So I went to see Age of Ultron and it's absolutely amazing. Scarlet Witch is absolutely my favourite character. Her powers are amazing and so intriguing. It's gonna be interesting to see how they develop her character for Civil War and how she'll be without her twin.

This is just a fluffy piece about her new best friend that is struggling as much as her and how they need each other. (There is no relationship between them, well, so far anyway; they're just best friends).

It's been absolutely ages since I've published on here so thought I'd start writing something again. Given the fact I've got a creative writing exam coming up, this is some great practise.

Without further ado, I give you my Avengers story.

My back was slammed against a wall, the bricks shaking from the impact. My opponent was staring at me with complete fury. She pulled a knife from seemingly nowhere and held it up to my neck. There was a slight smirk from the opposing team. She went to press it into my skin but hesitated. I used this to my complete advantage and spun away, out of the hold I was in and flipped her over my back, slamming her onto the mat. Surely the assassin knew better about hesitation.

"Damn, you're a good opponent," she muttered, standing up.
"Well I did learn from the best, Romanoff." She shrugged.
"Can't even deny that!" I raised an eyebrow at her. "You said it first, not me."

I had been training with S.H.I.E.L.D for three months now. Hand-to-hand combat was one of the very first things we were taught. Now, they're just testing us. Every move is recorded and analysed with specialist software that Stark had designed for Cap.

"Training again tomorrow?" I asked.
"Eager, aren't we?"
"To kick your arse again? Yeah."
"Don't get too cocky, Ice Queen. You've still got a long way to go. Especially as the Scarlet Witch is beating all of you, even Vision."
"That's because she cheats and messes with our minds!" I whined.
"That's not cheating, that's common sense." Natasha smirked.
"So you're saying I can freeze my opponents to the mat?" That's why I was recruited by Cap; because of my ability to control snow and ice and just about anything else that's cold.

Steve was on a run and saw me warding off a mugger by threatening to freeze his bollocks, permanently. After emitting a puff of snow, he ran off, terrified. Rather than get myself put on their hit list, Steve offered me a chance to hone and control my abilities at the newly reformed S.H.I.E.L.D. I was on the streets at the time, and so I gratefully accepted.

"Not that extreme but close enough. Make use of your ability subtly. However the whole point of this is to learn not to be too dependent on your gifts." We left the training area.
"Tell that to Maximoff," I mumbled under my breath.
"You complaining about me again, Knight?" She had snuck up behind me.
"Jesus Christ, Maximoff. I wish you wouldn't do that." I clutched my chest for affect. The sorceress merely smiled at me. My resolve cracked and I smiled back.
"Play nice, kids. I'm going to speak to Steve."
"Yes, mom. Tell Dad we love him." The brunette cheekily grinned at the spy who rolled her eyes in return and walked away. Wanda turned to face me. "So how was training?" She asked as we started walking back to quarters before lunch.
"I beat Romanoff."
"Finally," the teenage Sokovian laughed. I glared at her.
"Ha-ha, hilarious. You had done a lot more training before going up against her."
"I'm only messing. You know I don't mean it." She bumped her shoulder against mine playfully.
"You're such a jerk." I stuck my tongue out at her.
"Part of my natural charm." She flipped her hair over shoulder in an exaggerated way. I rolled my eyes.
"What? Non-existent?" I ducked out of the way of a possible attack. Her eyes narrowed. Sheesh, she's fucking terrifying when she wants to be.
"If it's non-existent, why do you always hang around with me?" Boom. She's got me there.
"Fair play, Wanda." I held up my hands in surrender. "You win." She smiled smugly.
"Like I said, natural charm."
"How do I know you're not using your abilities to win us over?"
"I wouldn't do that, well, not to you at least. The others, well...that can be decided."
"I'm joking! Or am I?" I shoved her.
"You are such a pain."
"Why are you so concerned anyway? I've already said I would never do that you. You're my only friend and I don't want to hurt you." She sounded so vulnerable in that moment.

It was completely true though. Upon arrival, I was roomed with her and at first she refused to acknowledge me. However, deep in grief over her twin, the need for company took over and after a couple of weeks I got her to open up and she slowly began started telling me bits about herself. Of course, nightmares appeared and threatened to ruin the progress she had made but after a hug and a few whispers of comfort, she calmed down and fell asleep. Sometimes, I would create snow in the room if she couldn't go back to sleep and cheer her up. No one else, apart from maybe Hawkeye, could provoke such conversation if she was upset.

"N'aww, what a sweetheart." I wrapped an arm around her shoulders in comfort.
"Nope, badass and scary are the correct terms. Don't tarnish my reputation."
"Now, why would I do such a thing?"
"Because you're so mean," she smirked.
I clutched my chest in mock hurt. "Me? Mean? Why I never." We stopped outside our quarters. Wanda leant herself against the wall, making her even shorter. We stared at each other for a few moments; her eyes were shining with laughter.
"I know. You're the kindest person ever. Well, that's the side of you I get to see, especially when I'm upset." I smiled gently.
"Well you're my best friend, and I've always been a bit of a cuddle monster."
"The Ice Queen, a cuddle monster, no one would believe it." She smirked. I slapped her arm and she laughed, heading into our room.

The rest of the day went quickly; we were put through two three-hour lectures on morals and ethics from Steve and then an hour of physical testing from Hawkeye. When we were let go for the night, I slowly trudged up the stairs to our room and collapsed onto my bunk. A few moments passed and Wanda entered, copying my actions of falling into bed. We lay in silence until Wanda dozes off. I refuse to fall asleep before she does; no matter how tired I am, just in case she needs me. Two minutes after I heard her breath had evened out, I fell asleep.

To be honest, it doesn't matter much; any emotional pain she's in cuts through whatever dream I'm having and wakes me but I know it comforts her, having someone to watch out for her. After a while, she started tossing and turning, whimpering ever so often. I woke up immediately, rushing out of bed to kneel by her side.

"Wanda?" Another whimper. Her fists clench in the blankets, knuckles turning white. "You're fine. You're perfectly safe, it's just a dream. It can't harm you." I took her hand in mine, massaging it to start the blood flow again. "Come back to me, come back to my voice and open your eyes." She rolled onto her side facing me, eliciting another cry. "Wanda, wake up, sweetheart." She bolted upright, looking around her in a state of panic. Suddenly, the hand that was supporting her slipped off the bunk and she fell straight onto me, my body cushioning the blow for her.
"Are you okay?" I asked, my concern evident. I brushed some hair from her eyes.
"It was terrifying," she cried. I wrapped her up in my arms and stood up, carrying her. She held on as this was a usual event for us. Me carrying her to her bed or mine after a nightmare. I sat down with her on my lap as she cried into my shoulder.
"Shh, I'm here; you're safe. I've got you. I've always got you." I kept whispering sweet nothings into her ear, rocking her gently. Her arms were iron tight around me and I knew it was going to be a long night while I calmed her down. The strong, independent woman that everyone else sees was emotionally broken in private. Her body shook whilst she sobbed and I kissed her forehead. "You're safe." After a while, she spoke, still crying.
"Don't ever leave me!" she whispered. Her accent was heavier with the tears. Her vulnerability hurt my heart as I held her.
"I'm not going anywhere, I'll always be here." My arms tightened to prove my point. I glanced at my alarm clock. 02.13, it read. Training in six hours; shooting. Great. Well, I wasn't going to hit anything.
"In my nightmare, you walked away and never came back; leaving me on my own again. Not after Pietro, I can't be alone." My heart broke.
"I'm here, no matter what. You're not getting rid of me anytime soon." How could I walk away? Wanda was my best friend.
"I'm sorry for keeping you awake," she sniffled but the tears were still falling.
"There's nowhere else I'd rather be than comforting my best friend, no matter what the time is." I told her. She looked up at me, a small smile played at the edge of her lips.
"The dream wasn't real." A statement to herself. A reassurance.
"Nope. What's real is me, holding you while you cry because that's what I want to do. It hurts me seeing you upset. I could never leave you on your own. No matter what happens, I'm on your side forever and always."
"Do you promise me?"
"I promise." She yawned. "Ooh, I saw that yawn. We best get some sleep."
"Can I stay with you? I feel safer and the nightmares go away."
"Of course, you can." I was never going to turn her down. I tossed the covers aside while we got comfortable. She cuddled up to me, her head in the crook of my neck, arms around my stomach. I cocooned us in the warmth of the blankets, my arms tight around her, protecting her.
"Night, Ice Queen." I smiled at the nickname.
"Night, Scarlet Witch. Wake me if you need me." I kissed her forehead. Her eyes fluttered close slowly.

So, what did you guys think? Keep going or no? Constructive criticism is appreciated. No flames, please.