Written on Saint David's Day ... A basic outline of his life in poem form

Prince to Saint

He was born on

The first of March

His mother was the Queen

His father was the King of Ceredigion

He was told to learn

To read

To write

In the monastery

He was said to be special

By his teacher

By his friends

Followed by a Dove

He somehow performed

A miracle

On his teacher

Paulinus' eyes

He had a calling

To preach

A vocation

Of God

He felt that he needed

To build


For the people

He had an obstacle

Boia the prince ordered

His men to stop him

They were compelled not to

David started preaching

To quiet the crowd

A rumble was heard

The ground was rising beneath him

He took his last breath

On the first of March

He was humble

He was kind

He was now

And will

Forever be