The Dark Embrace

My eyes rolled.

I saw my life flash before me.

Every Memory

However Clear,

Every Sensation

However Intriguing,

Every Love

However Blissful,

Every Heart break

However Wrenching

I felt my heart gradually

Slow down … Thump … Thump …

I was finally leaving to somewhere peaceful

That's what I though … I was wrong.

The shadows slowly crept towards me

As if stalking its prey

Then I realised.

I was The Prey!

As I tried to escape, blood stained chains

Bound this soul of mine

Flung back with a force so great

I lay there.


The shadows descended upon me

Along with life, fear came back to my eyes

And then I saw him.

Such beautiful ebony black wings

I was no longer afraid

For I was captured within

His Dark Embrace.

The End