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This is the worst day of my whole life. How could this have happened. One day everything's normal your sitting laughing with both your dad making jokes you don't understand and telling you how proud he is of you, and the next your at in your room when your mum runs in crying and telling you the devastating words. That you know you'll never forget. But here I am trying not to cry as you watch your fathers coffin being lowered into the ground. He was shot, i didn't much understand that but i knew daddy wasn't coming back and it was because someone didn't want him around any more. He was the most amazing man in the world to me, but apparently not everyone shared that opinion. I couldn't believe this was happening, even if i took my whole life i wouldn't let who killed my dad get away with it! Id find them and kill them!

But for now i couldn't do anything I'm a mere 5 year old and as much as my mother tells me I'm a big boy I knew I didn't yet have the power to do anything. So for now ill just cry and miss my daddy. I walked away from my family to the stream running trough the grave yard, and sat down leaning against a tree. I started crying. Nothing could change how i was feeling, NOTHING!-"urggh"- someone shouted. I looked up to see a girl with blood curls and blue eyes who seemed around my age. She noticed me, and said "what" in a rather aggressive town, at fist she scared me. Then she dropped to her knees and began crying.

"Hey... You okay?" i asked whilst wiping back tears.

"" she replied.

"no..." i answered. I stared at her for a while her head was bowed and i could hear here whimpering. I sat next to her not knowing how to help, and wondering why i felt the need to. There was just something about this girl she was important. Somehow.

" names Freddie" I said

"I'm Sam, I'm not having a very good day" she replied

"Yeah me ether" I said.

"why what's the matter?" she asked.

"umm... My daddy's gone away, and he's never coming back." I answered.

"My daddy's gone too he left me my sister and my mum, i hate him" she told me.

"Why" I said.

"Because he's left me, now I'm on my own. My sisters always with my aunt and my other family who love her way more than me, and my mums always drunk, and doesn't even care about me. She says that daddy leaving is all my fault!" Sam said then she burst into tears. I put my hand around her and immediately forgot about being sad. All I cared about was making sure she was okay and shed always be.

"don't worry, your not alone any more you've got me, i care about you. Its gunna be okay. I promise." I said. She looked up and smiled "really?" she asked

" yeah Sam, I'll always be here for you, i promise." it was i promise but i knew i would always live by it. She was special i just knew she was.

"I hope so." Sam smiled. Maybe this isn't that bad a day.


And he was so right. Sam and Freddie became best friend they spent everyday together soon they started the same elementary school. They were really close they told each other everything. They went through everything together. They felt each others pain and helped each other get through it. Their mums became really close too they both lost their husbands, i different ways but still. Freddie's mother Marissa helped Pam when she was struggling with alcoholism and drug addictions.

Sam and Freddie both managed to have a nice child hood even with the trauma they faced. They went through some struggles like Sam going through her sister leaving and a unpleasant visit from her dad. She did mange to get into some trouble resulting in juvi. But managed to get back on her feet with Freddie's help. But they stayed together trough thick and thin not making many other friends, well at least non to replace the other. And that it all stayed that way at least until middle school. Until she came along. She changed everything. Their whole friendship.

Her name. CARLY.

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