The Kalos region was definitely a fun place to start this and Gen 6 has been over for nearly six years. I think a little trip to the past wouldn't hurt.

Keeping Things Civil-(M Diggersby x M Dragonite)

"J-just...just a fucking slut…."


"No…'s true...I'm j-just a fucking sl-slut….I'm not cut out f-for a real job…."

Oh, how ironic this situation is. This pair of people resided in a rather cheap two-family house, with no neighbors of course, where traffic noises were the norm day in and day out. But who might this pair be? Well, neither of them were human, as humans had long ago been purged by Arceus herself. Maybe both of their long ears were an indication….

"Dana….look. I know it must be hard having to deal with leaving that place, but you have to understand that even then, you made the right choice in quitting for something better…." The male rabbit was more horizontally tall than the female. So it was without a doubt a Diggersby.

"But...w-why does everyone...always try to get me to go back…..?" Who Carl was consoling? Well, if her downgrading words were any indication, and the fact that she was more thin than Carl, then this bunny girl was a Lopunny.

"Because they always think that your species are made to be pole dancers. Take it from me, your own brother….it's not worth it listening to what they have to say about you. You have your own life and they have theirs, or lack thereof. They can't put strings on you and expect you to do as they please."

While Carl was doing his best, Dana only sighed after he finished that short monologue. "I'm g-going to bed….Help yourself...t-to dinner…." Before he would stop her, the Lopunny stood up and walked upstairs to her room, tears still falling down her face.

"Arceus-dammit Dana….." Carl just went to the kitchen and plucked an apple from the fruit bowl and munched on that. His ears twitched in agitation for yet another night of cleaning up Dana after yet another attack from some guys that know her from a stripclub. They've been trying to bully her into quitting her job as an accountant and be a stripper again, and frankly it took a lot-and he means a lot-for Carl to not walk her home so he can beat these guys down.

He had the lucky ability, Huge Power, so it wouldn't be hard depending on whom. The only problem was that Dana always told him no. And since she was the oldest, he had to listen; not like they had any others to hear from. Growing up with no neighbors, no friendly people or other siblings and family, it was hard to find solace than with just himself and his sister.

Of course, there was the fact that he was always on guard for the house when she's gone so anyone coming up to him would always be guilty before proven innocent.

This "guard dog" duty of his, as he went back to it on the porch, was much more interesting than sitting on his butt and watching TV like all other species assume he did. Just because he had a gut didn't mean he was just a lazy slob. Sure, Dana cooks, but he cleans, and it was a symbiosis Pokemon just didn't understand.

The night sky felt like a shadowy blanket for the stars as none were out to gaze upon, so Carl was stuck looking out to the streets. Cars, Dodrio, trucks, SUVs, convertibles, sports cars, and the occasional "rich guy car" that Carl calls them would drive past. Few people were walking on the sidewalk, so the Diggersby didn't have to grow tense as much as he usually did.

Although, after what he would assume was a half hour since it was a new moon night, someone came around into sight and walked up the wide stairs. Despite the dark night, he would easily make out the figure to be-

"Can I help you?" Carl demanded, not trusting this guy for a second.

"Oh, excuse me dude. I was wondering if this moving ad was correct."

"Let me see." The Diggersby held out his left ear for the paper in the tightly held paw of the newcomer. The paw nonchalantly dropped the paper into the appendage's grasp and Carl read it….

Only to groan in further agitation.

"For fuck's sake….they're trying to get us kicked out…." He handed the guy the paper back. "If you must know, the place right next door is the free one, not this side. My sister and I live here."

"Oh! That's cool. Do you have the key for the door o-"

"It's open."

The new guy fell quiet after that before nervously coughing, his little wings fluttering outwards a bit. "Oh...uh...Okay." And like that, he went into the barren portion of the two-family home.

Now that he was gone and busy, Carl would focus on keeping watch over the streets ahead. Some honking of horns to the traffic lights to his right got his attention, but it was mostly for the closest car to the light to move, as suggested by the ones behind them. Ah, typical road rage.

When's a car crash when you need it?

"Oh, hey again." Carl jumped a little from the surprise call, but nonetheless kept seated. "I need to know your name, since you're the owner right? Said this place was for rent."

While that's not true, it's best to get what you can in the life of poverty, especially in Kalos. "It's Carl. No surname."

"No last name, huh? You must have been around before the Purge….Well, my name's Kobi Islands, Pleasure to meet you." The big fella held out his paw to shake, getting a firm one to do so with in return. "Anyway, I'll move in for real in a few hours, then give you this month's rent in cash, okay?"

"Alright…." Carl didn't know the first thing about real estate, or rent, or tenants for that matter-hell, or being a landlord. But, if it pays…..

"How much is it? Paper isn't specific."

Carl went off with a number off the tip of his tongue. "$500 a month."

"Wow, that's cheap! I'm gonna love living here already! Catch ya later!" The guy went off the porch, getting a running start on the walkway to the double home before taking off to the skies….

"Hmm...kinda excitable for a Dragonite." Carl commented before returned his gaze to the streets.


Nothing else interesting came up during the rest of the night, not even when he went back inside to grab a Sitrus Berry for an energy boost, and when dawn came, Dana walked past to give him a pat on the head.

"Breakfast is ready….I'll be back later." she announced before walking off. He muttered a goodbye before heading back into the house. Now that he was alone, again, he would just lock the door and get some sleep after a long night. Of course, that wouldn't be as he heard something heavy land outside, which made him open the door to see Kobi coming up with his belongings. A moving truck, a rather small one in fact drove up to the curb as soon as he got the door open.

"I beat the truck here….Heheheh…." the dragon muttered before opening the door to his new house. Carl watched from his seat on the porch as the new neighbor single-handedly moved all of his things into the previously vacant house. Of course, Carl would have helped, but he wasn't asked nor should he try and go out of his way to do so if the dragon had it anyway.

Besides, pseudo-legendary Pokemon were the luckiest Pokemon of them all since they had strength on par with some legends.

When Kobi got the TV in there, he told the driver of the moving truck he would go and walked back onto the porch of his new home. His tail swished as he looked the place over. "Hmmm. I'm really gonna like it here."

"And why is that?" Carl asked after being taciturn for some time.

"Because I have such generous neighbors. Anyway, here." The Dragonite handed Carl a wad of bills that, once he counted them, totaled to $580. "I know it's over, but I don't need too much anyway."

Too much? That brought a raised eyebrow to the Diggersby before he put the money in his ear fluff, a subtle storage till he went back in the house.

"Anyway, I have to go to work. My shift starts in a few minutes. See ya later, Carl!" Before the chubby bunny would inquire about Kobi's comment, the dragon already took off, leaving Carl to his lonesome….


"Great…." Now, he would go in his house, lock the doors and take a short nap before resuming his position on the porch. Hopefully, his sister stayed safe when she came back….


A loud thud woke Carl up from his slumber, making him alert and ready in case of intruders before seeing his sister outside from the window on the door. He groggily stood up from the couch, stretching his aching back and ears before going to said door to open it. This time, he didn't see a sobbing, beaten up Lopunny girl.

No, he saw a happy, laughing one in the company of…

"Kobi?" The Diggersby was surprised to see the both of them at once.

"Oh hey Carl!" The Dragonite waved enthusiastically at Carl, smiling the whole while. "Just bringing your sister home from work is all!"

"Why didn't you tell me he moved in, lil' bro?" Dana asked, giving him a quick hug. "He's one of my co-workers-one of the guys that suggested that I work there too!"

Kobi blushed and flicked his paw at her. "Oh, i-it was nothing…."

Carl scratched his "beard" before answering. "Well, for one I didn't even know he worked with you. He just came in, checked the place out, then left before you did."

"Oh." Dana looked between the both of them. "Well, at least we're here. Neighbors and work buddies!" She gave Kobi one last hug before heading into the house. This left the boys to themselves.

"So...uh...You two are rela-"

"Hurt her in any way, I'll Ice Punch your guts out-Multiscale or not." Carl glared at his neighbor, brandishing a cold, icy ear-fist at Kobi, who held up his hands defensively.

"H-hey, chill man! I don't wanna hurt her! She told me the st-story! I am far from a troublemaker! Honest!"

"Hmph….." Carl went silent, before his ear backed away and went back to normal. "I suppose trusting you can be an option…."

"C-could it be more than just th-"

"Don't push it."

"...Noted." And once again, silence. Kobi awkwardly made his way back into his new home, leaving Carl to watch over the house….well, houses now that they had a neighbor. Great, now he had to protect the whole place instead of half of it. This led to him moving his chair, which was worn from use and weather, to the middle of the porch. His view was further heightened now with visibility to the left than just the right. Problem is….

"Damn bush…." It hung directly in front of the porch, keeping anything straight ahead out of view-this was bad considering there was a street right there. Oh well, he can just cut it down after dinner. Said course of the day would be smelled from the open window of….both houses at that moment. Carl didn't know what to drool over, and frankly his stomach didn't care as it growled like an angry Tyrantrum.

"Don't worry, lil' bro! It's almost done!" "If you want some, just ask!" Both occupants inside the homes called out to him, making him feel like a very tossed third wheel. He just hoped they'd hurry at this point. And soon, they would, Dana coming out with a plate of cooked Magikarp with a salad on the side; Kobi had him looking starved with a platter of Tauros meat and steak sauce.

"U-uh…." He looked between the offerings, unable to choose which one he'd prefer….But, Dana and Kobi just sat the plates near him before heading back inside. Probably going to eat alone or something.


'Do you think he'll like it?'

'Trust me, bud. He'll enjoy it if we take things slow. Besides, you moving was a good idea.'

'But...what if he doesn't like me in the end…?'

'Then I'll persuade him. I'll go first, then you try, then we both have a try at him. Sound good?'

'Oh sorry, changing the channel. Alright.'

'Then it's a date.'


Dusk came and went, leaving the night sky and streetlights to be Carl's only luminance for sight. His watching stare never left the pavement, or the occasional passing car. His lonesome was left as such till someone would approach at about 2:14 A.M.

"Hey….aren't you going to sleep…?" Kobi peeked his head from the window behind Carl, making the Diggersby look that way and shake his head in the negative.

"I don't sleep till my sister leaves. That's how it's been since we got here, and it's not changing." Carl kept it at that, returning to his watch like an owl scouring the woods for rodents to feed on. A few moments later, the sound of a door opening and closing led to a presence joining the Diggersby on the porch.

"Well, it wouldn't hurt to have a watch buddy." And before Carl knew it, a chair was pulled up and Kobi sat next to him.

"Don't you have work in the morning….?" Carl inquired.

Kobi scratched his chin before answering, "Yes and no. Yeah, I have to go, but it's just a quick inventory check. Then I'm back here to spend time with you!" That struck a flag in Carl's mind, but he kept it to himself. "So, from what your sister told me on the way back earlier, you just sit here all day and night when she's here?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Don't you know, bored?"

Carl hummed at that answer and looked down the street to his right. "You and Dana must talk a lot at work…"

"We d-"

"I don't get bored. It's my job to keep this place safe…I'm not taking any chances for anything…" Kobi fell silent after that and looked the other way. Now the atmosphere was awkward.

Talk about a stubborn egg shell to crack….When the Dragonite felt that chatter would resume, he changed the subject.

"So, you know about this gym in the city?"

"What about it?" Carl's curt and blunt reply came like a dagger to calm waters.

"Well. I hear they're looking for a trainer in self-defense….And from how you really care for your sis-"

"-You want me to be the trainer?" the Diggersby finished, looking back at the Dragonite.

"Uh….yeah….I'm not much of a fighter, but I only pick fights when it's for those I care about. I'd appreciate it if you did come…."


"Or yo-you know! You can think about it! I'm not...forcing you…" Great, now the atmosphere was awkward again. Carl looked forward, past the remains of the bush he trimmed down to look like he was on guard. But really, he was just thinking about teaching others how to fend for themselves.

It is a rather tough world out there. And Pokemon have become humans in the criminal sense. Someone would expect there to be no prisons. Kinda sad that the once proud Pokemon Arceus has hopes for is doing the very things it purged humans for. Wonder how much time they had left before history repeats itself…

"I'll see what I can do…." Carl finally answered. Kobi, not knowing he was holding it, let out a breath of relief at this and smiled. He had no more questions after that, so the night went on with the two just watching the life of the night…

When Dawn arrived was when Kobi finally left Carl alone, leaving the Diggersby to head inside the house. Dana was already awake as she should be, but she was still making breakfast.

"Do you still have the key?" Carl asked, plucking his ears for anything out of place.

"Yeah. Just gotta finish breakfast first." She put down a pan full of bacon to let the strips sizzle before flipping a few pancakes nearby. As she did that, something slid out of Carl's left ear and he reached to pick up….

"Oh yeah, here. Put this somewhere safe." He held out the rent money Kobi had given to him the day just recently passed. When she looked to grab it, her eyes widened and she snatched it from him.

"Where'd you GET this?!" she whisper/yelled at him, an odd combination that has existed for a while.


"Did you threaten him again? I keep telling you that we have to not scare off neighbors. We're trying to look like a good pair of bunnies to be living next to."

"No", Dana was...surprised to hear anything other than an affirmative. ,"he offered it and I took it. With how much you make as an accountant, this should just be chump change."

"Carl, I just got the job. I don't know how much I'm being paid right away."

"Never hurt to find out sooner…"

"No dice. Just be patient."

"Take it, at least. I'm burning sleep time here." The Lopunny sighed, pilfering the wad of sweaty and hair-ridden cash from Carl before stowing it away in a locked chest on their refrigerator. This has been their little stash, considering guests would have to grab a chair to see it. Dana just needed to hop to grab 'n stash-Carl would just extend his ear that far. Once the padlock was set, the grizzled Diggersby was off scarfing his food down without a care in the world. He rarely ate, after all.

"I'll be home with Kobi so at least try to relax while I'm gone, okay? They don't know we stay here." She kissed him on the forehead and departed from there, securing the door and muffling the conversation that sprung up between neighbor and neighbor before it was silent after a whoosh.

Carl took his nap, of course, but getting to that point of ecstatic slumber was hard with Kobi's offer on his mind. On one ear, this would leave their house completely defenseless from curious thieves and pesky children and on the other should the shady dealers ever try attacking Carl and Dana in public he would have backup nearby...Luckily, the constantly shifting debate lulled the Diggersby to sleep.


"So you say your name was…"


"Yes, of course. No surname listed here. You left Sire and Dame blank. Orphan?"


"Right...Your living situation puts a bit of a damper on your home-training recommendation, since you require a stable income of $10,000 or more so I'm afraid you will have to work at least four months before being considered for that."

Carl was afraid of that. The application for this karate school knock-off seemed to single out the working class like having spotlights on them from every direction, and while the Medicham assessing the packet of papers was nice enough, face value assumptions proved to be against Carl as the more lanky male shot down his hopes of easing his main problem with signing up for this position.


"And one last thing. Teachers here are required to be in a professional manner at all times, so while I can admire your firm attitude it would look horrendous in a tea-"

"-Don't be a sour puss. Got it. Can we just get to the part where I'm in or not?"

"Well of course you're in. Why else did I make mention of requirements under the guise that you were already employed?" Oh, right. "In any case, you start next Friday, as that will be the day the center is closed off from walk-ins and gives us the perfect opportunity to get you situated with the rest of the faculty and how things operate. Ta-ta for now!"

"Bye…?" Well that was rather sudden. Didn't even hit the ten minute limit on office visits here. Must be in a hurry to look at other applications. Oh well, not Carl's problem anymore. The lobby was crossed in almost record time, its pristine, polished marble floors and painting-covered walls ignored as the Diggersby rushed to get back home. While it was never comfortable to sit in, it was sturdy enough to endure both his and….

Right. Kobi. Carl wasn't sure if he should grovel and thank the Dragonite for recommending the place-the laprine was still indifferent with how that Medicham presented the place-or leave his advances as a good neighbor go unnoticed and thrown under the bus. Fate wanted him to pick right away apparently, as coming along to the street where he and Dana lived and looking towards their large porch yielded the sight of the Lopunny and Kobi…

Sitting in Carl's chair. He already regrets leaving.

When he was close enough, he would see that they were whispering to each other instead of speaking normally. Why do that instead of going inside and doing things more freely was beyond this simple bunny but the visage didn't last long as Dana gestured towards him and had the two conspirators looking his way. "...What?"

"Did you get the job?" Kobi was quick to the point, it seemed.

"Maybe. Not sure if I'll keep it for long."

Dana shook her head, ushering Carl up the porch steps. "Now now, you've been griping about not working to help pay for the house. The least you can is try to like something that's to your forte."

The Diggers' grumbled and started walking himself in, finding no need to get babied by his own sister for the time being. She was off tomorrow, so at least there's that. More time to get himself situated for tonight's watch.


Just as Carl feared, nothing to do. So much for having a bit of change come their way now that he went ahead and got himself a job. Still, he felt more obligated to be out here so that's a plus in his overprotective book. HIs eyes were anvils that tried their damnedest to make him fall under, but he was a tough acorn to crack. The chances of him slipping under were far too ni-

And like a victim of hypnotism, he slumped forward and began snoring. No, this is not the result of being too ignorant of his body's needs. Far from that presumption actually. This was the rare case of someone lacing food with Sleep Powder. Carl didn't stand a chance, especially when they come from a Poison type.

And who was the culprit of this act? Well, Kobi of course! Dana had fell under long ago and couldn't do it herself so the Dragonite took the initiative and did the deed. Now all he had to was drag the big bunny inside his end of the two-house and get on with this plan. And yes, the plan is going there after all. How else is the drake gonna know if getting Carl employed to a stressful job was a bad idea or not?

Laying him on a couch seemed like an arduous task but Kobi managed, even getting those ears in spots that won't cause a stir to the bearded lapine's forced slumber. A blush marred the orange of Kobi's muzzle, gazing down at Carl with anxiety and excitement.

'This sounded so much better on paper.' Of course, kidnapping and drugging always looks bad, but the recipient was always the deciding factor in the end. The Dragonite rationalized his actions and continued from how far he got with the reasoning that it was now or never. Damn bunnies for being so cute.

It was a bit tricky to find where Carl actually had a crotch, since his waist fuzz pretty much kept everything out of view for Kobi to hunt, but a big of digging got him wrapping his pudgy hand around the bunny's shaft. It was quick to erect, showing that true lack of attention given to its surface by its owner, and throbbed right away once the Dragonite completed a full stroke from the base of the thick member to the very tip. He shouldn't be doing this-no doubt should the bunny wake up from his sleep Kobi will never be allowed to do so much as have a calm air to talk to his neighbors-but the allure that Dana set in him from chats about home life led him to this extreme.

And quite the extreme it was, since each shot of precum followed every groan that escaped Carl. Kobi tensed whenever he heard so much as a peep but whenever the lapine so much as nudged himself for comfort he ducked down yet kept a solid grip on Carl's dick. Just in case his unconscious body was responding to the external pleasure and seeking to get more.

Risky as it was trying to entice Carl with just his hand-or hands once those nuts were discovered-he just had to at least get a taste of what he was working with here. Making sure the Diggersby wasn't peeking or feigning sleep with closed eyes, Kobi got on his knees and brought his head towards the bunny's crotch patch.

It smelled of many days sweating from heat-natural or radiated-and while that may seem like the kind of thing to burn a nose, Kobi was into it enough to take a quiet, drawn-out whiff of Carl's cock. Stronger up close and no doubt he rubbed the smell into his hand. Definitely no turning back now.

His descent onto the meat of his desires was slower than what his mind wanted to do, eyes glued over the mound of fuzz before him to see for any reactions. Seeing nothing worth worry, he continued until his nose was being tickled by Diggersby hair. Boy it'd suck to sneeze right here.

The bobbing came naturally in spite of this being Kobi's first fling with another guy, bringing about half of what would fit inside his muzzle before going back down to have the sensation of something thick run over his tongue. Repeating this made things a lot harder in the long run in terms of holding back but it looked like that Sleep Powder was more than enough to keep Carl from doing so much as kick his foot towards the salacious Dragonite to make him stop. He may regret this later, but only if he doesn't get to finish the bunny off at least. So once his hand went back to massaging those balls, the excitement of completing this without interruption ran through Kobi like shivers from a winter breeze sneaking through the window.

But before he would do anything drastic, like play with that hidden pucker whenever he tried finding it, Carl went tense and what followed was probably the warmest load Kobi would feel for let it all pool in his mouth at first, thinking that it wouldn't be as big as he wasn't expecting, but got proven wrong by the force threatening to shoot out past his trapped lips. With as much silence as he would, Kobi gulped what he had caught in the first minute and let the rest that came fill in for what was lost. Oh well. Maybe another time.

If Carl didn't suspect anything. Hopefully, he didn't take things too far as the drake let a blanket slip over the Diggersby and left him to rest as the night swept away the remaining noise.


The next day, things seemed...different for Carl. For one, the whole time Dana was making breakfast, she was giving him side glances when she thought he wasn't looking as if expecting him to start a conversation. Unless she was miffed about him not watching the house-ahem, houses-and choosing to sleep over all else, then there was no reason to act like a schoolgirl dying to chat someone's ear off. She even served his plate of sausage over toast, eggs and cooked potato cuts with those shifty looks-not a word escaped her.

Carl had have a mind to slap her back from wherever spacecraft stole her real identity and put it back in one swoop but he didn't have a chance as Kobi knocked on the door and she yipped going to answer it. Well she's not a robot at least, or an emotionless alien trying to study how bunnies act on lazy days.

Although, he shouldn't be excited since the Dragonite joined in on making sure Carl was stared at. And to this, he snapped. "What?!"

Of course, they both jumped in fright! But Dana was back on her feet first. "Your beard's a bit...frazzled, Carl."

...Oh great. He got up from his comfy spot on the couch and marched upstairs. Just because he preferred doing little but eat when his sister was off didn't mean he was gonna ignore his hygiene. At his departure, the two at the door sighed in relief before finally talking.

"Does he know…?" Kobi was a nervous wreck, just barely squeaking that out for Dana to hear.

"Nope. Hasn't made a word about it to me since he woke up. Gotta say, Kobi, I thought I'd hear pounding. And not the good kind."

"H-hey, it was supposed to be a private job...I'm not gonna leave a mess." He nearly slipped up and yelled about what they were plotting for anyone to hear. Silly Dragonite.

Dana was eating this up with her all-knowing giggle. "I'm not judging. You kinda had to do it, since it sounded like he was gonna beat you to a pulp whether or not you ask him so much as his hobby."

"Yeah, he's very…"



"Well", the Lopunny dragged the dragon into her side of the double family, letting Kobi sit down and catch himself before he had an anxiety attack, "Carl tends to be that way. You remember, I told you we didn't have parents to do the protecting for us."

"Doesn't mean you're a damsel in distress at every corner…"

"It's just tough love. I got over it a long time ago. And if you wanna have good eyes from my lil' bro, I suggest you get used to it." Kobi didn't like feeling he was a problem. He preferred being a solution, hence why he suggested Carl get a job training others so he wasn't the only soul in the city fighting for keeping the innocent safe from harm and wrong-doings.

"Fine...But why do we have to do this 'drug him to get him relieved' thing? It makes me feel sicker than my mouth…"

"Because like I said, he's not in googly eyes-love with you yet. And I know he'll come through to you one day. Just gotta play the waiting game."

"So what are you gonna be doing then? You kinda left me hanging last night and I swear he was gonna wake up f-four times before I actually got him off…"

"Slipping the food to him. And maybe a massage if you work late. That way, we can tone him down so he's not as wound as a jack-in-a-box when we pop the idea of having a mate. Okay?"

Dana made it seem like this was easier said than done. Kobi knew there was no turning back from this, as the Lopunny said before Carl got home last night, if he went through the first night. But at the same time, he was playing a dangerous game here and it involved his crush's trust. Losing that means there's gonna be one less jolly Dragonite in the world. But….the way they were doing this just made him feel so wrong…

But you know what they say: sometimes the bad things are so wrong yet they feel right.

"...Okay….I work late tonight so you'll have to cover me."

"Fair enough."


Days went by smoothly from there until Carl's first day of working. As they all slowly strolled about with each other, Carl grew accustomed to Dana's sudden arrivals and departures with Kobi in tow so he didn't have to panic every time he heard them outside on the porch or taking to the skies. And as time grew on, he slowly began to develop something of an acquaintance with the jolly Dragonite.

For one, the lad always seemed happy to see Carl, sometimes even more so like when the big bunny had to go pay the rent that following Monday as Dana went to work and he didn't have to. Plus, having someone other than his own thoughts to talk to really kept the Diggersby from turning into a real unkempt hermit. Though, trust was always earned and friendly conversations weren't gonna persuade him to suddenly be okay with Kobi's presence.

On that note, today was the day Carl started his new job and he was more nervous than the time Dana first quit her job pole dancing. It's not that he feared that he looked well out of place to your typical commoner wanting to learn a thing or two from a certified teacher. It was the very thing he was teaching them that he feared he'd fail at.

Carl was used to his threats and the actual fights have been far and few between, with all of them being wins under his belt due to his powerful ears. None of the people out there waiting for him to come out and...start class-boy that felt weird to sound out in his head-were Diggersby and none of them had appendages that would be used for fighting. So his methods may not seem to be on par with how people's body function.

"...Oh well." he muttered as he stopped looking at himself in the mirror. "Worse comes to worse, Kobi was wrong and I don't have to keep thinking of what they're doing whenever they got off work." With that, he departed from the small break room and greeted his new students.

Right away, he would feel their judging stares but he's got thicker skin than anyone he's ever met. So he was fine with just looking like himself-grumpy and uninterested in most affairs. "Hello class."

He got a few in return, most either bearing eagerness, anxiety or obvious disdain for being present. "Today, I'm gonna break you. So whoever of you think you got this downpat, step forward and let me see what you got." Murmurs rose from the small group, until one Mienshao-male from the looks of it-stepped up to the plate with a smug grin that the species were somewhat doomed to have.

"I didn't think this place would downgrade from stellar fighters but I guess this is a good start to rewriting the system. What should I do?" The posh tone in his voice rang a few bells in Carl's head but he was too busy being sized up and returning the favor to really look into it.

"Hit me hard enough that I go down. If you can't do that, then you're the class training dummy. If you can, then I'll be the student. Sound fair?"

To be expected, the elegant young man laughed a little, even bringing his whip-bearing paw to his chin to hold his nose up at the offer. "Oh I think you've pretty much signed away your license, big guy. I'll let you use my seat-it's old like you!"

At the last word, the Mienshao striked, lashing out with a quick jab aimed right for Carl's lower belly. Must have been hoping to nail below the belt but his fuzz blocked precise vision of it. This was the assailant's first mistake, as not only did Carl only shrug from the attack that would have actually did some damage had the boy tried harder-or worked harder-he tsked and used one of his ears to flick the guy away like someone flicking a fly out of the way.

"And that's why you don't underestimate people. Doesn't matter if you're small or big, lanky, buff or fat, you have your own strength and so does everyone else. Better to think of ways to protect yourself than to go thinking like that." He made a dismissive gesture towards the Mienshao, who had been helped upright by a few concerned students who hoped the bunny didn't go giving him a concussion. Probably was trying to see if class would be dismissed so soon or canceled from an injury so soon.

"Now, get up on your feet and do some stretches. Find you a random somebody that you wouldn't get along with right away and practice punches. If I hear a blow land, I'll give you one of my own in return." And just like that, the class was up to it. He saw opposing elements, different body builds and foreign backgrounds partner up and start limbering up. The class was even, so there were no oddballs out looking to get some way of teaching with no stranger to team up with.

One student to note, barring the whiplashing lad that grumpily took punches from his Delphox partner after a few minutes of bone cracking, was a Snorlax. Mind, most of these fellas were supposed to be big and towering over most. But this guy looked like he would have just been an overweight Blastoise with his runty height. He didn't need to raise his hands up to be punched in spite of being within extending distance towards his partner, as the Weavile had already taken to practicing meager jabs at his barreling gut barely holding itself within a shirt to try now being such an obstacle. But one look to his disgruntled expression convinced Carl to step over.

Suddenly, the ursine straightened up and brought his hands up, much to the confusion of both bunny and weasel alike and awaiting for the latter to resume before he was actually grunting from the hits. Carl stopped in place but he still took to walking past the two of them before he checked elsewhere.

From there, Class proceeded without a hitch. No one grew as outspoken as the lovely display of cockiness shown by that young man who left before the timer for the session of the day went off for them all to officially leave and once everyone rested and cleaned up Carl didn't have to worry about some last-minute thing. He was glad to call them off so they would leave and go about their day, but as he would have feared the bear hung back. Wasn't even really trying to play off that he was forgetting something so it would just be him and the Diggersby-he was just standing there looking at the wall then at Carl when he thought the lapine wasn't looking.

Though once this went on for longer than a minute of silence, Carl had enough. "Gonna break the ice or do you need help getting out the door?"

"...I'm not that fat." A response!

"So he talks. Look, I said you can go home. Unless I took something from you, no point in sticking around." Carl strolled past him towards the door, hoping that maybe this was some kind of false alarm and that he would get ready to plant his butt into a chair for the rest of the day and subsequent night.

But no, his ear was pulled and reflexes kicked which nearly got the unknown Snorlax punched had Carl not stopped seconds before making contact with his stomach with that strong ear of his. Of course, this spooked the bear and he let go so he would back away, smitten from speech to comment. So that was where Carl left to go home.

Home….Where everything was simple.


Dana had been there when Carl got back, badgering him with questions about his first day on the job like a mother asking her only child how was school. He just dismissed her with a wave and took his post, much to her dismay. She didn't persist on the matter and let his mood speak for itself as she went inside their home and stayed there. Kobi's end seemed quiet so Carl was led to believe the Dragonite was housed in there with the Lopunny and they were gonna chat up about their jobs. Less hassle for Carl, more time to watch the world go by around him.

They were, but not the jobs Carl would have in mind.

"Think you'll be ready for another go at him? He's at least answering more of your questions this time around." Dana paced around Kobi's living room, like a drill sergeant waiting on their private to break or make it.

"Well, yeah but….Do we need to drug him now then? I think he'd be fine at seeing someone that's just...n-needy." Kobi was frightful as always, but there was anxiety in his tone, and with the changing seasons he had full reason to.

Rut season.

"I don't think he's one of those dudebros that just helps their friends out when they need to get off. He's a lone wolf type that'd rather shrug himself off before he'd think of helping someone out. This is the best we can do." Dana was already loading up a lunch plate with the powder but then Kobi came up to stop here.

"Please Dana. I don't wanna keep doing this if I can't tell if he likes it or not….I'd rather he tell me to my face that he wouldn't want pleasure from someone like me than….taking his consent and throwing it in the trash…" It was hard to be taken seriously when your work pants had a tent in it.

"But what if he doesn't like gu-?"

"I'll live with it."

"But what if he doesn't want a tubb-?"

"I'll live with it."

"And if he doesn't do sex…?"

Kobi didn't cut the Lopunny off right there, closing his eyes to the idea of Carl being asexual. He looked the type, which was also a big lead on Kobi's frustrations to himself for not saying something sooner. But….If Carl's happy, then so is he.

"I'll live with it..."

Dana eyed her coworker aptly, trying to find signs of his sarcasm or anything that would make that whole statement come off as a lie, but seeing his expression of utmost seriousness dissuaded her from trying to trivialize his situation. "Are you positive you don't want to do with the drugs? I'll have to make a whole plate again."

"No more drugs. Just let things run their course." And that was it. He let go of her arm and went to sit back down, watching TV but really just using it as something to look at other than the window to the front porch where he knew Carl was. Dana went to go dump the tainted food in the trash and the bag of which she held the Sleep Powder in to be forgotten. Hopefully. She was all for letting Kobi develop into this relationship with more passion but she just had the sneaking suspicion that something was gonna go wrong….



That shrieking can only be Old Lady Laine next door, which jostled Carl from a nap he didn't remember taking. It was nearly evening and the sun had yet to fully set, leaving the world a darkening orange, pink and violet before his eyes were taken away from the scenery to his right.

"KEEP THOSE HOOLIGANS OFF MY PROPERTY!" This was where he noticed that she was shrieking at him and his ears tried their best not to bleed from how loud she was being received. Her being a Drampa with a cane didn't help that she was naturally outspoken with her tone.

"Yes ma'am…." Carl gave a half-hearted salute to at least inform her that he was on the case, but Laine still grumbled her way back into her house. Finally, Carl would see what she was yapping about.

And he almost matched her attitude.

Moving trucks, trucks and all sorts that he's never seen in the city were driving around in that scenic pace that lets you know that the occupants were driving around to tour. Species of Pokemon he's never seen before claimed houses he liked to wonder about who last owned it and he felt like the peace of the neighborhood was slowly losing its charm and soon standing watch for thugs that might still be looking for Dana might end up being a permanent job than it already is.

All of that and more surfaced into his thoughts when he saw one of those traveling trucks stop in front of the double family and he grew tense. It was here that Kobi decided to step out and see what the commotion was.

From the car came a slender form, a dark gray but a body woven with a pattern of purple skin and hot pink markings. Carl wasn't familiar with this one so Kobi's hushed tone did the answering he was about to rudely ask for.

"A Salazzle…?" The dragon's eyes narrowed with suspicion as she came around her vehicle and stopped in front of the house with eyes calculating the structure like she were a health inspector. And with how little she was scantily dressed, it would seem that way. Then she locked her sight onto both bunny and dragon and stepped a bit closer but not close enough to be invasive.

"Excuse me boys…" Her voice had a natural purr to it, which made Carl more alert out of his stupor of confusion, "but can I ask for directions to your city's real estate agency? My significant other failed to inform me that this house was occupied."

"That dirty little scumbag…." Carl knew exactly who she was talking about-the landlord must have been leaving them open to other people so he'd get them on the streets as soon as possible. All because Dana wouldn't let him have any action whenever they were behind on rent. THough his hushed tone was not lost on the stranger.

"Apologies if I struck a nerve with my presence but if it would not be something complex to ask then I am all ears for the right direction. I wouldn't dream of forcing you out of your home to make room for myself, my lover and my little ones." At 'little ones', a little lizard who looked like the Salazzle popped their head out from the passenger window and caught her a ways away.

"Mistress, why aren't we heading inside?" the little rascal's voice was almost taunting as he gazed up to the house he thought they were all gonna go.

"Sorry darling, there's been a mishap. We'll have to head into the city and speak with an agent to get settled for the events to unfold. Have patience." The little Salazzle, that's what Carl wanted to assume anyhow, began to chitter in annoyance, but the bigger reptile came over and stroked his chin. To which, he calmed down but still looked apprehensive towards the pair on the porch. He scurried back into the car after a bit and her gaze returned to them too.

Kobi decided to raise his hand and step towards her. "I can fly you there. Well, I fly and you follow me. I'll keep low so you don't lose me." He looked to Carl, as if awaiting his approval on the matter, but the Diggersby was looking elsewhere. So, he stepped down from the porch and went to further speak with the Salazzle while Carl watched the last of his street get claimed by new visitors that'll surely be knocking soon. New people always go around hoping they can make friends on their first day of being around, and Carl was no stranger to the practice of meet 'n greets, but when Old Lady Laine goes screeching her head off at them that's when the bunny gets wary.

Just what was going on, and what "events" was the lady going on about?

Before he would wonder forever, her and Carl began to head off with the big guy flying over the street but keeping relatively low to avoid bumping into anything that wasn't a high bus or 18-wheeler. And then he was alone.

Dana came out of Kobi's house, humming to herself while she chewed on what smelled like skinned white meat, waving to Carl on her way past to get in their own house. Judging from the lack of smelling any food from their own home, it looks like he'll be going to Kobi's for any. And his growling stomach was not going to wait on him to make a choice to wing it or eat now, so he left his post to hop to it.

As he thought, there was a plate of white meat and some greens waiting for him. He took the plate and crammed whatever fit into one big bite before taking in the scene. The couch had an odd scent to it. Familiarity oozed from it and while it wasn't like him, Carl couldn't help but wonder what smelled so funny. Good thing Dana had already left and Carl was off guiding someone through the city like a good Samaritan because it sure would look strange yet hilarious to an onlooker that Carl was getting down to sniff a cushion-a piece of furniture someone sits on-on the couch.

Salt….Carl grumbled as he basically whiffed someone's precum. Kobi's precum. So they were fooling around when he wasn't looking. There was a place in his head where he should be disgusted that Dana would already be tricked into liking some other guy who only wanted her body in the end, but she never came off as feeling trapped when Kobi was around. After all, he did say he cared about Dana and her past situation. And Carl already gave him a significant threat should he do anything like this….

So after mellowing out, he came to the realization that maybe this was just idle horniness that he was trying to keep down. But Dana wasn't one to ignore someone in need-unless related to her-so this was confusing for the bunny the longer he stood there musing about it. Before he forgot, he ate the last of his pre-made lunch and went back to the porch to get ready for night watch.

But tonight wasn't gonna much of that.

Kobi came back eventually, having been going for what felt like-and actually was-a few hours since he flew off with that Salazzle but he looked different. His posture was lax, he carried himself like he were looking for someone to notice him and the bigger hint?

He was getting a little too hands-y with Carl once he got wind that the bunny was outside.

"Kobi! Get off of me!" Carl was doing his best not to leave Dana's co-worker in a pained heap in his house, because hearing a lecture from her was like being told off by a parent and that was painful on the mind enough already, but the Dragonite's insistence to lick all over the Diggersby's face was growing less and less tolerable.

"I-i love you….!" And just like that, Carl's guard was shattered and he was pinned onto the porch and subjected to Kobi's onslaught of kisses on his face. It was only a matter of time before he got to those lips but Carl was adamant on snapping him out of his haze. Though his confusion for why the big guy was doing this drifted out when he caught wind of those eyes. Spaced out, hazed….like a guy was too pent up to hold it in.

Too bad he chose the wrong person to dish it out on.

Carl's shock dissipated once he found his ears weren't pinned but his arms, and used them to shove the dragon off of him. That seemed to stop him, as he just laid there on his back seemingly defeated from that mere gesture, so Carl took the time to drag him back into Kobi's side of the house before he actually attracted attention to themselves. But the dragon's recovery seemed to speed up with the bunny's hands on him because right as that door closed the tubby Dragonite was back on him but rubbing his gut. No, lower than that…

"Get a hold of yourself, Kobi! Or I will hurt you." Carl was done with this game, ears starting to get cold and turning the air frigid in response. But Kobi persisted and eventually found what he was looking for-Carl's crotch.

The flustered bunny felt his face burn as the dragon took hold of his package and messily rubbed all over it. His aim was off but his intent was true and before he got a double-fist punch to his head he found Carl's sheath and nudged a finger in there. The struggling continued but it was like trying to fight off a big plush teddy bear with AI; shrugging it away or pushing just encouraged more hugging. With Carl losing focus by the moment, his attack faded away and Kobi got more intimate with his growing arousal. Not that it was voluntary, mind you-anyone'd get aroused from being touched in this manner. His poker rose up to full mast and Kobi licked the side of Carl's face with his big tongue. His breath huffed on the bunny and the whiff of something spicy hit over his nose.

Pheromones. The poor boy was high on lust and wasn't in control of himself. Least Carl knew what it was, but he still couldn't help but feel appalled that Kobi let himself get zonked at all and didn't fight back not even once.

The Diggersby was reminded again that he was about to engage in something that only wet dreams forced into his subconscious when he went a while ignoring his body as Kobi kept stroking his cock to keep him hard, that tender flesh throbbing with veins lining its underside that crept up to view like snakes underground. The dragon's hand was too eager to please, precum of Carl's own oozing out of the mushroom head he had but quickly being rubbed into the skin for lubricant. At least the dragon cared not to go too fast or this would hurt more than it'd feel good. Only when there was a sheen of fluids coating Carl's meat did Kobi let up but he didn't seem finished at all.

He got up but kept close by the bunny as he...straddled Carl almost ineffectively if he hadn't turned around to face away from his blockade of a stomach and lifted his tail. At first, it looked like Kobi was just gonna rub Carl off this way, as his butt seemed soft enough for the job and he hadn't made a particular move to put the bunny inside of him but that idea went out the window as Kobi pushed down hard and sunk that cock in with a pop and got it inside pretty deep before coming to a stop.

The pain had been temporary to the horny Dragonite and his huffing moans had only a sliver of discomfort tinted in them, but his recovery was quick and he was already moving to get his ass bouncing on Carl's lap. This was where Carl's ears took action and tried to stop those cheeks from doing anything of the sort.

"St-stop...This ain't right….stop it…" It was hard to talk when rectal walls were trying to milk your dick like a machine. Not that Carl would know what that's about.

But Kobi would have none of it, practically snarling as he pushed against those ears and shakily brought his rear end back around the tip of Carl's shaft. "I need you….I don't want to stop….I NEED you!"

The dragon's exclamation was followed by him shoving his way back down to the base of the bunny's cock, making him suck in air as that threw the wind out of him on impact and brought a stir in him he's hardly ever felt-awake, that is. The dragon's adamance on the matter would not be deterred by some fluffy ears acting as secondary arms; he continued to bounce his way to euphoria, slamming his ass every time it felt like Carl would slip out of him. He would have sped up but he just needed the bunny inside of him, not the pleasure of feeling the Diggersby plow him. That was a dream for another time.

Carl couldn't believe how strong Kobi got when he was horny, doing his best to use his ears to soften the landings on those drops but only getting into a position where it looked like he was squeezing Kobi's ass as hard as he would. And it ended up coming to that, as the once-virgin bunny began to cum without warning. Seed pumped into Kobi's ass, splattering everywhere thanks to the dragon's continued pace. He huffed as he felt the warmth spread into his gut but he used that as more of a reason to act like Carl was nothing more than a springboard beneath him.

The table near them was quaking and the TV rumbled as Kobi pressed on, forcing Carl out of his afterglow from the first load into yet another set of throes as his balls pulled up to let loose again. More seed, more of a mess to paint both Kobi's butt and Carl's crotch and stomach as the dragon rode him like a bull. His tail lost focus and it started to slap onto the mess, spreading it even further on Carl's body while Kobi used the opportunity to jerk himself off.

"I l-love you, Carl…!" The pheromones must be a truth serum, making Kobi expose his secrets to the bunny behind him, because that's the second time he's said that and almost sounded genuine if not for his zonked state. Carl was too busy trying to catch his breath to care, but he felt his cock get primed for another orgasm forced out of him like he were a Miltank for a documentary on pasteurized MooMoo Milk. Only this time, the walls covered in bunny batter were squeezing him even harder than before, led on by Kobi's frantic jerking of his own dick. He pumped it like he just witnessed the hottest porno in history and only had the credits to really get to beating. And with his brain hazed over by pheromones and a howl that would have gotten Old Lady Laine banging at their door like a salesman on their last day, he achieved pure ecstasy. Dragon spunk streaked into the air, nearly clipping the ceiling fan's blades if not for him aiming his cock forward and shooting towards the front door instead. His ass in the meantime, was spasming without mercy on Carl and left the bunny powerless to the sensation of his pulsating dick shooting more of his own cream inside of Kobi. Those tan globes were dirty with seed, finally coming to a rest now that the dragon was too tight to keep forcing his way up and down the DIggersby's shaft. Both of them were tired, Carl moreso, and taking the chance he shoved his way out of Kobi with only a twinge of oversensitivity to regret a sit got an extra shot out of his departing cock to streak across that tail base and taint before he scooted away.

Kobi was left barely hovering over the ground, ass pouring with Diggersby cum onto the floor but still he held an expression of sheer glee. When he caught his breath, he came back onto Carl like a predator with more stamina than their prey and attacked his cock again with his maw instead. Carl's ears were back on the case, pushing that head away with some success.

"Enough…..Let me….breathe…." Carl's glare was only minimized by his flustered face, using the pause to get himself back on the couch so his sore muscles would relax from that endeavor. He felt slimy all over, sweat laden in his fur and fuzzy bits and his legs were aching from having such a heavy-

No, don't think about it. He needs to get soft before Kobi got any ideas. The dragon in thought was whining from being forced away from pleasuring his love interest, trying to make cute eyes at Carl but only managing to look like an innocent boy who got their fleshlight obtained by questionable means taken away by their dad. Carl's gaze remained stern and Kobi eventually desisted and sat near him. The Diggersby's lungs weren't screaming for air but he wasn't gonna let his lack of panting be the green light to the Dragonite to resume whatever the hell that just was.

"Listen…" After what felt like a demanding silence that spanned over hours, Carl spoke. "I dunno if you're even sane your brain right now….But whatever you just pulled right there…."

"Wait….!" Kobi cut him off, rubbing his head like it was banging against his forehead in drumming tempos.

"What now?"

"Please don't….I just...The Salazzle gave me a kiss for helping her and….she puffed air into my mouth before I would stop her….She tried to come onto me but I would only think of you….I only want you! I only need you!" Kobi's explanation seemed whole-hearted but his face still harbored signs of pheromone-driven intent. So it was a 50/50 on truth.

But still he kept going. "She kept trying to get me to stay...Trying to say she would be what I need….But I wouldn't let her...not even with her harem trying to hound me like a pack of Mightyena…"

"A harem? What is she a freak?" That lizard didn't look anything like a dominatrix-which was the word Carl meant to use but forgot in the midst of his wonder.

"'s something her kind does to the little guys...But that's not the point…! She kept trying to keep me away from you but I wouldn't let her break me...You have my're the key….I won't…" Whatever else Kobi had to say was lost as he began to cry, the rush of emotions pouring in that had been suppressed by his haze of desire for Carl breaking the dams and streaking his giddy face in tears. "I'm sorry...I should have just told her...i-instead of showing her….but she just looked like a nice lady….and….and I…."

Carl's ears found Kobi's head and the teary-eyed dragon looked over at him, pity and concern lining the laprine's face. "Look, I get it. She tried to take advantage of you as you were and….you decided to run off and put it to good use. I won't deny that I should be throttling you for doing all of that, from the kissing to the invasion of my personal space,-" Kobi covered his face and felt his heart get ready to snap, "-but you were honest….I hope that much. more of this…"

The bunny gestured to his messy crotch and stomach and the pool on the floor left behind by Kobi, the dragon coming to a reluctant yet understanding nod of sniffling silence.

"...okay." Kobi came to but his voice was dampened by his feelings at the moment.

Carl went ahead and got up, heading into the kitchen and grabbing some of Kobi's paper towels wet up before the cum dried. It would have made more sense to let the dragon clean up what he caused but things were already awkward enough. Better not to make things too weird to truly decide where one stands on an ultimatum they didn't have much say in other than yes or no. Dabbing his fur with hot watered paper, he dumped each sodden towel into the trash and noticed the food inside. Hmm, must have been too cold for somebody. Unbeknownst to Carl's attention, Kobi was staring at him like a deer caught in headlights.

Dana hadn't taken that garbage out to a proper can and that moment felt like time stopped itself to make sure he heard whether the bunny would notice the bag in there or not. But once he resumed dumping cum rags in there did Kobi relax and slump over his couch. Whatever pheromones were in his systems were long gone by now, too much stress nulling the effects and letting him think clearly-like recovering from a hangover without that pounding headache that people who drink try to tough out when they know they're hurting. When Carl finished, he made his way for the door but made sure to keep clear from stepping into the moist ropes leading the way to it. Before he fully left however, he turned back to Kobi and the Dragonite froze again.

"We'll talk about this tomorrow….Just clean yourself up…" And like that, Carl was off to bed, exhausted from all of that milking. Kobi got the message once he saw the door shut, rushing to clear the streaks of his spunk off the floor before it all dried up. His mop was gonna be somewhat sticky in the morning but at least he knew how to make water quick enough to prevent much of a hassle. Next up, himself. His backside was still dripping Carl's nut and while the temptation…..uh….

Oh what the hell, he'll try it. After all, cum was purest when it was stimulated out from penetrative sex instead of a hand/blowjob. He swabbed some off of his butt and popped it in his mouth, relishing the salty-sweet flavor assaulting his tongue. Okay, now he'll go take a shower and scrub himself clean. Being a dragon, temperature didn't really matter to him-unless it was freezing-so he hopped in the second the water stopped trying to give him hypothermia. His butt steadily got sprinkled and looked more presentable for someone that went everywhere bare-ass naked save for work. Didn't help that he didn't have to worry about revealing junk, as with dragons and their genital slits hiding everything, so he just had to worry about his tail and that was already down.

After adding soap into the mix, he began to push out whatever excess was still in his rectum, not going to succumb to sleeping in a small puddle of his neighbor's semen to further tense the whole situation between them. The wet squelch of that thick batter leaving his hole almost got him hard but he kept his brain focused on the beauty of sleeping in his nice, cozy bed and ignored the splattering of cum hitting the shower floor. Soon, he was all done and he didn't even need to look back to know that his ass was cleansed from inside and out. One toweling to dry later, he was dozing off in his bedroom. Too warm in the room to get under the blankets, so he managed to fall under after adjusting himself to a position where it wasn't obvious that he just had sex.

Didn't stop his dreams from being polluted with the idea of more than just that pheromone-driven romp.


"You two really didn't wanna be subtle, huh?"

Dana had already reprimanded Carl's arrogance to the matter and no matter how many times he told her that Kobi came onto him she just shook her head and finger and swatted him in the face with a washcloth. Just because he got the gunk off of him didn't mean he was clean. He smelled like a locker room after a football game without the smell of grass stains.

"I'm not telling you again. This point, you're just playing with me." Swat. "And will you just get on with rinsing already? I'm your brother, not your son!"

"Says the one that smells like he never bathes."

"You know I always keep myself clean, Dana."

"Yeah, yeah."

Her work was done so she let him soak in the water of the bath she made for him, using the time to actually keep herself in check since, well….Not every night you hear your neighbor and brother have what sounded like a raw session of passion. She was barely able to get herself together before Carl walked into the door. Least he didn't ask why her hands reeked when she started washing him. It was a relief to hear that Carl didn't want Kobi's head on a stake like he were practicing medieval practices while she was at work, but Dana wouldn't put it past him to still be resentful. She heard the crying-after all, her ears made for the softest eavesdroppers known to Pokemon-kind.

Dumping water over his head from wringing the towel out, she dug into his ears and made sure there was no more funky sweat lingering about. Carl may not admit it but his body was built to perspire a lot, and with sex that's only gonna leave him feeling like he just worked out. At least their fur-specific shampoo kept him from looking like he just salvaged and lived off in the woodlands like a feral.

Eventually, he got bored and pushed himself up with his ears to leave, and Dana followed after him after making sure there was nothing on his butt. Surprisingly, she hadn't found signs that he was the recipient of that fuck and she felt proud to know that her brother was not a virgin in the front. Kobi might come knocking on that back door one day, but until they figure things out, she was fine with knowing they didn't hate each other. They had their own towels, so there was no awkward nudity to bestow upon each other while the floor steadily stopped having water drip upon it.

"You two gonna work something out? Doubt anyone would leave off some ti-"

Carl stopped her before she went into detail. "We'll keep in touch. Just don't expect me to start running up to you asking for relationship advice. That wasn't exactly planned out for either of us."

"Hey, you know how he really feels. I mean, I don't think I'd be running after who I have a crush on after I get a hit off horny fumes either-I'd screw the first thing I'd see."

She had a point there; it must have taken quite the level of willpower to ignore a seductress like that Salazzle to come flying home to play with who you really want as opposed to some quick fling that'd forget your name by sunrise. Still, would have asked before he was all over Carl and the Diggersby was sticking to that even when he finished drying his ears off. Dumping his towel on the floor, he left for the bedroom across the hall, leaving his sister to pick up after him with a huff.

Despite that, Dana went ahead and gave Carl a tuck-in for his troubles, leaving off from kissing him on the forehead to make a note: "Try not to make him regret all of that, you know? He really likes you."

"I know….that's what I'm afraid of. Now get." He tossed a pillow at her, but she had already closed the door in time to hear the thump of the object hitting the wooden board. Now then, night to herself…

Guess it's back downstairs to finish what she started. After all, she figured as she sauntered towards the couch to the seat where her mess began, it wouldn't hurt to imagine.

And there you have it. I've put this off for too long and longed to use the new material that Alola had to offer. But I just lost my drive for a while.

Keep hope. Recently, I've had more than enough reason to pick up writing again and this might not be the last you hear of me.

Keep your expectations low and you'll never be disappointed.