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Chapter 2: Fighting Jose!

"10 seconds and we fire, just give us the girl and we'll stop." The loud speaker of the Phantom Lord boomed out for all of Magnolia to hear.

"Not if I stop you first!"

Tobirama performed a few hand seals before shouting: "Water Release: Water Severing Wave!"

He clumped up the chakra in his stomach into water before spitting a vicious thin stream of water traveling at 100m a second, enough to completely destroy the walking guild. It created a strong wind as it cut through the wind toward the direction of the enemy.

It caught the attention of many Fairy Tail members still fighting the Shade Troopers.

Upon contact, the water wave blasted thoroughly like a knife through butter. The metal rusted off straight away. The sight relived many members as their enemy guild as well as some enemy members feeling the force of the blast like a bullet shredding their own body down to the atoms of their body.

Separating entire human bodies into trillions, Tobirama once again threw another Kunai wielding his Flying Raijin Marking wanting to reach the battle ground immediately.

The Kunai landed next to a man with light brown hair above his fore head in a cylinder shape while smoking a cigar.

Tobirama crossed instantly toward it landing typically with one hand in the floor readying himself for a fight.

Quickly turning toward the shadowy Shade troopers he crossed his two index and middle fingers together creating a cross.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

Creating 50 Shadow Clones, Tobirama knew the Phantom Lord guild master was strong as well as a part of the Ten Wizard Saints. He had to be careful. He telepathically commanded the clones to attack the Shade Troopers. He entered the rubble of the destroyed guild as water was still dripping down like a tsunami.

A large area was still standing surprisingly, so the Water Saint assumed it was where Phantom's master, Jose, was.

The clones only used hand to hand combat to defeat many troopers only to be recalled fast as Tobirama found his target.

"Well, well. Hello Tobirama, the famed 2nd Wizard Saint. Are you done playing in the battlefield?" Jose was a tall slim man with dark purple hair tied in a pony tail down to his shoulders, a thin mustache above his sinister smile.

Tobirama never trusted him; heck he even hated him at times.

"Jose, stop this. You are endangering thousands of civilians." Tobirama commanded a little louder then before. "Call off this attack now! I am under council law to not pick a side but if you force me then there'll be other countless civilian deaths!"

"I've always wanted to see what'll happen if two of the strongest Wizard Saints fought; I guess it's my lucky day!"

His eyes turned full black with his pupils standing out; he gathered a large amount of magic as small stones rose with his power. He gave a sinister smile that was still not able to waver Tobirama.

Jose extended his right hand generating a large amount dark magic into a ball shaking the remains of his guild. "Dead Wave!"

He swung is arm forward creating a magic ring. It transformed the ball into a blast of dark, purple energy.

Tobirama stood there arm crossed waiting for, what to him was an extremely slow beam, to reach him. When it seemed like escape was impossible, water slowly creaked through the cracks in the ground as it built up faster then the spell into a massive gravity defying wall the size of the entire area they were in.

On impact the wall and spell collided creating a massive ball of blue and purple releasing a shock wave sending everyone within a quarter of a mile to the floor.

Tobirama didn't even do anything but he was still aggravated. Someone wasn't listening to his commands, so he decided it was time to step things up a tiny bit.

He slowly raised one finger which seemed like a small move but it caused catastrophic events. The ground under his feet turned to craters. The entire city and the surrounding country side felt shaking as though it was a massive earthquake, only this was extremely stronger. The walls of every house had massive cracks and some even fell as Tobirama tried to control his strength but only containing a small bit. The wind dramatically changed direction pushing out away in a strong gust able to rip trees from their roots. The aura around him changed from relaxed to intense, his powerful blue chakra was surprisingly visible to the normal eye. If anyone was to touch him foolishly like this their body would inflate and implode in a massive explosion of blood as everything inside the body would crunch together into the size of a pea before unfolding with enough force to pass through the skin and this would only be done in half a second. There would be a need to rebuild Magnolia.

Jose already felt the effect of it on him, his was already knocked of his feet and felt fear in his heart one he never felt before. Tobirama's face was one of pure anger; his eyes turned blood red with hated. The power he brought originally had vanished.

He got ready to lift a second finger almost giving Jose a heart attack as if he lifted another one the entire city would be rubble but was interrupted by a familier voice.

"There will be no need for that Tobirama." A small man slowly glided down with anger also written on his face. The man was the famous Fairy Tail guild master Makarov,who's also a member of the Ten Saints. "Much blood has been spilled today. The children's blood. We, the parents, have brought tears and pain to them. Tobirama, you are bound by the council to not pick a side. We must end this!"

Listening to Makarov, he stopped the dangerous shaking and relaxed. Even in his normal form it was easy to tell he is exceptionally strong.

Makarov turned his anger to power, veins were visible in his head as the same thing as Jose did happened. It was nowhere near as powerful as Tobirama's previous show but it was still something to be afraid of. Now three Wizard Saints stood in one room, one was furious, one was relaxed and one was on the floor, beaten but still dangerous.

"Everyone move away from here now!" Makarov warned.

It was at this time Tobirama knew there was others in the room, lying, unconscious on the floor.

"Do as he says!" A white haired women told the other people lying on the floor causing them to slowly step up and run reluctantly.

Makarov slapped his hands together with a white glow between them. The light then became so intense that it blinded Jose so he coudn't see anything at all.

"Fairy Law!"

The black clouds spread as a pillar of light broke through them. It turned from only covering the room to reaching the battle field. Slowly, one by one the Shade Troopers evaporated into the light, disappearing out of existence.

"It's Fairy Law, considered to be one of the legendary magics," A now healed Erza stated to the confused Fairy Tail members, "it only affects someone the caster believes is an enemy."

After the light was removed Makarav stood in front of a wide eyed and open mouthed Jose with his previous hair turning white as well his entire figure. He had also incinerated the room they they were in leaving them visible.

Makarov didn't see Tobirama escape, but he didn't at any time consider him an enemy. He was never friends with him but trusted that he always did good things.

As he walked out, he heard cheers from the members as their long battle had ended. He also spotted Tobirama, it turned out he teleported to the Raijin Kunai. Makarov never did understand how it worked.

His presence did alert some members. His power caused some members to feel numb in many parts of their bodies, some couldn't even move and some just fell down; unconscious. It was this that made a certain person have a small 'talk' with him.

"Hey oldie!" A pink haired boy shouted mistaking his white hair as that of an elderly person's, "what did you do to my friends! They're knocked out because of... You!" He trailed of at the end as he was so close to the Saint that it even had an effect on the over reacting boy.

Tobirama just looked at him unfazed as he knew the longer he would stand around him the weaker he'd get.

"Natsu there's no need for that shouting." Makarov looked at him reassuringly feeling a slight effect on himself, "The man you're standing next to is the 2nd of the Ten Wizard Saints. And a trustworthy person." He turned his head towards him feeling he was right.

"Hmm... Fine, but you'll need to undo this." He commanded but it was drown out by the clear comparison of power and skill. Tobirama gave a small chuckle.

Natsu felt like beating him to a pulp but he knew that would be impossible and also he knew that he played a fatal role in the battle.

"So what'll you do now?" Makarov asked intrigued.

"I'll have to write a report on the circumstances." He answered getting ready to leave.

"Thanks for helping my guild." Makarov said.

Tobirama just left with no reply.

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