.:Feather Fall:.

Chapter 4.

Sun was gaping in sho- no, scratch that. Sun was pleasantly surprised as he received the transmission, a slight hint of it appearing on his face. Lesus watched inquisitively, face still slightly red as he coughed into his hand, a prompt to speak the good news.

"The Pope has found a book that can help me!"

Sun's face was simply aglow with joy and relief as he beamed at Lesus. It was no surprise, anyone who had gone through such a harrowing experience as your very serious best friend who is very much straight coming at you with a dopey smile and less than pure intents would also react in such a manner to the prospect of being free of the whole cause. In an instant, Sun had disappeared -much faster than Lesus gave him credit for- and Lesus was left to straighten his robes and follow at a more sedate pace.

Meanwhile, Sun flew down the hallways (literally, no pun intended), his wings beating along with the staccato rhythm of his heart, almost unable to believe that praise the God Of Light he was going to be free! And his movements startled more than just a few holy knights as their grips loosened on whatever it was they were holding. Swords, books, documents and even a vase of flowers came crashing to the floor as they watched the much revered and widely acclaimed man closest to perfection in a state of disarray while frantically flying through the holy temple. At moments like these, Grisia was almost glad to have the wings, even if they were the things that got him into this mess in the first place. Travelling was much easier if you were able to fly, and Grisia could fly. Very well. Sprouting wings seemed to have given him a love of heights and speed and one of the first things that he thought to do was to see if he could be lifted by the wings. Another was to find out if the feathers had any use. He reasoned in a moment of absolute brilliance that as there were some flying monsters that could send their feathers out as projectiles, why couldn't he? He concentrated hard on the holy element residue in the fallen feathers while he was out on in a field with Lesus a few days ago, having verified the ability to fly and was extremely surprised when the feathers shot into the air and floated like tens of sharp needles. Another command sent them shooting through the air and frighteningly, they were imbedded almost all the way through a thick tree trunk which promptly gave a loud groan and toppled over with a deafening crash, leaving Sun and Lesus in different stages of shock. It was unfortunate, however that upon being used once, all the holy element was gone and the they would become nothing more than ordinary feathers.

Before he knew it, Grisia had arrived to the Pope's door and charged inside, scarily resembling Blaze at that very moment. The Pope's face was solemn and Grisia found his excitement dimmed down slightly. The Pope quietly told Grisia to alert the other Twelve Holy Knights and Grisia did so, puzzled as he sent a mental message to all of them. After he had done so, he settled onto a chair and pulled out his bag of blueberry chocolates and popped one into his mouth, relishing in the sweetness that burst in his mouth. Beside him, the Pope seemed unwilling to speak until all of the Twelve Holy Knights were assembled and Grisia could do nothing but wait. Lesus soon arrived and cast a questioning glance to Sun to which Sun replied with a shrug. Nothing was said.

Almost predictably, Blaze was the next person to enter the door, kicking it down with a bellow. Behind him, Storm held his head and muttered incoherently as he walked in, the eye bags under his eyes looking worse than just a few days before.

Demos drifted in and appeared silently in the corner before vanishing again, as if to let them know that he was present. Very quickly, Metal rushed in, shouting less than insulting insults and was preceded by a haughty looking Moon, a stone face Ecilan, a concerned Leaf, a slightly worried Stone and a passive Roland. Finally, a very unwilling Earth walked in, grumbling all the while and took his place beside the others.

Without prompt, the Pope began speaking as soon as Earth walked in and everyone present listened in rapt attention. What he said caused joy to flash through their faces but it was quickly replaced by utter shock.

"There is a cure for your condition, Sun and the materials are generally not that hard to find," here he paused to let the slight shouts of joy die down, "but the last item you will all need to set out together to acquire."

"A-all of us?"

Storm was absolutely flabbergasted and he nearly fainted on the spot when he thought of all the paperwork he would be returning to. The Pope gave a terse smile and nodded.

"The items needed for this ritual are:

A 1000 year old mandrake root

Water from a spring exposed to the full moon

Scale from a crocodile of at least 50 years old

Limestone from a cave in the Kingdom of Moon Orchid

And the last and most troublesome one."

Everybody listened with rapt attention. All the other items were not too bad, so what was this extremely difficult to acquire item that required their combined efforts to get their hand on?

"A dragon egg."

All of their eyes simultaneously widened and some of the more expressive ones (read: Sun, Blaze, Metal and to some extent Earth) both yelled in shock. The Pope was obviously anticipating this reaction as he had his hands over his ears before they even reacted.

Heavens! How the f*** are we supposed to get a dragon egg?!

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