.:Feather Fall:.

Chapter 3.

Lesus admitted to himself that he should have known that it would happen, sooner or later. Staring mutedly at the Sun Knight who had collapsed on the floor in a corner of his room, he considered the viability of flinging Grisia out of the window -his wings would almost definitely break his fall- just to have a moment of peace and quiet, away from his best-friend-who-was-his-mortal-enemy. Ever since Grisia announced to the public about the sudden appearance of his wings, he found himself having to escape from mad hoards of people more often.

Grisia stood on a white podium and faced the speechless and staring crowd, hand coming up to his collar to tug at it slightly -the large red ribbon was definitely trying to strangle him- in what was an evidently discomforted and uneasy action. The feathered wings displayed prominently on his back twitched, sending a few feathers imbued in holy element fluttered down into the crowd, snapping them out of their daze. Grisia cleared his throat slightly and with an awkward smile -it still dazzled the crowd though, Earth would never understand how he managed the feat- began his painstakingly prepared speech.

"Under the luminance of the benevolent God Of Light, Sun is truly happy that we could all be here to bask in the rays of his glory. Sun has received the blessings of the God Of Light and the proof is the pair of wings Sun has on his back. Although Sun does not know what has caused Sun to acquire them, I am seeking a way to undo it. Therefore Sun requests that if anyone has any methods of undoing the spell, please find one of Sun's brothers the Twelve Holy Knights or Sun himself. Whoever manages to find a method will most definitely receive the blessings of the God Of Light."

Saying that, he quickly turned around from the still stunned crowd -gracefully- and walked -gracefully- off the podium, his clothes -gracefully- fluttering behind him. A few more feathers fluttered down to the floor and a young man picked one up, turning the large, soft feather around in his hand. A gentle burst of light shone from the feather and the multiple scratches that were scattered on the woodcutter's hands instantly healed, his arms suddenly relieved of their fatigue. Mouth gaping, he dropped the feather, arms trembling as he pointed at the Sun Knight with eager and awe-filled eyes.

"The Sun Knight really is a miracle worker! His feathers healed my wounds! My arms feel brand new again!"

His excited shouting drew the attention of the people near him and they too picked up a few feathers. Instantly their expressions became ones of shock.

"My back is no longer aching!"

"My leg doesn't hurt anymore!"

"It's amazing!"

"The Sun Knight has to be an angel sent by the God Of Light!"

Unanimously, they turned with sparkling eyes to face Grisia's retreating back -his walking speed was truly amazing, how could anyone walk that slow?- and Grisia felt shivers running down his spine.
His wings stiffened and the feathers bristled. He began subtly walking slightly faster as he felt sensed imminent doom approaching. Sure enough, the crowd ran after him, their hands outstretched as if to pluck the very feathers off his back.


Grisia immediately took off, the wings folded tightly to his back and his body in an almost parallel position to the ground. Mind whirring at top speeds, he could only think of one safe zone...

Lesus save meeeeee!




Grisia took out a comb from his pocket and lightly dragged it across his very ruffled and tangled hair -he had never wished for short hair more than he did at that moment- while Lesus settled on the floor behind him and started to methodically straighten out the crooked feathers, elicting soft purrs from Grisia as the uncomfortable feeling in his wings, almost as bad as a crick in one's neck, started to dissipate. A few loose feathers fluttered down and Lesus sighed with exasperation before he swept them into his hand before digging around for something in his robes. He pulled out a small oak box and swiftly flipped open the cover, revealing a small heap of snowy white feathers. Ever since four days ago when Grisia grew his wings, he had come to the horrifying realisation that he would be expected to have wings that were in perfect condition to match his appearance. Afterall, they just couldn't have a Sun Knight with a less than wholesome image. As such, at 4 a.m. in the morning, Lesus found himself opening his room door to find a brightly beaming Sun in the hallway outside, his entire being screaming I-have-a-demand-for-you-and-I-know-you-won't-refuse-me. For the next few days, Sun would concurrently find Lesus to help him sort out the matter of his wings. Lesus also went out to buy a box to store Grisia's fallen feathers that were perpetually falling out all over the place. They also seemed to be indestructible -at least until the holy element in them ran out- seeing as no matter what they tried to do, be it burning them with fire magic or trying to rip them to shreds with wind magic or shattering them after freezing them with ice magic, the feathers would somehow stay intact and in perfect condition until the holy element ran out, which was usually in a day or so and they could destroy them.

Just as Lesus was picking up the feathers, his hand hit a corner of the oak box, causing a long scratch to form from the sharp edges, a bead of red blood welling up. Almost immediately, the feather still in his hand glowed dully and the cut healed. At the same time, a glazed look entered Lesus's eyes and he turned to face Sun with a gentle smile on his face. Grisia gaped in astonishment -who wouldn't, after seeing the Judgement Knight smiling at the Sun Knight- as Judgement began to amble -"Judgement doesn't amble!"- towards Sun, the gentle smile turning into one of pure happiness and admiration. Grisia rapidly paled and started backing away until his back slammed into the corner.


He cursed in his brain before flinging his arms in front of him, trying to keep Judgement away from potentially violating him. Unfortunately, although Lesus was not of his right mind currently, he was still a heck of a lot stronger than Grisia was and easily swatted the arms away. Faced with no escape, Grisia, in a feat of desperation repeatedly gathered the water element and formed it into a chain, twining it around Lesus before repeatedly freezing it again and again like he had done when he sentence him to confinement. Finally, Lesus toppled to the ground, still with a hazy look in his eyes. Grisia stared in despair before quickly murmuring a prayer to the God Of Light and subsequently slapping Lesus on the face several times. Hard.

Lesus blinked and his eyes cleared up, the redness in his cheeks from the slaps further enhanced when he realised what had just gone down. He cleared his throat and looked pointedly at the chains. Grisia immediately shattered them before cautiously moving to his side.

"It appears that the feathers will cause those who have been healed by it to be infatuated with you until something occurs to clear it up..."

His forced calm did not go unnoticed and the hidden apology was clear to Grisia. Although Grisia had assured him that he wasn't offended, the both of them only had one thought in their hearts.

The God Of Light has a really sick sense of humour!

Suddenly, Grisia felt a probe at his brain and immediately sent out his mental energy. The voice of the Pope filtered through, soft and nearly unable to be heard.

"Grisia, come to my room. I have found a book that may help you."

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