wings, the bones shifting until they were unnatural. Droplets of blood were still seeping from the spot where the wings joined his back causing him to frown and cast a minor heal to close up the small wound.

"Can... we g...et rid of t-them some...how? Maybe... if I-"

Grisia's words got cut off as he slumped to the tiled floor, face flushed red as his breathing got heavier. Struck with worry, Lesus hurried forward, placing a hand on Sun's forehead and was shocked to find out that Sun was running a high fever.

'The blood he lost...'

Gathering the limp body in his arms, Lesus strode towards the Pope's room, ignoring the gaping mouths and wide stares of all the holy knights that had come to investigate. Knocking loudly and opening the door before receiving an answer, Lesus gently placed Grisia down on the elaborately decorated bench, noting worriedly that his temperature was increasing at an alarming rate. Meanwhile, the Pope was sitting up with his eyes lidded, evidently just woken up as he groped around for the thin wispy veil that he covered his face with before noticing the current occupants in the room. His eyes grew wide, first at the fact that the Judgement Knight had carried the Sun Knight into his room. Second, the Judgement Knight's hands were stained with what suspiciously looked like blood. Third, the Sun Knight was shirtless and sweating profusely, his face red as he slept uneasily, clad only in a pair of white pants that were also stained with an extreme quantity of blood. Fourth, the Sun Knight had sprouted wings.

Rubbing his eyes, the Pope looked again and glanced at Judgement for an explanation. Lesus sighed and gestured to the unconscious Sun, indicating that tending to him was priority and that questions could wait. The Pope studied him for a moment before nodding, rolling up his incredibly long and incredibly voluminous sleeves and started chanting an advanced healing spell.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash and both of them turned to find the door almost caved in, barely hanging on to its hinges with hairline cracks spreading out from the point of impact. Blaze ran in, already shouting questions.

"Sun! What happened to Sun?!"


He cut himself off, mouth open and gaping like a dead fish as he properly processed what he was seeing.

"Why does Sun have... wings?"

His arms hung limply at his side and he seemed to not be able to respond to anything someone tried to say to him.

'Sun had wings. Sun's wings were feathered. Birds had wings. Birds' wings were feathered.'

"Is Sun turning into a bird?! Sun will be alright, right?!"

Lesus flicked his eyes upwards before reassuring Blaze that "Yes, Sun was alright and no, he was not turning into a bird." And "A Knight Captain should not be acting so brashly." Indicating to Blaze that he should remain silent, Lesus turned back towards the Pope, who had finished the healing spell and Sun, whose fever looked to be going down.

Just then, the door creaked as another figure pushed past it into the room to investigate the commotion. Storm blearily looked at the gathered group and then at Grisia before blinking his eyes frantically and slumping down in a corner, passed out from exhaustion and muttering in his sleep things like

"Sun has wings but that can't be. It's just the paperwork..."

Almost immediately after that, there was the sound of multiple footsteps and the rest of the Twelve Holy Knights hurried into the room, Cloud appearing for a brief second to move Storm into a more comfortable position before disappearing again.


"Is Sun okay?"

"Sun has *bleeping* wings?!"

"Judgement, why were you hurrying so quickly with Sun?!"

"Why does Sun have wi-"

There was a cough from the bench and everyone -every conscious person- simultaneously turned their head to see the pale-faced and tired Grisia attempting to sit up, shivering slightly in the cool air and from his lack of a shirt. Lesus immediately draped his cloak over him, face set in stone but eyes somewhat soft.

"Sun is sorry to have worried his brothers. Sun will explain what happened to Sun so he requests you to please keep quiet. Sun is afraid he might accidentally 'slip up' and lose control over his magic in his weakened and tired state."

Sun threatened not so subtly as he smiled kindly -frighteningly- at the Knight Captains.

A chill went down their spines and the remaining ten members of the Twelve Holy Knights -excluding Lesus- took a collective step back and swallowed thickly, wisps of fear visible in the eyes of the horrified knights.

Sun was pissed.

Surveying the scene, Lesus allowed a his lips to quirk up slightly. The scene in front of him was almost normal, only...

Sun had wings, oh strict God Of Light for just this once have mercy on this lost little lamb.

A/N: First time posting a LSK fic, kind of excited. I got the plot from a couple of writers on this fandom so it is by no means an original work. It's just a slightly tweaked idea brought to life.