(1,000 years in the past)

I woke up with no idea of anything other than my name. Ashburn… something. I couldn't really remember. From what I saw I appeared to be inside some sort of castle. I could hear talking from another nearby room. I could barely move anything but my head, but I could see two… I don't really know how to describe them. I watched as much as I could in stealth. The one that was more darkly colored looked much more… Beautiful. But then I could actually hear some words.

"Did you really expect me to sit idly by while they all basked in your 'precious light'? There can only be one princess of Equestria." She said.

Well that answers a few things.

A/N: I know I promised a sequel… but I'm still working on that. Don't worry though. This story has some… relevance. Sorry this is short but I can't give away too much yet. I think this is going to turn into a giant series. This is pretty much just a spin-off and I'll throw those in for plot relevance. Don't worry the sequel's 1st chapter will be done soon. Tell me what you guys think in the reviews and also try to guess how this is related to the main series. GG to all and to all a good night! Poice!