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A princess and her knight!


?: Seje! Where's Adam!? I can't find him!

Me: Oh yeah. This is Garrett the Groudon. He's in a relationship with my friend Adam. Yeah, stuff happens.

Garrett: Come on Seje!

ME: Oh fine! Let me at least get them outta here!

Garrett: Hurry up then! [He left out.]

Me: Okay then... TT, take over! I'm going out! And DON'T put anymore open Medinas in my room please!

TT: Oh fine~! [I left, leaving her to sit in my chair.] Time to bust out the tunes, the porn, and some dog food shopping...Hey puppy, got his credit card?

[A Houndoom rose to her lap, a credit card-MY CREDIT CARD- in his muzzle.]

Houndoom: Houn!

TT: Awesome~! Now, let us buy the most expensive butt-plugs for Garrett! He'll love those for-[She looked at you.] Oh...Whoops...GET OUT, YOU PERVS!

[She slammed the door on you. A piece of paper floated around saying...]


Roll The Film!...

Request By Wildlian-M Riolu X F Human-"A Knight's Tale"(Oral, Vaginal sex involved!)

"Hey Athena!" A 16-year-old girl was running outta the main school door in Striaton City, her intended target, another girl her age and height of.

"Oh!...Hey Ashelie!" Athena waved back, turning around and catching her Riolu before he fell on his face. Athena was your average girl; liked to go out and have fun with her friends, shopping, talking about boys, shopping, making a name for herself in school, shopping...Did I mention shopping? With said shopping she does, she wear the latest fashion. Her apparel of ruby red heels, black leggings, a baby-blue dress and friendship necklace with jewel encrestments made her stand out well in a crowd. The two girls began to chat.

"So, what're you doing after school Ash?"

"Nothing much. Probably might go watch some old classics with Riolu here." The Emanation Pokemon barked his acknowledgement, wagging his tail.

"Athena~! What is with you and those old renaissance shows? They're SO boring~!"

"Well, me and Rio like them. So yeah, nyah, nyah, nya-nyah, nyah!"

"You're so childish!" They play-wrestled while they walked, showing how much of true friends they are. Riolu watched intensively, making sure to see if they were playing around or being serious. It was there when-

"Hey babe~!" A teenage guy of 19 ran up to Ashelie, sweeping her off her feet and stealing a kiss from her. Athena, once she saw who it was, groaned in irritation at them. She cared about Athena too much to tell her the truth about-

"So what brings you here Adrian?" Yeah, that's his name.

"Yeah, why are you here Adrian?" Athena questioned, hands on her hips to match her mood. Riolu was at a loss; he didn't know why his Master was exuding these emotions. So he stood there lost as they talked.

"Oh be quiet Athena. Just spending some time with my girlfriend."

"Oh? And how long before you try and dump her?" Ashelie's head snapped to Adrian.

"You're gonna dump me!? I thought I was doing everything right! The things we did!" Athena had to stop her there before she said something that would embarrass them all.

"Okay! Too much information! My poor ears!" Athena dramatically cupped her hands over her ears and began to make loud noises to not hear anymore. Riolu kept his ears open as the couple resumed talking.

"So Ashelie...Think we can head back to my place and...have a little fun~?" Adrian had snuck a hand under her waistband and snaked a few fingers near her mound. She squirmed playfully, all the while under the gaze of Riolu. "I'm pretty sure there's enough room at Athena's for it~...And you've been holding out on me~..." Ashelie's squirms were becoming grinds as his words were making her shiver in desire and anticipation.

"W-well...w-we could...go for a l-litt-tle while...I guESS!" Her answer had been hesitant at first, but she knew she wanted it when she felt Adrian dig into her twat and heard a wet schlick. "Okay, let's go."

Adrian, satisfied with her answer, held her close and walked her to his car, which was across the street. Riolu was wondering why it suddenly smelled like a female in heat when he saw that everyone was leaving. He snapped outta his slightly-induced daze and ran after them...

Athena's House...

"Home sweet home in a nutshell..." Athena droned as they came inside her house, which was empty from the fact that her parents worked every second of everyday. The only way they can continue to support Athena is with credit cards and house payments via checking accounts. It was a little sad, not growing up with motherly or fatherly advice, but Athena can make due.


"Mmm-hmm~..." Athena almost gagged at them behind her as they kissed deeply, using tongue like they were gonna die. The slurping sounds the wet muscles made made Athena want to go to the bathroom and projectile-vomit in the toilet. Riolu looked at them in apt attention, not taking his eyes off of them as their lips stayed glued together. But, Athena was caring; she picked him up so he'd stop staring.

"Alright Riolu. Let's let them go have their fun while we..." She let the sentence go unfinished as Riolu caught on to what she was saying.

"Rio!?"(Can we!?) he asked hopefully.

"Of course we can kiddo...As soon as THEY GET A DAMN ROOM!" They had just tried to strip in front of her when she yelled. The couple just shrugged and picked their tops back up, going upstairs to the guest room. As soon as the door closed, Athena and Riolu locked eyes with each other before...They ran to the closet in the hallway. Inside, there was a princess dress that was a pinkish lavender with red frills on the hips and foot-ends. Near it was a small knight suit that greatly resembled that of Sir Aaron's in his time. But since she only looked at the picture, she didn't really care.

They both slipped into a separate room to put on their garments. Athena took off her current dress, leaving her in nothing but a sports bra and panties. While Riolu had just opened the suit so he could get in, he turned to see his Master's figure. Her perky B-cup breasts and firm ass had caught his attention. Having been with her for three years, he couldn't help but stare.

But his view of her was obscured by the princess outfit and he snapped back into reality. The little pool of drool that accumulated had almost made him slip. She noticed that Riolu was dressing too slow and came over to see what was going on, her heels clanking on the floor.

"Hey, what's the hold- AHH! Omph!" She had just stepped into the little pool and slipped, making her dress go up her legs. Riolu had ran to make sure she was okay, but as soon as her dress went up, he was staring at her lacy panties. She got up and looked at him, seeing that he was staring off into space and drooling again.

'Must be thinking about the show...'"Okay little guy, come on. It's almost time for the show." Athena said, shaking him out of his stupor. He shook his head as they left to the living room.

'I wonder...' Riolu's mind was beginning to go back and forth between the images he saw today and his Master...Princess... His innocent mind was being plagued with images of what Ashelie and Adrian were doing. But he was jolted back to reality when his favorite show 'The Vile Kingdom' started to play on the 42" flat-screen in Athena's living room.

The show was about a princess-a human- and her Gallade knight, battling the other kingdoms as they fall under siege each day, trying to keep their kingdom safe and peaceful from threats. The princess has a secret crush on her knight, but not only is he oblivious, but he's honor-bound by a code that wouldn't allow their love... But he still loves her. There has been at least 300 episodes so far and they were on #245-'The Dungeon's Woes'. In this one, the princess and her knight were to go investigate a rumor about a 'mine stalker' in the dungeons of the kingdom.

'My Knight...Are we getting closer?...' The princess asked as they walked down a circular flight of stairs.

'No my Princess. We are still at a stalemate in distance. We'll have to keep heading Westbound.'

'Awww! But I must return to my throne or the Advisor will try and lie his way into it!'

Don't worry...We'll get back in time!'

The acting was bad; it WAS an old show from the 1980's, but it makes up for dramatic tension. They trudged on, heading down towards a big set of doors.

'What's behind these doors Knight?' She asked in clearly feigned innocence and confusion.

'Maybe riches...Maybe danger...Or maybe...Our goal...' Athena booed at this, as she always did, but Riolu was listening with rapt attention, especially on the princess. Why? Her and Athena actually look alike. He was so absorbed into the show, especially as they opened the door to see that they were on a bridge.

Suddenly, a flash went off outside, followed by a BOOM noise, making them jump in their seats. After, the power went out, sending them into darkness. Riolu, not one to staying in the dark without Athena, immediately jumped to her, settling in her bosom. She didn't mind this, as he used to do it as he grew up from a little boy. Suddenly, another BOOM went off, but it was the back door that made the noise.

Standing there, wet and clearly not invited, was a Weavile. Its crown feathers were wet from the rain that had mysteriously started and its claws looked like they were a little too 'taken care of'... It began to growl at them and walked into the house, throwing the door behind itself as it went.

"Uh...Riolu...Help..." Against her way of life, Athena was actually scared of Dark-types, especially of the Sneasel-evolution line. Seeing one in person, especially the final form, made her blood run cold.

"R-rio?"(W-what?) Apparently, her Riolu shared the same fear. But they didn't have time to worry about themselves and others as the Weavile pounced at them, claws out to slash as they glowed an eerie purple. The 'princess' and her 'knight' were almost rooted to the spot as it came closer, but the sound of something breaking upstairs snapped them outta it and made them strafe out of the way. They landed onto the couch and the Weavile crashed into a nearby table, hurting itself further and making it angrier. It got up and growled at them again, claws clanking against each other before it spoke...

In a feminine tone.

"Weavile!"(Hold still!) When Riolu heard this, he looked at her in astonishment.

"Riolu Lu!? Rio rio rio!"(Are you crazy!? We're not trying to die!)

"Weav...Vile..."(I don't care...I'll still get you...) She charged at them again, claws trailing white this time. The duo moved out the way, but she followed them this time, making sure they couldn't escape her. With a swipe, she tore a majority of Athena's dress off and some skin with it. Athena gasped in pain, nearly dropping Riolu as she held her leg. Blood began to seep a little from the cut, making her a little woozy. Weavile smirked as she saw that the would inflicted broke enough skin for blood.

"Weav...Weavile we Weavile..."(Good...Bleed some more for me...) Her words had made Riolu snap, even more now that he knew his 'Princess' was injured. He got out of Athena's grasp and stood defiantly in the way.

"RIO!"(NO WAY!) The Sharp Claw Pokemon looked at him in slight surprise before shifting back in sadistic anger.

"Weavile Vile Weavile..."(You'll die too, you little wretch...) She dashed to them, making afterimages. Riolu tensed, ready to help Athena, before Weavile disappeared into thin air. They looked around confused; where did she go? But their answer came when Riolu began to get slashed and pushed into. His armor was thrown off, making him stumble here and there with bloody cuts forming with each trip. After w few moments, Weavile reappeared with blood on her used-to-be white claws, licking it all off as she stared at the still-standing Emanation Pokemon.

"Weav...Weavile Vile...Weavile Weavile..."(Wow...You're persistent...But let's see how far that'll get you...) She decided to end this with one of her recently-learned moves...


Her claws grew long and turned blue, signifying that the move was used successfully. But now, it was time to pick a target...Weavile came at them, claws in an 'X' formation for a slice. Riolu got ready for a counter, palm ready for a strike. Weavile edged closer, claws nearing striking distance before...

Right as she was gonna slash out to hit Riolu in the neck, she froze mid-slash, electricity. She was confused rather than in pain.

"Weavile?..."(What the?...) Athena was confused too, but Riolu was smirking. Finally...

His Force Palm finally paralyzed a target.

"Rio~..."(Got you~...) He calmly walked up to her, making her snarl at him. But he wasn't fazed by it this time. Athena, however, was still confused.

"UH...How did you get her with your Force Palm Riolu?..." He looked at her like he had been waiting for a question.

"Riolu!"(I'll tell ya!) He was moving his arms back and forth in straight lines across his chest, charading the action of moving like a-

"Her Faint Attack?"

"RIO!"(Yes!) His palm glowed as if he was getting ready to use it, but he just waved it around so the light could trail...

"You...used it while...she was using her Faint Attack on you? But I would have saw!" Riolu chuckled before waving his paws around his torso. He turned to the Weavile."

"Rio...Riolu rio lu!"(So...Hope you're ready to get out!)

"Weav?"(What?) Before she could get more out-

"RI-O-LU!"(STAY AWAY FROM MY PRINCESS!) He had charged a Counter as well, letting him use all the damage he sustained back on Weavile twice as more powerful. The move made Riolu glow for a second before he punched Weavile at a certain angle...

Out the way she came.

Weavile landed harshly on her back, making her couch up blood. She got up off the ground, limping the whole while. Spitting towards the house, she stalked off, never to return. Inside, Riolu was celebrating his victory, jumping around merrily before realizing something...

His Princess was still hurt...


"Thanks Riolu!" Athena was in her room, wrapping the last bandage around her leg, with Riolu as they tried to go to sleep.

"Riolu!"(You're welcome Princess!) Their attire was off, but Riolu was still insistent on something.

"[Yawn]...Well Rio, I guess it's time to hit the hay...Good-."

"RIO!"(WAIT!) Athena was surprised by his sudden outburst, more-so when he ran to the closet and brought out her dress. The rip in the back was still there.

"Uh Rio, I'm not sure that right now's the time to be Princess and the Knight."

"Rio Lu Lu!?"(Can we please Princess!?) He held the dress out to her, shaking it as well. Plus, he deployed the puppy eyes on her; she couldn't say no.

"[Sigh] Alright Riolu, I'll be your little Princess." She made Riolu very happy.

"RIO!"(YAY!) See? She sat up from her laying position and took the dress from Riolu's paws. As she put it back on, Riolu stared at her, admiring her figure. She had trouble putting the back straps on securely. Athena childishly struggled, before huffing her defeat.

"Riolu, could you help me?" He was more than eager enough to do it, even though it looked anatomically impossible with his paws. But he made due as he hopped onto the bed, reaching for the clamps. Securing them effortlessly, he lingered where he stood, staring at her body some more, before she grew worried and turned around.

"Rio, what's wrong?" He shook his head and ran off, going into the bathroom really quick. The action was weird to Athena, but she shrugged it off as boyish behavior...

Later That Night-LEMON TIME~!...

The house was partially quiet, mainly due to the fact that Ashelie and Adrian were still up in her room, watching what sounded like the end of a comedy movie. But they're not the center of attention. No, it was little Riolu; the little tyke had finally come out the restroom, ready for bed. He climbed up from the nearby nightstand and got under the covers.

What he wasn't expecting was to get smacked with the scent of a horny female.

The scent plagued his mind with all sorts of reactions, all rational thought beginning to recede. It was emanating from Athena...As she had her hand knuckle-deep inside her 'innocent' flower.

The only reason why she doesn't like Adrian was because he was friends with her ex-boyfriend, who had dumped her when she said no to sex with a collar. He had some fetishes that she just could not appease. But, it had left her feeling empty; he WAS above-average endowed. Nowadays, she was reduced to having her fingers in as a substitute; only once or twice using her toy in her closet in an old shoe-box she kept hidden from view.

As she pumped in and out of her snatch, her moans and the wet schlick noises she was making were doing a number on Riolu. Poor little fella couldn't even kept his eyes closed without having to snap them open from yet another moan. The smell of her arousal was starting o stir something in him; it poke out from his lower body like a prairie dog looking for some food. It snaked out, despite Riolu's silent, will-powered pleas for it to stay in. He loved his Princess, but he thought she'd be disgusted at the sight of him trying to 'relieve himself'. It was becoming harder not to drool as his 4 1/2" member fully erected itself from Riolu's sheath. Its red, throbbing flesh looked positively alluring to females his size and species, but he was no stud; just studly from his dad. The doggy cock leaked a little onto the bed, assisting in making his own scent drift into the room.

The musk of someone else caught Athena's noise, making her pump a little faster as she began to dream about someone taking her pussy like an animal.

"Mmmm~...Potter~..." Dreaming about him was just so good to her. As he went deep inside of her, he nibbled on her ear lobe.

"That's it Athena~...Moan...moan like the little bitch you are~..." His next thrust hit her in her 'you did so good' spot, making her wetter in here and in reality. Now, her scent had fully clouded Riolu's mind and made him sneak his nose to where her hips and fingers met. The sight of her hand digging in and out of her snatch made Riolu lick his lips like a predator. Now it was time for action.

He reached and wrenched her hand outta her pussy, making her whine in disappointment and confusion as her climax was getting closer prior.

"Huh?...Wha?..." She said tiredly, shaking her head to see why her pleasure was going down. She didn't wanna stop fingering herself that quickly. She was just getting star-!

"AHHH~!" Athena cried out, having just felt another spike of pleasure from seemingly nowhere. Her back arched towards the bed, shoving her snatch forward. The spike came again, but this time she felt that it came from her pussy. Athena struggled, but she was able to pull the covers up a hair and just saw a flash of blue before she threw her head back. Riolu was muzzle-deep inside of her twat, licking like her arousal was watering. He slurped up any liquids he could find, enjoying the taste of fresh Pecha Berries. His canine tongue lapped deep, going as far as his anatomy would allow before he settled halfway to her womb. Even though he was short, he made up for his tongue speed as he licked fervidly.

"Yes~...Yes~...Almost...there~!" Riolu worked faster, moving his paws up her body and resting them besides her inner thighs. She was squirming in delight, her legs kicking outwards.

Then this happened.

One of her kicks had nudged Riolu's right paw over, making it slide callously against her clit, making her see stars as she suddenly came hard on his tongue. Riolu could only sit there and slurp as her juices came out in a torrent. By the time she was done, Riolu's face was soaked but content. She panted for breath as her afterglow was paralyzing.

"Okay...That was...but who..." She couldn't speak right yet as she pulled the covers up once more to see-.

"Rio?..." The Emanation Pokemon looked back at her, face fur matted with her fem-cum. He barked his acknowledgement.

"What're you doing?...And what's that...smell?..." She would have questioned further, but Riolu's musk, combined with her pheromones-plus the fact that she was horny and could care less- made her just stare below his face, where his member throbbed almost painfully. It looked so...good...Her mind was pointing in one direct thought; get that in her pussy.

"Riolu...Can you come and...fuck your Princess please~?..." Her tone had went to sultry so she could grasp his attention-on both heads. Both heads nodded and Riolu was standing over her, cock positioned at her slit. Her legs encompassed Riolu so he wouldn't have any second thoughts about his Princess. Not that he cared; he was gonna fuck her.

"Go ahead Rio~...Put it in me~..." She was so alluring to him...Riolu was gonna sate his Princess...

Just like a loyal Knight...

He pushed in, getting the tip in easily from her past climax before going further. She moaned in appreciation as his doggy cock began its invasion, going far into her. But, it stopped. She looked down to see that their hips were already meeting together; he was to the hilt already. She squeezed so she could find out where and realized he was only about halfway in. She mentally griped at Riolu's length, but she still took it as she allowed him to move inside of her.

Riolu was feeling blissful and salacious; happy and lustful for being able to sate his Princess...But if only she would just say the words...

As he went into her pussy, she became disappointed with his pace. he may be little, but he could do better. He WAS a Fighting type.

"Come on Riolu~...Why won't you fuck me~?..." He had been waiting for that, as evident by his smirk when he suddenly pulled out and laid against her. He kept her stimulated by rubbing his paw gently around her clit instead of grazing it, effectively teasing her with a knowledge she never knew he had.

This is...She should really keep her 'movies' on mute.

"Come on~...Please?" He shook his head, even going as far as fake yawning.

"Rio~..."(This is boring~...) He was about to go to sleep on her, leaving her hanging to catch a few Z's. But she would have NONE of that.

"Riolu, if you don't get up and fuck your Princess, you'll never see your favorite show again...And I'll burn these costumes..." He was up in a flash.

"Rio!"(You wouldn't!) As if she understood that, Athena replied,

"Try me." Not one to say no to his Princess, he realigned his cock with her mound before going back in, hilting once more. Feeling full-or at least halfway- made her moan again. She bucked her hips against him, bumping into his slightly engorged knot. Feeling it made her want it...Crave it...

Desire it...

"That's it Rio~! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy and shove that knot in me~!" Words, words and more words that didn't matter to Riolu, but nevertheless, he got to work on her vagina, using the ends of her princess gown for leverage. This was even better as Athena was moaning louder.

"See~...Told her she could get together with Pokemon~..." Ashelie was still in her room, messing around with Adrian...

And his Machamp.

Meanwhile Riolu's virgin status was coming into effect as he neared his climax, going in tandem with hers as she was starting to clench up. Riolu was drooling freely as his tongue laid on the side of his mouth, showing how much he was enjoying this. Her clenching was working wonders; they converged, spasmed, constricted, tightened, and vibrated with every moan and thrust from them both.

"Riolu...I love you, my Knight~!" That was it; the pure, delectable icing on the cake of true love. As she clamped down on his member to cum, he had froze with joy unbound. He was so happy...Happy to be her Knight...So happy in fact, it made his glow a bright blue. Athena couldn't see what was going on as her head was thrown back and eyes closed.

Riolu on the other hand was getting bigger-in every aspect. His height grew from the usual 2'4" to a stunning 4'1"-above average Lucario height- in only seconds. His 'dreads' grew and doubled to four, long appendages. His belly fur changed to that of a cream color, while gaining a spike that rested on the middle of his chest. Two more spikes grew on each of his wrists. His muzzle became more defined and his canine teeth grew a little bit, letting them poke out from his mouth a little. Lastly, his fur around his eyes grew black, giving him a 'mask' of sorts.

Once the light show was over, he looked himself over. Seeing that he looked and felt more powerful than he was as a Riolu, he barked a little to show his appreciation. But it all went back to salaciousness as he felt her squeeze on his new member...It had grew inside her and he felt where it was...

On her cervix.

"Now that you're paying attention...FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG COCK, MY KNIGHT~!" He couldn't say no; she was still his Princess. He gave her a little kiss on the forehead...Before he started to fuck her...


"AHHH~! MMMM~! YES~!" She yelled, closing her legs in on her Knight so he could fuck her even deeper. He growled in lust as he began to knock on the entrance to her womb, making her see stars from the force he was using. She humped against his big, doggy cock, trying to hurry him as she felt his knot was bigger and still filling with more blood. Soon, the only thing not in Athena was his knot.


"Lu~...Lucar~..."(I'm~...I'm getting~...) He couldn't take it and he thrusted inside of her with enough force to nearly hit her head on the headboard. His knot was now fully inside of her, but he was almost done. The very thought of having the knot inside her made her cum again, weaker than the first time. The job was worthwhile as her walls once again clamped down onto his member. But he didn't stop as he just fucked her harder until-

"CARIO~!"(I'M CUMMING!) He shoved his head into her bosom as he came watery ropes of his seed into her womb. It traveled everywhere inside of her, possibly seeping out if it wasn't for his bigger knot. Said knot had her vulva in an 'O' shape. Due to his evolution, Lucario was able to cum at least 8 spurts-maybe more-into Athena's womb.

Both parties panted for breath, Athena more-so as she had came more.

"That I mean...My Knight..." He yipped appreciatively and stole her lips for a kiss. It was a little awkward-what, with the muzzle and all- but they made due. When they came back up, they passed out, smiling at each other...

Lemon Over-Pull Them Pants Up And Those Vibrators Off!-The Next Morning...

Athena woke to the smell of bacon and eggs. Her eyes blinked in post-exhaustion as she stretched her cramp arms and legs. But when she did the legs, she felt something in-between them. Looking there, she saw that Lucario had not moved from the spot, but his member had fully retreated back into his sheath. She smiled as she looked at him slumber.

"Wake up, my Knight...Your Princess would like to report to breakfast..." His eyes were open in a heartbeat, looking at her with ruby eyes.

"Lu."(Hello.) He poked her in the nose before rising off her legs, allowing her to fully stretch them out. The dress, now that she could see it more closely, was beyond simple knitting repair. It was torn everywhere; there were no frills, bottom-portion or a top to recognize. The only surviving remnant of the dress was the top that covered her breasts and the bottom that covered her ass.

"Oh well", she started, looking at the damage," Looks like I'll have to get a new dress."

"Lucar."(Sorry.) His ears drooped. She noticed this and gave his ears a scratch in the back.

"Don't worry about it. I'll get Sebastian to fix it." She laughed at this, Lucario looking at her in confusion before her laughs grew into a virus and infected him. As they laughed, the door opened, revealing Ashelie in some sleep clothes.

"Breakfast is ready...Come and get it..." Her voice was still tired, but evidence as to why became clear when she limped away.

"Uh-huh...Looks like I'm not the only one who likes some fun at night, huh Lucario?"

"Lucario."(It looks like.) They laughed again, seeing as everything was alright for them...

A Princess and her horny Knight...

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