Oh my god I love them all! Can you write one where they are in college, where they are both in a frat and sorority. And clary is really irritated by him bit can't do anything because his frat is like partners with her sorority! And clary should have had feelings for him her freshmen year but now she knows better kind of thing, but he doesn't give up on her.


Isabelle rolled her eyes as Clary paced back and forth in front of her. She casually flipped through her magazine as the redhead seemed to think it was the end of the world. "Clary, it's just a party."

"What was Maia thinking?" Clary yelled.

Isabelle closed her magazine and tossed it aside. "It's a party. You've been to plenty of them. Why are you freaking out about this one? It's just a bit of drinking and dancing."

"It's who I have to go with."

Isabelle laughed. "So Jace drew your name out of the hat. We all have to go with people we don't really care for. You think I'm stoked about going to the party with Simon? Well, it happens."

"Maia is going with Jordan," Clary pointed out. "She's the lucky one. She actually likes the guy."

"We all know she's in love with Bat. It's just as complicated."

"Who's idea was this anyway?"

"Sit down," Isabelle demanded, pointing to the spot next to her on the couch. Clary sighed and did, taking the spot and clamping her hands together. "We're seniors, shouldn't you be a bit more mature about your old crush?"

Clary shrugged, obviously not wanting to talk about this. "Jace was a jerk when we first met. We both were, and we made mistakes, and we've been weird to each other ever since."

"You think you have," Isabelle pointed out. "Jace is a douche to everyone but you. Yes, he was even a dick in the beginning ,but he's changed. When you come around, he just watches you. Where he still has feelings for you and shows it, you just kind of brush it off and run to Simon to save you."

"Because I don't know what else to do. He makes me so mad that I want to punch him. Not exactly great friendship material."

Isabelle laughed, leaning back in the couch and smiling. "You remember that time you dumped beer on his head sophomore year?"

"Ugh, don't remind me. If he wasn't in our brother fraternity, I wouldn't have to see him. But no, he's at every party and I avoid him like the plague, but he always finds his ways to irritate me." Clary dropped her face to her hands. "I'm required to spend the entire night with him. What am I going to do?"

Honestly, Iz actually felt bad for Clary. They were best friends as soon as they met at Rush Week and she's seen Clary get terrorized by her step brother. Jace never admitted to it, but he had reasons for the things that he did. He wanted to hide his feelings, and Clary refused to think that he had a reason other than he was just an asshole, which he wasn't. The confusion had messed with Clary for years so far, and it never stopped.

With a hand on Clary's knee, she gave the girl a small smile. "I can talk to Alec, tell him to keep Jace on a tight leash."

"Who is Alec going with?" Clary asked.

"I think he got Lydia for the dance. But we all know that even if he is with her and Magnus got Camille, that the boys will eventually find their way to each other again."

"I just don't want to bother him," Clary said shyly.

Isabelle shook her head. "We all love you, Clare. Alec won't mind trying to keep Jace calm if it saves your sanity."

Clary sighed. "I just don't know what Jace's problem is with me."

"Me either," Isabelle lied.

"Need any help?"

Clary looked up from her spot on the lawn and frowned when she saw Jace leaning against the tree behind her, staring at the doodle in her notebook with a smirk on his face. "What are you doing here?"

"I asked if you needed help."

"Like you have any kind of artistic bone in your body."

He scoffed. "I could model for you."

Clary turned back, rolling her eyes. "I'd rather vomit."

Without an invitation, he sat down next to her, pulling his legs to his chest. Clary, who always dressed quite conservative but still fun, was considering herself a nun next to Jace. His shirt was gone. He had what could be considered soccer shorts, but that was it. If he ever had a shirt on outside, it was a miracle.

He leaned over, staring at the drawing of the art building that Clary was doodling. "Can I ask you something?"


He continued anyway. "You've always been artistic. So why are you studying marketing?"

Clary dropped the pencil and closed her sketch book, setting it aside before looking at Jace. "Don't you have something better to do than to judge my life choices?"

"I'm not judging."

"Whatever it is you're doing."

"I'm wondering why you aren't following a passion of yours," he insisted. "I've watched you draw for years, paint, make stuff, be creative. You never actually put yourself into classes though. You're naturally talented, and Isabelle will talk about the stuff you make all the time. It's all over the Delta House, so why not follow that passion to a place of work?"

Clary, who wasn't really expecting that kind of question, didn't really know any kind of answer. "I… don't know. Marketing was just… safer."

"I never pegged you for a girl who took the safe and easy way out."

Clary rolled her eyes. "You don't exactly know me that well, Jace."

"I know you better than you think."

"Oh, yeah? What's my favorite color?"

"Gold," He said confidently. "But not like the jewelry or money. More like the kind of fading sun, or the shine that comes off of blonde hair at the just the right angle."

Her eyes widened when he spoke. "Um, how did you–"

"We were all at the beach, sophomore year, spring break," he pointed out. "You were drunk and talking to Sebastian. I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but you guys were playing twenty questions and that was one of them." He leaned back, now satisfied that he had her attention, and continued. "You also have two tattoos, one just below your bra line that says 'All things start truly with wicked innocence', and the other one is of a lion, just above your hip bone in black and white. Your brother, Jonathan, was in a car crash three years ago that put him in a really bad place that you almost left FSU and permanently moved back with your dad in New York, and you also have a deep annoyance of… well, me." He looked down shyly at that last part. "Although, that isn't really something new to anyone around here."

She was shocked at how much Jace knew, and she blushed at the fact that he even knew about her tattoos, but she chose to focus on the one thing she could think of a reply to. "You kind of brought the annoyance on yourself."

"So, I've been told. How about we start over at the party on Saturday?"

Clary raised her eyebrows. "Start over?"

"I'll pick you up on Saturday at 9:30, and we'll be the new Jace and Clary. No one in the houses wants to see us bicker all night anyway, so we might as well get along."

"Did Alec talk to you?"

He chuckled and nodded his head. "Maybe."

Clary bit her lip, not sure what he was up to. But she nodded. "Fine, now can I get back to sketch now?"

He shrugged. "Sure." But when he didn't get up, he got a dirty look that he was confused by. "What? You want me to leave?"

"That would be nice."

He sighed, standing and grabbing his bag. "And here I thought we were making progress."

Clary twirled in front of the mirror, staring at the bright green dress that flowed down to her knees. Her hair was up in the back, allowing some to slow down around her shoulders. She sighed, cocking her head to the side.

Isabelle and Simon were on the bed, watching the redhead's internal battle. "Stop overthinking everything," Isabelle demanded.

"I can't."

"Why?" Simon asked. "It's just a short party."

"Four hours is short?"

Isabelle stood and draped an arm over Clary, looking at her in the mirror. "Listen. You're going to go to the party with Jace. You're going to spend time with him. You're going to be drunk while doing it. And you're going to have fun. Got it?"

The doorbell rang of the sorority house at that moment, and they all looked at each other. It had been ringing constantly for the past thirty minutes as dates were picking up their girls, and Clary's date was last. Naturally.

She sighed before moving downstairs, slowly pulling the door open to find Jace with one hand in his pocket, another with a rose held up to his face, a small smile on his lips, and dressed in a button down with black slacks that fit him way too well.

Clary leaned against the door, staring at the rose. "That for me?"

"Maybe." He slowly handed it to her but pulled it back at the last second. "Are you going to throw it on the floor and stomp on it aggressively to prove that you hate me?"

Clary rolled her eyes. "No."

"Then this is for you."


"So," he put his hands in his pocket while Clary fiddled with the rose. "You want to go?"

"Let me put this up first," she said, stepping into the kitchen. She got a vase out, dropped the rose into it, and turned to find a silent Jace staring at her with a distant look in his eyes. She frowned. "What?"

He shrugged. "Nothing. You just… you look really beautiful."

"Funny," she said, walking towards him. "Now let's just get this over with."

The walk over there was quiet between them. Jace kept trying to talk to her, but Clary was cutting him off or leaving him with short answers that he was obviously getting frustrated with. But Clary didn't care. She had one last semester to deal with him before graduation, she just had to get through one party. Just one.

They finally made it, the sounds of the music can be heard from the road. They got their stamps from Jace's fraternity brother on their hands, and they made it inside. People were dancing on pool tables, walking around with drinks left and right, a few couples were making out in random corners of every room, and Clary just wanted to get away from Jace.

Jace grabbed Clary's hand and pulled her towards the bar, where Bat was working the drinks. He looked up as the two approached and smiled. "Jace! Get what you want, man. You're welcome to it."

Jace leaned down to Clary's ear. "What would you like?"

"Anything strong."

He nodded before hopping over the counter gracefully, causing Clary's eyes to actually widen in surprise. He joked around with Bat, tossing bottles and cups back and forth cleverly and earning a few cheers from people how started to watch. Jace's lips turned up in a smile when he met Clary's eyes, giving her a wink, tossing a lime up and catching it in a very classy red solo cup behind his back. He slid it across to Clary, and leaned over the counter.

"Try it."

Clary did as he said and took a sip. It was strong, but it was delicious. "Not bad."

He perked up. "Really?"

"Since when are you a bartender?"

"At all the parties, Bat and I normally hit on the girls that ask for all the drinks. It's a way to meet people."

Clary rolled her eyes. "So it's just a way to get into girl's pants?"

"No," he insisted. "We meet people, but I don't just sleep with people."

"It's true," Bat said as he leaned over into the conversation. "He flirts a lot, but fun fact, Jace hasn't had sex in 6 months."

Clary laughed as Jace reached over and punched Bat's shoulder. "Bit of a dry spell?"

He blushed slightly, and Clary's eyes were drawn to it as it happened. "I've been… busy."


Bat laughed. "Busy my ass. You just drool over–"

"You want to go outside?" Jace hopped over the counter quickly again before grabbing Clary's hand, not giving her a chance to answer whether or not she actually wanted to go. But, alas, they made their way outside where the music was quieter and it wasn't so packed with bodies back to back.

Jace dropped her hand when they made it, leaning against the rail. "Sorry about that."

"Sorry? You mean you do know how to apologize for something? Who knew?"

He sighed. "You want me to apologize for every asshole thing I've done, then we won't be done until tomorrow morning."

"How about just one?"

He nodded, looking up at her. "Which one?"

Clary took a sip from her drink, which she regrettable thought was pretty good, before dropping up on the railing beside Jace who looked at her with surprise. "You remember freshmen year?"

"Honestly? I was drunk for quite a bit of it."

She nodded, a small smile tugging at her lips. "That makes two of us."

"We weren't the brightest freshmen."

"No, we weren't."

"But, anyway, what part were you referring to?"

She looked down now at her shoes that were kicking back and forth. "You remember what your fraternity makes the initiates do in order to get through Rush Week?"


She shrugged one shoulder. "Well."

"Come on, Clary," he begged, turning to stand in front of her, his hands to either side of her hips against the railing. "It's not like I wanted to steal your underwear, but I didn't really have a choice. I pulled your name out of a hat."

"And you had to hang it up on the flagpole outside?"

He nodded. "Will and Jem said I had to."

"Or what?"

"Or they'd do it and announce who it was in the first place, which would've been even worse for you."

She was quiet at that for a moment before dropping her voice. "Will and Jem are assholes."

"Yes," Jace laughed. "Yes they are." He pushed back, giving a bit of space between them before shoving his hands in his pockets. "For the record, I'm sorry for all the shit that I've put your through, especially if the fraternity didn't make me do it, but a lot of the times they did."

"What about the Jell-O pool?"


"The fireworks?"


"The camera in our bathroom?"


Clary bit her lip, shaking her head. "Good lord."

He nodded. "I never really liked it. They made me pick on you when they found out about the mutual crushes we have and–"

"Had," Clary corrected. "Had, past tense. Not current."

"Right," he said. "Had. Maybe for you."

"But either way, you could've told them to fuck off."

He nodded, shrugging slightly. "But some of it made you quite the popular kid on campus."

That was true. Some stuff that happened caused Clary a ton of attention, including that from some of the guys who just wanted to piss Jace off and she eventually got to be pretty well known around campus. She hated what happened, but she couldn't help the fact that people liked her now, and she was torn about loving the attention or not.

"So," Jace said after a moment of silence. He held his hand out, giving her a small smile. "Can we forget about most of that, get hammered, dance until our feet hurt, and have a good time?"

She hesitated but eventually gave in, downing her drink before jumping off and taking Jace's hand. "Only if you make me another one of those," she said, pointing to the now empty cup.

"I'll make you as many as you want."

Clary slowly woke as someone poked her cheek once, twice. She groaned, slapping the hand away, but a chuckle just arose and the finger kept poking her cheek until she finally spoke.

"Stop," she begged.

It continued.

"Stop it," she muttered again, swatting away.

"Well then, get up."

Her eyes slowly peeked open to find sunlight, bright sunlight, and she had a slight headache but it wasn't bad. She slowly looked around at the room she didn't recognize before turning her gaze towards the person. First, the fit legs, the black Adidas shorts, the white tank top, all the way until she met the golden eyes that led the whole escapade.

He smiled down at her, proud of his victory of waking her up. "Morning."

She just moaned, grabbed a pillow, and covered her head.

Jace laughed. "Come on, Clary. I made your favorite."

"My favorite?"

"Banana pancakes, chocolate milk, black coffee, and bacon." He leaned over towards the desk as Clary slowly poked her head out from under the pillow. "See?"

The smell was delicious. It really was, and Clary's slight hangover could really use her favorite remedy. So she slowly sat up and held her hands out like a child, asking for it.

Jace shook his head. "You don't get it that easy."

"What?" she frowned.

"You have to work for food."

"I'm not a hobo."

"Come on, Clary, humor me."

She sighed and crossed her arms over the t-shirt from Jace that she wore. "Fine, what do you want?"

"I want you to be honest with me." He dropped the tray back onto the desk and moved to sit by Clary. "Did you have fun last night?"

Of course he'd ask that because he wanted her to say yes. And did she want to say yes?...


She had fun. Sadly, she had a blast. Jace was like completely different. They danced, they talked, they joked around with Isabelle and their friends. Jace almost started a fight with Sebastian when he tried to pull Clary away, and it was just fun to see a new side to Jace that she wasn't used to. It drove her nuts at first, but as the alcohol went in, her hatred went out.

Jace was still looking at her expectantly before she finally let out an exasperated breath.

"Fine, I had fun."

"BOOM!" he jumped up, punching the air. "I KNEW IT!"

She chunked a pillow at him. "Shut up."

"Come on, admit it, I'm not that bad."

"You're still a jerk."

"But I'm not that bad."


"One more thing." He came forward and squatted in front of Clary so he was looking up at her between her knees. "And it's a question."

"And then I get to eat?"


"What is it?"

He looked at her seriously. "Go on a date with me."

Her eyes widened. She didn't expect him to be so forward. "What makes you think I want to even think about going out with you?"

He shrugged. "I'm not sure, honestly, but I still hope that you'd say yes. I sure want to go on a date with you."

Clary glanced over at the pancakes one the table. "And this will get me my breakfast?"

Jace rolled his eyes. "Yes."

"So I can say yes, get my food, and then say I'm busy this Friday and can't make it?"

"Come on," he said, almost like he was begging. "Clary, I'm on my knees here. What do I have to do?"

She smirked at that, letting a laugh out. "Well, begging looks good on you, Jace."

"I hate you."

She laughed. "Come on, no you don't."

He cocked his head to the side. "Oh, how the tides have turned."

Clary leaned forward so that they were face to face. "You'll never stop, will you?"

"After last night, no. I want more of the Clary from last night, because she was fun and hot and I'm extremely attracted to her. And I know that she is extremely attracted to me."

"Hey now."

"I know I'm an ass, but I've got a great one. You can't deny that."

Clary pushed him away as he fell to the floor with a smirk. She stood, walking over to the food and picking up a piece of bacon. "If I did go out with you," she said, taking a bite and looking like she's contemplating, "where would we go?"

He pushed himself up on his elbows, giving her a smirk. "You'll have to say yes to figure that out."

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