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So, I had an epiphany this morning:

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So I decided to implement my lemons skills from AFR and make a one-shot series!

And to those that read this, some of the one-shots I make may be continued. :)

So, I have at least three of these planned already:

M Human X M Arcanine

M Human X M Ursaring

And a third one with an unknown Pokemon!

These were taken into consideration based on Solopuppy and Ursaring lover, Braindead123!

The unknown third was for ANewImagineNation; he just hasn't told me what he would prefer...

Why does it seem like I only do yaoi? Because these ideas came first. I'm pretty sure I can take requests for this...

I dunno; send me one and I'll see what I can do. I do yaoi best, yuri is a so-so for me and straight love is easy these days apparently. :/

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TT: Hey! You know you're forgetting someone right!?

Me: Oh right! Introducing...Cobe, the B'D'SM-loving Cobalion!

[A Cobalion walked in, for once not flanked by the rest of my harem of guys.]

Cobe: Hello all and I hope this is a good one to those out there who enjoy it.

Me: I do too. This was a brain stormed idea and I really hope I don't get hounded by the you-know-whats for it...

But they're gone I think so...

It's all good! :D

Cobe: That it is Master!

Me: Oh God, don't call me that! Not in front of the peeps!

Cobe: Oh fine...

Me: Anyway...I shall kick off the first one-shot.


Roll The Film!

M Human X M Arcanine- How 'Hot Dogs' Are Made!(Oral Sex Only)

"Well that was fun, right Danny?" Two boys were coming outta the Big Stadium in Nimbasa City, having just watched a big game between the Icirrus Ice Breakers and the Castelia Underdogs. It was a close game until the CU came back in the bottom of the 7th inning, helping them catch up from their 17-11 losing match to 17-21. The game was aa good one, especially since the Underdogs were loved by everyone in Nimbasa.

"Sure was Adam." The two boys here were Adam and Danny, best friends.

Adam, the shy, know-it-all, smart guy that loved to be the spectator. He wore a white button-down with tan pants and secure, green running shoes. His face was slightly pale from lack of sunlight to his face and he wore glasses, which often got tangled in his slightly unkempt black hair. His eyes matched his hair.

Danny, the lovable, bouncy, yet a little dense guy that loved to be around others. He wore the brightest yellow T-Shirt in Pokemon history. His forest-green pants and black running shoes helped him around a few places. Tanned skin, blonde hair and green eyes make him a looker.

Both of them were travelers; they didn't quite make it big in training. Their 4th Gym Badge was their last badge before they quit training altogether. Now, they both have 4 Pokemon each.

Adam with a Dewott, Watchog, Riolu, and a Growlithe.

Danny with a Pignite, Tranquil, Purrloin, and a Timburr.

How all of them met is another story for another time, but for now...

"How many hot dogs are you gonna eat Adam?", Danny asked, looking at his bespectacled friend.

"Shut up; you dragged me outta bed before I could eat a proper breakfast." Adam resumed eating his hot dogs, occasionally giving one to his Growlithe, who walked with them. The Fire Pup Pokemon was loving the attention, having been ignored for a while. The trio walked through the big and exuberant city, taking in the sites before looking down an alleyway.

In said alleyway, there was the Professor...About to get raped.

"P-please...let me go..." She had torn clothes on while the guy standing over her was wearing all-black everything. Boots, pants, trench coat, and hat.

"No...You're gonna come here...and like my lollipop like a good little slut~..." Our boys were frozen to the spot; this was their first-ever experience with the bad of the Pokemon world. But a certain pup was not gonna let this slide...

Growlithe growled at his trainer to do something, but Adam was rooted to the spot. He just snarled in irritation and pounced at the man. His canines clamped down on the man's leg, making him cringe a little and look down on the biting pup.

"You little bastard..." The man kicked Growlithe off his leg, sending him to the wall by the dumpster. The crack that sounded made the boys and Juniper cringe in empathy. The Fire Pup whined in pain as he stood up from the ground, having hurt his leg against the wall when he collided with it. He glared at the man in front of him, cursing him with his eyes.

The man only smirked and ignored Growlithe, going back to Juniper. Now even more spurred from being ignored, Growlithe sat on his haunches, ready to pounce again when he saw it...

The game changer...

The treasured gem...

The ever-coveted...

Fire Stone...

Growlithe made sure to be silent as the stone was located near Juniper's tattered clothes. Being next to her and man was not an ideal setting, but he was able to try, albeit in pain. He limped to the stone, the mere sight being his drive to keep going. Juniper saw him coming, but she was smacked back into attention to the man as he finally decided it was time to give her her 'candy'. As he hooked his fingers past the waistband, Growlithe was nearly there, trying to limp faster to the evolution stone so he could save the day. The man had his pants down, member ready to be forced into Juniper's mouth before there was a flash of light.

"What the hell!?" That was the question on everybody's mind as the flash grew brighter. The reason why grew bigger, taller by a few feet and wider. A mane billowed behind the figure until the light dissipated. And standing there with a snarl on his face was a powerful Arcanine.

His features showed how much of an Arcanine he really was; his orange pelt with jagged black lines, beige fur below his knees and covering his chest, head and most of his face. The bent tail in the back twitched according to his mood, and his black underbelly looked pitch as it went up and down in a near-hypnotic motion.

"Mutt or not, you're going down!" The man was not down as he pulled out a switch blade, furthering everyone else's fear. But Arcanine wasn't a little puppy anymore.

He spread his stance out, growling the whole while. The man grew amused at this.

"What? Is the wittle puppy scared of the big. bad knife~? Hahahahaha!" The man decided to see what Arcanine could do...

And what he could do should not be taken lightly.

His muzzle, which had been all about baring teeth at the man, snapped open as he Roar'd, using Intimidate along with it to make the man go away. Instead, he was blown for not expecting it and for the lack of ground he had. He flew backwards, shooting past Adam and Danny and going across the street, crashing into a nearby building. When his muzzle shot back closed, he was still glaring in the direction the man went, breathing heavily from all the effort he put into it. Adam, since it was his Pokemon after all, came outta his stupor first and went to congratulate him.

"Way to go Arcanine!" Adam hugged the "Legendary" Pokemon, wrapping around one foreleg as he was BIGGER than Adam. Said Pokemon looked down on Adam before huffing and shrugging him off his leg. Adam was confused to no end, even more-so as Arcanine just walked ahead without looking back. What happened to that lovable puppy that always loved his hugs, despite the fact he rarely gave them out? He just counted it as post-evolutionary behavior; it'll wear off...

He hoped...


"Thanks to you boys and your Arcanine, the Professor is safe and the Nimbasa Ghost is finally behind bars." Officer Jenny was called by the girls of the building the 'Nimbasa Ghost' crashed into. As soon as she heard who it was, she rushed to the scene before he could escape like the other times. Now, the serial rapist of woman and sometimes Pokemon was in police custody.

"No problem Officer Jenny!" Danny said, happy once the situation calmed down once more.

"Yeah...Is the Professor gonna be okay?" Adam wasn't as enthusiastic as he had been worried about Arcanine and Juniper.

"Well...She's...still in shock...so..." Officer Jenny wasn't fully cleared to give info on Juniper's condition yet, but she felt like her saviors deserved to know about the current conflict.

"Oh...Can we see here?" Danny asked. Officer Jenny shook her head.

"No. She's still absorbing the fact that she was almost raped. I don't think-."

"It's fine Jenny..." There, in some new clothes since her old ones were nothing but tattered pieces of cloth, was Professor Juniper.

"Juni, you're not supposed to be out the Witness Room! You should be resting!"

"I'm fine Jenny!...Just...I want to go home..." Officer Jenny was going to argue how much that may be a bad idea, but the look on the Professor's face made her give in.

"Okay Juni...But they have to take you for safety!" She pointed at Adam and Danny sternly, both looking appalled, Danny more-so.

"But we were gonna go back to the Battle Subway~!" He griped, looking like a kid about to throw a tantrum.

"Too bad! You're taking Juni home and that's final!" Officer Jenny wasn't gonna let her friend get hurt or worse again. She was adamant in her plea. The boys sighed in resignation.

"Fine..." They both said, making Officer Jenny smile.

"Good! Go on! Take Juni home!" She ushered the three of them outta the police station, shutting the door behind them. Al of today's events led to the sun's fatigue as it was just barely sunset.

"Alright. Let's go Professor." Danny called out his trusty Tranquil, the Wild Pigeon Pokemon letting out a squawk of relief as he was released from his Pokeball for once.

"Alright Tranquil! Let's get back to Nuvema Town!" Danny called, making Tranquil squawk the affirmative; hey, he loved his Master's mom's cooking. He flew down and let all of them onto his back before taking off again, the added weight feeling like nothing as he used Fly...

Nuvema Town...

They landed at Adam's house, having been the first thing that popped up in Tranquil's memory. He was not recalled as usual so he could fly around some more.

"Okay Adam. I'll take the Professor home and talk to you later okay?" Danny told him, grabbing onto Juniper's arm.

"Sure..." Adam replied. He waved them goodbye as they walked back to the lab before stepping into his own house. With a key, he opened it, heading straight for the closet to put his traveling pack inside.

When he closed the door, he turned back around to take in his surroundings. The living room was to his right. The bland, white wallpaper looking dull and lifeless. There was only a couch and on armchair in there, all facing to the TV, which was switched off to conserve electricity. To his left, the dining room had the same wallpaper design, except instead of nothing else, there were extricate painting of what-nots on the walls. A long, wooden table took up most of the available space. With only four chairs and a ceiling fan, it's a marvel no one understands. Behind it all was the kitchen, which was a small one, but it did have some spaces for at least three people at once. Adam ignored all of this and went upstairs.

Up here, there were three bedrooms. The master bed-which was up the hall, his bedroom-to the right of his current position and the guest bedroom-to his immediate left. The guest used to be his little sister's room...But she didn't make it past 2-years of being born before she died from an unheard-of lung disease...He didn't like to dwell on it too much, so he just went to his own room.

There was at least a little more vivid than the rest of the house. There were posters of famous Champions all over-and some of their Pokemon the walls. His wallpaper was an ocean blue with white stripes. The floor was carpeted tan.

The phone in his jacket pocket began to ring, making him drop what he was about to do and pick it up, seeing as it was Danny.

'Hey Danny.'

'Hey Adam! I'm back home and the Professor is safe!'

'Well that's good. I'm just gonna go to sleep. Today was too stressful.'

'I hear ya. Bu- Oh, I'll have to call you back; my sister's Typhlosion came in. Bye~!'

'Bye Danny...'

Adam hung up the phone and laid his laptop onto the desktop before releasing his Pokemon. Dewott and Watchog jumped around in happiness from finally coming out for a stretch. Riolu just stood away from the others, especially Arcanine as he laid down, not even paying attention to Adam.

"Okay guys...Growlithe evolved and Juniper was saved from being raped by a man so...give him some applause, I guess..." The others patted Arcanine on the back, making him smirk in pride.

"We can just relax now; we're back at home." They all-except Arcanine-took advantage of this and ran downstairs, tripping over each other so they could get the remote first. Adam went to take off his clothes, but Arcanine was still in the room.

"Uh Arcanine?...Could you please...get out?...I have to undress..." Arcanine wasn't moving. He groaned in exasperation and went up to the "Legendary".

"Come on Arcanine...Let me get in something to sleep in..." He pushed on him and plead for his departure, hoping he would at least relent to give him some privacy. What he did receive was a growl of irritation, making him stop pushing. When he backed away a few feet, Arcanine suddenly went to sleep, snoring even to say 'I'm asleep right now'. Adam gave up and just took off his clothes, making sure to look back at Arcanine to see if he was still asleep. He bent down to take his pants off, presenting himself to anyone watching...He hurriedly stood up, having had the prickly feeling of being watched. He climbed into bed, tired form the day's events anyway and went to sleep...

Later That Night...LEMON TIME!...

As the house was quiet in every room, we go past the living room, where the TV was still on, playing a movie while the occupants inside were deep asleep. Going upstairs, we head into Adam's room, where the owner of the room was asleep, snoring lightly. All the while a certain someone watched.

Arcanine had been feigning slumber when Adam was trying to kick him out. Why? He was a strong Arcanine now; he had no need to listen to his Master anymore...

But the sight he was given when his Master stripped to put on more clothes for slumbering had made his slumber naughty and hot. So, he woke up and hope his 'soldier' would go back to sleep. But it didn't work; it only got harder the longer he was awake as he was sleeping by Adam's bed, which had his scent all over it...

But it was soon about to have a new one...

Arcanine grew impatient of what he planned to do to get rid of his erection and nudged Adam to wake up. Since the boy was a light sleeper, it didn't take much effort.

"Huh?...Arcanine? What is it?..." Still groggy and slightly blind without his glasses, Adam squinted to see the big dog by his bedside.

"Arc."(Get up.) The "Legendary" Pokemon replied, nudging him with his nose.

"Well, what? You have my attention." Arcanine huffed and climbed onto the bed, standing over Adam's body easily. His lower half was in front of the human boy. But he couldn't see what he was supposed to be looking at.

"Arc...Canine..."(Adam...Do it...) He shook the whole bed along with his lower half so Adam could pay attention there, but he was still confused.

"Okay...You obviously want something..." Arcanine growled in frustration and shoved his hips to Adam's face, the unmistakable outline of the partially-sheathed member present to Adam's limited POV.

"What the...What're you trying to say Arcanine?..." Arcanine was about five seconds from MAKING him do it, but he held strong.

"Arc."(Come on.) He shook his hips, making his member bounce and harden some more.

"Well what is it!?" Now Adam chose to be irritated, but he wasn't the only one.

"ArcaNINE!"(DON'T BE STUPID!) He shoved his doggy cock into Adam's face, making his musk unavoidable. The smell was sweaty, like he had run a mile in hot weather and didn't bother to wash up after, along with other things. It was getting to Adam as he sniffed it, but he shook his head each time he zoned out and said,

"No Arcanine. Whatever it is. Just..no. I'm too tired for it anyway." Adam laid back down, intent on going to sleep...

He wasn't gonna go to sleep tonight.

Arcanine had become fed up with his denseness and his rejection, so he just...took control of his natural instincts. He hopped back, stepping on Adam's stomach and making him shoot up...

Right into his crotch.

The smell was everywhere here; there was no way for fresh air to escape or enter. Adam couldn't hold his breath in for long, not even when Arcanine used his temporary position change to rub his crotch further onto his face, so he finally inhaled through his nose. The musk immediately invaded his olfactory senses and made him light-headed. Arcanine smirked when he felt no more resistance from him.

"Arc~...Arcanine~?..."(Well~...Aren't you gonna start~?...) Arcanine had been waiting all day; and that moment when Adam presented himself to Arcanine was the last straw. He wanted his ass and he wanted it NOW! But he would have to wait as fucking him dry now would tear him apart, especially with a 7 1/2 member.

Adam finally opened his mouth once he inhaled more of Arcanine's musk, moving back a little so he could take the tip in. His mouth opened and then it closed on the meatus, sitting there looking lost as what to do next. Arcanine on the other hand was groaning; being a virgin does that to you. He moved his hips around impatiently for Adam to keep going, but the boy held still.

"Arca~...Arcanine~..."(Come on~...Just start already~...) Adam was still clueless, but he actually went lower, making Arcanine gasp and shake some more in pleasure. Pre-cum began to dribble out the slit on the tip, getting caught by Adam's idle tongue. When he tasted it, he found it was spicy and salty at the same time-not too much of either, just enough on both parts. He concluded it not bad and decided he wanted more to come out. He tried going lower on the big and meaty rod, getting his lips distended as he was spread by the girth of it. Being 2 1/4" thick was no joke.

Arcanine, meanwhile, was enjoying this. Here, his Master-no...his bitch- was sucking him off without hesitation. It was a feeling to behold as that virgin mouth went to work on his new big rod. He couldn't wait to tell the others about this.

Adam was at his limit, being 3/4 of the way there on his first try. He decided that'd be his limit and began to bob his head up and down slowly, trying to start a pace. His saliva was slathered all over Arcanine's cock, having been licked, slobbered, and gagged on a lot while he was starting. The "Legendary" Pokemon was about to go wild on him-this was becoming too much for a virgin like him. He just needed one last push to get sent over the edge...

He got it. Adam had just defied all virgin logic and went all the way to the base.

Arcanine growled salaciously and began to hump, thrusting his cock in and out of Adam's mouth while holding his shoulders in place. Adam couldn't move from the weight, so all he could do was sit there and use his tongue as his mouth was abused like a children's toy.

"Arca~...Arca...nine~..."(That's it~...Take it...Take it like a slut~...) His words fell on deaf ears as Adam was buried under his fur, still being face-fucked while Arcanine's knot began to engorge with blood. Its presence made him go faster, trying to experience cumming for the first time.

"Arc~...Arca~..."(Close~...So close~...)It was true; his knot was trying its hardest to escape its freedom and find refuge in a new prison-namely Adam's mouth. It pounded his lips with each erratic thrust that sent him to the hilt and back to the tip in seconds. Adam was feeling his face go numb as it was getting very hot under there. Arcanine slowed down for some reason unknown to Adam just yet. He raised an eyebrow as to why Arcanine stopped...Until his knot suddenly shoved past his teeth.

Once it was in, Arcanine howled out his climax, sending his watery, ropey seed into Adam's stomach. It came out quickly and fluidly, no drops being missed as he grunted. After a few moments, he came down from his high and panted tiredly. Adam was stuck with his mouth in a wide "O", Arcanine's knot having not deflated yet. Once it did, it shot a surprise spurt onto Adam's face, making him close his eyes to avoid getting some in them.

"Arc...Arc..."(So...Good...) When he saw Adam's face, he smiled. The marking of your bitch involved getting cum on them, so that's basically marking your scent. Arcanine's exhaustion caught up with him though and he promptly fell asleep on top of Adam. The boy was stuck under the big fire dog, tail hole exuding more musk for him to smell. But he didn't go that far as to stare at it as being used like a toy caught up with him and he fell asleep...

Lemon Over! The Next Day...

Adam woke up, yawning before he caught the scent.

Arcanine's scent.

He looked to see that the place where it originated was in fact his asshole. Adam, for once since, blushed from the position he was in.

'What the?...Why am I blushing?...Do I like this?...' He was still confused, but luckily he didn't need to be there any longer as Arcanine finally rolled over onto his back, freeing Adam's body while his member was already back in its sheath. For some reason, Adam thought it would still be out in the open, but the same thought went away as he shook his head. He took notice of his apparel.

The fact that they were torn and burned.

And once he saw they were burned, he felt the blisters of being near such a hot object come into play, making his face, lips and torso throb in burning split-pains. He went to the bathroom down the hall and grabbed some Burn Relief Cream-the human version of a Rawst Berry. After applying the cream, his mind jumped to last night, which shoulda been all a blur. But he was seeing every last detail...

The cock he took in his mouth...

The pure domination...

And the smell...

Just the thought of smelling Arcanine's musk made him shudder in new-found lust. Adam looked himself in the mirror, not seeing a pale boy, but one with a slight tan. He didn't believe it and left the bathroom, going downstairs to see if anyone else was awake.

The little ones were still asleep, so he was safe from the thought of them hearing. Just as he was about to make him and everyone else some breakfast, the house phone rang. Adam, not used to a phone that didn't go with you everywhere, went to pick it up without checking the Caller ID.


'Oh Adam! Good to hear from you!'

'Oh uh Danny...Why'd you call?'

'I just wanted to see if my best friend was having a good morning. Is that a crime?' The tone of his voice was betraying his true emotions but Adam didn't point them out.

'Okay...What do you want though?'

'Can we just talk please?'

'Are you sure?...This might be a bad time...'

'NO please!...Just...I need to talk to someone...Someone I trust...' Adam wasn't expecting Danny to suddenly get so deep, so he was at attention.

'Danny? What's wrong?' At first, he didn't get an immediate response as always; the sounds of breathing evident on the line. Then Danny spoke.

'...Remember when I said...that my sister's Typhlosion was coming in and I had to hang up to see what he wanted?...' Adam didn't know where this was going so, he had to.


'He came in and we...had...sex...'

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